Mertesacker is a rock at Arsenal’s creative heart

Mertesacker hails excellent Arsenal! by Ash

When Arsenal signed Per Mertesacker back on transfer deadline day in summer 2011, many labelled him as a ‘panic buy’. He was expected to flop in English football because, despite being a full German international, his severe lack of pace meant that many thought he wouldn’t be able to cope with the pace of the English game.

Oh how we were all so wrong, and although I can honestly say that when he first joined I didn’t have any doubts in his ability, Mertesacker has since gone on to prove many people wrong because now the giant German is one of the standout players in our squad.

Mertesacker may not be a big name player but his performances suggest otherwise and although he can occasionally get caught out by his lack of pace, most of the time he is a very consistent performer for Arsenal, and has become a real regular in this Arsenal team.

Mertesacker has also taken on the role as club captain for the last few games because of the absence of Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta through injury. With this new role, which remains only temporary, Mertesacker has been able to display true leadership qualities.

Being a leader in your team consists of being both negative and positive towards you teammates, praising for their rights and condoning their wrongs and I think Mertesacker is very good at this on the pitch. But he has also shown his edge off the pitch and going along with what the fans and media are saying, Mertesacker has too recognised the strength of this Arsenal team.

Ahead of the game against Marseille, Mertesacker told “We have an exceptional team – that’s the main thing. We built up confidence from last season, especially the last 10 games when we didn’t lose anything. You could feel it from the first day that there is something special in this team, apart from the first game [against Aston Villa], no one dropped and the performance went well after that. We have shown so far that we are ready to keep our confidence and keep the run going. The most important thing is to keep that mental level high and to be prepared for tomorrow because it will be hard [against Marseille].”

Mertesacker has become a player we have all learned to love at Arsenal, and although many may have had their doubts about him beforehand, there is no longer a need for concern because it seems that Mertesacker’s calm and collective character has everything sorted both on and off the pitch. The German has been a huge part of Arsenal’s club record run of winning 10 away games on the bounce. Long may it continue!!

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45 thoughts on “Mertesacker is a rock at Arsenal’s creative heart

  1. RSH

    Mert is an irreplaceable part of our Back 4 at the moment. And the fact that he’s so good despite his lack of pace just shows how intelligent of a defender he is. Let’s keep up the good results.
    I think if we have a good defensive performance against Stoke, we can win. Nobody can stop us from scoring lately.

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    1. 0xay0

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      1. permagooner

        I love to hear fans’ thoughts on these things. But this is the epitome of wacko conspiracy theories. Keep em coming

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      2. Big Gun

        It is because on the counter, Walcott is the most sensible player to pass to. Most of the time, Giroud isn;t in the right place and does not have the speed to bolt forward and grab a goal. I like Giroud and he is good in certain situations, but we still need a pacy striker who can break away with Walcott when needed.

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    2. ABK

      id like to see all the “mertesacker is slow” people in a race with him, then were see whos slow, quit with the labels you lame fu*ks!!! do you ever learn?? how much egg can your faces takes?? ramseys piling a fair amount of egg on faces too lmfao…come on football experts? what you gonna say now about ramsey didnt you all think he wasnt good enough??

      its 29 degrees oim off to the beach bit*hes

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Whether you want to accept it or not, Mert is slow. His reading of the play and positioning does somewhat compensate for his lack of speed. But smaller forwards will run him ragged…

        Gibbs on the other hand.DAMN…

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  2. permagooner

    I read some reviews that were very critical of Mert. I really don’t know what to say anymore – I thought he was great again – not perfect – but great nevertheless. He would have anchored another clean sheet were it not for the incorrect PK call. Mert kept the middle clear which is his job.

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    1. red-ironstag

      I agree wIth you. His challenges were top notch yesterday except a brief hiccup. We need a new review from last game. The one by bob is so lame.

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  3. rools

    We played ok against one of the best crowd in Europe. It shows how much fan support is important. Thank you and well done Ramsey.

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  4. 0xay0

    we won n thats really great. but this match showed we still have lot of places to improve if we really want to compete with all the big european clubs.

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  5. 0xay0

    in the last 10 mins or so we should be focusing to take the possession of the ball as much as possible. if opponent have it we should act aggresively to snatch it back n dont let them create any chances in final moments. we have one of the best midfield and we keep on conceding late goals, THAT sucks.

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  6. 0xay0

    i ve been noticing that overconfidence start flowing in our team after few great results, the next thing is that we start panicking in the pressure match when opponent start pressing us. how can we avoid this situation??

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    1. RK1339

      Wenger needs to advise them on that. They should play every game as if its the final/

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  7. RK1339

    Good display from the team. Ozil looked a bit stiffened up BUT of course he still learning to co-ordinate with his team mates. Giroud had his worst performance this season but I’m sure he will score against Stoke. Understand that he is human and can’t score every match. Also due to the hostile environment given by the Marseille fans.

    Lets go and thrash Choke! 3-0 for me. A Giroud goal. A ramsey goal. And a Walcott goal.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Our players are all tired. You could visibly see that, the squad is very thin if bendtner was fit id play him giroud looked tired and start gnabry or ryo

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  8. T-shirt

    well,i dont think we have areas to improve,we just need a striker,
    merts has being fantastic,he’s the mainstay of that defence,he knows how to connect with the midfielders and distribute the ball well. he’s eye is always on the ball and that’s why he intercepts those balls alot. a great captain he is,commanding szeczny on how to spray the ball,and always coolheaded,that is why you need him around vermalean and kos. we just need to start keeping cleansheets and stop conceeding those soft penalties.

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  9. 0xay0

    may be our team is being more cautious too to avoid further injury n thats seems to be important too as any injury from here will cost us greatly. so if we keep on winning despite less aggresiveness then who cares, but luck still need to favour us. WELL dont arsenal. keep it up.

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  10. SamD94

    Arsenal is winning with 5 major players injured. Can’t wait to see what they will do with everyone available

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    1. 0xay0

      even with everyone available our starting line up will be similar. yes, our bench will b much stronger.

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  11. xan

    Can you good ol’ folks see it now? Arsene’s vision is finally starting to take shape! This team is starting to finally look like the one Arsene’s been trying to build since Henry & Co closed shop.
    We’ve gotten close to it before but the vital players just kept leaving. Finally, i don’t see anyone leaving anytime soon and the team’s gelling better than a reunion band from the 70′s :-D
    Good times

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  12. Big Gun

    Can we not give Mertesacker some leg implants to make him quicker? Then we would have to call him the BQFG, just imagine him being as fast as Koscielny lol. We looked a little bit shaky at the back yesterday, sorry to sound a bit negative but our marking was not tight enough. They missed quite a few chances and it could have ended differently. Hopefully they tighten up against Stoke.

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    1. red-ironstag

      I thought our defence was great yesterday except a few hiccups. Pretty astute for playing away. But could have been better in areial duels.

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    2. Big Gun

      I honestly feel that we still miss a proper DM to protect the back four. We saw it last night and also against Sunderland, when the opposition get the ball in that deep midfield area, there is no one really to disposses the attacker. Flamini was pretty much invicible the whole game, I don’t doubt his tenacity but he seemed a bit lost.

      First half, lets be honest, they were the better team and I was quite worried because we didn’t look like scoring at all. The fact that we are giving penalties away almost every game means that something is just not right in our defense and I think it is what I mentioned earlier…we are allowing teams to get into our box before making a serious challenge. There was an incident last night in the 2nd half where one of their players ran past four of our players in our own box, took a lucky delfection but still managed to out hustle our guys. This should not be the case and someone needs to take responsibility for that deep midfield area. I would love to see Wenger give Vermalaen that area to defend. He is quick, can jump and also has a decent pass on him.

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  13. Manofsteel

    Oh well. I did say we going to top this group and I still stand by that. But however, if we don’t top it and still manage to got through I think we’re going to go far because we’ll be used to playing difficult games in this tournament and won’t be scared of any big games.

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  14. ivanho

    Pierre menez (french TV pundit) last night said he is confident that arsene wenger will try again to land suarez in january…lets wait and see..

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  15. mwenyeji

    Wenger on Rambo
    “…I decided to be patient with him. When you have been injured for such a long time, it takes a while to get back to your best. You never know if he will come completely back”

    Credit to the Boss, Credit to Ramsey. Arsene really knows. As for Ramsey, he somehow manages to stay fit despite having had that injury. That’s down to his own work purely.

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  16. T-shirt

    although özil didnt get much of the ball but he showed flashes of his skill,he just knows how to find his teammate,did you see that backheel in the marseille box? wilshere showed some skills too,i loved that out if the foot spin,

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  17. Big Gun

    Did you guys see Jurgen Klopp’s reaction to the official? I think that poor official had to change his underwear after that, it looked like Klopp was about to bliksem him.

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    1. Manofsteel

      My God!!! That looked like something from a horror movie or something. He deserves a pretty good lengthly touchline ban for that.

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    2. 0xay0

      it made our task more difficult as fcukmund will give everything now to qualify from group stage.

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      1. ImNotAnAKB

        nobody knows whether the result between napoli and dortmund is good for us. But I prefer playing dortmund when they are under pressure. thats just me.

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  18. red-ironstag

    Best result of yesterday 1-2 to chelsh!t

    The speical one had a special day. Once russian energy money will lose its value and they will be back to the midtable, their rightful place

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  19. bashman

    the defence stood strong, rambo is on fire and i cant wait once everybody is fit, on to the next one COYG

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  20. jermaineBryan

    great performance by the lads and ramsey has definatley taken his pre season form into the season lets hope he can maintain it.

    of topic guida imbula the 20year old dm was impressive he was someone wenger tried buying this summer from league 2. with flamini wanting to finish off at marsielle a future swap deal would be nice

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