AC Milan want to sign Arsenal transfer target Mbiwa

Arsene Wenger is very keen on adding the talented and versatile defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa to his Arsenal squad, apparently, and the 23-year old Montpellier captain is available on a free transfer in the summer.

With Montpellier in Arsenal’s group in the Champions league this season, and Olivier Giroud a former team mate of Mbiwa’s it would seem that Wenger has this one in the bag. A problem has appeared on the horizon, however, in a red and black striped top.

AC Milan are hoping to hijack the deal, according to Talksport. They are hoping that Montpellier will want to make some money in January rather than keep him until summer and get nothing. They are therefore preparing to bid for Mbiwa in the next transfer window and may try to arrange things with the French club before then.

Mabiwa will be free to sign a pre-contract agreement in January and may not accept a move to the Serie A side, but only if he is confident of getting a better move in the summer.

The one thing that the Italian club may be able to offer him more than Arsenal is guaranteed playing time, with Mertesacker, Vermaelen and Koscielny already competing for a starting position.

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19 thoughts on “AC Milan want to sign Arsenal transfer target Mbiwa

  1. Mistyque

    Although he is a good defender, with great potential, i don’t think we really need him. We are loaded with quality defenders and M’biwa will want to play on a regular basis!

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  2. Invincibles nice (1)

    It is a pity, as he could of shored our defence up, and brought more solidity to our defence beyond the starting player’s, it goes without saying that i hope our defenders do’nt incur any bad injuries this season however unlikely this may seem…

    My guess is that the lad will go to Milan as “the Arsenal” would have truly formidable player’s ahead of him, also Milan could be a little short in this area, i have a feeling though that if “Arsene” is looking for a versatile def, he will suprise most of us and bring in a virtually unknown quality player..

    I hope that “Arsene” does’nt change his mind about “targeting one or two player’s come january”, and i really hope that “Lewendowski” is on his mind.

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  3. green gunner

    ‘It seems Wenger has this one in the bag’ What a load of tripe!

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  4. Carl

    Rumours spreading tonight that Wilshere will definitely be on the bench at Norwich on Saturday evening. #AFC

    Source – via @FlittsTheGooner twitter

    I hope so :P
    COYG !!

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  5. Henryesk

    No player should aspire to play in the Slow, boring Italian league ahead of the EPL.. He should learn from Ricardo Alverez who opted for Inter Milan ahead of Arsenal and his career subsequently has disintegrated to dust. COME TO ARSENAL MBIWA.. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENCE! Or as Arsene would say.. “Venu d’Arsenal!!” :D

    P.S. That would all but certainly spell the end of Djourou’s Arsenal career as well as Squidworm!

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  6. **** Set Gunner ****

    If we replace Djourou and Squillaci with him, it would be great for us. We would then have 4 quality CB and we can use squad rotation well. We already have a great RB in Sagna and Jenkinson is showing good signs. Gibbs is ever improving and Santos is not a bad second choice. I think if we can do this our defense will be sorted for a few years to come.

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  7. TheDoctor

    instead of reading “news” like these, no offence admin,

    thumbs up if you think cazorla is left footed and thumbs down if you think he’s right footed. :D

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  8. Fizzo Flo

    Thumbs Up if you think the comment above is incredibly redundant,
    If we manage to sign Yanga, I think it would absolutely be an incredible signing. We don’t have to worry about Defence lapses because we are confident that even if 2 of our starting Cb’s are injured our next 2 are up to that standard.

    2 Cb pairing which Are Mert And Verm, And Yanga and Kos. Incredible Balance and Stability. In a honest point of view miguel is still short 2 seasons before he is considered First team material.

    Btw admin, I would really like to write On just Arsenal, I’m a singapore gooner and i would love to give my insight from An asia P-O-V, Btw i’m not chinese :)

    Signing off

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  9. Twig

    Podolski Arteta Wilshere Cazorla Lopez
    Gibbs Vermalaen Mertasacker Sagna
    Like if you want to see this lineup come January.

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    he will not come…Theres no space for him at the moment unless theres a major injury crisis

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  11. Jamseyb

    Buy dede, he’s a 6’3 Brazilian who plays for vasco, it means he can rotate with mertasacker and kos and verm can rotate

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  12. Skeeza

    If he isn’t wanting arsenal as a first choice, then drop any interest in him now!
    We just got ridden of a load of half hearted gunners and now found harmony. Don’t need to be unbalancing a harmonised dressing room again.

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  13. gunner

    Jenkinson…….. chail…..Jones….. Gibbs
    AOC……….. Rooney………walcott
    ………….welbuck / caroll………
    soon the england xi will have 5 gooners player.

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  14. Joe

    He’s all ready said he would like to go to Milan. Apparently he turned Arsenal down in the last transfer window because he was hoping on a move to italy.

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  15. Graham

    admin, I believe he expressed his preference to go to ac milan in the last transfer window and I don’t believe he has changed his mind so I don’t bthink he will come to us. It is not in the bag

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  16. spider

    u supposed gooners make me larf, one minute yr all 4 koishelny, next minute mertsacker is jesus. Coz koishelny made couple mistakes most fans wanna disown him, nah! that ain’t right, remember the guy was injured and just needs sum game time to get in the flow, then u will see he is rock solid. Mersacker I must say is showing true international form and is loving his football at the moment. Arsenal are blessed 2 have two good hungry CD at the moment, not forgetting vermalean who is just so top ranking at the moment, watch out gooners Barcelona gonna be smelling his scent soon.

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  17. Aziz

    We are being linked with so many players and the season is yet to get in full swing. With Wenger, seeing is believing, so I am not going fall for all the speculation as to who may come or go.
    What is certain is that Lee Probert will ref the Norwich game, and this guy worries me big time. I can only hope that our players remain vigilant, as Arsenal have been on the receiving end of terrible refereeing from Probert in the past. Give him hell if he choses to stuff us up again.

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  18. Gooner

    Mbiwa can play both CB and RB, whihc would make him a great signing as he wont be reinforcing just one position but 2.

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