Alex Song set to be released by Barca after one season?

Is Alex Song going to be struck by the jinx that seems to destroy many ex-Arsenal players careers after the leave Arsene Wenger’s side? It is being reported that the Cameroonian is expected to leave the Nou Camp this summer after starting only six games so far this season, and falling out of favour with new boss Tito Vilanova.

Song was quite unimpressive many times this season and doesn’t seem to fit into their free-flowing system,epecially when he played in Barca’s embarrassing defeat by Celtic in Scotland during the Champions League Group Stages, and according to the Spanish sports paper AS, he is also happy to leave the Catalan club.

They claim that Song has been talking to the French giants PSG, who are now readying an approach to Barcelona at the end of the season if the 25 year-old is continually sidelined by Vilanova. Perhaps Song will get to play more often if he joins Paris St Germain and can recapture the excellent form he had with Arsenal, or will his career suddenly hit a brick wall like what happened to Alexandre Hleb, Mathieu Flamini, Emmanuel Adebayor and countless others.

Will they never learn………..

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61 thoughts on “Alex Song set to be released by Barca after one season?

  1. James

    One of the few players I wouldn’t mind having back. Could utilize his crosses and long balls to the head of giroud and the speed of theo.

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  2. meja,TZ

    Let him enjoy the consequence and regret that he was still premature!

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  3. lbc

    in all honesty, i cannot say that i care one bit … he wanted to leave this club so he deserves the consequences

    keep riding the pine Alex

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  4. artillery1

    SONG never wants to leave, n was Stupid :/
    Mean He Loves the Club n i thnk Club was giving Him Bumper Contract n there Were 2-3years remaining in his previous contract!
    n he was asking for new Contract at the time when CLUB all struggle was to keep RVP! in that situation how club can pay that much attention to His contact??? n in end , He said club was not listening to me , i want to stay etc etc! oke U want to stay but Y are U asking for new Contract in such intense situation, when already U ahve about 2 years contract????
    n When BARCA approached him, He started to show-off at pitch n there was Great rift between him n BOULD cox he was not listening to BOULD!


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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    highly possible Arsenal will face Barcelona…

    very good marketing..

    or PSG vs Barcelona

    Real vs Man utd

    its all about the commercial activities….

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  6. Arsenal Diehard

    Most of the players that leaves Arsenal will regret it and they deserved it.

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  7. mrinal

    come back to arsenal .. fabregas too come back .. we’ll show barcelona how to play

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  8. dilla

    We all know the real reason why he’s leaving. Busquets tried to teach him his secret diving techniques and Alex refused.

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  9. Hafiz Rahman

    @ dilla

    LOL nice one…

    Barca are quite famous for their dives…..always diving

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  10. Wengy Pls

    This is why I didn’t care at all that we sold him. I know we’re weak at the DM, but 15 million for him was a pretty good deal IMO. Thumbs down all you want, but I don’t think he was as valuable to the team as many Gooners thought he was. He tried to play forward too much and left our backline vulnerable, so I’m glad we got rid of him and got a decent sum in return. Now let’s actually spend what we’ve earned, shall we?

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  11. Vishrutgooner

    leave him who cares!!!
    waiting 4 CL draw.

    hope an easier 1!!!!!!!!…..

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  12. leo

    arsene wenger must spend 20-25m atleast on 1 player + couple of other’s llorente-5m/fellaini or eriksen-15-20m,luke shaw & keep hold of theo

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  13. leo

    BREAKING: Scientists have found a new computer virus ‘Fernando Torres’ with this your computer will not find the net connection.

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  14. leo

    @jason song to barca for 15m arsenal were robbed wenger should have said no like levy did for modric then squeezed them & got 32m arsenal should have sold him for atleast 20-25m or just said no hope we can resign him he is on 70-80 a week he demanded a new contract with arsenal arsenal denied him so he left

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  15. Aussie Jack

    I`m probably one of the few who was flabbergasted when Barcelona signed Song, he was at best average and definately deteriorated before leaving Arsenal.

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  16. mohawk35

    Barca was drawn to Song because of his performance last season and his perceived versatility. They forgot about the curse of the disloyal gunner.

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  17. ripple

    Song was loved and supported by Arsenal but was drawn away by visions of glory only to be blind-sided by reality. Such a sad but common refrain in man’s quest for greatness, glory and adoration.

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  18. mohawk35

    I see many comments on Barca and their diving. Has anyone noticed that Iniesta, as great a player as he is, goes down simply by breathing on him?

    In the 2010 World Cup final he dropped as soon as he was near an opponent or in a crowd – and Howard Webb bought it every time.

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  19. landmind111

    That’s a shame, one more season and he’ll be strong enough to Bench press the whole team.

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  20. stalwartgunner

    I knew it’ll be so. When Alex Song, left Arsenal, i knew that is what will happen.
    Barcelona midfielders are still at there pick and don’t see him breaking into them.
    Sorry Song, we(arsenal) don’t need you. Maybe PSG will.

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  21. Kwadali

    He will have benefited the money at least for few months and for breaking a contract. It looks a good business financially. Everybody (I think) knew that Song was not going to be regular. Barcelona is a different classy football team. In addition peroformanc of a player is a collection of efforts from himself, other plaers and the coach. Because he is another Flamin, just let him go on elsewhere.

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  22. ah

    The curse of the arsenal wantaways seems not to be affecting RVp currently

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  23. shagx

    Who cares about Song? Done and dusted! He wanted to leave and he got his wishes!
    Now let’s focus and find a high energy player to deputy Arteta. Coquelin and Frimpong arn’t quite up for it just yet. Arteta is doing a great job, but he ain’t getting any younger. We need a Flamini in his last season. Full of energy, full of drive. Hustle and close down player. Someone would just run his ass off for the team!

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  24. TaPo

    he was build for arsenal the arsenal way..
    so yeah,he is useless for any other club..
    give him back to us FOR FREE!!!!!!!! ^^

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  25. Kingbong

    F*ck Song , He jumped ship just like the rest of the traitors..People say Arsenal through and through , clearly wasn’t was he?? Only person I wouldn’t mind is Cesc

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  26. Arsenal-999

    I dont get some of you guys, its like you want these players to die @ Arsenal.

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  27. Hasan

    You do realise when song signed for Barça in his contract he had a buy out clause of something so redicoulos around the regions of €65m am sure PSG aint even that stupid to pay that much for him. Dont get me wrong he was very good for arsenal during the 2010-11 season and the 2011-2012 season. Personally i think he went to Barça to play with the best players in the world rather than the money. Arsenal should of replaced him though with M’vila who could be available in january as little as £5M. Arsenal also need to get Dani Alves and Theo to stay. Another good signing would be Hunterlaar he’s scores goals for a joke just look at his record ! Hes available for £6M

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  28. Den

    We dont need Song neither do we need Huntelaar nor Henry on loan.What we need is a defensive midfielder(Wanyama,Capoue,Biglia or ),a gk (Butland) & a top striker(Benteke).Lets get rid of Djorou,Squilaci,Arshavin,Diaby,

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  29. Gundam

    i don’t know so many fans are so cut because he left for the worlds most dominant team … i think most players in the world would not refuse such an offer… if he came back i would accept him no problem… better than “i am always injured” diaby…

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  30. budgie

    Treacherous dog! The grass isnt always greener, come slinking back and go and play for stoke!

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  31. royalman

    He abandoned arsenal wen he was needed most. He left to a club wher he was not needed, Barca just wanted to make arsenal weak that is why song was bought. Well, we don’t need him anymore. Infact arsenal doesn’t need undedicated player again. Let Theo learn from this!

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  32. villa123

    you may agree or not.. no arsenal player became great after leaving arsenal. they may play good football for hardly 1 year for other but eventually they will fade away.

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  33. APC

    i do like song and we do need to replace him still i dont know why he went barca. he may win a few tropheys like lakaku did at chelsea but its not the same if your not playing all the time

    hed do wel very at psg i think. surprised city didnt make a move hes better then garcia in my book

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  34. KC

    This stuff about the Arsenal curse is a club myth but I don’t think it really holds much truth. Nasri, Fabregas, RVP, and Ash-hole are all doing just fine for themselves since leaving. You could easily argue that they maintained or exceded thier best form as Arsenal players. Kolo, Clichy, and Song may not be consisent starters at their post-Arsenal clubs, but I do not see that their form has dropped dramatically either.

    Re. Song failing at Barca, I’m not even convinced that it’s true. I’ve never heard this rumor before this article. I would be very surprised if Song left because I think he and the club knew he’d be 2nd choice to Busquets and would have a fight on his hands to dislodge him.

    Song’s an excellent player and he was excellent for us once he reached professional maturity. I think Cesc was probably instrumental in endorsing his quality to the Barca brass. And I beleieve the person above had it right when they said Song’s motivation to leave was to be a part of one of the greatest club teams in football history and to be a part [even if a small part initally] of probably the greatest midfield in football history. Let’s face it, Xavi, Iniesa, and Cesc…that is a ridiculously talented trio. Anybody would want to play with that group, especially if one of them is a good friend as well.

    His move stung, to be sure, but all things considered, I see why he made the choice and I hold no bitterness toward Song. He’s a good guy. I wish him well and won’t be surprised if he stays at Barca for several seasons and becomes an important player there. He’s that good.

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  35. Kyle

    Would love to have him back – we need another holding midfielder, as our only two are Arteta and Wilshire (and Diaby, but we arent exactly gonna count on him to make a speedy recovery), who are great, but if one of them gets injured top midfields are gonna tear us apart. And he was so good last season he deserved higher wages, only problem was the RVP contract.
    Pleeeease sign him in the summer, WE’VE ONLY GOT ONE SONG!

    Gooners til I die!

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  36. vinie2000

    M’villa,llorente/mbiwa as Bayern are big players ..physical and RAMSEY on the wings…real tackler in the DM and we dont have to fear them..20 millions spent and thats it.scezs-gibbs-mert-verm-sagna-M’villa-wilsher-cazorla-Theo-Pod-Llorente faith all the way..

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  37. GP

    Song will have a medal or two at the end of 1 year at Barca which would have made the move worth while. Mean while we are still waiting.
    He could come back to the prem and make another team stronger.
    Our man Santi dived against WBA and helped us get a result.
    Stop the petty sniping people, we’ve got enough of our own problems do debate.

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  38. JOSEPH


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  39. Nick from Portugal

    So they judge him on six games? Don’t think so, they know something about football at Barça and Song is a beast of a player, bit dreamy at times but was BIG for us over the 2010-12 period. I think we got good dollar for him but would have prefered to have him with us.

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  40. GP

    Zlatan only spent a year there as well. So what?
    He moved on and so will Song if that ever happens.
    Lets concentrate on the tons of players we have warming the bench and sitting in the stands.

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  41. ted day

    There was nothing embarrassing about getting beat by celtic, they where magnificent on the day and few teams would have stood a chance when a team has that much grit and determination. This site is so bad these days, who rights this crap

    @admin you’re failing massively

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  42. The Maw

    What can you do, the man was being paid half a million a week to kick the ball!!… so why blame him when he thinks he could get more for doing less??.
    The only thing that saddens me is that he forgot that the people who support him and work with him suffer when he makes silly desicions.

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  43. otto

    football is nt all about money bt made a is nt all let him think wisey and perfect himself

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