An Arsenal fan’s take on the season so far and what’s to come…

Hello Arsenal fans, I’m guessing my attempted post will be a bit too short, but I love your site and just want to share without the abuse in the comments section! Ha Ha. I just wanted to say, as a die hard arsenal fan, I’m finding it hard to single out a player for credit so far this season.

I think the whole squad (still light as it may be) as a whole has been exceptional to go this long at the top is not through luck! And we certainly don’t have the strongest team/squad on paper, but we are still there. I’m not convinced we will win the Premier league this year, but based on the previous 3-4 seasons I feel confident and encouraged by what I’m seeing, especially the wins we have picked up playing….. Well, not so good shall we say!

Sign of champions? My last thought is, I’m a massive Walcott fan, always have been, but, as much as you don’t want to see any player injured, I can’t help but see this as a possible stroke of luck for one reason. I think it could be the final straw to force Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis to make a move for a striker now! I don’t want a loan or an old stop gap (Berbatov). I would like to see real competition come in which will be nothing but positive, and allow us to compete with, well, Man City!

Costa will I’m sure be able to continue his form for us, or anybody, he’s just so powerfully and, well, that good, or, as he’s clearly begging for it, Jackson Martinez. I know they only show the best bits, but on YouTube all I see is real quality.

COYG!!! Thanks for your time JA, from lildal

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17 thoughts on “An Arsenal fan’s take on the season so far and what’s to come…

    1. karansagar

      I agree… We need someone big like Costa. I know it would be tough but at least a cheaky 35 mil bid would be nice. Otherwise we should go for someone like Chicharito or Muriel.

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  1. Hafiz Rahman

    even chelsea with ba, eto, torres and willian…is still looking for a striker…

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    1. junweiseah

      Willian isn’t a striker, and that’s because ba, torres and eto’o are so bad. Most of their goals have come from the likes of hazard and schurrle.

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  2. Miles

    Wenger will know what we know and more.. so I don’t get why he hasn’t already signed Di Maria with his current situation. Also wouldn’t mind Costa or Martinez as compensation for all the near heart attacks I’v had this season

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  3. Gooner137

    If I was asked right now who will win the EPL, I would say City, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rip my heart out if it isn’t Arsenal.

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  4. Greg

    Forget about costa guys! He is staying at atletico madrid at least for this season! Hope we can get him next season though! Mean while i think we should go for martinez or di maria! Coyg!

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    would love to see Di maria joining Arsenal

    Di maria Ozil Carzola


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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Pedro is not an out and out striker not those who put in 30-40 goals type

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  6. jofest

    An injured man knows exactly how he feels the pain. Wenger is in that position, he knows exactly what to do. Let just keep our fingers across and support him.

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  7. Adhi_gunner


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  8. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal will win nothing if they dont spend….its crisis time..spend or crash

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  9. rambo

    Why do people keep saying to buy Costa or Martinez, I don’t believe you guys actually understand the logistics of football. These players are not available in january for many reasons, mainly the fact that their teams will simply not let their best strikers go at this stage of the season. If you keep getting your hopes up with names like these, this month will be a really cruel and disappointing one for you.

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  10. Ted Drake

    Hope we get some sort of forward to help increase our attack. The best options might not be available until the summer.

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