Arsenal are close to £15.7m M’Vila transfer

Arsene Wenger might be able to announce two new Arsenal players this week. The general manager of Yann M’Vila’s current club Rennes, Pierre Dreossi, has dropped a massive hint that he expects M’Vila to become a Gunner by the end of the week.

“Arsenal? Maybe, you’ll have to call Arsene. But when Song leaves, we must say that Arsenal will reinforce that post.”

In his interview with French radio station RMC, Dreossi claimed that three clubs were vying for the services of the French international. Arsenal, Tottenham and Zenit St. Petersburg are the clubs, according to Goal,com. There have been reports that M’Vila does not want to go to a club who are not in the Champion’s league and he has already stated his desire to play in the Premier league.

Dreossi seems to think that the deal will soon be done but is insisting that Rennes are still sticking to their valuation of around 20 million euros. We will see about that when Wenger puts his negotiating head on.

“I think it will be done by the end of this week or the beginning of next.”

What a great boost for Arsenal fans and the team if Wenger can announce M’Vila soon and erase the bad taste that the sales of Robin van Persie and Alex Song have left in the mouth of Gooners everywhere.

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80 thoughts on “Arsenal are close to £15.7m M’Vila transfer

  1. globalsafe

    Agree with the article, he is one guy we need. His so called attitude issues can be and will be sorted by AW. He will realise that he has a great opportunity for his own carrier at Arsenal and could be part of something which will be big.
    Foe the fans it is a step in the right direction, now get Sahin another striker – get rid of our backup strikers, they are useless – and a versatile defender and once it has come together we can realistically have a chance to beat anyone and good prospect of more than 1 silverware.

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  2. dilla

    Today just keeps getting better and better. MAN U loses and RVP fails, Wenger is about to sign m’vila and sahin, and Spurs make an offer for CHAMAKH!

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  3. Mohd.H

    Best news on the site ever if true,
    We’ll all miss Song, such a loyal kid, such a quality
    sad to here the news that he was “kicked out”
    but M’Vila is another style, I see him as second Vieira
    now there’s no need to rush Wilshere and Rosicky in,

    (please don’t mention RVP again, I was rather happy when he left -_-)

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  4. Xpensive

    Ohhhh yes! Wen dat deal is done, i can now bet good money 4 dis reputable club. RVP and $ONG, can go 2 hell. In Arsene we Trust. Hahahahahaha

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  5. sanchez

    Double combo! Wait, that if it happens though. Roll the season on. COYG!

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  6. hasan bangladesh

    good news for us 2 arriving mvilla nd sahin..then we hv to sign yang mbiwa nd a back up striker..pls

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  7. Pat Rice

    In: sahin, m’vila, defender and jovetic

    Out: bendtner, park, chamakh, squid, and walcott(if he continues to act like a drama queen)

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  8. Mohd.H

    I INSIST! stop putting $$$ sign for Song,
    don’t trust me ask Wenger -_-
    there was no one more loyal than Song

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  9. jojo

    M’vila, Sahin and Llorente and the treble is ours :D LOL joke but maybe an fa cup or carling cup but yeah :D

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  10. Apostolos

    I think I can speak for most Arsenal fans when I say M Villa is the one most of us wanted this summer because he’s strictly a Defensive midfielder that stays back and doesn’t give away the ball much. Man I hope this goes thorugh a nidfield of M Villa/Arteta—Wilshire/Sahin—Cazorla–OX

    Would never lose the ball

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  11. sellarshavin

    If we are signing M’villa and Sahin, I hope this doesnt deter Coquelin from continuing his career at Arsenal as he has so much potential and means he will be more of a box to box midfielder instead of a DM. Although it certainly is a bonus that we have him down on a four year contract now.

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  12. DialSquare1886

    i’l believe in this only if AW openly says “sahin? m’villa? i don’t know them” :P

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  13. Bishop

    Sad, when i see stories been made up just to get we the fans excited

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  14. Arsenal19

    @Dilla right u are mate but ur forgetting about bentner most likely going to ac milan great da in arsenal history

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  15. Mesh

    M’vila wud be gr8,bt i watched Fellaini against MaNURE and hez a gud DM,bt cnt c that happening tho’..wat of Sahin? Is he kamin? Plus i heard Llorente was api at Bilbao..COYG

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  16. henrychan-indonesia

    No way.. That’s too expensive..
    Why lose 15mil if we can get someone for free (loan)..
    Sahin is as good as M’Villa..
    The issue is his (sahin) wages is too big..

    I think Wenger is playing trick for a cheaper M’villa..
    And I believe that he will bring M’Villa just for 11-12 mil..
    But if Sahin is really in.. why not..???

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  17. Arsenal1Again

    All of Europe’s greatest DM’s have had attitude.

    You want them to have a no nonsense approach.

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  18. Scott

    Song was kicked because he made it clear he wanted out,and acted accordingly.
    Pissing him off was a brilliant piece of business,and to suggest otherwise is ignorance at best,stupidity at worst.
    The guy is lazy and negligent in his defensive duties,so defending him is to do so inspite of his inadequacies.Mohd,if you don’t like the $$$$,bad fucking luck.

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  19. Dilank

    Arsenal are only close to singing Sahin which is a done deal last hurdle was MAdrid making it difficuly with buy out clause up to 14mil pound and wages haggling. Announcement tomorrow. m’VILA? is not 15.7 pound 15.7 euro more like it otherwise Wenger will get Biglia! nonesense

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  20. gooning is a hobby

    Personally I think if sahin is in we don’t need m’villa. M’ villa would be a huge asset to us. But think of a mid field of cazorla sahin and arteta. That would be amazing!!!! Arteta can play as a defensive mid-fielder. And he has proved that. M’ villas presence in our mid-field would also be amazing but at times I don’t think le prof would add two more players in the mid-field! Anyway in wenger we trust! This season has lots of potential!

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  21. Arsene 4 Life

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  22. Edward.m

    I heard about arsenal bidding for bastos. Hw true is that?. Get m’villa,bastos, sahin, dempsey en get rid of chamack, bentner,park en walcot with this we a winners

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  23. Ryan

    Song was “kicked” for consistently showing up late for practice and generally have a lazy attitude towards his main duties. If anyone one of us did the same at our job we would be fired, so just cause it’s football he shouldn’t get away with it. He never wanted to leave all the years we were molding him into a proper footballer so why go now? He’s just got a bighead at the moment and feels he’s on top of the world. Wenger doesn’t deal with disrespect or disruptiveness from players so he had to go.

    No denying he’s been a great player the last two years, but he’s been at Arsenal for 7. He won’t be missed in the slightest especially with Sahin coming in and the emergence of Coquelin. While I’m not too wild about us regularly playing with a solely defensive mid, big games like in Europe or against the top 6 would be perfect for M’Vila. It would just be nice to be able to alter our tactics based on the opposition. Either way, this season should be one of the most exciting Arsenal seasons in some time! COYG

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  24. leo

    arsenal are trying to sign m’vila for 7m & sahin on permanent for 8m + talks with llorente are still on

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  25. AYJ

    Great signing if this is true.. But why the F sell Song, and buy M’vila for the same amount?? Though good news nonetheless, as the DM posi is bolstered.. If Sahin comes in, with right to buy at end of loan deal, then great too.. Still need striker cover, as I think Podolski should battle it out with Gervinho on the left, OX and Theo on the right.. which means Giroud is to “battle it out” with Chamakh for the #9 posi??? There’s no comp there.. So Wenger needs to somehow sell/offload Chamakh, and buy a dynamic striker in the shape of Daniel Sturridge/Abel Hernandez/Seydou Doumbia or similar!!

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  26. leo

    sahin is currently earning aroud 80 a week but that issue will be sorted out as for m’vila arsenal made a bid around 7m while rennes are holding out for 15m if they carry with this wenger could look else where i mean arsenal feel for 15m they can sign someone better like javi garcia/even fellaini

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  27. doctor

    I’m sick of reading comments like that of Henrychan and dilank on arsenal blogs,why are we always concerned about financies when we talk about player deals?the mancs just spent £70m on an injury-prone 29yr old,and we all know he’s quality,you can’t hear them complaining about the deal,I think we need to start acting like a football club and not a financial institution..

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  28. Gooner Cape Town

    7m for M Vila is a joke!! At least 10m for him. Wenger playing games again? I thought spuds bid for him….????
    No ways we get Sahin permanent for 8m. Hope all will be revealed today or tomorrow.

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  29. mani_gooner

    @leo : what about the sneijder talks?? r they just rumors or concrete??

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  30. Mathew

    Great News!!!

    M’vila + Sahin + Llorente = Trophies

    But, being said that, we need to improve our games especially when playing against physical team such as Stoke, Wigan and Sunderland. What happens when our opponents put their 10 players in the penalty box and prevent all our goalscoring opportunities( ie Sunderland game ). We need to improve and master:
    1) Set pieces.
    2) Scoring from outside the penalty box.
    3) One touch finish when our players are in the penalty
    box areas.( especially converting a volley etc )


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  31. leo

    @mani gooner dude we are not interested in snjeider & @gooner cape town m’vila’s value has dropped there has been no concrete interest in him at the moment only arsenal are the big club for him paying 15m for him is stupid

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  32. leo

    m’vila wants arsenal move & wenger knows he can get him cheap he is waiting

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  33. Muhammad Amaroso

    RVP, Arsenal can do with out you cos Man U ‘re not better than Arsenal this season, i’ve watch’ the match played yesterday agains Everton, arsenal are even better, much betterthan man u. If united can win EPL this season then arsenal can even win Champions league. Gooners 4 life.

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  34. Baharsenal

    Song had wanted out from ever since he started to show in disciplined towards the game and his questionable attitudes in training. Isn’t that a great decoy? knowing Wenger as zero tolerance towards person being in disciplined. Song forced himself out indirectly
    that’s the best way out 4 him, without coming other huge criticism from us Arsenal fans.

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  35. dadagbon

    I am rather surprised, nobody has mentioned Victor Moses. That boy in an arsenal shirt will run riot at any defence.A lesson we must all learn from yesterday’s Everton Man u game(Sir Alex Ferguson)is that, don’t say it over until it is truely over.Manchester United was tought a lesson by Everton, now surely that arrogant red face will think again and stop being over-confident. UP UP Gunners!

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  36. mani_gooner

    @leo: thanks for the update mate.. keep posting as u do always… cheers!! :)

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  37. adismail

    I hope d deal pulls thru, am beginin 2 blive evrytin d papers r sayin nowadays it seems real.. Go Go Gooners!!!

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  38. Shah95

    I miss Alex song!!!!!!!!! But getting sahin and mvilla would cheer me up immensely!!!!!

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  39. Victor wangila mkenya

    Yes yes yes yessss this is wat we want he is young and rady to be built by wenger.They should not let voltures like manu to hijack him.They should go for him faster.

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  40. albanian gooner

    To all of you that are saying he was kicked out what makes u think that there has to be a strong reason if he was kicked arsen knows song used to slow the game down selfish with the ball most of the time i remember last season when i was screaming on front of tv for him keeping the ball to long and not passin it thats all i can say

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  41. Alex Quayle

    We will have the best midfield in the prem Sahin,M’vila and cazorla with fantastic subs like arteta,wilshere (when he is back) diaby,rosiky and more

    This is our year…

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  42. AOB

    If it true that we are in for M’vila who cost even more than the price of Song, then it will be true what we read about Song’s behaviour. AW dose not have a place for indiscipline in any way, and I go with him on this too. Secondly, guys I don’t think we need so many strikers than we av already. Look at Spain, they won the Euros without any recognisable striker, forget the ceremonial introduction of Tores at the end of it all. Carzola can score, Diaby can score, they showed that in our last game against Sunderland. Pls gunners let us rally behind our club and AW. He will certainly get the formula right ane wen that happen’s, Arsenal will be the team to beat.
    Gunner 4 Ever

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  43. KC

    While I would love to have M’Vila, it just doesn’t make any sense. Those who have followed Arsenal for long enough know this isn’t a move to expect. Wenger is hoping Coquelin will develop into the DM he wants and is bringing in cover until he is ready. Bringing in someone almost as young won’t work. If Sahin comes through, Arsenal are done in midfield. I agree with the above that Moses would be a great add. And Van der Wiel seems much more likely as the back four is far
    too thin.

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  44. abozo

    M Vila , Sahin, Cazorla, Ateta, wishere, rosiky, Diably will make arsenal midfield stronger than last season. I guess we need one wright back in the squad

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  45. Jay

    Van der Wiel is way overrated …. Wenger should look in the mexican league for players.. look at the olympics Brazil had one of their best teams Mexico had a team full of young “unknown” players and yet Neymar and the so called “tank” hulk couldn’t do a thing! They were getting tossed as if they were the same size as those mexican defenders! I know the BPL is a very physical league but if someone can hold off Neymar…Marcelo and Hulk that must mean something shouldn’t it???? Look at Hernandez I think he’s quality and should leave Manure cause he’s wasting his time with that shit club…. Mexico is producing some very talented players trust me :D

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  46. Pijoe

    As good as m’vila,I wouldn’t want to see him in arsenal.I see him as another nasri that we use arsenal as a means to showcase his potentials to barca and man-shitty.I prefer biglia, he is good as m’vila if not better, and he has nothing to prove to man-shitty or barca.

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  47. Eddd

    Song was my favourite arsenal player till he was forced out
    His breaking up play will be sorely missed you wait
    He was an unsung hero

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    If this were to come to pass it wud be nice,yann in to replace song and any other good extra options,cool. Bot i have still gotta state here that no matter how many players we bring in it is still up to the board to make current players show loyalty to the club and AW n his players determination to get silver ware that wud count at the end of the season so we do not keep lossing our players especially our captains,gonner for life:)

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  49. Richie

    Wenger cannot buy Sahin and M.villa….he just need one of them…i wil go for M.villa, he is strong n defensively ok and he is not on loan…permanently is better..just one Midfielder n utility defender is better…then we are done for d season….he cannot buy everyone….wages wil b too high..

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  50. Deeray

    Gooners, don’t get too excited. You all know that we have the worst luck in the world. Don’t believe anything until it is officially announced. after all, we were ‘certain’ to get Vertongen. We all know what happened there

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  51. OM

    Good but I still want AW to sign Pique so we can have Shakira at the Emirates! :o

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  52. marky

    song not forced out, started turning up late for training, bitching behind the scenes, and ASKED for a transfer to Barca.

    a player who has started to believe the papertalk hype (much like a shortarse right sided winger)is a liability.

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  53. Joe

    Called it :P

    Like i said in the other post i expect mvila and sahin to be in next weeks squad. With both of them arriving we sure do have a number of options in the middle but we can’t count on everyone staying fit. Don’t forgot this will likely by Roscisky’s last season with us if we manage to get sahin on a loan to buy deal he would be his replacement next season.

    I personally don’t want to sign Llortente we already have a target man in Giroud but Giroud is also extreamly mobile for his hight and very good with the ball at his feet, if we are to sign another striker we need a goal poacher someone who can make in impact of the bench.

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  54. Kehinde ibiyinka

    Wenger he’s doing a gr8 job dis season and i tink we ar beta and stronger dan last season wen we loose fabregas and nasri and wenger refuses to sign a replacement for dem,but dis season is quiet diff.we loose rvp and we av podolski and giroud,we loose song and we already av cazorla,sahin and probably m’villa infact we wil challenge for title dis season,imagine our line up scez_sagna_kosc_ verminator_gibbs_ox_sahin_m’vila_cazorla_podolski_giroud,and a solid sub such as fabianski-jerk-metesacker-djorou-santos-walcott-arteta-wilshere-gervinho-esfield- and so on…………..infact we ar d best,in wenger we trust

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  55. Raymond Gunnerz

    I love Arsenal,let just pray dis season is our’s,let keep gunning 4 glory,I LUV U ALL

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  56. Rick Sing

    Hey Gooners,SO happy Man U lost yesterday otherwise they would have had the bragging rights now with Van Persie in tow.He (Van Persie)also deserves what he got last night as we love loyalty at the Arsenal especially him being the captain.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the season as we are gonna be up there challenging any team for the Title.

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  57. Cisse

    Why wenger will not go for fellaini . He is one of best player in the league .he can score goal aswell .and he is E.P.L player .sahin is just for loan .mvilla need time to get use to he league .and we have 3 new player that need time to get use to the p league .giroud ,podolski ,santi .we don’t have time for that season is kick off now .maybe fellaini ,toite form newcastle , de Jong from man city .guys what u think?

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  58. xolani

    luk people dis yann mvila deal will nt happen if we get sahin den wenger will nt b moving in 4 mvila coz wenger dosint want his players sitting on da bench like ramsey, diaby, rosiscky da kid i lyk wilshere if sahin n mvila come den its very posible dat dey wil sit on da bench so dat will neva happen as long as wenger dosint change i knw u dnt wana here dis bt ey its dat truth n u knw wat dey say abaut da truth hurting, if both em deals happen den i dnt knw aw anymore n dat wld b a gud thing

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  59. mudex

    Sahin is a good signing but we need a very stronger player to fill d spacesong left,player like m villa is good

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  60. gooner

    this is what wenger wanted, such a large squad in midfield, that when we rotate them it is still world class, this can be the year that we can challeng for the title but just fall short. until next season, we’ll definetly win it

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  61. Sean

    Hopefully Sahin and M’vila will be confirmed this week, and i seriously hope we’re the London team that has been mentioned in reports for Llorente

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  62. Michael Senior

    Everyone knows we need this guy badly,also there is NO WAY that Wenger will sign both him and Sahin,we would have to drop either Carzola or Arteta if that happened so it obviously won’t plus Jack to comeback so no chance of getting both players.We need a world class striker before the transfer window ends too!!M’Villa in and Frimpong for cover sounds damn good to me.

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  63. stephen187

    everyone talks about mvlila’s attitude like we were in the dressing room…we dont know what was said and on top of that hes obviously a player that plays with passion… he cried when he thought his euros for france was over…now i dont know about you but id like a player with that much passion in an arsenal shirt :D

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  64. AidanGooner

    Can’t see us signing M’Villa & Sahin in all honesty, but would be a real sign of ambition, we could loan out Coquelin then too- to pick up some serious game time and experience as he still has plenty to learn. As far as the defender goes, everyone is hating on Mexes but I would like us to bring in someone with that experience level and think he may well prove an upgrade on Mertersacker. Would still want Zambrotta in as he is still available on a free, could really teach our young full backs a thing or two, and can provide high level cover and competition at LB & RB.

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  65. AidanGooner

    Maybe if they both come, the plan might be to sell Walcott and play Santi on the right wing- just a thought- we know they will sell anyone given a decent profit margin

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  66. Robin Van Payslip

    The suspense re M’Villa is killing me. He is now the only player we need to complete our team.

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  67. pt

    M’Vila and Sahin would be perfect, Fillaini and Moses would be useful. Dump the dwoods- Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, the Squid and Asharvin. Dempsey has got to be a must.

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  68. OM

    I think if M’vila comes we’ll lose one of Coquelin or Frimpong next season…as Sahin shows there is so much bench you can take.

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  69. ZimGooner

    The squad is looking sharp. A few months ago our bench was bare. Time for Theo to up his game!

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