Arsenal can now sign Schalke defender

Arsenal were expected to sign a few players in the January transfer window anyway, but they have already agreed deals with West Ham and Hannover for Chamakh and Djourou until the end of the season. With Squillachi and Arshavin also expected to leave, either permanently or on loan, Arsene Wenger has even more options and wages to play with.

If Squillachi does leave, it will allow Wenger to sign two top quality defenders, and the German international Benedikt Howedes is likely to be one of them. The 24-year old captain of Schalke has halted the talks he was having with the German club about extending his contract which runs out in 2014.

This could be a sign that Arsenal are closing in on the cultured centre back they have been tracking for some time, according to Talksport. He is highly rated in Germany and already has 10 full international caps after getting 22 at under-21 level. However, if Arsenal are only looking to sign one defender, it is more likely to Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, because his versatility means he can play any position along the back four.

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75 thoughts on “Arsenal can now sign Schalke defender

  1. o_0

    Why sign another defender for £50,000 a week? It completely defeats the object of getting Djourou and Squid out. We’re just gonna get another player on a long-term contract with high wages who won’t even make the bench. We have enough youth to cover Verm, Kos and Mert. We should invest this money into an experienced LB, not a CB.

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  2. john 3:16

    I will not be happy until Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner have ALL left Arsenal on a PERMANENT basis, not just on loan!

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  3. j

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  4. PatLloyd

    We should sign a versatile defender and a LB, having a competitive squad (not squid) is the key, just look at utd. also helps as Arsenal are always plagued with injuries

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  5. leo

    would love him at arsenal but many clubs will be in for him like bayern/manure/barca……… the end spuds but hope wenger can sign him

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  6. landi

    we have lauren,vermalean,per and miquel.

    I say get villa and a defender, would like to see zaha and shaw as well but i cant see wenger buying us 4 players..

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  7. k

    There is so much sh*t, that it’s a joke.
    Chamakh and Djourou on loan. Fine, good start.

    Sell Fabianski and Mannone, get a decent backup keeper.
    Sell Gervinho, get a great winger.
    Sell Squillaci and Santos, get a versatile defender.
    Sell Denilson, get a defensive midfielder
    Sell Park, Arshavin, Bendtner to raise some funds

    These players wont be enough to fund the new players we need so the board need to spend some money, they owe it to us and now is the time to deliver them.

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  8. Graham

    I think we need another quality defender to replace those departing. Those leaving on loan now will be gone permanently at the end of the season. Mbiwa would be fantastic because he can fill in across the entire back line, but I doubt he will want to come and be a bench warmer

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  9. Twig

    Gervinho should be sold NOW! While Arsenal can still get something out of him. What a bad transfer :-(

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  10. Dan


    True about the LB, but if you haven’t noticed, Koscielny has had 2 injuries and Vermaelen and Mertesacker have been extremely inconsistent.

    Mertesacker makes me feel uncomfortable whenever a high ball comes towards him (surprising because of his height) as he always seems to just throw a leg at it and hope for the best. Vermaelen just hasn’t been solid at all.

    Bring in M’biwa or Howedes and play him next to Kosielny, and move Vermaelen in to the DM position. Mertesacker can be adequate cover.

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  11. leo

    L’Equipe: Zenit bid €10m + add ons for Yann M’Vila. Player reluctant to go to Russia. Doesn’t like QPR’s contract offer and QPR bid too low his age demands for arsenal too much arsenal looking at alternative strootman/capoue

    Steve Rowley has been in Germany recently to watch 17-year old VfL Bochum star Leon Goretzka

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  12. the king

    well we do need another center defender
    we only have 3. you cant win anything with only 3 defenders
    they need to be rotated. but this time get someone that is good enough. replace Djourou and Squillachi with just one good defender will do.

    but a few more players need to leave
    and wenger is finding it very hard to sell players
    lets hope they do well and clubs want to buy them….we deff know bender will be coming back in the summer juve dont want him.

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  13. mafundo

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  14. jermaine

    summer free agent (hangeland would cost 4m max give em arshavin swap deal or douglas 24 twente

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  15. leo

    Why haven’t we got an interview of Cazorla and Arteta talking about Villa’s ‘Arsenal DNA’ up on yet? the little boy in david villa & his wife ofcourse wants arsenal move

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  16. john 3:16

    M’Biwa, M’Vila and Villa! Try saying that fast after a few pints! These are the players that we need in this transfer window!

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  17. Ajinkya

    I heard Stevan Jovetic is also linked with us with Wenger being a fan(a trequartista like RVP…It’s his movement we need) as Fiorentina have signed Guisspe Rossi

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  18. ekow -stikka

    why aren’t Djorou,Squilachi & Chamakh out of my team already. Wenger shld sell da waste and bring more competition. Get Emmanuel Agyeman Badu for CDM and stop fussing over M’Vila. Just being hiped.

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  19. chris

    pls arsenal need a good four defender left back and a world class striker to complete the squad.we have not seen a good replacement for alex song

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  20. coyg

    did you know our transfer target lewis holtby has just signed for Sp*rs.!!!!!

    what a joke!

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  21. leo

    @wil i know that zenits fan’s are an issue even hulk & axel are thinking about leaving just after joining the club 3 months ago but i don’t think we are in for him it’s either qpr or spuds we are looking at strootman & others + sissoko on bosman transfer toby alderwield would be good howedes will be better but i don’t like our chances we need somebetter to sort out our transfer gazdis is not the man to do it someone like marwood or daivd dien

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  22. leo

    What a talent Luke Shaw is. I’d be so happy if we got him. Has everything. Neither Mata nor Azpilicueta can’t do anything against him

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  23. Segun

    All those talking about versitality clearly knows nothing about Howedes.

    He is 24, a German international and Captain of Schalke.

    He plays naturally as a CB but can also play as a Right back and Left back when called up.

    Isn’t that versitality? I won’t mind seeing him at Arsenal cos he’s a born leader.

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  24. leo

    Arsene Wenger has been eyeing Frankfurt midfielder Pirmin Schwelger,the promising 25 year old midfielder only has 6 months on his contract pre contract deal to be offered

    Ajaccio have also now matched Bastia’s offer for Squilaci.there is demand for squid afterall

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  25. Big Gun

    We need to sign a new manager.

    It is hilarious how fans praise him over the Invincibles and when things are going well, but as soon as we hit a slump like now, OH NO God forbid we criticize Wenger, all the blame gets put on the board. With logic like that, we should be praising David Dein for the Invincibles.

    Wenger buys the players we have, he has a hand in the ludicrous salaries they get paid (I mean Chamakh, Squid on 60k a week, you must be nuts), he persists with players like Ramsey, Gervinho etc who lets face it wouldn’t even make Chelsea, City or United’s second team. He had nothing to say over the sales of Cesc, Nasri, Song, RvP except lie and cover up for the board saying they were doing everything they could to keep them. What a f*cking con artist really and he has half of you fans believing him. If Wenger was such an Arsenal die hard, he would have made a massive stink over RvP’s departure and even resigned his job, simply because selling him was an absolute disgrace. Imagine if Ferguson had to sell Rooney to Man City! United fans would have called for his head! But Ferguson would never do that, because top teams don’t sell their assets. Sorry, thats right. Arsenal are not a top team anymore. Not since we started selling all our best players.

    You see people, Wenger is part of the problem. He earns one of the biggest wages for his profession in the world, so of course he is going to jump yay high for the board. His own back pocket comes first, then Arsenal. The same applies for Kroenke and Gazidis.

    The sooner half of you wake up and realize this, the sooner Arsenal can move on and become champions again. I started supporting Arsenal since ’89 just in case clowns like Dr Pepper go on accusing us of how all the Wenger OUT’s only started supporting Arsenal post Wenger. Also, what irritates me the most is not just that we are losing a lot of games, it is HOW we are losing them. Our guys look lethargic and uninterested most of the team. THERE IS NO FIGHT!!! Who is to blame for that? Who is supposed to motivate the team and get them amped!? This is the managers job!!! Yet what we are seeing is a bunch of pansies on the pitch, as soon as any other team applies pressure, we fizzle out and crumble. This is not the Arsenal I knew back in the 80′s/90′s when we had guys like Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn. The other teams used to shit bricks when the played us. Now we are a f*cking joke.

    Arsenal need a new owner and a new manager. Plain and simple. All of you who disagree, be sure to be taunted by me personally in 5 years when we still haven’t won a damn thing.



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  26. realist

    Why should wemake do with versatile players. i want specilist players that are msters of their trade not a jack of all trades. these are fine for world cup tournaments but we dont have any reason to limit numbers so go for the very best

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  27. philthompsonsnose

    Can anyone give me a genuine reason WHY Arsene Wenger… who was renowned for spotting and unearthing talented footballers buy SQUID & GERVINHO??
    Thumbs up (Squid) Thumbs down (Gervinho)who is worse!!??

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  28. lifeasagooner

    Nobody can be as bad as the Squid.
    In any league in any country.

    Forehead is bad enough but every single time the squid comes on the pitch its an absolute guarantee that we will concede goals within minutes.
    My guess is that gangsters forced Wenger to buy him? maybe blackmail? or maybe Wenger was having an affair with Squids young sister or something… there must be a reason.

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  29. lifeasagooner

    Arsenal are better with 10 men than with the Squid on.

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  30. Pedrogooner

    I’m better than gervinho! Not much of an achievement I know. My hair is better too.

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  31. goonner

    Summer Holtby: Spurs confirm Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby will join in July

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  32. lifeasagooner

    Plenty of movement in the market so far for other teams but not us as usual.
    Why is the Arsenal transfer team so slow? The Theo thing STILL isn’t sorted FFS.
    WHAT is taking so long?!
    Ba has now scored 2 for Chelsea. They seemed to buy him and get him registered and playing all within a few days and Arsenal always take weeks to do anything. Someone wake up the Arsenal staff! Are they playing dustbin basketball & eating doughnuts in the office or what?

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  33. Greg

    I prefer mbiwa instead of howedes!he lacks pace while mbiwa is quick and more of a beast defending!

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  34. Darragh

    Agree with j,
    I don’t know why arsene wenger signed mertesacker when he plays the offside trap. He is too slow. #whatareyouthinkingwenger

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  35. The gun show

    Howedes is a great buy. Fair enough, he may not be a priority, but he is worth it if available, especially if we lose a couple CBs. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the Verminator become a CDM.

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  36. Arsenal1Again

    Lol, Arsenal buy players when current ones are sold, not when they are out on loan. Wenger is the man for Arsenal until a better option can be identified. I suspect Big zgun above is all for cheque book managers like Mourinho and Guardiola, but no way could they succeed where Wenger is sat right now.

    Two kills with one shot, that’s Wenger. He consistently keeps us in the CL while operatin on a shoestring budget and until now, appalling injury luck, plus he gives us a team which entertains us all season. Your cheque book managers will see us out of Europe entirely and have the team disappoint u week in, week out. No manager without a cheque book will be able to do anything with Arsenal. Since he will not have a cheque book, he will have to sell top players. Sound familiar? Now with limited cash and with top players leaving, which man on the planet is better than Wenger to plug the gap and achieve at least a CL place, a miraculous achievement in itself, plus respectable progress to quarter finals and sem-finals in cups, etc.

    I know one thing, Big Gun above has no clue who could replace Wenger which is why he wasted his time with his Wenger hatred and Anti-Arsenal diatribe.

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  37. usmaNOW

    Fans are saying sell him and him and him and buy him and him and him!

    The truth is all the players the club is trying sell are run of mill mediocre on high wages/long contract and hence unsellable!

    The Price the club is paying now for penny pinching instead of buying proven quality!

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  38. lifeasagooner

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  39. CUT

    WOW! Ba already in chelski team and scoring too!

    Take note all you dumb f**ks at Emirates HQ.

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  40. PetePaff

    Soon the transfer window will have been opened for a week and while Ba has already scored twice in his first game for Chelsea we still have nothing. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand for Wenger or the board. Sign some players now, it always has to be slow with these guys…

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  41. daniel

    haha, here we go, mertesacker is far more consistent than ver or kos, far better at positioning, far less likely to attempt a slide tackle, miss and thereby leave a huge gap around for other players to take advantage of, how many time did that happen against newcastle? Even the lb and rb looked lost in that match, against southampton the same kind of thing happened, the defence was worrying to say the least.

    Because we don’t have an enforcing DMF we NEED the defence to be more positionally aware and wary of going to ground without looking around them.

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  42. lifeasagooner

    Per isnt better at anything.
    The problem against newcastke wasnt the centre backs. IMO Kos especially had a decent game and won a few duels with Ba.
    The problem was the full backs – especially Sagna who just had an aweful game.
    The problem also wasnt going to ground to easily – none of of defenders slide tackle too much.
    The problem was that they just jockey and dont actually tackle. Too often obertan and the other attackers just dribbled into our box without being stopped.

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  43. Joe J

    This guy is a great player who Arsenal could do with right now. We need him in the squad so that players are fighting for their positions.

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  44. lifeasagooner

    Sagna looks set to leave for a longer term deal somewhere else and Gibbs is injury prone so we definitly need 2 new fullbacks. Per will do as a sub CB but I prefer Kos & Verm as our 1st choice.

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  45. sollygunner

    fact we need players to come in asap this month will be hard and could determin the outcome of our season we need to stop draging our feet

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  46. Andy

    Very good point Daniel it’s the strong midfielder we lack not better defenders! At the start of the season when Abou Diaby was playing we went 4 games without conceding but look very vulnerable every game at the back since. We definitely need a player equal to Diaby as a back up then Arteta Wilshere and Cazorla can be rotated as subs more.

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  47. ozone

    Man gets off Per’s back…Did he sleep with your wife

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  48. larnor gates


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  49. simon kinywa

    I have got a strong feeling and hope that Wenger will next week make us happy by making major signings. He has started thinking defence which is good.

    With solid defence the likes of Carzola will start moving upfront and not backwards and they will create a lot of chances.

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  50. COYG

    Here’s some players who need to go…

    Rosicky – 80,000 p/w – will never be fit enough

    Arshavin – 78,000 p/w – For???

    Gervinho – 60,000 p/w – For…

    Santos – 60,000 p/w – For???

    Denilson – 60,000 p/w – when was the last time he turned out for us??

    Bendtner – 50,000 p/w – I think he actually has talent but has been badly coached and mismanaged

    The Squid – 50,000 p/w – wont leave until the end of the season, like arshavin, the money is too good

    Fabianski – 50,000 p/w – FOR A BACKUP GK??????

    Park – 50,000 p/w – for??? why is he here??

    Mannone – 30,000 p/w – for a third choice gk????

    Diaby – 60,000 p/w – for???

    Frimpong – 30,000 p/w – FOR WHAT??? A player with the potential to be a decent DCM??

    Coquelin – 30,000 p/w – for???

    Thats almost half of our wage budget (excluding staff)

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  51. simon kinywa


    Sagna- M’biwa- Kos- Shaw
    Walcott-M’villa- Wilshere- OX

    Of course OX will be interchanging with Pod,and Giroud assisting Villa while in some games Walcott becomes a striker.

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  52. amir pujuk

    please wenger…….
    sign villa, mvilla….. left back…….. gervinho is useless… we need win…coz, we ARSENAL…… the board, i hope u not be greedy… give the money for world class player.. kita kan kaya!!! hahaha

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  53. Gunning4Glory

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  54. Gunning4Glory

    IN: Mignolet, Howedes, Shaw, Mbiwa (Roughly £25-30m)

    OUT: Mannone, Fabianski, Squillaci, Santos, Diaby, Denilson, Arshavin, Gervinho, Park & Bendtner (Roughly £35-40m)

    We don’t need any more players in the attacking field, we have Walcott to spare if Podolski/Giroud were to get injured (Touch Wood).

    Main XI:
    ——————– Szczesny ————————
    Sagna — Howedes — Vermaelan – Gibbs
    ———————- Mbiwa ————————
    —— Cazorla – Wilshere – Rosicky ———
    ——————— Podolski ————————

    Backup XI:
    ———————- Mignolet —————-———
    Jenkinson – Koscielney – Mertesacker – Shaw
    ——————- Coquelin ——————————
    ——– Ramsey – Arteta – Chamberlain –———
    ————————– Giroud —————————–

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  55. Invincibles nice (1)

    Dont remember seeing the player so couldnt say wether i rate him.

    Mbiwa looks like a brick wall of a player and im sure even Fellaini would hate playing the lad, i wonder if we would actually play him in the midfield though, as ive seen Wenger play holding players at CB but dont remember him playing CBs in midfield

    Really hope that come midweek these outgoing players will be gone, as they could hinder our transfer dealings greatly.
    Walcotts dillying isnt helping in the least, just put an end to it one way or another.

    Knowing that we arent going to get a Lewendowski Cavani or Dzeko especially in this window, is making me come round to the idea of Villa. If Wenger can get him playing at a good level of play and his loss of pace doesnt seem to be too big a problem well then i cant help thinking that well at least he knows how to beat keepers, especially that little deft touch over the onrushing goaly. Seeing rvp in imperious form and knowing the difference he would have made in our side, we must get a player who can replace those goals we lost or come as close to replacing as possible.

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  56. jjoonneessyy

    @ james
    im metaphorically speaking wen saying warchest and we have got the money there if needed were the dearest tickets in the league/ europe have the second biggest ground in the league and we have a wage cap so yes the money is there if needed ao im suggesting that wa we need is a defender a defensive mid a winger to replace walcott if walcott gonna be deployed down middle and a striker so wats ur issue with that

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  57. Jim A

    Why Villa? Let Giroud have a run of games and see if he can get 10. -15 this next half. Instruct players to cross at shoulder level for him and have Walcott run onto his head flicks. His strike with his opposite foot against Newcastle was a screamer one of the best strikes of the year.

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  58. TGAmo

    Szesney KEEP
    Fabianski SELL (50k on a backup GK! really) (Any decent backup with on not too high wages)

    Gibbs KEEP
    Santos SELL Not a left Back/On 60k!(New Backup left back needed)
    Koscielny KEEP
    Vermaelen KEEP
    Mertesacker KEEP
    Djourou Decent 4th choice (Not a right back)(If CB’S continue to be inconsistent, sell both squill and djourou and bring in Howedes/mbiwa/any CB to challenge the 3)(Maybe in his personal interests to prove himself elsewhere)Overly critisized at times)
    Squillaci SELL on 50k! kmt Winner of Arsenal’s biggest financial waste
    Sagna KEEP (Possibly 2 season’s left)
    Jenkinson KEEP

    Diaby Gamble on injuries and KEEP
    Arteta KEEP
    Rosicky SELL on 80k!(Perhaps end of season)(Replace with another CM)(Injured and getting old)
    Ramsey Loan (Or stop playing on the wings)(Plays a different style of CM to the roles we use…)
    Cazorla KEEP
    Coquelin KEEP – Good Backup/prospect
    Arshavin Sell – on 78k (Should have been playing Cazorla’s role. A bit late now) (Proper winger to replace)
    Frimpong – Resign/Maybe loan Good backup/prospect
    Park – Sell on 50k!kmt
    Denilson – Sell on 60k! (Replace with another CM should have been holtby for next season – oh well)

    Podolski – KEEP (Should play striker sometimes)
    Giroud – KEEP
    Walcott – KEEP – (Be smart about resigning. Shouldn’t be highest paid. 80-90k compromise not higher than that.
    Chamberlain – KEEP
    Gervinho – Probably KEEP.Reason= (Can’t Shoot, Bad decision making but great dribbler and can beat his man. Needs faith and fan support. Shouldn’t play striker.
    Chamakh – SELL. On 50k!(Lost form and had lack of opportunities. Tough luck no longer needed. (Replace with a quality striker)
    Bendtner – SELL On 50k!(He might actually have potential to be good. Oh well. Will never be loved

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  59. realist gooner

    if your looking for a schalke defender then its papadopoulos or your wasting your precious time

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  60. cade

    sqid is happy to take the wages and sit simple as we were suppost to end contract amicable last summer acording to reports but nothing happend we have to many players happy to sit and take our money arshaven is another turning down reading he wanted to stay close to london but this isnt good enough for him both aRE a discrase to football and all it stands for sit and collect the money at least both are gone in the summer no matter what good riddence i say.

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