Arsenal can qualify for the Champions League this week!

Everyone concerned with Arsenal will be on a high today after demolishing Tottenham in the North London derby. We certainly needed the boost, and the Gunners could have another big reason to celebrate on Wednesday night. A win against Montpellier at the Emirates stadium could ensure that Arsenal progress to the next round of the Champions League.

The group is very close, with Schalke on eight points, Arsenal on seven and Olympiakos on six. Arsenal would obviously prefer to win the group, but we may have lost that chance. If Schalke beat Olympiakos at home on Wednesday and Montpellier away on the final day, then they will top the group. However, if they do beat the Greek champions this week and we beat the French champions, then Olympiakos will not be able to catch us on the last day. That would mean that Wenger could rest some players for the last game in Athens.

If Olympiakos can win or draw in Germany, it opens up the top of the table again, but it also puts second place up for grabs, and Arsenal would travel to Athens on the last day in need of a result. Maybe I am taking too much for granted, expecting us to beat Montpellier at home on Wednesday, but the French side are struggling this year.

Montpellier must be really missing the talents of Olivier Giroud (understandably) as they are currently 13th in the French Ligue 1. As well as a lack of firepower, Montpellier have not kept one clean sheet all season. If Arsenal carry any of the confidence from the derby victory into Wednesday night, then we should have no problems taking all three points.

Let’s do it!

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal can qualify for the Champions League this week!

  1. o_0

    I have a feeling beating 5pur2 will re-ignite our season, but that’s no excuse for letting Walcott and Sagna go and claiming we have a ‘big, talented squad’ already.

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  2. Twig

    This is the modified lineup that played against Spurs yesterday :-D
    Giroud Adebayor
    Podolski Arteta Wilshere Cazorla Walcott
    Vermalaen Koscielny Mersacker Sagna
    LoL. By the way massive game on Wednesday. We should not take anything for granted because even Schalke is not guaranteed to qualify!

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  3. Laurentkboi

    Yup every game is a must win game you cannot at for arsenal and give up no matter what the score is wise words from le prof!

    I’m praying we just win on Wednesday shalke lose or draw and we beat olympiakos to top the group!

    We’re called group stage masters for a reason lets show the world why come next two games come six points for us (IA)

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  4. saton81

    To be honest you just know…

    If Arsenal finish 1st in the group we’ll get Real Madrid
    If Arsenal finish 2nd in the group we’ll get Barcelona

    if the groups end like that anyway

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  5. Twig

    @saton81 I’d rather play Barcelona than Real Madrid. We already know Barcelona well enough and we know how to hurt them. Plus they’re mighty scared of Walcott :-D. Madrid is a different kettle of fish. We don’t have a history of playing them + Mourinho is a very clever coach. I’ll take second. :-)

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  6. daniel







    Potential Subs:

    Ox for podolski
    Ox for walcott
    Arshavin for Cazorla
    Arshavin for podolski (rotate carzorla to LW and arshavin in CAM)
    Arshavin for podolski
    Gnabry for podolski or walcott
    Coquelin for Arteta/Wilshere
    Chamakh for giroud (controversial, haha, only if we are winning, he needs to find his form again and won’t until he can play again)

    i also suggest a change in formation once in a while, cazorla can play as winger so either podolski or walcott can go striker (arteta and wilshere can distribute good balls too so lack of provider isn’t a problem


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  7. Coyg

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  8. Gunnerforlife

    Ramsey still a waste of a player on the field….He always slow down the game….Walcott is a must have in Arsenal squad…If Wenger let him go then he better replace him with a equal or better player. In all matches Walcott played we had plenty of chances to score…look at his crosses now and his finish…Don’t know when Gibbs and Diaby are coming back…With Rosicky back and if Diaby returns we will have options to rest Cazorla or Arteta or Jack

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  9. Hugo

    If they are struggling then maybe we can take the talented Belhanda off their hands

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  10. Grimey

    The best result we can hope for is a 5-0 win against Montpelier and for Shalke and
    Olympiacos to draw 0-0. COYG

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  11. Nick from Portugal

    I assume we all saw the first game. They absolutely murdered us in the second half and we were very lucky. This is not going to be a walk in the park. The triumphalism after the Spurs game is as dull as the despair after Norwich (now who did they beat 1-0 at home yesterday..?). We need to take a cool look at this one, play it very tight at the back and in the middle, they have to win, so they will be playing an offensive formation so let’s play for that Theo through ball…. Oh and incidentally, don’t know how many agree that Schalke are a VERY decent outfit who will cause better teams than Arsenal a lot of trouble.Oh and all the shit about letting Walcott go, if they do that they are MAD. I don’t even think they should transfer Arshavin!

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  12. COYG Malaysia

    Seriously though walcott, we want you sign the thing. Arsenal it’s time for a wake up call. He is class. He has the full potential to be a world class player. The new henry is a possibilty. BE GREEDY FOR ONCE ARSENAL. Besides, it’s we’ve ever been greedy under Wenger and the board. Increase his wages. Please… yes money isnt everything but sometimes it is. BELIEVE ME.

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  13. Ry

    Dont matter who we play we will beat them the run starts now put your money on the gunners real talk.

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  14. Badfan

    “if they do beat the Greek champions this week and we beat the French champions, then Olympiakos will not be able to catch us on the last day”. REALLY !? I wish they wouldn’t beat Olympiakis because if we beat Montpellier we will top the group.

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