Arsenal consider loan offer for Jenkinson

Carl Jenkinson is a lifelong Arsenal fan and must have been over the moon to sign a long term contract with the Gunners recently. His performances earlier in the season, before Bacary Sagna recovered from his injury lay off from a broken leg, gained plaudits from Arsenal fans and football journalists alike. It is hardly a shock, then, that Arsene Wenger is reluctant to grant a request from Crystal Palace to take the 20-year old right back on loan for the rest of the season.

It is unlucky for Jenkinson that he has not been getting any football recently, although he did play the full 90 minutes for the under-21s yesterday. The elite league of the reserve competition is now underway but it is not the same as proper competitive football. Wenger knows that regular football would be beneficial for his development.

The way Bacary Sagna has been playing recently (badly) may mean that Jenkinson could soon be getting some first team action for the Gunners. Hopefully the French international will pick his form up soon, as he used to be regarded as one of the best right backs in Europe. There is still the issue of whether Sagna will agree to extend his current contract which has less than two years left to run, so maybe that is affecting him.

However, if we could recall Jenkinson if needed, it might be worthwhile letting him play for Palace. It would not hurt our attempts to sign their 20-year old star Wilfried Zaha if we were to help them out with this little favour.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal consider loan offer for Jenkinson

  1. Aldo

    Yeah, loan him out. We have Santos to cover all the missing positions. The word rotation probably hasn’t been invented yet.

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  2. Gunners

    Sagna is way out of form. With so many matches we need jenkinson on cover. This time we don’t even have djourou to play right back loool like that’s going to make a difference

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  3. BG Gunner

    loan him out and then use injuries’ depleting our squad as an excuse for the lack of trophies

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  4. Jeo

    The way sagna’s playing at the mo I’d send him out on loan, shame for Jenkinson, feel he was just finding his way, he’s come on leaps and bounds,

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  5. pato

    If wenger signs a defender let him go on loan but as it stands now he is the only sagna backup, we will struggle if sagna got injured something that happens every season

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  6. NIKK

    Jenko is not getting any games recently because Wenger is just being stubborn as usual and refusing to pick him despite below par performanceS from Sagna recently.

    What happens if Sagna gets injured?

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  7. Gunned

    With the current form of SAgna nd if he may get injured wht wll we do den, so its good to have him on bench rather on loan. We wll need him sooner dan later.
    Bad idea of loan for Jenks

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  8. Lol123

    Wait 1-2 games to see if sagna keeps playing badly. If he does then let it be a open competition between Them for the rest of the season

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  9. LoCkAy

    Loan Jenkinson!!!

    That’s just not a alternative. We need every body and Jenkinson has improve greatly.

    Loan Jenkinson would be just stupid and dangerous …!!!

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  10. lambgoona

    nooo we need cover for right back. if anyone is to be sent out on loan it should be ramsey. the guy will get good but he’s just not at the level we need right now.

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  11. Robbie G

    If we were allowing Jenkinson to depart on loan to Crystal Palace, was he part of a proposed deal for Zaha & does it mean that Arsenal are signing a player that can cover at right-back?

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  12. Andrew Onyearu

    Loan a bad move! The lack of competition is never good. I feel that at a couple of home games against the “lesser” sides, AW should rotate and give Jenkinson game time. A lot of teams come to the Emirates to defend. Usually puts less pressure than at away games.

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  13. Henry

    A loan with a recall option wouldn’t be the worst idea. It would be good for Jenkinson to get some more 1st team experience.

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  14. Michael Otieno otieno

    Wenger should think of bolstering the team and not loaning out players.

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  15. ian

    if it means we will get zaha i would let him go for a few months,at least it would give him good first team football wich would improve him ,we still have coquelin who has played there b4 and has done a good job at full back

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  16. Ahmad Farid Ary W

    have anybody forget we have coquelin, last season he spent most time at right back (even better than jenkinson n djourou at that time)

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  17. GP

    I hope this is a joke.
    He started the season and was improving with every game.
    Sagna is’nt pulling up any trees at the moment so this cannot be true…Surely
    It was too easy for Sagna to get back into the team in the first place.He’s a quality player but where is the competition for places if this happens?

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  18. nir

    i think the theory behind this is le coq or kos can feel in if sagna gets injured and have jenk develop.

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  19. ivan

    loan jenkinson out and loan yourself out too..
    .Who hell would loan a player like that? how can he gain experience from a lower division while he has already tasted champions league football.all he needs now is high level games to consolidate his form,morale and mentality…pundits

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  20. Dave Highbury Diaby, and now Jenkinson with two games every week? Come on! This is RUBBISH. I’ll remember this tosh and come back to you on these two articles. I challenge these articles and say that A) Diaby is a wicked team player and B) Jenkinson ain’t going anywhere! pfft It is time to string up these dumb de-stabilising negative sad articles about the great Arsenal. We will see who’s right in two weeks.

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  21. mwenyeji

    So, if Carl is loaned out, who are the right back options, Sagna and may be Coquelin. but then again Coq is the cover for Arteta i.e as the situation stands. I have always supported Wenger but if he sanctions this, i will hit the roof.
    Sagna has had all the wrong attitude this season. His sentiments before the seasin started were in bad tase. frankly, we were better with Carl at right back save from that Swansea game.
    Right guys are being loaned out i.e Djorou, Chamakh and Frimpong should be sent back and Aneke or Yenarris recalled.
    Am, I deluded or Coquelin was quite good on the righ back last season the few times he played there? Priotities for arasenal currently are a tough tackling midfileder and a centerback because we are obviosly short there with onyl Kosc (wjo hast played much), Verm (who is really out of form)and Mert (according to me our best alternative this season)

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  22. Martin

    He don’t need to be loaned out!! He needs to replace an under performing Sagna, that what competition for places mean….have a bad few games get dropped, young kid comes in all charged up, you have to play better to get your place back!!! Simple really…

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  23. Name (required)

    No! Hes deserve more games because Sagna is very bad form in lately. I think Sagna is better if Jenkinson play sometimes.

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  24. Mark Simpson

    I think its time that Wenger was tested for senile dimentia
    ! What is he thinking!

    It strikes me that we were actually doing better before Sagna was back! At least Jenko looks like he wants to play for the club!

    I would prefer to see him as 1st choice and make Sagna earn his place! He is not the player he was before he got injured and is very lack lustre! I want to see players that will play with pride!

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  25. simon kinywa

    Do not loan him out unless we get Zaha. Crystal palace want to sell Zaha to Man U, get Jenkinson and use him as a winger.Let Man u loan Nani to palace.

    We should get Zaha and then loan Jenkinson there and that is a perfect deal.

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  26. Nick

    Can’t loan him out, we need him too badly if Sagna goes down injured. Sagna has been rubbish lately but Wenger won’t drop him from the starting 11 unless he picks up an injury so unfortunately Carl won’t be seeing any playing time unless there’s a cup match that Wenger gives him a start in…. but since we aren’t “safe” in any of our cup competitions I doubt that will happen.

    It’s sad because Carl would benefit greatly from a loan spell but we just can’t afford the risk.

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  27. SAM

    Sagna hasn’t really been playing to his best but wenger would displace him from the starting eleven. Jenkinson needs regular games to improve. We could use koscienly at right back if need be so Jenkinson could be loaned out if its the best for his growth. Any loan deal should be done if we get to sign wilfried zaha. He is a gooner fan and would play with his heart for this club. Personally i dont zaha ending up at manu just like young (who also is a gunner fan). Wenger needs to sign zaha and may loan jenkinson to ease the deal.

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  28. TEDY

    Loan him if we can recall when needed and sign Zaha. We have alternatives at right back for short time like Conquelin and Koscelny can play at right back. BUT WENGER MUST NOT FORGET TO SIGN A DM AND STRIKER

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  29. elliottb

    Sagna is looking uninterested and like a man who cant wait to get out of Arsenal. We were conceding less goals with Jenkinson playing so i suggest Mr.Wenger replaces Sagna and gives Jenkinson the credit he deserves!

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  30. Bolly

    Jenks will not be going out on loan and Arsenal are not interested in Zaha.
    Next story please.

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  31. snakeoil

    Are you Serious? One player shows that he can help Arsenal and give some cover for a struggling Sagna who has been injured and in a questionable mindset and the answer is to depart with Jenkinsons’ services just when you may need him the most?

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  32. Jeff

    Jenkinson should start. Best crosser in our side. We were solid at the back when he was playing. I think sanga is over arsenal and ready to move on. He has cost us 10 points this season already. Someone needs to teach him how to clear a ball inside the box

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  33. azi

    we should keep jenkinson and let them loan out yennaris, yennaris is a good player but is currently behind jenkinson. Would like to see jenkinson play more coz sagna has been awful recently, and I would like to see rosicky playing more, because he was brilliant last season and against olympiakos, his only start this season, he was best player.

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  34. reddb10

    Sagna is only playing to make sure we get the best possible price for him.
    Everything Wenger does is related to money.

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  35. jermaine

    this is a good decision let coqulan play rb since as frimpong is back. we have also been linked with napoli versatile star zuniga. he play lm/am/rm/ RB .he is a very good player and to back this up they just sign pablo armero who plays lm/lwb (this is were zuniga as spent most of this season)

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