Arsenal could have lost Cazorla to Real Madrid

Santi Cazorla has been speaking this week about how Arsenal is the perfect Premier league team for him because of the fluent, passing football. It is a similar style to that played by the Spanish national team and many of the teams in Spain’s Primera Liga. Cazorla says it suits his type of football perfectly, and Arsenal fans would not disagree, as the Spaniard fitted instantly into the Gunners team, and has forged a devastating midfield with Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and all.

Santi would not have had to find an English team playing a Spanish style of football, however, if Jose Mourinho had decided to accept the offer of Malaga to sell him and the youngster Isco to Real Madrid. Mundo Deportivo reports that both players were offered to the Spanish giants for €35 million a year ago. The Andalusian club were starting to struggle with finance after their new owners seemed to get bored of their new toy and stop paying the bills.

Luckily for Arsenal, the `special one` did not go for the deal, choosing instead to spend more than that on just one midfielder, Luka Modric from Tottenham. The Portuguese coach must be kicking himself now, as Cazorla is sparkling in the Premier league and Isco is one of the star performers in La Liga this season. Modric, who cost at least €40 million, is in a close race with Alex Song to be the worst signing of the year in the Spanish league.

So thanks Jose, maybe you’re not so special after all.

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32 thoughts on “Arsenal could have lost Cazorla to Real Madrid

  1. o_0

    I’m sure this story about Cazorla turning down Madrid was in the Sunday Times, like, two and a half months ago… Anyway, it is great news.

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  2. duk

    He didn’t turn Madrid down, it was otherwise. People can’t read properly this days…

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  3. ButtFlaps

    Song you mistake big times. And Nusri now to be sell to Monacos. Grass to Green. Now you wish to be Arsenal HAHA NO

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  4. green gunner

    Blast! I just bought a T-shirt online and its too small. What a waste of 20 quid!

    Now I know how sheikh moosur feels. Well, kind of…he he he.

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    santosser has gone??? great bit of news
    an important indicator of a strong team is look at the sub bench,.. sounds mad but it’s good to see a few more quality players on the bench..

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  6. SL

    Hope we move for Isco now. We were linked with him.

    Would be like getting a midfield version of Falcao. Would be a perfect pair with his old pal Cazorla.

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  7. budgie

    I think we should be discussing how to improve our defence, can someone explain what Jenkinson thought he was doing making a tackle like that when he was on a yellow card? Wenger says he is young and will learn, time will tell!

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  8. Adesoji Adekunle

    God knows we really need Carzola more than Real Madrid. The Guy is a special one we can’t afford to loose to any club, no matter how rich or highly rated it may be. He’s strong, a finisher, can hold ball, passer & powerful shooter also fine distributor of football.

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    i prefer the spanish and german players over french.. they lack consistency.. good example are newcastle’s.. sissiko is from hero to zero

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  10. Arsenal1Again

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  11. landi

    should we use sagna as a CB from now?

    And buy a proven right back in the summer?

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  12. John Legend

    What makes you think so??? Why would Mou reject such players at that price???

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    everytime nonsense articles are published we fans write about issues that matters to us..

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  14. Michael

    Malaga’s owners didn’t get bored with their toy. They were racially abused by fans at the club, so chose to with hold their backing!.

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  15. Fidel24

    what was Song thinkin , such a talent that took time to blosom now rusting away in d over talented bench of Baca . i wonder when he will come out of it .~ as for Sagna to retained as CD ummm ,well if i was d mngr i’ ll prefer him there again especialy against blackburn d guy is more cool and calm there than Verm and Kos and again sagna is a battler.

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  16. tamerAFC

    to be fair there is some base to it, on sky sports theres an interview of cazorla talking about how the deal broke down but he says he never rejected them, it was just neither side could agree

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  17. Ardit

    Real rejected him… If real bided for him then he would have moved in a heart beat but no, real thought modric was better:) LMFAO!! I have a feeling our defence is going to be exploited by bayern (especially on that left side :S) worrying times to come so..

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  18. Vlad

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda… He plays for us, and we’re damn lucky to have him. In fact, all of our summer signings turned out to be pretty good, Santi, Poldi, and Giroud are all contributing and seem to be enjoying themselves. Now let’s hope that this streak continues, and we sign a few more good players in the coming summer.

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  19. hussein

    Bring back Denilson and Rio Miyachi 2 the squad since we are getting short of DF and strikers…..

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  20. el gooneraldo

    i would welcome song back, in all fairness he wanted to stay but just wanted an improved contract, surely a regular first team player should get paid more than a bench warmer like the squid, song even said he loved arsenal and would never leave but was pushed out by management when he asked for more money.

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