Arsenal Debate: Should Wenger bring Thierry Henry back in January?

Does Wenger get Henry on loan this winter?

Last January, Wenger did something extraordinary for Arsenal by bringing back one of his finest pieces of work in Thierry Henry. It was a mesmeric return for the Frenchman who netted in his first appearance of his loan spell against Leeds in typical fashion. He then managed to net the winner against Sunderland who were on fine form at the time. He did everything asked of him in a humble fashion. You could see that he loved every moment at the club. The big question is, would Wenger do it all again?

In my opinion, it’s a yes. We unfortunately only have one conventional striker that we can rely on, Olivier Giroud. I know we have Chamakh but I’ve completely given up on him. He just seems to have lost the edge he once had and I can’t see him ever having a positive impact for Arsenal ever again. Some say that Theo can play through the middle. This by and large is true if used in a counter-attacking team. We are not that by any stretch of the imagination and hence, I could see him struggling to have any sort of impact.

Bringing in Henry could really benefit us with a tight fixture list hopefully including both Capital One Cup matches as well as FA cup matches. Giroud will need to be rested for the league and Champions League games. His experience as well as knowledge could really help Giroud (who is a big admirer of him) settle into the club and adapt to the Premier League.

Henry brings so much to the club. Memories, experience, knowledge, class etc. Everyone would love him back at the club for a 3rd time and it seems like a no brainer for the club both commercially and for footballing reasons to bring the French Legend back to Arsenal.

Surely he is being groomed to take over as Arsenal manager one day…..

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate: Should Wenger bring Thierry Henry back in January?

  1. Arsenal till I die

    Dream come true. No reason not to bring him back, he’s been a great influential in the squad last term. Would be better if wenger signs him on a permanent basis, after his retirement, Henry could be our attacking coach. He is arsenal. Victoria Concordia cresit.

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  2. Sureli

    He is always welcome, but will there be enough spot for him in the 25 man roster? If not, I wouldn’t mind him training with our strikers so they can pick up a thing or two from the King himself. He can teach a few of them about loyalty to ones club.

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  3. Krush

    Jefferson Farfan anyone??Saw him score 2 for his country last night and he’s always play good against us when he was @ PSV

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  4. JW10

    I would love to seem he return for a third stint. I don’t know about manager that’s a big step, however, I’m sure he will be at the club in some form of coaching capacity in the future.

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  5. Jawn

    Just his presence in the dressing room is more than enough of a reason to bring him back. He will bring motivation and desire, just like he did last year.

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  6. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    I would like τo see him again and again. There is one secret about him, inspiration.

    I say let him come!!!

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  7. Gunn 'em Down

    we should try walcott as a striker you know. he was a striker in southhampton and he has a cool head and can score goals. so why not try him up front

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  8. JStarr

    YES…Could be great inspiration for Giroud…Hopefully he is scoring by then tho :)

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  9. henrychan-indonesia

    For Loan like last season it’s oke.. But to bring him permanently no.. Better give youngster time to play..
    Don’t worry about Giroud.. He only need time.. And this week he will score at Emirates.. Go gunners..

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  10. jhbgunner

    I say bring him in permanently so that he can retire at the club he loves like all legends should and easily slot into some sort of coaching role. Plus for the immediate future he will be a great asset in the squad

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  11. on-d-gooner

    Please caution here as bringing him back to play might give the wrong signals that we are not fully equipped to challenge for honours this season. We are quite strong in every department. Yes bring him back in a motivational capacity but not to play!!! I am convinced Giroud will come good sooner rather than later!!

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  12. Truegoon

    Never bad to see him back, I have a lot of respect for him. What is the French for Vava Voom? COYG!!

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  13. Aussie Jack

    We really shouldn`t be in a position where we need to consider bringing back ex players including Henry, much as I like the guy. However, we are not complete up front and Giroud has still to prove himself so, with a long season ahead and the fatigue factor, not to mention injuries, I think it would be prudent to give the maestro another fly.

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  14. Tamil Sundram

    I think the Arthur of this Article would not have play in any sport previously…

    bringing Henry back is a a good thing…Henry could act as a mentor to the juniors, an inspiration for all…..he could work on Arsenal attack like Bouldie did for defence….henry may not last for 90mins but he definitely good enough for 15-20max….

    he can get in and calm the boys…organise the attack or the players…..shout at them and provide the advice required…..

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  15. Nakago 心宿

    Would love to see him in Arsenal shirt again either as a coach or as a player.

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  16. Zery

    What Arsenal has to do in January is that to bring one profilic world class striker that can fit in short and long term plans of the club e.g. Jovitic,Falcao,or Benzema.

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  17. Joelsousa

    Id love it If he came back. I would take henry over messi or ronaldo any day of the week. One love henry <3.

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  18. !SNB!

    Guys you are expected so much from a man who is now 36 or 37 years old. Why bring him back if in January we can buy a younger better striker. I know he scored two-four goals but when he actually played he was slow, lazy and demanding too much of his players. No doubt he was one of the greatest strikers of all time but arsenal fans need to get over him. Neither Henry nor Fabregas are coming back, just get over it. We have got one of the best players in the world in Santi Cazorla and Giroud will come good. People forget the great Thierry Henry took 14 games to open his account coming from France. So please get over him he was good but invest in new talent. Either from our u21 squad or pay about 10 million pounds but Henry might just be flop next time and all of a sudden people forget he is the king.

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  19. RVPforlife

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  20. neil moxon

    Would that stop Wenger bringing somebody in on a permanent
    move?(i personally think it would),bring him back to help

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  21. Big Gun

    The only reason would be to bring Giroud’s confidence back. They are both French so it makes perfect sense. We need Giroud to start stepping up to the plate. I have confidence in him.

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  23. SeansterB

    In terms of the current squad this is a no-brainer. For two reasons 1- he remains a very decent striker who is happy to take a bit of a back seat these days and 2nd it is great to just have him about the place as he definately gave the squad a bit of a lift last time and seemed to inject a bit of humour…which is not to be underestimated. He also scored one very important goal. I just offer one caveat that this should not in any way hamper Theo’s chances of playing in the centre

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  24. Invincibles 49

    Bring back the invincibles!! Except Viera. Henry and berkhamp attack, pires for the wings! Bould is already making our defence work as well!

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  25. !SNB!

    Why would we need Thierry Henry when we could get a talented player like Adrian Lopez. I will say it again he is not an asset if he plays. People think just because you’re a great player you inspire people. I just want to ask this, if he inspired us so much why did we only win 1-0 and 2-1 with goals from him. He didn’t inspire he played mediocre teams and didn’t disappoint. He even said it himself when the arsenal team of 2007-08 team were doing so amazing without him, that he sometimes scared his teammates into giving him the ball even when he was in bad positions. Get over him Giroud and Podolski will shine.

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  26. Arsenal1Again

    !SNB!, Henry was joking about scaring teammates. You get over being anti-Thierry Henry.

    The guy can’t come to Arsenal and disappoint us. As for inspiring players, it’s in frickin’ training that players like Henry and Bergkamp inspired players.

    Unlike some hyped up players Thierry Henry did his talking with his football infront of us. He’s consistently voted the top ever Gunner, he has a statue outside the ground representing his celebration infront of the Spurs crowd and if he wants to for us again, he plays … nobody cares to hear your negative crap about one our best ever players.

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  27. Apostolos

    Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes “I have never lost to Tottenham Hotspur” Thierry Henry, Arsenal’s all time leading Scorer/Legend enough said.

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