Arsenal Debate: The facts about Alisher Usmanov may make you change your mind…..

Criminal Billionaires Easily Manipulate the Media – by JG

This is going to be a long article, and in fact, it will be a “resource piece” where I am just paraphrasing an entire article from another site (, where they did the same because they are also trying to get the truth out about Alisher Usmanov’s history as a criminal businessman. Would I have liked to just talk about it myself and just post the link? Sure, but many of you wouldn’t bother clicking the link and would go straight to commenting, which would defeat the purpose. If you want to know why I (and loads of other true Arsenal fans) don’t want Usmanov sliding his fat face into a power position at the club, then read the “forwarded” article below (in it’s entirety).

~~ Craig Murray, former United Kingdom Ambassador to Uzbekistan, author of the book, Murder in Samarkand: A British Ambassador’s Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror, and contributor to Atlantic Free Press has recently had his personal blogging site – as well as a number of sites not owned by him and on the same server, taken down by his U.K. hosting company due to pressure from Schillings, a high-powered London Law firm, on behalf of Uzbeki Alisher Usmanov – the latest Russian billionaire to move to the United Kingdom. Usmanov’s lawyers have gone after the host of Murray’s site rather than Craig Murray himself. It seems they would prefer not to have Murray on the stand in a courtroom. Usmanov is allegedly livid – as it has been leaked that he was not a political prisoner at all, but rather a hard-nosed criminal.

We at Atlantic Free Press feel that bloggers, hosting companies and Internet publishers cannot operate if they are bullied by rich plaintiffs.

Defamation law in the United Kingdom, asinine as it is – needs reform. Mistakes on blogs can easily be sorted – particularly where they permit commenting which allows postings to be criticised, facts corrected, and arguments opposed. Rather than arm-twisting legal tactics.

However, Usmanov, the nouveau riche thug that he is, chose to throw money at his lawyers to shut down those who dare to legitimately criticise him and has now gotten his hands full and has been locked in the cyber jaws of what is known as the “Streisand Effect” and learned what the power of the Internet really is. THOUSANDS of blogger’s have rallied to support Craig and those who have been taken out by Usmanov’s high priced lawyers at Schillings (whose reputation, backed up on their website by the laughable case studies currently being mocked across the “blogosphere”, is now at stake). Too bad they did not do enough research nor care to notice that other well-known political figures were on the same servers as Craig and were also pulled – including prospective candidate for London mayor Boris Johnson. Now it’s now gone viral on the Net and is being picked up in the mainstream media.

Mr Eugenides sums it up:
If you can be silenced for calling a businessman a crook, then you can be silenced for calling a politician a crook, too. Then its everyones problem.

We have chosen to reprint Murray’s original post in full below and posted an earlier article on the subject

I thought I should make my views on Alisher Usmanov quite plain to you.

You are unlikely to see much plain talking on Usmanov elsewhere in the media because he has already used his billions and his lawyers in a pre-emptive strike. They have written to all major UK newspapers, including the latter:

Mr Usmanov was imprisoned for various offences under the old Soviet regime. We wish to make it clear our client did not commit any of the offences with which he was charged. He was fully pardoned after President Mikhail Gorbachev took office. All references to these matters have now been expunged from police records . . . Mr Usmanov does not have any criminal record.

Let me make it quite clear that Alisher Usmanov is a criminal.

He was in no sense a political prisoner, but a gangster and racketeer who rightly did six years in jail. The lawyers cunningly evoke “Gorbachev”, a name respected in the West, to make us think that justice prevailed. That is completely untrue. Usmanov’s pardon was nothing to do with Gorbachev. It was achieved through the growing autonomy of another thug, President Karimov, at first President of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic and from 1991 President of Uzbekistan.

Karimov ordered the “Pardon” because of his alliance with Usmanov’s mentor, Uzbek mafia boss and major international heroin overlord Gafur Rakimov. Far from being on Gorbachev’s side, Karimov was one of the Politburo hardliners who had Gorbachev arrested in the attempted coup that was thwarted by Yeltsin standing on the tanks outside the White House.

Usmanov is just a criminal whose gangster connections with one of the World’s most corrupt regimes got him out of jail. He then plunged into the “privatisation” process at a time when gangster muscle was used to secure physical control of assets, and the alliance between the Russian Mafia and Russian security services was being formed. Usmanov has two key alliances. he is very close indeed to President Karimov, and especially to his daughter Gulnara. It was Usmanov who engineered the 2005 diplomatic reversal in which the United States was kicked out of its airbase in Uzbekistan and Gazprom took over the country’s natural gas assets. Usmanov, as chairman of Gazprom Investholdings paid a bribe of $88 million to Gulnara Karimova to secure this.

This is set out on page 366 of Murder in Samarkand. Alisher Usmanov had risen to chair of Gazprom Investholdings because of his close personal friendship with Putin, He had accessed Putin through Putin’s long time secretary and now chef de cabinet, Piotr Jastrzebski. Usmanov and Jastrzebski were roommates at college. Gazprom Investholdings is the group that handles Gazproms interests outside Russia, Usmanov’s role is, in effect, to handle Gazprom’s bribery and sleaze on the international arena, and the use of gas supply cuts as a threat to uncooperative satellite states.

Gazprom has also been the tool which Putin has used to attack internal democracy and close down the independent media in Russia. Gazprom has bought out with the owners having no choice the only independent national TV station and numerous rgional TV stations, several radio stations and two formerly independent national newspapers. These have been changed into slavish adulation of Putin. Usmanov helped accomplish this through Gazprom.

The major financial newspaper, Kommersant, he bought personally. He immediately replaced the editor-in-chief with a pro-Putin hack, and three months later the long-serving campaigning defence correspondent, Ivan Safronov, mysteriously fell to his death from a window. All this, both on Gazprom and the journalist’s death, is set out in great detail here.

I reported back in 2002 or 2003 in an Ambassadorial top secret telegram to the Foreign Office that Usmanov was the most likely favoured successor of President Karimov as totalitarian leader of Uzbekistan.

I also outlined the Gazprom deal (before it happened) and the present by Usmanov to Putin (though in Jastrzebski’s name) of half of Mapobank, a Russian commercial bank owned by Usmanov. I will never forget the priceless reply from our Embassy in Moscow. They said that they had never even heard of Alisher Usmanov, and that Jastrzebski was a jolly nice friend of the Ambassador who would never do anything crooked.

Sadly, I expect the football authorities will be as purblind. Football now is about nothing but money, and even Arsenal supporters as tight-knit and homespun a football community as any can be heard saying they don’t care where the money comes from as long as they can compete with Chelsea. I fear that is very wrong. Letting as diseased a figure as Alisher Usmanov into your club can only do harm in the long term. ~~

Extremely rich people who get caught for being involved in criminal and illegal dealings get “off the hook” all the time, because they pay certain people fat wads of cash to sway their decisions, it’s very rare in this day and age to see proven (billionaire) criminals convicted, because of the power they wield with money, unless other billionaires sell them out and have them take the fall. Alisher Usmanov payed his way out of jail because he knew the right people…a typical outcome for people like him.

If you took anything from the article, just read the last sentence “Letting as diseased a figure as Alisher Usmanov into your club can only do harm in the long term”. Key words IN THE LONG TERM! Sure, at first, it would be soooo amazing, “ooh we’re signing expensive players”, sparkly sparkly, distraction distraction. Really quick I would like to post a comment from the previous article that I felt deserved acclamation, here it is…

~from andy
Usmanov is a business man and a billionaire; yes he has money, he knows how to run a business structure which both are key ingredients for our club but yet you say he’s a “true Arsenal fan”. Let me tell you this, he’s no more an Arsenal fan than I am. To me, he see’s us as a business opportunity. Based just on that I hardly think he’d stop chasing. When we are in our deepest troubles, he releases a perfectly written open letter that speaks the hearts of frustration that the Arsenal supporters has been in burden for some time, what a coincidence! The timing is perfect to rub salt on old wound. It’s all professionaly prepared and planned, unlike RVP’s tweeter. In the meantime, he could be running and setting up a website dedicated to run a poll for people to vote for Usmanov ‘in’ or ‘out’ using his profit he just made from selling one of his houses. He could even hire journalists or use his empire of wealth, influence and business connections to his advantage. (Usmanov manipulating the media, brilliant from andy)

You see, I want my beloved club to be set in stone for all eternity, not to shine brightly for a while and then pop like a balloon and deflate. In the last article, people made me out as somebody who likes the current board at Arsenal…BAH! I laugh in their faces. I don’t really like the board at Arsenal all that much because they are just a bit too cautious at times about spending in the transfer window, which don’t get me wrong, is a good thing because they are making sure the club can afford the annual payments for the stadium, but they get a bit carried away sometimes. This doesn’t mean though, that we should be in favor of trading the current board (the lesser of two evils) for Usmanov.

Now, I know this article is ridiculously long and I apologise for that, but this is important. You lot, who don’t give a sh!t where the money comes from, you just want that “money money money”, need to understand that you are selling out the soul of Arsenal (a beacon of proper business ethics, morals, and beautiful football) for the love of money. That’s the bottom line, you’re willing to sell the morals, dignity and ethics that our club stands for, for a fat Russian thugs money. Take a good look in the mirror, do you see a gunner wearing the red and white? Or a pig with a giant £ stamped on it’s chest…

I’d like to end this article with a picture that speaks volumes about how true Arsenal fans (who actually go to the games) feel about Usmanov. They are most likely educated/ well informed people who understand how corrupted the “billionaire” world is, and don’t want Usmanov corrupting and soiling Arsenal FC.

Be patient fellow gooners, our club is not faltering, keep the faith, protect the Arsenal code, silverware is on the way.

P.S – touche on the “love of money is the root of all evil” quote from the last article, I did get that wrong…lol


by JG

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168 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate: The facts about Alisher Usmanov may make you change your mind…..

  1. Slim

    all i see is acustions with no proof, if that is the case he has the right to shut down any media outlet that is spouting lies or half truths to advance their own agenda

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  2. arsenal49ers

    is there actualy any evidence that this Russian has done anything wrong or is it hearsay and speculation. I understand that you have to be ruthless to be a billionaire business person but the things people are acusing him of on here are beyond my comprehension. If these things are true then I do want him at the ground, let alone owning the club. But are they true? I have no idea and my guess is, nor do any of you!


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  3. Ben

    MattH; What country are you from? Chances are that you already do live under a totalitarian government in disguise. I know I do but most people don’t care. They’re too busy keeping up with those c*nt Kardashian people or whatever else is in vogue. I’m 23 and I’d like to murder the daft c*nt that came up with “YOLO”. Took me a good month to work out what the f*ck it means. Very caviller, very today.

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  4. Jason

    @Slim – no proof? did you even read the article? Usmanov’s own lawyers quoted “Mr Usmanov was imprisoned for various offences under the old Soviet regime…” they said it themselves. reading the article before commenting usually helps.

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  5. Jego

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. Tansell

    Why does this affect him owning our club?

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  7. Slim

    @Jason if you actually spent time in rusia or part of the old soviet union you would know that each party member had their own agenda and often members of the other parties were framed and jailed for no reason. im not saying that Usmanov is totally inocent, i did read all the article and there is no proof, it is quite easy to say this person admited this and another said that. i would have thought that given what has been in the news with regard to the media that people would not believe everything they read with out real proof.

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  8. sam

    usmanov or not, kronke and gazidis should leave our club.
    they don’t know anything about football and don’t care.
    you wouldn’t have to write this article if kronke behaved like a proper football chairman.

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  9. Jego

    As if unethical way of making money – 90% of businessmen (including Kroenke) make their fortune in unethical criminal ways. That list includes also bankers and politicians. Why is it all of a sudden pick on Usmanov only?

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  10. Sam

    Now please shed some light about Mr Kroenke and tell us how he became billionaire .

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  11. Damien


    We dont want Usmanov in so we can turn into Man City or Chelsea who spend 100 million each summer!!

    We just want Usmanov in so we can pay key players the wages they deserve to keep them at the club and to spend that extra 10 or 15 million to buy a top quality player.
    Example: Instead of buying Giroud for 10 million, buy Jovetic for 25 million.

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  12. AidanGooner

    There is a fundamental contradiction in your article; on one hand you claim the media is largely under the control of Usmanov, you are also prepared to take the rhetoric of one journalist operating in the media arena as absolute fact.

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  13. Smash

    Interesting article, certainly gives more balance to the whole Usmanov debate. We certainly need to investigate Usmanov thoroughly before allowing him a greater share in the club. Arsenal’s biggest problem at the moment is how so many of our deadwood are on 50k+ a week salaries and as a result won’t likely leave the club this summer , e.g Chamakh, Squillaci etc if the wage structure at Arsenal was accurate in line with players ability we could afford to pay van persie 250k a week no problem!

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  14. TicTacs

    I bet with his lawyers transfers and re signing players would be a doddle…..

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  15. Jego

    I was very patient for 7 years, only to see my club sell it’s best players and being left with a bunch of kids and high paid deadwood !!!!

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  16. Charlie

    I don’t think people want Usmanov in because he’s a nice guy. I think they’re all just sick of having a billionaire owner (Kroenke) who contributes nothing positive to the club and see Usmanov as someone, no matter what his morals, as someone who would bring success on the pitch. It may be a case of rock and a hard place but what the hell does Kroenke contribute to Arsenal ? The answer as I see it is nothing. In such circumstances it’s no surprise that Usmanov gets so much support from fans.

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  17. Edward Alaka

    We lost Scott Parker to spuds becoz they decided to pay £10k on wages more than what we offered him, now we’re going to pay around £15m to strengthen that position… Can you now do your calculation and tell me if you think this current board knows what they’re doing… Back then scouts spot players and wenger certify them, then Dein does negotiations… What does gazidis do? Arsenal will soon pullout of negotiations with Fiorentina on chamachs deal bcoz they want €700k more from what they’re offering but will keep him on the bench and have him play maybe 8 matches as sub to earn €3.5m for next season… I mean it goes on and on… Dumb headed board i call them, what do you think?

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  18. Mike

    Its funny how money changes your view on people. One point that was pointed out that usmanov was a rapist. But people don’t care as long as money is being pumped in. Now if this is true and this was your daughter/sister/mother would an “arsenal with trophies” an “arsenal that competes” matter so much.
    If this is true then some comments of we don’t care is actually quite sickening. Right or wrong at least the author of this article has done some research and given his opinion and I for one am not liking what I am hearing.

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  19. Jack

    What is this so quotations out a book how is this rubbish relevant to the club and the problems we face so i still say Usmanov in

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

  20. Patrickfoo08

    Anyway stop this it not as if the board will pay us the profit why are we bother abt the board as far as ah know they only interested in taking our money ok back to football we playing in malaysia this weekend right what the squad like

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  21. bj

    U think Usmanov’s way to the top is rough, wait till you hear what others do to get their money. We can all see that the club is not doing well on the investment in the squad front and we are worrying about how he got his money. Is he going to invest his evil ways or his money, let us wake up. Why do we keep losing star players? They want to take giant steps while we take baby steps. Free this man and let him invest! Everybody has got an evil in his past

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  22. The Dom

    So true….As long as we’ve got owners and chairmen who are more than happy to finish 3/4 and fans who hide their tails inbetween their legs due to fear of Usmanov as well as hoping their liar stubborn manager delivers them to the land of trophies,WE ARE DOOMED!
    Usmanov has to come in remove certain people of the board and put serious pressure on Arsene Wenger,his having it too easy with the current board thats why is still sticking to failed policies.

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  23. natojam

    Don’t care about usmov and his past, abramovic at Chelsea is no angel bt look what he’s done at chelsea, he’s what arsenal need to compete with the the other top teams otherwise were stuck with winning nothing every season

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  24. prithvi

    We should get Usmanov only to provide us some backup on our weak wage structure so that we do not lose our most precious players to man shitty or big spenders like chelshit……………….u while write an article criticizing kroenke or gazidis ……..

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  25. FORWARD125

    Thumbs up if u did not read the bloody entire article ! only start and end ! lol

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  26. Jason

    @Smash – that makes sense, I agree with you, but the problem is, what world class player is going to sit on the bench? If the wages were lower even Chamakh wouldn’t have signed and we would have to settle for someone worse than him (yes it’s possible) Do fans really expect to have RVP on the field while Falcao, Giroud and David Villa sit on the bench? I don’t understand some expect to have world class players in every position all the way to 4th choice. and van persie hiking demanding a huge pay raise is not the clubs fault…it’s van persies, and he is being so ungrateful and disloyal to what AFC has done for him, even his own family said it.

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  27. Ashley

    Does Stan and those idiots on the board pay someone on this site to write these useless stories on Usmanov?!!!not even silent stan has a clean record for yo own info!!you can also write on him if your aim is character assasination you know but for now get your case off usmanov and give us Arsenal news not anti-Usmanov news!

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  28. craig2500

    So your surprised that a rich Russian is not a criminal?, so Boris the blade has history he comes from a country where most millionaires broke the law under the regimes over there. Does this mean the clubs at risk because of it, don’t think so look at Abramavich he was up for crimes not long ago then 5 mins later buys the biggest boat in the world, not as if the police can miss him with a floating island just off Monaco. America was built on millionaires breaking the law to own the country, like the uk and most other countries, just most of it is kept quite. Besides least we know if the players break their contracts Usmanov will cut there feet off.

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  29. vinz

    @travis Bickle

    You saying that you find it hard to find the true fans on here.

    Then make a van persie joke, about bergkamp being a real arsenal fan…. and van persie not.
    What about Henry then? he left arsenal at 29, what about viera then he left arsenal at 28? i could go on but i guess they r not arsenal fans either right. Henry could have signed a 100k deal but went to barca to get 140k guess hes also a gold digger aye… shut up your clearly not an Arsenal Fan. Next year you piss on walcott… seriously lame.

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  30. Skeeza

    What does that make abramovich then?

    We all know the old Russia was a very corrupt place before its break up,
    Underworld activities were rife and those with muscle made a mint in the oil fields,
    Putin came to power and exiled abramovich never to return with his stolen fortune which he bought for peanuts so they say but others say the cheap payment was just a cover to hide corruption extortion etc.. ( these are the words from a Russian colleague who lived there during this time )

    Now check this for a rumour…. Remember the word RUMOUR!

    When we were biding for the world cup abramovich was present in their campaign, hold that thought!

    A very wealthy person I know quite well told me that abramovich was told he could come back to the motherland ( Russia ) as being bound to the uk Putin used him as a pawn in securing the 2018 world cup! Now not only that but it was said ( rumour ) if abramovich beloved Chelsea loose 10 matches during that season then Putin would promise him champions league victory!

    Look up the history and make your own mind up all have happened including abramovich’s return to Russia!

    If this is true everything what we think we know is corrupt!

    Usmanov doesn’t seem to be any different right?

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  31. Gonzo

    Really ????? Talk about a smear campaign !!!! Usmanov the rapist ?? Whatever next ? Usmanov the bestiality fetish fan ???? Bloody ludicrous. How about silent Stan the man that can suck a club dry with his buddy’s and say to hell with the millions of fans !!!!!!

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

  32. Freddy

    Sounds like counter-propaganda sponsored by the Arsenal boardroom to me

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  33. Yona

    Being a fan of a football club involves alot of passion. But your article is based on loving Arsenal? It sounds you would wine and dine before making love to it. You love it with your sacrificial relatively little money yet the billionaire owners and millionaire players are laughing all the way to the bank. Why not just support Arsenal.

    Supporting a club will make you more openminded. Financiers like Kroenke are in charge of your love Arsenal, and the world for that matter, because they employ their head and not their heart. Emotions are clouding your judgement. This is the same love which yaps “in Wenger we trust” yet dare not think of lobbying for Guardiola or a genius in his mould to take over. Guardiola’s Barcelona made tiki- taka-Arsenal look like a Stoke team one man down.

    Guardiola knows football is about mind games or a war among geniuses. After one season of relative failure, because of Messi missing a crucial penalty, Guardiola resigned. Guardiola is probably the real professor of football as he is behind Spain’s success. Yet he is taking a break from coaching. Wenger is at it for the 8th fruitless year.

    Usmanov is rocking the boat probably because of considering Guardiola’s attitude. Guardiola could be in the near future the coach of Real Madrid. Does that mean he would be hating Barcelona? Coaches, players and financiers are approaching football as a means to exhibit their genius capabilities; fans have a funny love towards a system which runs like a porn hub where the performers exhibit their stamina, athleticism and styles of thrilling to prove they are genius beasts worthy of watching over and over again at any cost.

    Usmanov is a crook. But he knows football is full of crooks because being a crook often is the flashiest way of proving to be a genius. Look at Barclays Bank, Lehman brothers and every other gang in charge of the world. It is too late to blacklist Usmanov unless fans become like Kroenke, who cares less how Arsenal fares as long as his ‘genius’ carefully planned forecasting of his profits wins.

    Do fans have any ruthless, emotionless plan to be the best? Most are merely speculating on the next move of players, coaches and financiers. Unless you come with a clear, emotionless, ruthless plan on what the fans should do, this article is like one person’s shout in a packed stadium.Van Persie is proving, in loving himself, that there is really nothing like loving a club.

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  34. Kiran

    We want usamanov for the good future of our club. We dont need a businessman, we need a big fan who can support us financially since we want better play from our club, need world class players, not the second class. Up gunners.

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  35. OzGooner

    Usmanovs ties with the Mafia are pure speculation. These accusations of rape were not proven. If anything this guy shows that when he wants something he gets it and that’s why hes successful. And maybe right now we need players like Chamakh, Squillaci & co to mysteriously disappear cos that’s the only way we’re getting rid of them.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

  36. Oguntuase Amos

    It is a pity that some Arsenal fans are obsessed with having so many world class players on board and care not where the money comes from even if it is a proceed from criminal activities. People want free meal, yes free initially but at the end very poisonous. Why must all these thieves come to England to invest? It is because England has always been a haven for stolen money including billions of dollars stolen from Africa as long as the thieves invest in the economy and pay generous taxes. English football is dying because of importation of mercinery footballers and this is why they cannever do well in European and World football events. The only high profile club interested in decent foot ball, good ethical practice and youth development is about to be sacrificed. Let us learn from Spanish football epitomized by Barcelona FC. Not crazy spending or outrageous wages but consistent and pragmatic developmental policy and striving to keep our best. We need just a little more investment but not from criminals but through legal business principles and practices. Please, the pride of Arsenal must not be sacrificed on the altar of quick rewards.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 7

  37. lola

    stuppppiiiiiddddddddd article…@jg is worse than stan korenke himself….just shut the fk up and bring in usmanov

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 13


    Do you work for gazidis and Kronke or something? Here we have usmanove who wants to put money into the club and all u can do it moan and groan. At least usmanove wants to invest in our team not milk Aresnal like the current board

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 9

  39. pdxArsenal

    It seems this article was ‘sponsored’ by Kroenke-HillWood Co. I do not like they to play with my mind. Kroenke is no better if we dig into it but I do not want to.
    All I know is that Mr Kroenke thread Arsenal like business investment carrying about ripping profits while Usmanov is fan of Arsenal carrying about winning.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 9

  40. Travis Bickle

    @ vinz

    Firstly, I didn’t “make a joke” about van Persie, that was a direct quote from Denis Bergkamp in relation to the current affairs surrounding van Persie.

    Secondly, I think you have misinterpreted what I have said. That quote I used was not directed towards players and their attitudes, but towards the fans and theirs.

    “I really like Arsenal. But you, do you really like Arsenal? Or just Arsenal with trophies?”

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  41. gunner

    guys i know why usmonov isn’t allowed in the arsenal board, it’s because he’s russian. now we all know what happens when a russian and an american are in one room….. FIGHT.
    also dear JG,
    please could you do another article on stan kroenke and how he is involved in gangs in america and all the wars caused by america.

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  42. K7

    We can’t compete with the salaries of other clubs? HELLO we that the 4th or 5th HIGHEST wage bill in Football, the structure of it is just wrong, something that can be change in 2 or 3 seasons as the contracts re out

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  43. K7

    We can’t compete with the salaries of other clubs? HELLO we have the 4th or 5th HIGHEST wage bill in Football, the structure of it is just wrong, something that can be change in 2 or 3 seasons as the contracts re out

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  44. superhawk29

    Man, all the things you say in your post are propaganda. I think you would make yourself more useful writing a report on Kroenke or Gazidis. If you have to malign, to slander, make sure you have solid facts coz your arguments are sketchy and your reasons hazy! Now get some pride in you and post some work that will portray you as an intellectual coz this article aint doin that!

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  45. adismail

    Respect Large 2 usmanov u r d man @whoeva wrote dis article shut d fk up n sue him if u av anytin 2 prove against him if u dnt go get sum slip. We dnt need pessimists as Gooners.

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  46. Big Gun

    Let’s put things into perspective and look at long term effects of either Kroenke or Usmanov in charge.

    Currently with Kroenke in charge, we are 7 years WITHOUT a trophy, after having probably the greatest squad in the world in 2004. It only took a year or two for this to deteriorate, because all our best players left for greener pastures. Why? Because those players saw no continued ambition at Arsenal from the board and management. The curse continued, and year after year the crop of star players Wenger produced all left for the same reasons. A vicious circle began and is the sole reason as to why Arsenal are uncapable of winning anything, because of the constant makeshift squad and lack of investment into our current star players and newer better players. How can any team develop and be successful ‘as a team’ if two of their best players continue to leave at the end of every season? It can’t and 7 years of trophy drought prove that.

    Under Kroenke’s rule, the rigid financial policies currently in place will continue to hamper the success of our club, simply because funds accumulated from marketing, endorsement and media deals are on the decline. This is a direct result of the Arsenal not winning anything in 7 years. ‘Financial longevity’ will mean SQUAT if Arsenal does not make CL, which the board and Kroenke are relying heavily upon. Also inflated season ticket prices are the clubs bread and butter and they know the fans are too loyal to ever not buy to watch the team the love. This in my opinion is far more sinister and dishonest than a once imprisoned Russian billionaire taking over who actually loves the club and actually putting our hard earned money to better use. I also hear people going on about how Arsenal will be the only club to emerge strong after the FFP rules kick in. News Flash. Man City and Chelsea’s debt has already been paid off by their owners. Nothing is stopping them from investing their own money into the club to pay off debt. There is nothing Fifa can do about that. Who is to say Usmanov would spend his money as unwisely and willy nilly as Shiekh and Abromovich? With Wenger scouting, why would he?

    Now under Usmanov’s rule, first off the bat there would be a greater investment into our current star players. They would be offered better salaries and most important of all assurance of ambition in bringing in better players to challenge for trophies. This ultimately is what any player wants. They want to know that their hard work and expertise will win them silverware. Footballers too have a life span, and want to know they are not wasting it at a club with no ambition. Usmanov would also pay off any debt, so future profits would be focused on more important things, like player investment, endorsement deals…whatever is priority. We keep hearing this non sense of Arsenal still paying of debt and that is why we have to keep waiting until there is proper investment into the squad. This is just a smokescreen as the board continue to laugh while milking the cow. No one is an angel, yes Usmanov may have a shady past, but quite honestly which multi billionaire hasn’t without a few rotten deals. I’m sure Kroenke, Abromovich and the rest of them all have some skeletons in the closet. Usmanov loves this club and that is all that matters. He is smart, shrewd and will focus that into the well being of the club. How many games have you seen Kroenke at? 0. Usmanov? PLENTY.

    Kroenke and the board’s policies are bringing this club down into mediocrity. Imagine, just imagine if we hadn’t finished top 4 this last season. I’m sure we would have a hell of a lot more fans wanting Kroenke out. He can count his lucky stars Wenger is able to pull a rabbit out his arse every season.

    Usmanov IN
    Kroenke OUT

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  47. Gunho

    Here is how many Arsenal loyal fans see it! Kronke & Gazides have done such a bad job! Arsene Wenger has sold his soul to sacrifice his success for money! Why don’t wenger threaten to go if he want’s to be successful??
    The truth is they are all a bunch of greedy men out for themselves and sacrificing our beloved club and it’s history! Start by kicking out Gazides and Kronke and also that idiot Hillwood! I welcome other investors that want to improve our clubs succes. Usmanov is good candidate for this so who cares about articvles they dont mean anything with out real proof.

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  48. gloucester

    thank you for this great article.
    to all those who think there is no evidence
    against usmanov. there is, but it is being constantly
    held undercover. people like usmanov and other crooks
    like putin always get away with it. stop being so damn naive.

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  49. Nati

    To much talk abt this loser club …. Rvp wan to go he is right cuz arsenal is now a small club who fight for CL place just like newcastl … Usmanov …. Mr mj stop writing shit abt ppl with out solid prof go n do some thing with ur life instad of writing crap n for poor arsenal fans u will wait another 7 years for trophy so arsen knows hehehehe

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  50. NZ Gunner


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  51. Gunner

    Abramovic is a criminal and he also have the largest security crew of 40 men, does anyone care? Footbal UNFORTUNATELY is becoming a business based activity, hoped that never happened but thats life …

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    Money a worldly thing so if you wants to be rich you have to be involve with the world, do stan krenoke make his money in a neat way? ><

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  53. sTEaM

    I count People who have written or commented on JG’s article. Majority don’t beleive,the rest don’t just care about what Ɣ☺ΰ wrote.we are talking trophy Ɣ☺ΰ are digging up secrets. S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ I say f@@k this article ,we are not cops or detectives. We are FANS and we want usmanov I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ .S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡, we don’t care about his past I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ as much as he ruturn the glory days he promised to.Stop this Conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  54. freshy

    dear writer of that article,we already knew that and had already read that article b4 in different pliz i guess detectives/CIDs will appreciate your work….let authorities deal with him..ahhhhh

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  55. Patrickfoo08

    Those who keep on saying barcelona a well balance team shut up ok the past they almost bankupt do u know that n the big they buy was at least 20 million onward n how much is messi wage check it out do u think he will still stay if he only paid peanut n barcelona hadnt win any trophy for seven yr think abt it before say anything

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    Its a moot point at any rate as we can BOTHING about it regardless of if your a Kroenke or usmanov supporter and noting this we really need to start discussing other stuff

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  57. Big mouth

    JG can you please do another article on your saintly or criminal records?

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  58. DaBag

    Why does everyone think Usmanov is going to ruin Arsenal and its traditions?
    If Arsenals tradidtions are to pureley qualify for champs league and fall short behind the other big clubs when it comes to wages and transfers then i am afraid the clud is already in ruins.

    I would love for Arsneal to be able to win trophies without spending big like AW did during the glory days but there was no clubs with rich foreign owners and it was a level playing field!

    We need investment of some kind top keep up with the other teams before we fall behind further – FACT!

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  59. scott

    Okay… okay… if you insist Usmanov is a criminal, please bring us a Sheik with inherited wealth. Anyway we look at it, we have not been impressed with Silent Stan and his goons. We need to shield our club from extinction. A 7 year old boy from my football crazy family has never seen Arsenal lift any thing silverware… niether cup nor spoon, to him we are no different from stoke or everton that will never win the premiership untill something happens. Do you want us to count 35years before we win something… anything? or you think we’ll suddenly pop up and win champion’s league without any drastic change on policy and board level???? DEFINITELY NOT IN YOUR LIFE TIME!

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  60. kevin

    we are arsenal fans..we stand for arsenal….some of us arent the best of human beings but you know you love the club…so im gonna go ahead and be selfish..i dont care about usmanov,i care about arsenal…if he can help us improve than i dont care about his ethics..let him help us…some people suffered becoz of him?wel we suffer becoz of some people too..why shud i hate him just becoz he can afford to cover up..i know many would too…dosnt make them an arsenal hater

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