Arsenal Debate – Will Arsenal challenge for trophies next season?

What should Arsenal expect to achieve next season? by FD

Like any Arsenal fan, I’m all too aware of how many seasons we’ve gone without adding to our silverware collection. That minor detail hasn’t prevented me from approaching each new campaign with a feeling of optimism – well, OK, perhaps last year’s RVP defection dampened those sunny spirits a little.

But I believe the success we’ve enjoyed, especially in the first flush of the Wenger Era, has instilled an expectation in the minds of most Arsenal fans. It’s not arrogance that leads us to associate our club with the giants of Europe – we’ve consistently held a place in the Top 6 EUFA rankings – it’s the belief that a standard has been set. Arsenal belong in that category.

I admit it’s becoming increasingly difficult to square the apparent dichotomy between that statement and the team’s actual achievements as each trophy-less season passes, but I was still taken aback by an article I read recently in which the author laid out what he believed were the “realistic” goals Arsenal could aim for next season. These included the League Cup, and, get this – home and away victories over the Spuds! No mention of the Premiership title or Champions League – or even the FA Cup, among this list of targets.

But maybe it’s me who’s being unrealistic. Certainly, there are few neutral observers these days who would count Arsenal among the favourites for a major trophy, or even a top three finish, come to that. Yet I cling to my optimism. The greatness of a team is measured, in part, by its ambition, and I can’t accept that success in a domestic derby fixture is now the most we can realistically hope for. As a club, we’ve moved on from those days, and there can be no going back. Can there?

The absurdity of that article’s notion and the small-mindedness it betrays did at least force me into reassessing my own expectations. Not for me some third tier cup or local bragging rights. This is Arsenal. I expect Arsene to bring in players during the summer to strengthen the team. I expect the players who remain to be better for this year’s experience. I expect Jack W to recapture his best form. I expect to face next season believing we can challenge for the title. Nothing less.

Is that unrealistic? If so, what is a realistic expectation for Arsenal FC in the coming season, and beyond?


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58 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate – Will Arsenal challenge for trophies next season?

  1. afcnt7

    simple – all depends on two things

    1) do we make champions league
    2) do we have a successful summer in the transfer market

    Need two YES’s or else we will not compete.

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  2. A Goonersville Citizen

    I’ll answer this question after the summer transfer window…

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  3. Laurentkboi

    We need to truly strengthen every third of the squad and if we sum up these points perhaps we can.
    - continue to grind out results when needed
    - have that killer instinct, dominate possession but score too
    - cut out those damn individual errors
    - pass quickly and find those easy gaps
    - please shoot from distance, there’s a reason we don’t score crackers but we can

    Strengths from this season however
    - as of now defending as a unit
    - able to grind out results
    - scoring as a rounded team

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  4. ABK

    Of course we will challenge for trophies, we just wont win any haha

    just two or three more players is all we need to win isnt that what everyone has been saying every year now for the last 8?

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  5. PAN


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  6. leo

    Journalist for Spanish Radio station Cadena Cope says Juve’s only potential rivals for Gonzalo Higuain are Arsenal

    spuds want him but he wants arsenal sodado is another target if we miss on him + david villa may join us we could have 3-4 strikers


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  7. Gigi

    I beliebe we did what we had to do. We got a top scorer, who got a 17 goal tally his 1st season.
    We got a dream MF whose stats speak for themselves.
    And the rest came by development of earlier things.
    I think we will be challenging next year, yes.

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  8. moneytalks

    we need quality players who can improve the squad. im tired
    of cheap players sitting on the bench and becoming deadwoods. we must go for world class players and spend money to get them.

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  9. Ian Matthews

    Unless they get rid of the rubbish and make four £20,000,000 signings and another 5 mid level signings,the answer is we will not make Champions League.

    Arsenal should either do the above or sell all the rubbish players we pay and play with kids from the academy.

    Just make sure they are signed to long contracts.

    Who are ambitious and energetic and want to win.

    We have a lot of fat cats on big wages with no love for the club or desire to play.

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  10. Hamid

    Yes, for Emirate trophy and Wenger trophy. As long as we have Satan Crooked there will be no spending and no refusing the offers for key players. DEATH TO KROENKE!!!

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  11. leo

    @tobias that would be perfect & possible you forget fabregas/isco/jesus navas one of them likely as well

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  12. Shah95

    Keep our stars, keep our belief, buy top players in every position. And we will have no problems

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  13. Laurentkboi

    @ABK um I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean

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  14. Ryan gooner

    If we get
    striker-villa/remy/higuain if possible.
    I dont think we need a new cb just a good gk.
    With that FA and if we get lucky epl is ours.

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  15. GunnerG

    of course The Arsenal will challenge for trophies next season.
    what is there to debate?

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  16. Hardy

    Arsenal should make an ARSENAL ‘B’ team of deadwoods and they should be thrown into championship

    I am tired of seeing them getting 60k a week for sitting on their a***s while the main team fight for their lives

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  17. Tobias


    the only person from that list i can see would be isco to play on the wing

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  18. Ali

    We’ll be competitive IF we qualify for the UCL, sign two out of Jovetic,, Dzeko and Lewandowski, sign Cesc Fabregas, sign Fellaini (or any other midfield enforcer of quality), sign a quality goalie, a quality CB and a quality RB. Also we hold on to Koscielny. Once all these IFs are taken care of we will be more than competitive, we’ll be feared as we used to be not long ago.

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  19. Tobias


    if galatasary are interested in gervihnio what do u think are the chances of us swapping him for yilmaz??

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  20. LDockers

    This pressure the board and Wenger has brought on is only going to increase unless a trophy is won next season. This season is the first season since Wenger took over where a majority of the fans have shown their feelings towards Wenger and the board and im sure they must have realsied by now that the way the club is run isnt working when it comes to competing. People who judge Wenger and say he doesnt care if we win anything or not are wide of the mark, Wenger has kept this club at the highest level against all the odds with the dramatic changes football has taken over the last few years, this is the summer where the team really does need its biggest shake up since we last won a trophy. 4 quality signings need to be made and we must compete or we will become the next Liverpool constantly living in the past and saying ‘Next season we will compete’

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  21. motifs

    Oh its been 2 days… Let’s produce the same boring article!! Woohoo

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  22. moneytalks

    the rumours are that wenger is trying to sign two world class strikers jovetic and lewandowski next season.
    does it mean podolski or giroud will leave?

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  23. Top Gunner

    Only sell these players:
    1. Giroud
    2. Park
    3. Arshavin
    4. Santos
    5. chamakh
    6. Denilson
    8. Squillaci
    9. Bendtner
    10. Diaby

    We can buy 5 good players and pay them well with salaries of these 10 guys.

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  24. Morpheus

    mourinho back to chelsea, ronaldo back at united, $100m into city.. arsenal will be fighting for forth again. sigh.

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  25. PatLloyd

    Not with the current team, few players are needed- but those player must be world class (£££££££)

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  26. Vlad

    Yes, we’ll challenge next season for “Wenger’s Trophy” again, top 4 finish that is. Until we sign a quality striker with a killer instinct in front of a goal, a beast of a CDM, and another CB, I don’t see it happening.

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  27. AfricaSkill

    play witth chamakh gervinho in front, we will go down to championship

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  28. Liam-Jenko

    I think this season was a hard season for Arsenal, last season we were very dependable on RVP and most of our goals came from him and in the summer we sold the player with the most assists and the player with the most goals (RVP,Song) and one of those we sold to our rivals!

    If we keep onto our key players this summer and add to them we will contend we are a better all round team than we were last season and i believe if we kept van persie and song and bought in Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud we would be contenders now so it VERY important to keep our Key players especially our British core!

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  29. Tobias

    bedtner 50k p/w
    chamak 50k p/w
    park 50k p/w

    benteke 20k p/w

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  30. Soz

    It’s not about signing players. With those players we should
    have won something allready. Evryone thinks if we buy
    Falcao or messi we wil win thropy. It does not work that way.
    Have you heard a wining team? Well if u have not. Please look
    back at Arsenal in 2000 til 2004. That was a wining team.
    We had players who wanted to win. Evryone wanted to win.
    Not just Henry or Berkamp. Now i don’t think we will win anything
    until we have that thinking WIN insed ur self. For that reason
    RVP left us. He wanted a wining team. And he did. Every United
    players wanted to win i don’t think he left for money.
    Wining team is what we need.

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  31. amol

    summer transfer window will decide it…

    a versatile striker who can play on flanks is needed.
    a quality dm
    a cb for rotation

    a rb if sagna leaves

    a gk

    arsenal will atleast put a strong challenge
    Wenger signs the right players for the above mentioned positions…..

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  32. Odong charles

    Inorder 2 start wining trophies we need 2 undergo a transition i.e within 3 yrs we’ve 2 sell all our players with no mentality ov winning & keep signing new players every season with wining mentality n only usmanuv can do that, not satan.

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  33. Gooner23

    This transfer window determines what will happen next year we dont need to splash jus a striker and a no nonsense dm and arsenal will rip teams again

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  34. bc

    i hear about this amazing clearout of deadwood, the £70m war chest and building of a squad capable of competing. Yet one massive thing that people tend to forget is that the club currently has 80 players, of which 71 are full professionals. Another point worth taking note of, is exactly how many players will wenger actually work with. historically a good season for wenger is starting just 23 players in the league. coincidentally that is the number of players that has started under him this season. yet that figure does not include squillaci, arshavin, djourou, bendtner, park, denilson, frimpong, chamakh none of whom have started a league match this season. when you also consider that 4 players coquelin, santos, rosicky and fabianski have only started 5 games or less, you can see my point much clearer. Of the 23 that have started a match this season, how many are really NOT going to be part of the squad? For me that figure will be around 3 of which 2 are keepers (Fabianski & Mannone) and 1 (Santos) has already been replaced. Sure question marks might be hanging over the likes of sagna, diaby, rosicky and gervinho, but with so much deadwood in the squad surely their departures are of primary concern. Finally if as i expect only those 3 depart along with all the deadwood, how many spaces can wenger realistically make in the squad?

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  35. Young Gun

    Sign Rene Adler, Angelo Ogbonna/Aleksandar Dragovic, Lars Bender, Cesc Fabregas, Stevan Jovetic and David Villa. Premier League Champions 2013-14 = Arsenal.

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  36. danny boy

    I sad on here the other day that we aint far from being a team able to challenge but we need 4 quality signings.
    cesar 4 million
    yanyama 12 million
    jetovic 25 million tops
    fagregas 25 million maybe
    With those 4 we will have a fighting chance even dow Benteke would absolutely top it of but we wont spend that kind of money
    MY biggest fears are just cesar kayote and remy sihging with all 3 of em not costing us much more then 15 million all summer.PLEASE ARSENE SELL GIVE AWAY SCHILACCI DJROUGH SANTOS ARSHAVING CHAMAKH PARK BENTNER GERVIHNO DENILSON.That would save us so much on wages and bring in a few quids lol.Surely we could get close to 25 million for that lot so it makes the 4 players i reckon we need even cheaper.Come on arsene please sign a few stars and we will challenge

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  37. ks-gunner

    with usmanov we might…with stan never again…..fact

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  38. Dan

    Was the author of that article called Robbie Savage by any chance?

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  39. Nevidimka

    Someone said : “mourinho back to chelsea with $150m, ronaldo back at united, $100m into city.. arsenal will be fighting for forth again”

    What about FFP?? F### FFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are doing jack squat on financial doping and curtailing Artificial Teams like Chelkshit and SHitty!!!!!!!, Well I call them Artificial, coz they are not genuine. They wont be there without that unfair financial doping.

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  40. Nevidimka

    @leo, Wenger said he could presuade cesc back from Barca if there is an opportunity, and now there is an opportunity. Is there any rumours of Wenger trying to get cesc back? as there seems to be only rumours from spain side that cesc is unsettleed and barca is looking to offload him. Any news on cesc?

    I seriously belive if we can get Cesc, and Jovetic, we can mount a challenge and probably win the league if the core of our team this season remains fit throughout the next season campaign. Our inability to mounth a challenge lies in the fact that every season we sell our top player, and we start from scratch with new ones, but theres all indication thats not gonna happen next season, and seeing how the team now has gelled and are able to grind out win,s I believe They will know how to carry that form into next season. Now add some top 2-3 world class players like cesc and JOvetic, we will pull out wins in the matches we drew or lost next season, and it wont matter if city or utd or chelsea dump money, we would be at the top competing!

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  41. bob

    If we make top 4….No…….If we do not make top 4……No…….Wenger and the board will never change…..for the past seven years, I have backed the club and Wenger and every summer I believed that this summer will be the one, the one that they will go and get the players that we need, spend some money on 3 top top players and penny pinch the others, would have been fine with me, I never asked or expected them to spend 50M on one player just 25 to 30M … if anyone thinks the tis time will be different is a FOOL.

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  42. andy bishop

    No….with mourinho likely to return to Chelsea..they will strengthen..Man U and Man City punching for the league..Tottenham are now a real threat with Bale..where do we fit in?…same old same old promises to the future and gradual relative decline with other teams.

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  43. LoCkAy


    No we won’t because it is not the priority ( or priorities ) of the current management and structure of the club.

    We can debate on it all day and all year, it is what it is… Simple.

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  44. LoCkAy

    When you look at the squad it does not take a genius to see that this team could not win a thing even if hell was falling over… No chance.

    Just not enough quality and ambition anyway.

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  45. Aussie Jack

    Of course Arsenal will challenge for trophies next season otherwise why would they bother playing. Challenging is not the problem, it`s getting them!

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  46. Suparman

    …last 8 years i’m the gunners…now i’m the blues….come and join me……1 hand to europa cup…

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  47. DeanoGooner

    NO! Not unless some heavy investment is made, the squad doesn’t have the depth to compete with the biggest in the country and Europe. We need to sign some quality, experienced and ambitious players…

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  48. branningboy

    Yes, we probably will win a cup- the capital one cup the teapot cup! That will then be enough for another 8 years for Arsenal board, as long as they skank all our hard earned cash( and i mean hard earned in my role)!!! Wake up AFC go spend MONEY and buy top top players!!!! Forget Jovetic we have Cazorla, we want an out and out striker like Falcao

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