Arsenal fans must give Wenger one more chance to redeem our season

Why Wenger shouldn’t be fired at this current moment by KJ

A lot is being said by both the media and fans regarding Wenger’s future at Arsenal. Many want the Frenchman out of the club as soon as possible. However, this article is to prove that it could be a very short-sighted opinion.
I have to admit, Wenger has really lost it this season. He’s been unable to win against the likes of Norwich, Fulham, Swansea, Aston Villa and even Sunderland. It’s not acceptable at this level. Every top manager has an off day and dropping points can happen. But when it happens against 5 teams that are considerably weaker than us, there is clearly something going wrong.

This outlook is made worse considering the loss against Bradford. That team shouldn’t be losing to a league 2 side, it should be spanking them. It was ridiculous the lack of care and determination by the players. I blame it partly on Wenger. A player can motivate themselves for the big games, however, a good manager will make sure that a player is motivated for the small games as these will be the games that decide what team wins silverware. Wenger has failed to do that this season especially.

But I don’t feel it’s the right time to sack Wenger. There has been a huge doubt casted over my mind but I still feel that we should keep Wenger for the remainder of the season for two reasons:

1. Let’s give an Arsenal legend one more chance to redeem himself. He has proven many times that he knows how to change a season on its head and there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll spend quite a bit of money in January? Could those signings win us the FA cup and get us top 4? It’s definitely possible…

2. Who is there realistically worth getting? If we fire Wenger now, we’ll have to settle with an average run of the mill manager. I want a manager like Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp, not Roberto Martinez. There’s talks that Wenger has been planning to resign from the Arsenal set up during the summer of 2013 because that will be the only time Pep will be available. And it’s no secret that Arsenal is one of his favoured clubs to manage.

It’s a sad state of affairs at Arsenal at the moment. Many know that I’ve always been an Arsene Knows Best kind of person but even now, I’m starting to lose faith in the great man. Let’s just hope he can still make something of this season.

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal fans must give Wenger one more chance to redeem our season

  1. Gooner Cape Town

    Janary is Wenger’s last chance! If he does not make wholesale changes and buy top players, it will show he has no ambition. The old idea of nurturing young talent is fine within reason, but we have fallen way behind the other top teams who find a balance in youth and top experience.
    This MUST happen or Wenger msut go at end of season. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a Wenger fan but I am having serious doubts about his style in modern game. Success breads sucess and we haven’t had any for ages.
    So throw out or sell even at a small price the players we can’t use, the non Arsenal standard ones and replace with balanced purchases and promote the likes of Eisfeld, Gnabry etc.
    Here’s hopinh Wenger will have one more great throw of the dice!!!!!!

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  2. efokala

    We are all bitter… that is true…it’s also true that our bitterness is based on the poor run of our beloved club Arsenal.

    For me, Should Wenger not put his foot down (if he is not directly responsible) and Walcott leaves and all the deadwoods stay in January, Wenger should go! Steve Bould takes over as interim till the end of the season… and Pep (if he agrees) takes over.

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  3. BG Gunner

    except for henry on loan we won’t get anybody in january.
    been there, seen that.

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  4. BG Gunner

    so don’t water your mouths just yet, this 50mln pounds available is for a new ranch in New Mexico

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  5. Laurentkboi

    This is maybe his last season and I’m sure he would be wanting to leave on a high and he is a legend and always will be, he made mistakes but don’t tell me that you haven’t made any mistakes in you life.

    With great mistakes he has also earned so much success, three pl tittles five runners up medals + numerous f.a cups and a champions league final and 16 cl qualifications in a row as well as 14 nock out stage qualifications.

    Lest we all forget, he managed to to through a whole season unbeaten and win the tittle aswell as produce some remarkable talent like Henry, Fabregas, RVP, Viera, Pires etc

    He is the best eye for young and cheap talent like theo,ox wilshere and Eisfeld, and he is one of if not the best self sustained manager in the world.

    Net transfer fund 16mil, yet still up top each and every season, he got us the emirates he got us the tittles and this season he will say farewell as we will know what we lost when we have lost it.

    I think it’s his final season agree thumbs up disagree thumbs down, and if a good manager is coming then fine I’d take Bergmamp and Henry any day won’t you?

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  6. jon

    Wenger will not get sacked! That’s just not gonna happen. I personally think his time is up but he will stay till at least the summer.

    I really do think that there are few better managers and I do hope he will step a side in the summer. It seems like half of the fans have lost trust in him.

    Unless we add couple of quality players in January, we will not finish top 4 and he should have enough self respect to step down in the summer.

    I just think he has lost little sense of reality. He always keeps saying we have enough quality and the spirit is great it really makes me wonder if he is that delusional and doesn’t see that our team is just not good enough. Plus his team selection is just plain horrible!

    If the rumors about Pep are true, I would love to see him take over in the summer. Not sure if that will happen though.

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  7. jjoonneessyy

    we have not realy replaced v.persie fabregas nasri song clichy adebayor kolo toure toure these players all plsyed in the same era if we still had these wed b great bt we sell world class 35 mill players wiv 7 to 10 mill players we have some brilliant players atm but only maybe 3 to 4 players in our squad r actually world class we need new players wiv proven experience and consistency nt ox whos a prospect we need a goetze n players of hos quality

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  8. down but not out

    sacking Wenger mid season would be a great disservice to what he has done to the club. just need someone to tell him stop playing Gervinho, Chamakh or Ramsey. Till JAN he can experiment with fielding podolski or walcot upfront. Ramsey and gervinho must not be allowed to start games and need a visit to the practise grounds… if things still don’t workout you have the JAN transfer coming where you can strengthen your squad. I strongly feel Wenger should be given a chance to take a call on this contract after the season plays out. All is not lost. Champions league qualifying is still a reality for our club. just minor adjustments needed… Gunner4life

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  9. tom

    Already lost our only chance of winning a trophy this season, so whatever the end result we still have to wait till next season to win something.
    All he has to do now is get top 4 and some players to be ready for 2013/14

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  10. dalinho

    If walcott goes in jan over a couple of grand who’s gonna have faith?? It will be the last straw, unless he dips into the money that is always availible to him on top of selling some deadwood which would give him a bit more and actually buy top players ie Isco (17mil) clause wanyama etc then who’s gonna take him seriously and have faith in him??
    Bcoz of what he’s done he will get a chance to redeem but not till the end of the season coz we could be relegated by then!
    NO he’s got till the end of jan, us fans aint stupid, if the transfer activity is practically none then there’s only 1 way we are gonna go DOWN!!!

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  11. Downbutnotout

    sacking Wenger mid season would be a great disservice to what he has done to the club. just need someone to tell him stop playing Gervinho, Chamakh or Ramsey. Till JAN he can experiment with fielding podolski or walcot upfront. Ramsey and gervinho must not be allowed to start games and need a visit to the practise grounds… if things still don’t workout you have the JAN transfer coming where you can strengthen your squad. I strongly feel Wenger should be given a chance to take a call on this contract after the season plays out. All is not lost. Champions league qualifying is still a reality for our club. just minor adjustments needed.COME WHAT MAY ARSENE WENGER WOULD STILL BE REGARDED AS ONE OF THE GREATEST COACHES IN THE HISTORY OF THIS SPORT.. Gunner4life

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  12. AJ

    He will ‘redeem’ we have no doubts. But his capacity to redeem is up to the 4th place. We are behind 4th place by just two points. We will finish 4th. But why the same slump year after year, is what we ask.
    He seems to have found a new formula for winning over fans, a comeback. And as you see we are not far away. But consider the difference between us and the first place and it’s FIFTEEN points.
    We have deteriorated in quality. He has had enough chances. He does not look interested in the football part of the club (to me) and he must go.

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  13. Darule

    Dont you get it? He is not going to spend at best if Walcott leaves he might replace him with a striker. He needs to sell his non performing players which is going to be hard. At the movement Arsenal have too many non performing players on their wage list and they can’t be writing them all off like they did to Park. AW needs to leave and a new manager like a Pep needs to come in and lead the club to a new direction. Cause the AW way is a ticket to the relegation zone if we cant beat Swansea at home and Bradford it just shows how bad our club has become and players doubting their abilities. Some one like a Pep can bring in great young talents from Barca who would be more than happy to get 60k a week.

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  14. jordan

    hes had enough chances. the arrogant, stubborn bastard has to go. hes ruined his relationship with steve bould aswell apparently, restricting him from training sessions in the first team. this season has been a disaster, wenger has to leave before he drives this club down futher.


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  15. Whispers

    Who are all these clowns saying he doesn’t spend enough blah blah blah? Hes a manager, not a financial director or CFO or Chairman!
    I agree that AW’s decisions this year have been very strange, I wonder if something is going on behind the scenes, that the general public aren’t privy too?
    First and foremost for me is, how can a team play attacking football with a sole striker and no attacking midfielder? Giroud is copping a lot of sh@t but he has no options, anytime he gets the ball he has 2 central defenders and a CDM jump on him! I still believe in AW, BUT THE BOARD HAS TO GO ASAP!

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  16. joe

    i hate da great man wiz passion,he shud go,wenger z n will alwaiz be da reason 2 arsenal loses,he blunders everytime,i kno he has been great but there z time for everything,this z da right time for arsenal 2 let wenger go

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  17. Jo

    It would be madness to allow Wenger to invest heavy in january!

    The money has to be spent by the new manager who comes in in the summer. No manager would like to take over Arsenal without any finanses to build a new team around the ekselent midfielders in our team!

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  18. hamid

    I hope he will spend in January, but we all know he will only sell Wallcot to Manure and replace him with someone inadequate and bellow standard. And in the summer, I hope we say good bye to the biggest legend of Arsenal and start investing real hope in club’s recovery.

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  19. Ali

    I completely agree. Expecting a new manager to turn the season around in January is beyond unrealistic. However, I don’t think that the club will spend big particularly if AW is to resign in the summer and also it’ll be difficult to attract players you could spend big on when next years UCL isn’t a guarantee and the wages are mediocre. Plus any new manager would want considerable finances in order to get things going.

    I really hope AW is able to turn things around, not just for himself, but for the club. Getting quality players in without the ‘sweetner’ that is the UCL is going to be difficult. I haven’t given up on him just yet and feel that he’ll get us into a top four finish one last time before its a change at the helm for Arsenal.

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  20. dalinho

    Iv just read some comments on other websites from man utd n man city fans which feel me with rage!!
    They are thanking wenger for doing so much for there club and so little fo his own!!
    They used to hate arsenal and arsene and now they love him!
    Man city won the league last season and they thank Arsenal for it!
    Man utd have RVP and will probs win the title this season!
    And let me tell u THEY ARE EXTATIC!!
    They can not believe Arsene has literally handed them the title and don’t see us as more than a feeder club! We are loosing are status and are history is worth nothing bcoz wenger has thrown it away!
    There’s not having money to compete but wenger has given them OUR best players, something he could of controlled!!

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  21. Stevo

    I am a massive Arsene fan but let’s not forget he signed Squillaci, Santos,Denilson, Djorou, Chamakh, Gervinho,and a host of others who are a big drain on the wage bill. This lot of misfits make Bendtner look like Messi.

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  22. RASD KY

    A manager who for me keeps trying and doing experiments like trying Stupid useless Gervinho as a main striker when other managers are looking for wins not to mention always believing that miracles will happen to keep the likes of Diaby fit after selling Alex Song is inept and a total disgrace to our great club.

    He has simply lost it and is not worthy more of my support. I have been a loyal committed fun of him long enough, given him more than sufficient time to repay my faith in him but now I feel nothing but complete disappointments.

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  23. Gunner

    This is the first transfer window since moving to the Emirates that we’ve actually had decent cash to spend due to the new commercial deals.

    Certainly I expect Wenger to spend some this time.

    You can’t blame Wenger for not spending before if the money simply wasn’t there.

    Arsenal before have never said how much money they’ve had to spend because as a company they wanted to give the impression to the players and fans that things were rosy financially and that we can compete. It may have been a lie, but it was also a necessary one as you can’t give the impression that we’re working on the bread line and can’t compete properly – or then no players at all would want to come / stay. Some players of course worked it out and left anyway (as well as the greedy buggers.)

    My message is support you team. Arsenal have had rough periods before and then risen again.

    Victoria Concordia Cresit

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  24. JMW

    All wenger fans HOW CAN U BE SO BLIND if he made 1 mistake n corrected it i would be happy but doing it week after week ?

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  25. Ricardo

    Gaudiala.. are you kidding me. What has he done ?? Seriously, he is a spanish hero because of his playing days. Barca gave him control of the kids for a few seasons and then gave him the reigns of the strongest team of players in the world. And yes they won lots. but that is not becuase Gaurdiala is a good manager. it was because of all the superstars he had at his disposal. What could he do with our make shift team????? infact, Gaurdiala knows he is not a good manager and thats why he left barcelona for a year off.. because he cant hack it. he needed a break. Wenger hasn’t taken a break in forever…. Wenger is a nose to the grindstone kind of worker, as was Pat Rice… Guardila will only be good if he takes over another team of superstars. ie: chelsea or Man City , or PSG or AC Milan.. not Arsenal….

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  26. Robin Van Payslip

    It is 20 minutes to the game and the crowd are chanting ‘Wenger out, Wenger out’.

    Wenger turns to Bould:

    Wenger: Oh these little rascals. They always love a laugh. Now they are pretending they don’t want me out

    Bould stops mid way through his chanting

    Bould: Wenger ou…………..Oh yeah, they are only joking (sarcasm)

    Wenger: Whats with the sarcasm

    Bould: Geez Arsene, don’t you get it?

    Wenger: What? We make loads of dough

    Bould: I think they are referring to the football team

    Wenger: Oh, thats not good. I almost forgot about them.

    Wenger takes the bold step of addressing the crowd

    Wenger: This is your leader speaking. You will respect my authoritah

    The crowd begin booing. Gervinho is sitting next to Bould

    Gervinho: Is the booing because the crowd have found out about my imminent transfer to Man City and are angry at losing another talisman

    Bould: Just shut up. No one likes you.

    Gervinho: I know its hard to take my leaving but I will always think fondly of Arsenal and the help you have given me. You are a huge influence in making me the player I am today

    Bould: Hold on mate. You’re playing ability has nothing to do with me. I am actually a good coach

    Back in Wenger land, he walks over to the a gentleman in the front row of the crowd

    Wenger: How long have you been a gooner

    Fan: over 50 years

    Wenger: We appreciate your support

    Fan: Wenger out, wenger out

    The crowd begings chanting ‘Wenger out’

    Wenger: Do you not like what we have done with the club?

    Fan: Hold on there Mr Wenger! We have had much leaner periods than your trophyless stint. We never booed the managers then. You know why? Because they put out teams that had heart!

    Wenger: Look at the technical ability of my team!

    Booing begins again. Chanting from the crowd is now ‘You don’t know what you are doing!’

    Wenger: How can I convince you I love Arsenal?

    The crowd begin booing again.

    The game goes as expected. TV5 makes some kind of horrible mistake. Gervinho has the majority of chances but his goal tally stays the same.

    After the game, Wenger calls in his players

    Wenger: You are all rubbish

    TV5: Let me explain

    Wenger: Yes please. Tell us why you seem to love giving goals away

    TV5: I hope the next manager is better

    Wenger: I am staying!

    TV5: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

    Gervinho now weighs in

    Gervinho: Guys, you are taking my leaving too badly. You shouldn’t allow my leaving to affect your performance on the pitch

    Wenger: FFS not this again

    Gervinho: Look we have had many greats leave. Henry was followed by RVP and RVP was followed by me. Looks there will be another superstar

    Bould gets up and walks over to Gervinho

    Bould: I just had a text. They are waiting for you at Etihad. We have agreed a fee and you need to get your medical done

    Gervinho: Wohoo. Latez losers. I will watch the Championship next year to see how you are doing.

    Gervinho runs off

    Wenger: Does he know the transfer window is not open?

    Bould: I told him rules had changed

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  27. Lix

    relax fellow gunners, we will spend this January. The board knows if they don’t it will affect their negotiations with our sponsors.

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  28. true goon

    What does it prove giving someone another chance when you know they have lost it,its like letting michael schumacher race again pointless.
    The only good thing to come out of this is that AW will now have to buy in january because last week he was talking about how its not always about buying players and how he makes stars etc.He was about to do what he always does buy no one.This can’t happen now.My only worry is that AW is no longer capable of spending wisely,i keep hearing Reina’s name but we don’t need a new keeper as much as we need a defender,DM and striker.hope he doesn’t waste 10m on reina giving liverpool money to buy strikers,helping them get above us.

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  29. APC

    i want to ask him a few questions .

    why trust diaby to stay fit?

    do u really think santos ramsey etc are good enough

    why did u not buy vertoghen, samba, parker etc

    for me he lost the plot when lassana diarra went. the guy looked class and has proved it

    im worried how this wil all turn out

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  30. ZIMBO

    I totally agree let him kick like a dying horse till the end of the season, and even if he gets us a CL spot, I think for continuity sake he has to give way to pep, thank you

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  31. APC

    i have massive respect for him and i can see him taking the top uefa or fifa job one day

    if i was him id go psg at the 1st chance, and spend and win. then see how we do without him. it may make him look better then he is now.

    i think before city and chelsea at billionaires he was fine and if they didnt have them owners they would always be below us but there here and its reality sad but true

    my point is the price to succeed is so much more then there were in the 90s early 00s

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  32. donal de burca.

    what i can never understand is this , if arsene wenger is such a great manager , and , if he has that great “eye” for younger talent then why is there so many flops at arsenal , and all brought in by wenger too . the number of dreadful players at our club increases each season simply because no other club in world football wants our deadwood , would you if you were a football manager ?.wenger is now a dictator and even worse he is a blind dictator and we all know there is nothing worse than one of those .we also know the board needs to go , but that will never happen . so , from the manager down , all the way down to the youth policy players needs to be sacked , start afresh with staff and players who will have pride in earning their daily bread at the arsenal .nice football is one thing and attractive football is another thing but maybe we need some guts in the backbone of our team , lets get players who care not a jot about their image and if their hair is set properly while they are playing , forget the pretty boys and find a few martin keown types who could care less about how they look .aaaaaahhhh for them days involving viera and keane , that was football , real football , not a male model agency line up .

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    I think wenger should just leave the club we have waited for 7years only promises for next season BUT let me ask when will next season for Arsenal board come am sorry but let not wenger come every thing at arsenal .Arsenal is a big club can not miss a coach at any time . We fans have pain.

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  34. Schwarz

    Do you know what sucks, its the fact that my brothers are man-united fans and they are trying so hard not to laugh at me being a gooner and all but the saddest part is, i wouldn’t get mad at them Because sadly Arsenal is mediocre right now.
    Sad Kenyan arsenal supporter.

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