Arsenal Injury News – Diaby back soon

Arsenal have had to do without the influential and talented Abou Diaby for most of the season so far. The Frenchman has not played since the end of September, when he was injured during the game against Chelsea. He has only made five league appearances all season, but will soon be adding to that, hopefully, as Arsene Wenger has revealed that he will soon be back in full training for the Gunners.

Wenger had previously stated that, after much searching and testing with medical experts around the world, the source of Diaby’s injuries was found. He has a problem with his muscle fibres that means his muscles do not recover quickly enough to play regular games. It is unclear whether Arsenal have discovered a way to combat this or will simply play the 26-year old sparingly, but he could be available for some key games in January.

Arsenal face tough games against Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool for three league games in a row in the latter half of the month, games which could have a big effect on the outcome of our season. These games are at least a week apart, which might be enough time for Diaby to play in them all.

For the game against Newcastle tomorrow, both Olivier Giroud and Tomas Rosicky have recovered from the illness that kept them out of the Wigan match, so Wenger has the luxury of nearly a full squad to choose from.

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51 thoughts on “Arsenal Injury News – Diaby back soon

  1. leo

    kevin strootman is available for just 6m wenger get him sell or release diaby learn from milan last season pato scored the quickest goal against barcelona his talent cannot be questioned but yet milan have sold just after 3- season in diaby’s case it’s been 6 years how long are we going to wait for him get kevin strootman

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  2. sollygunner

    @leo yeah its fu*king anoying because now he will be a new signing then 4 weeks later be back on the medical bench !!!!

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  3. elkieno

    Diaby back go show us how good he is for one game!
    Then gone for another 3 months

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  4. leo

    Wenger on David Villa question. ‘Any interest we have in a player has to be kept secret at the moment.’ hope we sign even if for loan & then in summer get llorente or negredo or anyone else

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  5. Arsenal-999

    I feel sorry for Diaby coz its not like hes doing this on purpose but its time we cut our losses, no one can say that AFC hasnt given him a chance nd kept faith in him…

    Sorry mate…:(

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  6. semon raj

    Play diaby only against Manu, Chelsea & Man city . He will be fit for three games this season. He can give result to Arsenal team . Diaby we pray to god that you will be completely fit soon :-)

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  7. vyash

    great news before the clash with man shitty
    he is a monster with wilshere
    remember we won 5 match at the start(contender 4 the title and we can compete for the 1st or second place)
    but we need m’villa or strootman to back up diaby

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  8. azi

    arsenal should do what tottenham did with ledley king, only give him 2 or 3 games a month and not to play him more than once a week, if he still keeps getting injured then sell him, it’s a shame because he is a good player. Definitely need a cdm probably strootman/capoue/diame

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  9. Gunned

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  10. LoCkAy

    Good Diaby is back…

    Sell him in January… Total liability.

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  11. mr lean

    if wenger comes out and says “having diaby back is like a new signing” i will lose the last bits of trust and respect i have for le prof

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  12. lifeasagooner

    I cant see anyone buying him now.
    They should do what they can with him for the remainder of his contract and try and get him fit and playing a few games in the reserves first before he goes near a premier league fixture. If he gets injured early in a game it forces Wenger to make early tactical changes and uses up a substitution.

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  13. Viennagunner

    Well it’s about the time When he got injured in September, AW said he will be out 3 weeks. It will be 3 Months!
    He is the player we definetelly miss!

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  14. LoCkAy

    @ Gunned

    To answer your question, I will say Wenger does…
    Diaby would have been sold or seen his contract terminated in another top club, but at Arsenal we like to keep hold of useless and meaningless players… That’s Wenger management style.

    Diaby played 89 games in 7 years at £3millions/ year !!! Even if you are a die hard Arsenal fan, you have to ask yourself some serious questions about the management of this team…

    Anyway it is not like he is going to change what wrong with the team now as he will only be there for a cameo performance, as usual…

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  15. nicky

    It’s only the gormless morons who joke and criticise about Diaby’s longterm injuries.
    If only they would realise his value if the medics can sort out the problem once and for all.
    We musn’t give up hope that he will soon be 100% fit at long last.

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  16. Lix

    Even messi would be worthless if he is injury prone like diaby, i mean what good is a player if he is not available for selection.

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  17. Lix

    No doubt Diabi is an excellent footballer, but his body is not built for a demanding sport like football.

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  18. Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre

    No doubts about it, diaby is a good player when he is fit but the only problem is his injury records. Now that they have discovered the cause of his been injured all the time and wenger doesn’t want to release him bcos i don’t think any club can come 4 him at the moment. I think we should just sign a new agreement of ” pay as you play ” with him .

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  19. Arsenal007s

    Why is Diaby always back days to transfer window, and goes back to his injury when the window closes?
    does it happen to be coincidence?

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  20. Jim

    Diaby has been on the treatment table for ages. Somebody breathes on him and he’s back to the treatment table. Yet, Wenger rewarded Diaby a new contract with a salary raise in 2010. You tell me, where in the football world do you find a more financially reckless manager than this manager.

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  21. KickuPtheArsene

    Diaby is a great player, but we need players who can play every week. Effectively, if we can’t play a player every week, but pay him £50,000+, it can realistically mean we are paying him £250,000 per match. (eg. If the said player plays 1 in 5 matches). Does anyone out there believe Diaby is worth £250,000 a match? When seen in this light, Diaby does not makes sense to have on the books. We could have 2 or 3 calibre players for that money! I really like Diaby, but it just doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, for a penny counting, tight ar$e executive team that we have, how the f#%k are they not conscious of this fact? Should we just cut our loses? Makes no sense to me.

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  22. gunnerfromGhana

    What’s painful is that when he finally manages to stay fit and plays one good season he’ll stall on a new contract and force a big money move to Man Shitty or Manure.

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  23. Kobi

    Best comment came by Bruce. We would just need David Villa and Yann M’Vila in this window. That would be a much needed boost.

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  24. Nikolai

    If Diaby was unable to play 2 games per week, then how did he manage to play 28 games in 2007, 36 in 2008, 40 in 2009 and 20 in the first months of 2010/2011 season ???

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  25. Nickerless Bender

    I am sure he is a good player, but how can we rate him when we only get 10 games a season. All I seem to remember when he plays is that he gets to cocky and loses the ball in dangerous positions. I think the only decent game he has had for us was against Liverpool this year, and let’s face it – they are shite.

    I think we should cut our losses and buy someone more reliable as he is taking up our squad allocation. And if we did get one season out of him I will guarantee he will do a Van Pursie.

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  26. Nickerless Bender

    Ok my season figures may be wrong. But as Nikolai says. He had a consistent season back in 2009. So get rid.

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  27. Jermaine

    Diaby should stay on a reduced contract that gets him half of the current contract plus playing bonuses to make up the rest. If not then we have to let him go

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  28. nicky

    Diaby can win games for us in the blink of an eye and we must continue to persevere with a permanent cure for his injuries. Do you faithless ones really think that Arsene and the medical team have given up on him?
    They can still see a promise of great things to come from Diaby. I would suggest they are the experts to listen to, not those who give up too easily.

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  29. gunner

    if diaby stays injury free for a season like RVP and decides to leave, then i will seriusly be p**sed off.
    apparently, 2 years ago he said it’s his dream to play for barcelona or real madrid.

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  30. synsix

    we dont need that glass house on human legs/just sell him off and get done with him/i’l tell u what u wouldnt find any buyer for him/only a fool will bet on a brittle boned horse

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  31. arshavin

    of course he is wengers favorite he can be a legend with us.As long as wenger remains diaby remains.

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  32. arshavin

    diaby’s case is just like wenger,we want them both to stay and win EPL or CL,only that we know,neither is capable of doing that.

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  33. Ned

    Diaby is Arsenal’s Keiran Dyer!! Wenger talks about cohesion and consistency but how can you have that with a player like Diaby??

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  34. St Freak

    Come on guys

    Where the hell do you get this information? write an article with some real, solid, verifiable, bloody facts.

    When did Arsene Wenger actually make that statement? Who was he talking to?

    This is the reason why every time these stupid rumors come out about Diaby resuming training in three weeks, he doesn’t resume training for another 4 months up.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that every time you write an article like this, you can’t look at yourself in the mirror for a week.


    You just made it all up

    (ADMIN COMMENT – FFS Why dont you just read what Wenger said on the OFFICIAL Arsenal site, and then tell me we make up stories…. Jeez I give up on some people I really do….))

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