Arsenal legend thinks Cazorla will be awesome

Arsenal Legend Robert Pires Praises ‘Brilliant’ Cazorla by AM

Arsenal legend Robert Pires believes Santi Cazorla is at the right club to make most of his wonderful talent and the start against Sunderland was only a trailer of things to come. In an interview to the Official Arsenal Magazine, the Frenchman who played alongside Cazorla during his stint at Villarreal till 2010, said –

“Santi called me when the offer from the Club arrived and I told him that it was the perfect club for him”

“The way the team plays will suit him perfectly and he is the kind of player Arsène loves too. He is a very exciting player, very gifted technically with both feet. He has an impressive creative touch and he can play in the centre or on the wings.”

“His vision and the quality of his passing is brilliant but he can also take people on. Despite still being quite young, he has big experience with the Spanish national team and has also played in the Champions League.”

“Finally, he has a very good mentality and is a real team player. He will need a bit of time to settle but I’m convinced he will adapt very quickly and will be a great signing for Arsenal.”

If Cazorla turns out to be even close to Robert Pires himself, then the Gunners will be in for treat.

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal legend thinks Cazorla will be awesome

  1. Smiley

    Well he’s rated better than Mata and Mata got 2nd most assists last season, I’m betting he’ll be most assists this year :D

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  2. mr lean

    please can we have some good news tomorrow and report the sahin deal

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  3. dave

    Pires is a legend.
    Santi will be a legend.
    I’d like to see him weigh in more goals from midfield to help our front line.
    If we get Sahin, him and Arteta can pull strings from the deep.

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  4. Dave Goon

    @ Smiley – you really think he’ll grab most assists this year?? Hazard is already on 5 – can’t help feeling we missed the boat on that one

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  5. Apostolos

    If It’s coming from my favorite Arsenal player Robert Pires you gotta believe it plus he played with Cazorla for a few years at Villareal,and there’s absolutely no question Cazorla is world class.

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  6. boss

    I am sorry to say this but this is not why I started visiting this blog,I am an arsenal fan to the bones but this site had more content when I started visiting. Admin didn’t just pick stuff up on the official arsenal site to comment on,I’m sorry if this doesn’t go down well with’s just a piece of my mind

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  7. mr lean

    @boss, i sort of agree, all we get on here now are either “insider” info worth nothing or old news for discussion. even admin cant put out decent stuff as was evident today with the Sahin signs at last from this morning.hows this for an idea one day of truthfull news and no bs, how nice would that be ?

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  8. k

    I agree with boss, can you start making more articles. Talking about players, etc. so we can actually debate it and put in meaningful comments instead of every transfer rumour saying “i would like to see him at arsenal”, “buy him”, etc.

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  9. mr lean

    as i live in the cotswolds with only 4 other local gooners i use this site to try and keep up with the events at AFC.i use to love the specultion of who we will/should buy but would love to sometimes have some real news.

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  10. mtawarira

    the italian press claims we’r weighing up a move for bojan krkic as he doesnt feature in the new boss’s plans.. Dont know what to make of this

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  11. john 3:16

    If we can get M’Vila, just imagine a midfield three of M’Vila, Wilshere and Cazorla, with Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rosicky as back-ups. They would dominate the midfield and run the game against any top team in the premier league and europe!

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  12. kingdave

    Hazard has that killer instinct. I think we missed a real world beater, he’s certainly worth every penny dey got him. I dont want to be mean, but from the chelsea games, i cldnt help but feel that i wanted him injured. 5 assists in 2 games!! AW why?

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  13. john 3:16

    Yes Hazard got 5 assists in 2 games……. AGAINST WIGAN AND READING! Let’s see how he does when Chelsea play Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc etc. Good player but certainly not worth £32m. Give me Cazorla for half the price any day!

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  14. Justinho

    I haven’t felt this excited over Arsenal’s squad since the Invincibles team!

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  15. john 3:16

    Sakho/Yanga M’Biwa

    1 defender, 1 defensive midfielder and 1 striker out of the list above would turn us into genuine title contenders.

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  16. xolani

    ofcose he wil b gr8 he is arsenals best signing dis seoson he is da player hu can succesfully replace cesc king cazorla

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  17. Shah95

    I’m sure he’ll be as good as pires. A legend praising an upcoming legend!

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  18. Nick

    I honestly see him being better than Pires (don’t stone me!) by the time his playing days at Arsrnal are through (hopefully not for many years). Cazorla in my opinion is THE player that our next trophy teams are built around and they are coming soon!

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  19. L

    Hazard got 5 assists? How u figure that? Chelsea have currently scored 6 goals 2 of them were lampard pens. 5 assists is bull. Calm down ppl, Cazorla shits on that arrogant bell piece Hazard

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  20. kingdave

    @ john3:16 32mil was worth it in today’s market considerin he was ligue 1 player twice in a row, had a gud goal scoring n assists record, plus he’s young, and by d way wigan r a pretty gud team remember. Yes he’s a c*nt, but u shld count ur losses, don’t tell me u wouldn’t relish d idea of him bossing the LW, cazorla CAM, gerv RW, then we cld have creativity from everywhere leaving my dear theo who has little or no technique as an impact player.
    P.s every team has a c*nt, it’s just left 4 u to discover ‘em………….eg na$ri ad£ v*n per…
    That’s just a healthy argument tho. By d way, cazorla n hazard r not on d same level, NOT YET.

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  21. Pierrot

    Watched the Chavs game… Hazard is just plenty of flash and tries too hard without much end product, not to mention the diving that’s totally needless for a player of such supposed talent. Feels like he and Mata are constantly trying to outshine each other so there’s definitely a clash as to who is the main creative pivot. We’ll see how he fares against better opposition that don’t have a clown in goal who gifted them most of their goals.

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  22. Smiley

    @Dave Goon Cazorla created 7 chances against Sunderland, we still have 37 games left in the league wait until we play teams like Wigan and Reading then the assists will start coming in.

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  23. deadhead gooner

    cazorla is quality. so glad to have him. if we added m’vila…even better. don’t know about navas though. could his anxiety issues become a liability? if not, then i can see the headlines now:

    Jesus in the starting lineup to face the Red Devils
    Jesus saves! …the game with injury time winner!
    Jesus sacrifices himself in the 74th minute as Walcott comes on for him to score the winning goal

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  24. Charlie

    He’s the captain of my Premier League fantasy football team, nuff said. With Sahin or Wilshere backing him up on the left and Arteta or Diaby on the right we’ll have every opponent chasing shadows this season. Then there’s the goalscoring potential of Giroud and Podolski, it’s a perfect blend of possession players and finishers. I have a feeling that Walcott won’t get a new contract. I think the gap between what he wants to get paid and Wengers’ appraisal of his importance to the squad are too far apart. The final missing piece of the jigsaw is for Walcott and Arshavin to go and be replaced by another world class winger.

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  25. Aussie Jack

    I`m five feet six inches tall so I have a soft spot for `short arses`. Messi is the same height and, from what I read, Cazorla fits into the same bracket. Arsenal play most of their football on the ground which will suit Cazorla so watch out for the `pocket battleship`.

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  26. Gundam

    You can’t really compare Cazorla and Hazard… one is at the start of his career and the other is in his prime. We know ones potential is almost at its maximum… and one possibly can become twice the player… geez people and their judgements.

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  27. Gundam

    Jesus needs Jesus… that will sort out his anxiety issues… enough said… “What would Jesus do?” …

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