Arsenal must make Dutchman suffer in Champions league

Arsene Wenger is well aware that Arsenal have a tough task on their hands in the Champions league. Bayern Munich were last year’s finalists and probably should have won the trophy, but Chelsea held on with some last ditch defending and won the penalty shoot out. Bayern are storming along in the German Bundesliga, so it is no real surprise that they are favourites to progress to the next round at the expense of the Gunners.

Sometimes, especially in cup competitions, underdogs can thrive on that status, and use the arrogance and high expectations of the opponents against them. After Bayern’s Dutch winger Arjen Robben made some disparaging comments about Arsenal, Wenger should use his words to get the players well and truly fired up and determined to make him eat his words.

“I can understand it, the disappointment. Eight years without a trophy is a very, very long time.

“If you look to the team who won the trophies, with Henry and Bergkamp, they had a great side with Vieira and they also played nice football.

“They’re still a team you can enjoy, because every time they try to play some nice football, but I can also understand the fans because they want some trophies.”

Maybe Robben has forgotten that it was his weak penalty in extra time that effectively cost Munich the trophy last season, and he then bottled taking one in the shoot out.. Arsenal can take encouragement from the fact that Bayern were beaten by a poor Chelsea side who only managed sixth in the Premier league, while Arsenal finished third. We are also better this season, despite losing van Persie, and are more of a balanced team with goals coming from everywhere. Robben, however, prefers to harp on about his international team mate in a blatant attempt to wind up the players and the fans.

“I think in the end for the real Arsenal supporters it was a shame, it was very disappointing that he left the club. But on the other hand everyone understands his choice, that he also wants to win titles, and at Arsenal at the moment it’s going to be very difficult.”

Wenger must make sure that these words are ringing in the ears of the Arsenal players who run out on to the Emirates turf on Tuesday night. We want them to make sure that in a few weeks time, it will be Arsenal in the next round, and Robben will have a look on his face like he had after the final last year.


Arsenal vs. Blackburn will be on

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44 thoughts on “Arsenal must make Dutchman suffer in Champions league

  1. **** Set Gunner ****

    It’s going to be a tasty competition between:
    Robben and Verm
    Ribery and Sagna
    Poldi and Lahm
    Wilshere and Schweinstiger

    What a great match this would be! COYG!!!

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  2. landi


    vs blackburn

    Also if we are winning by 2/3-0 by 50 minutes, then give yennaris a run in the rb, eisfield for rosicky and apkom för giroud


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  3. jud

    Lets play some real “Arsenal” football and send Robbens and his German friends packing.

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  4. joe

    STFU Robben!! prepare to get VERMINATED & SAGNA’D!! LMAO


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  5. joe

    does anyone think that diaby will be able to dominate Schweinsteiger (or however his name is spelt) in midfield????

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  6. Noldo

    Our players have been showing some good character of late….these word from the Madrid REJECT will only inspire our players….Thanx Arsehole Robben

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  7. Gunners

    Robben is just telling the truth why is everyone getting upset? The truth hurts does it

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  8. Soler

    Off TOPIC: Very very sorry guys around here please i need some education points….what is the meaning of COYG? i’ve been seeing this at almost every end of gooners comments here at this fantastic blog….addition what is the meaning of “lol”?

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  9. Always a gooner

    idiot …first think of how to get back to the first team from bench and also learn how to pass and shoot the penalty

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  10. Greg

    Lets do our talking on the field gunners! Lets take the game to them! I declare war on bayern come on gunners lets run them to the ground! Coyg!

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  11. Tiansen

    He didn’t even say anything bad. In fact he even said that it was a team you can enjoy because they play good football.

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  12. Kosio

    Robben is spot on. A lot of people may not like it but Arsenal needed to add podolski cazorla & Giroud to van persie nasri and fabregas, not instead of them. Still i believe we could beat bayern. The pressure will be on them to perform since nobody gives us a chance. Bayern have conceded just 7 this season, but bare in mind that there’s one borussia dortmund who this season are weak and will probably sell their stars again at the end of the season. Competition in the Bundesliga rarely existed for bayern and that’s why teams like BATE Borisov can beat them 3:1 @ home. Bayern struggled against 10 man valencia too, so they’re not so invincible in Europe. We should focus on our game and put a big slap across the faces of critics and show that Arsenal is no pushover!

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  13. Reddb10

    The only thing i disagree with what robben said is that wenger is a fantastic manager.
    not anymore mate

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  14. will share

    The only difference to this bayern side is mandzukic and martinez other than that they are the same team that lost to the chelsea team we beat 5 – 3 the gunners shud gun them down since we better than last year..

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  15. ferro...

    Just hope we give a near perfect performance at home so we can all dream hope and pray for a victorious return from Germany. C O Y G!!!!

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  16. Dan

    ‘Wenger should use his words to get the players well and truly fired up and determined to make him eat his words.’

    Why? Everything Robben said was true. Half of the players would be sat in the dressing room nodding if Wenger repeated those comments. Our most loyal player Sagna has already come out this season and basically had a pop at Wenger and the board.

    And Bayern won’t be arrogant about this one, they’ll of learnt from the mistakes they made last year and will be way up for beating an English team.

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  17. saras

    beside he just said the truth. but let our boys stand upp and ahine once again on tuesday..

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  18. Ably

    Thank you Robben for your concerns but please let’s we the AFC fans worry about that.He should actually focus on how to track back,defend well and stop being a selfish player.and lastly how to console his complecent team mates after the match on Tuesday.we ll surprise them come next week.

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  19. Popeye

    What he said is unfortunately an fact, but f2ck off the past & Van Pursetrings, Samir Cashri & all those who left for money. Lets focus on bright future with Wishere, Cazorla, Walcott, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Podolski, Giroud & many more to come. Lets destroy these Bayerns. COYG

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  20. Xavv

    Who cares what the man made of glass says? We need to go out there and play our game. Defend well. Take our chances when they come. I don’t think we have any realistic chance whatsoever of winning over two legs, but considering what a great side Bayern are I just hope we put up a good fight and really make them earn it. We need to be there to pounce and take advantage if they’re having an off day or an off period in the match.

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  21. Adam

    Robben said nothing wrong or “disparaging”. Sounded pretty sensible and complimented us as much as we deserve. A very bad article. Don’t be hating on him for nothing

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