Arsenal need another Patrick Vieira

The General and the Finisher by Chunners

Luca Toni has told Stevan Jovetic to join a real ‘top club’ rather than Arsenal. Well, that hurt, Luca.

The first half of Arsene Wenger’s reign at Arsenal raised our expectations to such an extent that the past eight years can be described as somewhat of a failure. Coincidentally, Wenger’s trophy-laden years at Arsenal occurred with the presence of another man running the show on the field, our midfield general – Patrick Vieira!

Maybe it was just luck that Wenger found him and maybe there hasn’t been anyone like him ever since, but Wenger just can’t find an able replacement and maybe a Patrick Vieira is all we need to transform this underperforming team into world beaters – so let us find one!

First let us forget about the usual suspects other than our beloved Diaby. They are, Mohamed Diame or Etienne Capoue or Victor Wanyama or even Luiz Gustavo. They don’t really boss the game.

There are only three players in world football currently that come to my mind, when talking about a replacement for Vieira – Bastian Schweinsteiger (although he plays a different role now), Yaya Toure and Marouane Fellaini! Now Schweinsteiger isn’t as well built and is obviously out of the question as a transfer target. Yaya Toure would be good too but he earns too much at City and even if he has expressed a desire to leave, I doubt we can match that 250K-a-week salary (and honestly we shouldn’t, it’s a ridiculous amount!). That leaves, Marouane Fellaini who is, according to me, Vieira’s perfect replacement!

Fellaini does play a slightly different role at Everton but I haven’t seen a player dominate the midfield as he does. Yes, he would be expensive (about 25-30m), and Wenger would never spend that much, but hear me out. It’s not really our defence that is a problem this season but the shielding from midfield. Arteta isn’t good enough nor is Diaby, Ramsey or Coquelin. They are all confidence players (like most of our team) and this is one position that needs a player with innate confidence; someone who can come back from a lengthy lay-off and can still own the game.

Therefore, Fellaini! With the amount of aerial balls he would win our defence will have to do that much less. Also, he seems to have developed a Lampard-esque late run into the box threat, which we could use. And with the 4-2-3-1 we currently play, he could play defensive midfield or box-to-box depending upon the opponents!

Finally, to complete our team we need a lethal finisher – somebody like Gabriel Batistuta! Here too, I can think of only three options currently – Robin van Persie (sadly), Mario Balotelli and Radamel Falcao! We can’t buy any of those, so let’s look at the next available, older options, Miroslav Klose and David Villa! And David Villa would be our obvious choice considering we already tried to sign him!

I know Jovetic sounds like the more fashionable option and I have watched a lot of him too (including against England), and he does seem like the player with ideas and a good shot but he isn’t what we need right now!

Bottom line, ignore what Luca Toni says, we don’t need his man!

-By Chunners

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61 thoughts on “Arsenal need another Patrick Vieira

  1. sank

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  2. sank

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  3. tyno

    Has any of you seen’s suprise probable top 4 finishers. It does look real already even with 9 matches to go. It’ll be a…if it happens.

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  4. Arsenal007s

    Arsenal has been a shadow of itself for the past eight years. The only way we can stop comments like this (from Luca Toni) is to add top quality to the team, and start winning ourselves some trophies…back to back to back.

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  5. pembrokian

    Err… and the joke is Vieira wanted a training role at Arsenal and the club said no, so we let this legend to go to man city when he has so much to offer, we have no-one else to blame for our own slow demise.

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  6. Gooner Cape Town

    Fellainin would be fabulous but aint gonna happen. Wanyama, Strootman, Capoue are more realistic options.
    This is one area we MUST buy. Going to be interesting guys………

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  7. green gunner

    Didn’t yaya Toure have trials at arsenal some time ago?? We messed up there. felaini would be great tho. Can I see it happening? No

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  8. fabalien

    If we don’t get the top class players everybody’s been asking for, we’ll never get the trophy, period. So either Wenger blows the money on them or we die. We can’t settle for average players or good players and hope for the best.

    COYG !

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  9. african gunner

    i agree with lewandoski,the guy can score goals nd hve far better ball control thn giroud who is only good in the air,nd mbia of cpr is a real beast who will always protect the back 4,julio cesar,villa nd isco will mke us a force to be unstoppable

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  10. Big Gun

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  11. Big Gun

    @pembrokian That’s not true. Arsenal did not even approach Viera at all. Viera said so himself.

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  12. budgie

    Diaby be back from injury soon, it be like having a new player, so no need to sign anyone in the summer, said Mr Wenger as they took him off to the funny farm in a wheelchair!

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  13. dan87

    giroud is fantastic with first touches and laying off wilshere and gibbs both scored theyre best goals from a giroud pass i get annoyed everybody is anti giroud lol in the game he shot instead of the passing to ramsey he was very close if that had gone in he would have been an instant fan favourite i think he is brilliant he hasnt been poor he has been very unlucky always creating chances always in with a shout when he plays though and pretty much works his socks off everytime i see him play and he gets upset when it doesnt come off for him he doesnt winge he is showing his passion that he wants to perform and get goals for hor himsself,the club and the fans……

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  14. Dawit solomon

    Yes we need a commanding CDM player. Fellaini would be perfect he is physically strong good with the ball and good in the air but the problem is many teams(teams with money) are interested in him so I don’t think we’ll get him.
    I don’t know how u guys will react to this but I belive I’ve seen a potential in a young frenchman that I think with arsene’s magic who could be the next viera … Pogba of juventus.

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  15. Big Gun

    I really wouldn’t mind Song back in the team. He was a great player for us. People moan he wasn’t disciplined last season, but people fail to realize that he was utilized in a more attacking way last season because we really had no one as creative in the midfield. We had no Santi Cazorla, and Jack was injured. Now we have both of them back, so Song can slot right into DM. Song is already familiar with our style of play, he knows the team so he isn’t a gamble…where as signing someone new is a big gamble. He made a mistake going to Barca, but at least he hasn’t bad mouthed Arsenal, he has always been respectable and always showed gratitude to Wenger. Unlike Robin van coinpurse.

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  16. always a gooner

    Victor Wanyama …with Wenger,s guidance ,Wanyama can replace Viera …Wanyama single handedly ran the show against Barca

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  17. leo

    agreed how many more chances will wenger give diaby had he given half those chances to the likes of vela we today would have had a decent back up striker

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  18. MrJ

    @green gunner

    He had a trail back when he was 16 or so, even played a game for the reserves. We wanted him but unfourtunately we couldn’t get the work permit. Got it for Kolo as he was older & (I think but may be wrong) had played some games for the national team. Shame….

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  20. Big Gun

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  21. leo

    Gibbs out of Reading game with the flu

    & guess what diaby is out injured again faces late fitness test it’s injury no, 38 in 6 years Really has to be diaby’s last 2 months with the club this is getting beyond ridiculous now wasting a place in the squad he is on 60/w contract ends in 2015 this is stupidity at it’s best wenger sell diaby or terminate his contract & sign someone else

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  22. Sizindan Gooner

    Fellaini for me is the type of beast we nid coz he has epl experience and doesn’t like being bossed around.

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  23. leo

    the problem with giroud is our current formation of 4-2-3-1 doesn’t suit him he needs a supporting striker along with him maybe a change in formation like 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 can help him alon side him walcott or podoslki will be effective

    & podolski,sagna are back diaby is out as usual

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  24. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo: any transfers banter mate? What was it that was said in Spain about us with player there? Are we seriously in for Jovetic and what news on DM??
    Hope we get Ashley Williams.

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  25. dan87

    giroud works your wrong watch some clips from his last season in ligue 1 and shhhh you must just be watching the highlights and if you dnt like divers you must hate cazorla dnt get me wrong i love the way he plays but he is the biggest diver we have

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  26. leo

    @gooner cape town yep serious about jovetic player had told his agent to push for arsenal move fifa agent confirmed it as well still a long way to go no other news yeah & in spain isco to arsenal talks going on not 100% sure

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  27. maurice

    nicely put. however toni was right to criticize arsenal. for the last eight years we have sold more than ten players who have won trophies somewhere compared to Manchester United none. even though we require another Viera, arsenal lacks the cutting edge and the will to challenge even for Emirates cup this is because of demoralization of players especially from the wage bill structure and leadership deficit. Bring Viera and wilshire or Carzola leaves, the story just remains the same. Arsenal’s problem is not in the pitch rather the boardroom we all know this but we are reluctant or powerless to handle it. that is why the status quo will continue till a boardroom savior is found. you have good plans but forget them meanwhile the devil is running the show.

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  28. Jim A

    Dan 87 great comments. I’m waiting for a brace on Sat. By OG12! He has an assist and a goal in last two games. Work rate? Watch our goal kicks and see who is battling in the air for possession. On topic I just watched the replay of Barca Celtic and VW was really good.

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  29. dan87

    thanks jim a…. i just dont like it when players that clearly work hard get slated he constantly creates chances thats why he misses a few great movement and great ball control for an out n out striker always chasing defenders to also i would like to add tho there have been a few times walcott has gone for goal when giroud gas been in a fantastic position to score n walcotts fluffed it…

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  30. sank

    big gun
    u are right. wenger has lost the plot. there seems wenger has got no hunger left.

    giroud is realy a good hard working striker. he is great at link play and had walcott given him pass he would have atleast 5 more goals.

    diaby is getting injured just by sitting home and having light diet.

    thank god we have got monreal to cover gibbs.

    i think the wilshere news of absent till season end seems true. hope not.

    just 2 days to watch my arsenal after such a big gap.

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  31. PatLloyd


    ‘Unlucky’, theres no room in a team trying to win the league for unlucky players, or hard working players – only quality players. If you want hard orking then Ramsey and Giroud are our best players- but they clearly arent. A very ignorant or idealistic view on your behalf i think

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  32. alaka edward

    Wenger is like a mini-god @ Arsenal now, even Schzney(pardon my unpo-lish spelling) our goalkeeper confessed it… He’s against Usmanov policy, so that tells you he sure doesn’t want Dein back too… All we can pray for is for Red&White Holdings to make a take-over move soonest… Remember guys, Dein brought him to the club from faraway japan and dein also brokered the deal to bring the best of players we had back then. DEIN IS WHAT WE NEED NOT VIERA OR ARSENE TACTICS!

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  33. Afc

    There will only be one Patrik vieira there’s no point looking for another.

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  34. Afc

    There will only be one Patrik vieira there’s no point looking for another.

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  35. prayden

    I don’t think we should be trying to replace Viera, I think we haven’t been the same since Gilberto Silva left us. I know Song isn’t out an out and out DM, but I would like him back either him or Vincent Kompany.

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  36. trm

    Vieria and Wenger was able to fit into Arsenal life because of the fabulous famous back 5.

    But now the game has changed and a bully midfielder doesn’t work for Arsenals style of football (even though they need one). Although I feel there are players who can protect the defence and be a ball player (therefore not lost as a simple ball winner only)and a bully.
    I like the barca approach, defend from the front. I want to see the likes of Walcot, Ox, Cazola, Poldoski do what Wilshire does well…that is try and win the ball back. This way your defensive Midfielder can push forward and support and not be lost as a simple ball winner, and when needing to defend…actually defend

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  37. gonnerboy4life

    Marouane Fellaini, Mat Hummels, Julio Cesar and Gonzalo Higuain.
    Fellaini= 20million, Hummels= 18million, Cesar= 2million and Higuain= 25million
    Total= 65million

    AND, guess what? Fellaini would like to play Champions League just like Hummels, Cesar and Higuain but for Fellaini, Arsenal is the team. Higuain has fallen out of favour at Maddrid and Hummels is not happy in Germany. All players are available.

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  38. GoonerNL

    Italian football agent Guido Di Domenico has revealed that Stevan Jovetic is set to join Arsenal in the summer and has already agreed terms on a move.

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made Fiorentina ace Jovetic his top transfer target for next season, with the club keen to recruit a big name forward to help lead the line.

    And according to respected Fifa agent, Di Domenico, the Gunners have already agreed terms to bring the 23-year-old to north London, after he snubbed interest from Juventus.

    ‘Jovetic was among the possible options for Juventus, but my information is that the boy has already given the go ahead to move to Arsenal,’ said Di Comenico.

    ‘He seems fascinated by their project.’

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  39. Abraxas

    Has no one here ever heard of Toulalan? He has strength and finesse, and he is french. For £17m we could grab him!

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  40. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo Thks mate. Good to get your news. Must get good 3 points Sat to close gap on the scum down the road!!

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  41. Sergio

    Easy on the capitals! It sounds like you’re constantly excited!

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  42. Sahil

    Just throw coquelin in the team and play him alongside arteta ( this wud be our alonso and khedira partnership )

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  43. true goon

    i don’t think Schweinsteiger is that good,he was quite average in the euros,Yaya Toure is perfect but is unrealistic,Fellaini could do the job but i don’t think he will come to us an he likes playing further forward now.There are plenty of players who can protect our back 4,Jao Moutinho for 1.Coquelin hasn’t been given a chance due to Wenger an injuries

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  44. Gunner

    The title of the article says it all!

    Arsenal need another Patrick Vierra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  45. alaka edward

    @Abraxas: its obvious from your view you know the solution to our DM problem… TOULAHAN! He’s the right player to boss our midfield. He has the commanding carisma, plus he’s also skillful… Thot our coach is french, and he should at least know malaga are in deep mess as he’s succeeded with 2 buys already with them… Though, i heard he already agreed a deal to join Athletico Madrid.

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  46. Sandzi

    I would love song back. People do not understand that he was pushing forward because we had no creative player. Jack and carzola were not there thats why he was coming with those crucial assits. Song back please.

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  47. ekow -stikka

    dont care anymore about Diaby. A top-top team deserves better. the likes of barca, madrid & united will not entertain such inconsistency. Let da guy leave we’re fed-up.

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  48. sdblues9

    Here are 5 players Arsenal should get……

    1. Higuain ~ we all should know that Benzema will start over Higuain @ real, so the argentine should make a move to another UCL team. Arsenal needs a striker because Giroud is doing terrible and I’ve never seen him play well @ Arsenal. Giroud should play at some mediocre team like Valenciennes or something.

    2. Hummels ~ Vermaelen is weakening and i see nothing in Mert or Koscielny, so a CB is what Arsenal needs. The lineup still would be good w/ 1 of them in.

    3. Isco ~ Malaga’s fall proves that Isco should leave. Arsenal is quite desperate, so Isco should add to the incomplete roster of a UCL team w/ a higher potential. he also will work well w/ Cazorla.

    4. Pepe Reina ~ Liverpool can’t produce UCL play, so Spain doesn’t notice him as well as Casillas or Valdes, so Arsenal should get him and bolster GK options since Szczesny isn’t that good.

    5. Fellaini ~ Fellaini is just like Reina, and he is outstanding. Fellaini fills the empty CDM spot. Arteta is weakening and Diaby and Ramsey are plain WEAK SAUCE!!!!!!

    That is who the Gunners need to watch for in the Window.

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