Arsenal offer £10m for Adrian Lopez

Arsenal have made the first move towards bringing the Spanish forward Adrian Lopez Alvarez in to the Arsenal team. They have started the bidding with an offer to Athletico Madrid, believed to be around £10 million. Arsene Wenger must be confident that the Spanish club, who are second in the Primera Liga behind Barcelona, are willing to sell the 24-year old front man because the offer is about £5 million less than his release clause.

Wenger is no fool when it comes to transfer dealings, so another Spanish bargain could soon be joining Santi Cazorla, according to the Mirror. Le Prof may have been alerted to his availability after reports from Spain that Radamel Falcao would be staying at Athletico, at least until the summer. Despite winning the Europa league and the Uefa Super cup this year, the club are struggling with debt and need to sell at least one of their star players.

Adrian has fallen out of favour at the club this season, starting just six league games. After scoring 19 times for them last season, he must have either fallen out with the manager, Diego Simeone, or they do not want to risk him getting injured before they can cash in.

He is a fast, talented and versatile player who can play as a winger on either side as well as a striker. Arsenal have already been in contact with Athletico for a while, apparently, so the deal could be announced early in January.

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83 thoughts on “Arsenal offer £10m for Adrian Lopez

  1. King Henry 14

    We NEED a Winger.,., Turan/Zaha/Lopez can be GOOD.,! COYG.,.,! :D

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  2. Kemp hater

    is this just going by the mirror………if so a stupid headline

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  3. Nicc le chef

    “…or they do not want to risk him getting injured before they can cash in.”
    …Srsly admin? What a stupid reason…

    thats what we have done with Djourou, not even been in the reserves

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  4. k

    We only play 1 striker so if we moved Podolski and Walcott into those position then we would have enough.
    Man U have Welbeck and Hernandez on the bench
    Man City have Dzeko and Balotelli
    We would have Giroud and Podolski

    Just as good as the two Manchester teams in terms of subs. That would leave us short on the wings so I would buy a winger, a defensive midfielder, and Luke Shaw.

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  5. Arunavameister

    imo,he would be a quality addition(not a replacement hopefully)…

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  6. Matt

    Saturday night at the Emirates was phenomenal. I still believe in Wengers ability to turn Arsenal around and if he thinks Lopez is the man then he must be pretty damn good. I think tying up Theo to a long term deal should be a priority but if Le Prof wants to throw in Lopez and Wanyama then you certainly wont hear me complaining!

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  7. Arsenal till I die

    Walcott move for striker, a winger cdm and lb is the position which is needed to be reinforce.

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  8. Twig

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  9. philthompsonsnose

    This would be fantstic if it were true.. it would send out a statement of intent.. still need a quality LB and another Midfielder..!

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  10. mrinal

    no we don’t need a striker .. we hav walcott , podolski and giroud . if a fourth will come ,then walcott may not want to stay .. and i don’t want him to go
    we need strootman or mvilla
    im simple words A CDM
    arsene put a bid for one of these two

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  11. leo

    @admin’s &@ to all the gooners of this site we may have had our differneces argued among ourselfs but in the end one thing that unites is we are all gooner i have never seen or known you guys i have irritated most of you with my comments if i said anything wrong sorry 2 all but from one gooner to another gooner wish you all a happy & prosperous new year

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  12. Rob

    I think we should start rosicky, ramsey, (in his cm position, not on the wing), coquelin and giroud against southampton, move cazorla, wilshere, walcott and arteta to the bench. We need to rotate a little, we have a massive away game at swansea on sat, which is our best chance at a trophy left this season. We need them fresh for sat.
    If we need them, we can bring them on after 60mins or so.

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  13. Rob

    Happy new year @Leo.

    Love ur updates, makes life easier so I don’t have to search all the web to get my news.

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  14. leo

    i think adrian lopez will be a arsenal player soon the turkish media believes arda turan is arsenal bound & we have made a bid of around 8m + add ons for zaha as well we are also interested in david villa the player too wants arsenal move barcelona rejected a loan move for villa llorente is also a target

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  15. o_0

    If we get a CDM, a proper winger (one who actually wants to play there) and maybe a backup LB, I’ll be happy. But signing Theo is our first priority!

    By the way, Admin, what happened to the Android app and mobile website…? I’d like to read this site on the go…

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  16. leo

    @rob thanks dude we are going in2 2013 for exciting time expect a busy jan we are already in talks with villa or llorente/shaw/zaha/turan/adrian lopez + henry will join on loan stay postive gooners buisness is about to pick up hope so

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  17. Somtee

    Why do I have the feeling that Adrian is not the only Striker Arsenal will be signing this window

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  18. the king

    lopez is okay.
    not world class but as always this is our club.
    avrage player who costs 10m.

    and thy say we have money.
    just disappointed at the club we never spend money on world class players yet pay highest tickets and have a mssive fans base.

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  19. o_0

    @john 3:16 That’s SIX signings! Think of how much that would cost in the summer, let alone January! And if we sign all six, how will the youth get a chance to play, huh?

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  20. leo

    i expect arsenal to sign 2-3 players besides henry a stiker/cdm & another player maybe a gk or lb the rest like hotby/zaha/turan could happen in summer we have already made a bid for lopez & want villa or llorente

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  21. nick cannon

    Rather have Arda. Cmon Wenger make it happen. He would be a great addition.

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  22. Rob


    If that true, that means we’ve got a non-homegrown squad player def leaving to free up the space for turan.

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  23. jamaican gunner

    @ 0_0 if use this site often enough u would learn not to pay much attention to what john 3:16 writes

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  24. Gunnerineverylife

    Djourou to Hannover,Chamakh to West Ham,Arshavin to Zenit/Reading should free up lot of wages.Give Theo what he wants,give Sagna 2 years conctract rather than 1 year,come on if Squid spends 4 year on bench without doing anything then Sagna certainly deserves to get 2 year contract,it’s been a while that a player has not retired at our club.

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  25. leo

    @jamican gunner no dude but a turkish journalist said this we are also in for luke shaw but that depends on santos transfer galatarsay

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  26. Mowember

    So its going to be a busy transfer window lots deadwood leaving and wenger has finally from the looks of it chosen for quality.

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  27. BruceTongaBull

    @Leo sensible first comment. You lie sometimes bt its all in trying to update us. But wea is that famous Perfomance analyst danderhead @cj..disappeared since th end of th september transfer deadline…he lie that Mvilla and Butland deals wea done deals. Man @cj u are forgiven.pliz come Back,its a brand newyear after all.. WE ARE ALL GUNAZ. coyg

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  28. Invincibles nice (1)

    He must be a replacement for Arshavin and Zaha a replacement for where Walcott wont play, or vice versa, thats if theres truth to the stories.

    What of arda Turan?

    Must say that Lopez looks a nothing player when seeing and comparing him with his teammate Falcao, but then again so do allot of players.

    I just hope that we can get deals done as soon as possible. Wonder what Theo will think if we get another striker who plays centrally, will he shirk the challenge and use it as an excuse for leaving, if so hes going to get allot more competition at other big clubs. I dont think its fair if Theo believes himself owed the starting berth just coz, then ourselves only looking at winger type strikers rather than getting the jewel in the crown type that we are crying out for, one whom could walk straight into our line up.

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  29. leo

    @brucetongabull never lied whatever news i have got i have shared sometimes maybe it has been wrong mistakes happen we are all human biengs

    has anyway has anyone seen paul this time he should be giving us transfer info

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  30. el gooneraldo

    what happened to our world class scouts, Lopez signed for free on a Bosman last year from Dep La Coruna, and now he is going to cost 12 million, i hope the Turan rumours are true because he is a phenomenal left sided winger and it means “Forehead” will be keeping the bench warm instead of running round like a headless chicken.

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  31. haywill


    Any news about Walcott’s contract?
    I have a strong feeling that he will be leaving since we are already active in the transfer window. Seems that we’re starting to find replacement for Walcott.

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  32. Rob


    @paul was banned back in the summer. He abused people who disagreed with him on a daily basis. Shame really cos he called van persie and song leaving way before everyone else, and the podolski deal too.

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  33. mo

    some one who scored only one goal so far this season can help arsenal? am sure chamak would have scored abt 4,5 goals at arsenal by now so we dont need him

    sign walcott
    sign sgna

    sign new dif mid like diame or someone else for diaby back up

    back up for gibbs

    and if walcott moved to striker so sign Zaha or Turan AND A STRIKER NOW OR IN SUMMER

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  34. RT


    Have you heard any more about us being linked to Isco mate? This time last year he was a top target for us I’m worried we might lose out since he’s been announced La Liga young player of the year!! Isco’s who we need to primarily sign I think COYG

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  35. leo

    @haywill theo has been offered a new contract worth 85-90 a week + 4-5m for signing new deal his agents are the main problems but i think he will stay still nothing clear at the moment all i know we are now in for adrian lopez/luke shaw/cdm & maybe zaha or a gk

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  36. leo

    @rt no news regarding isco heard city wants him all i know we are in for adrian lopez/zaha/luke shaw & maybe a cdm i think we will sign 2-3 players let’s hope there will be surprises

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  37. Moses

    10m is a reasonable deal for him, he’d add a different dimension to our team, give us another dangerous weapon, and is a relatively low cost considering he’s not even in his prime yet.

    RE: Turan, don’t put too much faith in this, but his wikipedia page lists him as an Arsenal player! Says we bought him for 15m on January 1st 2013 lol

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  38. caribbean

    @ leo…
    thanks man for all those updates…Usually i have to look up several websites to get an idea as to who arsenal is interested in and so on…Today all i had to do was read your comments…
    I really like the names that i am hearing:Lopez,Zaha,Turan,Shaw…but am still concerned…What about that CMD

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  39. gunner

    mate arda turan is not an arsenal player at the moment.
    the Wikipedia page was change by @leo.

    LOL, can’t believe u believed. i guess i would’ve fallen for it.
    look at leo’s post on this page, that will clarify it.

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  40. Robin Van Payslip

    Wenger is in the office on his computer. Bould walks in

    Bould: What you doing Arsene?

    Wenger: Working

    Wenger is deeply engrossed in the screen. He then laughs loudly

    Bould: What?

    Wenger: I’m on JustArsenal. I was reading one of Robin Van Payslip’s posts

    Bould: Oh

    Wenger: Look I’m sure he means no offense.

    Bould: Really? He make fun of Gazidis, Gervinho and I for the same reason

    Wenger: To be fair Gervinho is the worst player we have signed.

    Wenger is scrolling up the JustArsenal homepage. He spits his coffee out

    Bould: What has Robin Van Payslip said about my hair now

    Wenger: No no………it says we have bid for Lopez

    Bould: What that kid from South America

    Wenger: No the real Lopez. That guy Adrian. It says on JustArsenal that we bid 10 million

    Bould: No way! We don’t have that kid of chedda homie

    Wenger gets up and he and Bould run down the corridor to Ivans office. They knock and walk in

    Ivan is facing the opposite direction looking out of the window while sitting in his huge chair.

    Wenger: Ivan, what happened?

    Ivan turns around. He has a cat in his lap which he is stroking

    Gazidis: Well well what do we have here

    Wenger: Did you bid for Lopez? I thought…..

    Bould butts in

    Bould: Arsene…….

    Wenger: What now?

    Bould points to Gazidis and his cat

    Bould: That’s kitteh

    Wenger: Ivan, did you kidnap Steves kitten?

    Bould: Give it back!

    Gazidis: If this transfer window does not go to plan kitteh gets it

    A tear runs down Steves cheek

    Bould: Arsene, please save my kitteh

    Wenger: Great!

    Bould: What do you want, Ivan?

    Gazidis: We can’t be bothered to spend money but then fans say I am bad for not spending.

    Wenger: Here we go again……

    Gazidis: I said we had 70 million to spend

    Wenger: And?

    Gazidis: There is going to be a backlash. Now for some reason fans think you sign the players

    Wenger: LOL

    Gazidis: What?

    Wenger: No no carry on

    Gazidis: So you take the blame

    Wenger: OK hand back kitteh

    Gazidis: You fooled me once, never again!

    Wenger: When did I fool you?

    Gazidis: You said, “Sign this player called Gervinho, he is the next Drogba”.

    Wenger: Oh

    Gazidis: You get Kitteh back at the end of the transfer window. In the meantime we bid for a no. of high profile players but we bid low and ‘almost sign’ them. Then in Feb you say you thought they would not add value to the squad

    Wenger looks behing Ivan. He sees the kid and dad from his neighbourhood again. The kid is pointing at Arsene and saying, “he stole kitteh”.

    Wenger: OK Ivan whatever you say. Steve….RUN

    Steve and Arsene run off

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  41. leo

    @gunner it’s true i updated turan’s wikipedia page or profile but the turkish/spanish media are reporting that ardan turan has agreed terms with arsenal that’s what they are reporting i still am not sure about this all i know we are now in talks with athletico madrid over adrian lopez there is no way they will sell both turan & lopez in same window again the media in spain say that we have agreed terms with turan not 100% confirmed

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  42. Wil

    Here is one report Arsenal agree £19m deal for La Liga Playmaker!
    £19m may sound like a lot of money for a January transfer but the fact reamins, Turan will be ready and available for Champions League football.

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  43. Greg

    Looks like all these rumours about arsenal signing this player and that player is just mere speculation by the media blown out of proportion!

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  44. Wil

    It’s nice to have all these names tagged to Arsenal. so Chel/City/UTD can’t steal our target cause they wont know which is really our target!!!!!

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  45. lifeasagooner

    I hope its true.
    He can apparently play as a winger if needed.
    He looks like he has excellent close ball control, composure and coolness in the box.

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  46. Bouba

    Again Arsenal putting on a cheap move…!!!

    The release fees are £15 millions not 10…!!!

    Another excuse to say that they made an offer that was refused…!!

    Anyway, I hope they keep Walcott… If he goes, the “deluded one” should pack his bags too…

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  47. Baldylox

    Happy new year gooners lets see the boys rip our opposition to shreds 530 tomorow :-)

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  48. Younger Hamii

    I’m assuming this article has stemmed from the papers given that it mentions the Mirror, It would be less misleading If the headline were to state ‘Reports:’ prior to the headline actually been stated.

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  49. Terry Norman

    Happy new year everyone, lets hope for a special 2013 for the boys in red and white!

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  50. MattGooner

    If we get 2-3 Spanish players Zaha Shaw and a good CDM I think I will literally jizz in my pants…

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  51. Mike

    I hope it won’t be the normal case of being linked to good players and by the 30th of January Wenger says “if we don’t buy anyone i believe this team is strong enough”,cos i’m sick of that happening to us!!!!

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  52. coachey

    Wenger just needs to do some signing to strengthen our attacking force and solidify our midfield cos the midfield is just too weaken. We need players like Felani and Tiote in the middle or M’Villa. Pls prof do something before is trophyless this season again.

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    Pliz bring him spaniads a working 4 arsenal than any other team in premier league

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  54. Shah93

    Adrian Lopez isn’t Arsenal quality… 51 appearances and only 9 goals, thats horrible, and thats in the spanish league.

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  55. goonerjay

    Can’t wait for the game today! Will be a true test, see if newcastle wasn’t a one off and see if walcott can be consistant! Hopefully he still keeps those attacking 3 for now because in my opinion thats our strongest starting 3 at the moment!

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  56. Jego

    Signing Adrian Lopez would be foolish – waste of money and time, another potential deadwood, he will be our spanish Gervinho. I’ve watched the guy on several occasions – he doesn’t even deserve to play for our reserves – not an Arsenal standard. Frugal board is about to make a big mistake here by trying to save 5-7 millions on a decent player. Quality doesn’t come cheap ask Asda and Marks & Spencers.

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  57. GoonerUPnorth

    Literally what planet are half of you lot on. I leave london for a few years and youve lost the plot. You all sound like your playing fifa or championship manager. Sign 2 or 3 spanish, zaha, shaw and ba. That is seriously funny. Thank god none of you lot are in charge of the club, or indeed my accountant, cos wed be skint. Arsene wenger and the board dont do this to you, you do this to you. They never speculate, and are totally unassuming and professional. Im sick of reading pathetic comments on this site. You gossipers are about as bad as the media and the players agnts. Absolute shame on you. I sincerely hope we get thru sonton and back up to fourth and who knows with the missed west ham game in out favour back to third in a team that is finding its feet and growing. Stadium nearly paid and not a debt in sight. You wait til citys financial bubble butsts or chelskis, even utd. Unsustainable clubs.

    Now im not saying that new players isnt exciting but literally stop guessing. Your only hurtin yourselves. Wait for word from hq is my advice for january and enjoy what thenteam are giving us in the meantime. Wed be hard pushed to bring anyone in, in a january window thats gona improve on cazorla wilshere and arteta ox theo pold n giroud. Good luck finding that.

    I pray for the day that a site pops up on the internet where we actually here from the club temselves regarding transfers. Oh it has. The club homepage. Jesus

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  58. Terry Norman

    Mate it gets a lot of people down ie all these transfer rumours but the club and Wenger deliberately help fuel such speculation. Personally, like you I suppose,,I’d rather just wait and see because you only get disappointed when we don’t sign anyone.

    But rumours give people a forum to air their views, absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you have ever visited the official arsenal website you get absolutely no news concerning transfers etc, so why visit it?

    I’m not going to get into financial matters, but I’d like to hear your views on why and when you think city and Chelsea’s financial bubble is going to burst.

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  59. Apc

    This guy is average. Hel get bullied in the prem. we need players like ben arfa. Demba ba. Diame. Get sump proven prem players in jesus. If we sign this guy il give up.

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