Arsenal player ratings and review from West Brom

West Bromwich Albion 1 – 1 Arsenal, (3 – 4 on penalties) player ratings by KJ

The Arsenal team in comparison to West Brom’s was a lot more inexperienced and I did fear the worst when I saw both line ups. However, the first half proved that neither team was at it, as it was a rarity to see a team keep the ball for more than a minute.

The second half is where it livened up a little bit. We managed to score thanks to some good work by Bendtner and Eisfeld (both of whom were arguably our worst players in the first half). Bendtner played a well weighted through ball and Eisfeld coolly finessed it past the keeper. 0 – 1.

Unfortunately, Arsenal’s defence this season hasn’t been holding up and we conceded from a corner. 1 – 1. We went through extra time where the game was more stretched but neither team could score the winning goal. Eventually, it was all decided in an exciting penalty shootout with Nacho Monreal scoring the winning penalty for Arsenal.

Player ratings:
Fabianski – 7.5
Was very solid and commanding in goal. Was also decent in the shootout and guessed well.
Jenkinson – 7.5 (MOTM)
He was the best outfield player for me. He was funnily enough our best attacking threat and was up and down all night.
Mertesacker – 7
Had a very solid performance at CB and cleared many corners
Vermaelen – 6
Did some things well but was clearly lacking fitness.
Monreal – 7
Was very good all night and was also a better attacking threat than most of the outfield players. Nice winning penalty as well.
Arteta – 6.5
Wasn’t really able to dictate the pace of the game and gave away some poor passes.
Hayden – 6.5
Was very good during his debut. Kept it neat and was solid when he was on.
Gnabry – 5
Nothing went right for him all night and to top it all off, he missed his penalty.
Eisfeld – 5.5
Aside from his goal, there was little to talk about him. No movement, poor passing and generally, a poor midfield performance.
Ryo – 6
Was better than Gnabry but it was a Gervinho-esque performance. Whenever it came time to deliver an end product, it was often shockingly poor.
Bendtner – 6
A decent performance from someone who hasn’t played for the club in more than 2 years. Clearly unfit but managed to hold up the ball better than expected. He also scored his penalty with ease.
Olsson – 6.5
He was decent when subbed on and was able to control the game well from his deep midfield position. Very good penalty considering it was 3 – 1 to West Brom at the time.
Akpom – 7.5
Very good performance by him when he came on and definitely added something different when going forward. Also scored a penalty.
Bellerin – 6
Ok performance by the Spaniard but made some poor decisions when goal-scoring opportunities arose.

All in all, it was a performance that you’d expect from a team consisting of youngsters and Bendtner. We held in defensively and managed to win. It was a scrappy performance but a win nonetheless.

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal player ratings and review from West Brom


    Chuba Akpom is very Henryish. Good Forward and could be a very good Striker with Farda Wengers special tutoring. Look at his post game interview on Arsenal. Com. Very confident. I like it. Would like to see more of him.

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    1. Gunnersway

      I was most impressed/surprised by his performance.
      Heard his name a lot without seeing many live actions.. He is absolutely a fantastic player and I already see a bright future for him at Arsenal!!

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    1. Bravais

      was that a rule?…I think That’s just someone’s view so why can’t another person have otherwise…fo me I’ll go for Jeckinson.

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        1. onlyoneicefm

          Oi calm down frank! I agree Mert & Jenk were both good and I also feel some ratings were of… For instance I believe Gnabry and Chuba deserve the same rating at least! Also your forgetting the main point! WE WON! And yet again Sh*tting on spurs! (In PL I mean) That’s more than enough for me!

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      1. Andrew AFC

        He was mine as well. Very rarely do goal keepers get the MOTM when they have a good game.

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  2. John Legend

    Gnabry was playing consecutively at a high level which he wasn’t used to before now. He will come good.

    Ryo will improve with time, he has talents.

    As for Akpom, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Ollson, they were impressive, really impressive.

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  3. Bravais

    was that a rule?…I think That’s just someone’s view so why can’t another person have otherwise…fo me I’ll go for Jeckinson.

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  4. RSH

    I have to admit, I am somewhat worried about some of our youth players. When you look at their ages, they are actually close to Wilshere and Jenkinson’s age. You’d think Ryo and especially Eisfeld would be further along. Both 20. Wasn’t impressed by either. Eisfeld seemed non-existent besides for the goal he scored, and we all know how Ryo’s night went. Other youngsters have time, but I’m wondering how much time’s left for the others.

    To make it to the first team I just think they need to grasp these opportunities better. I don’t see the next youth star. Fabregas, Wilshere, ???. We’ll have to see I guess. But fair enough, they did beat West Brom who had their 2nd string players mixed w/ starters.

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    1. AlanFrank

      Your talking like the youth team is something new. These players will either make it or they won’t there a good bunch but we’ve had a lot of very good young players over the years. Some who look the most promising fail to make the stap up others never get a good enough chance because there too far down the pecking order. A couple of them will make it all of them absolutely no chance it good that there’s so many good youngsters because they’ll push each other all the way to the top and show who really deserves to play in the first team.

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      1. RSH

        all true, but i’d want at least one or two from every group to become longer term players. These crop of players I can’t exactly see who that would be. Nobody stands out.

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        1. AlanFrank

          One or two will make it there a very good bunch my money is on Gnabry, Bellerin possibly Akpom but I think being a striker is the hardest possition to get into beacuse scoring goal is so important so he’ll probable get fewer chances. I’m also a big fan of Aneke who’s on loan at Crewe. Other’s not to sure about Ryo is good but parts of his game need to massively improve and Esfeld plays in the the position our team is the strongest so can see him ever getting much of a chance.

          I think it was ryo Ferdinand who said in youth team matches it doesn’t matter about the score it matters about how individuals play (within a team but the team performance doesn’t matter) about individuals showing how good they are to get a chance in the first team. Then taking there chance when they come because they might not get many. Also it’s not always the players you’d expect some of the best at youth level can’t make the step up.

          Point is there making the step up as individuals not a team.

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          1. Tidan2

            Thats why we need to change to the spanish system, Arsenal B all the way, then the youngsters play proper league matches and stop this individual talent over team crap which means they can do all these tricks but have little to no grit and make wayward passes every couple of minutes.

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          2. Tidan2

            did some research, the u21 system now is better than it was but they don’t play enough matches (only 1 match against each opposition and possible playoffs) and they only play fellow U21 players. By only having young players you dramatically lower the physical requirements of all players and by only playing one match each that ends up being one match every two weeks which is also not great, no wonder its such a big jump to first team)

            Arsenal should hire some bodybuilders, we would dominate the u21 league if all our youngster put on 20 pounds of muscle and kept their technical skill, plus they would be much easier to integrate into the PL. Maybe when they hit 18 (or 19/20) they should be given a muscle building course for 4 months alongside their football.

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    2. DanielC1989

      doesn’t really matter about if they are close to their age or not. Ian Wright wasn’t even a pro until 22 and look how he turned out.

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      1. Tidan2

        of course it does, if you play weaker, smaller, less intense players with less stamina you require less physical fitness on your part to out play them.

        Thats not a great example because its an anomaly and because Ian Wright spent multiple seasons in division 2 as a starter before playing in the PL, our youngsters are expected to jump from u21 league straight to PL, u21 league is no where near as physically demanding as normal leagues and thats what makes it such an overly big jump.

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    3. Goonermundy

      Eisfeld did have a bad game admittedly but going on what he has shown over the past two years he is definitely a future starter. Him along with Gnabry and Zelalem will benefit hugely from the experienced German contingent within the squad and I fully expect them to be fast tracked into the first team.

      I think you and others are being a little harsh on our youth system by saying that our young players aren’t all that young. If you compare our young talent to the others within the league you can actually see how young ours have always been. Look at the young English players people rant about like Cleverly, Barkley, Phil Jones etc etc, They are all around 19-22. We are so used to bringing in stars at 16/17 like Wilshere, Cesc, Chamberlain that we forget how young our standards have become.

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  5. OneArseneWenger

    When I wrote that Jenkinson is rapidly becoming one of the best I got a red comment.
    I think he’s a fighter and a winner, that run through the middle he did there shows his real character.
    Youngsters did well holding the fortress for 120 mins and winning on pens and the fact that lady luck was again on our side is also a positve e sign (knock on wood ;)).

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    1. AlanFrank

      Don’t explain your self there thumbing Jenkinson down not you. The guys not much older than most of the other players who played last night yet he’s playing in the first team regularly, that shows how good he is, improving all the time, and loves arsenal so always gives his all not only as a player but as a fan. Very good player and only going to get better.

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  6. EmirateGoons

    Are youth players are very good… We played a very good WBA side and still managed to win. They certainly have character and talent. However i feel the likes of eisfield, olsson, akpom, gnabry and bellerin needs to play/ train with the first team if they want to be more regular with the fist team. If you think about jenkinson has improved because he has been involved with the first since he came to arsenal. JW10 had fabregas, nasri, rvp when he became part if the first team. And cesc had the likes of vieira and henry etc

    If they play with rosicky, podolski, a fit arteta against chelsea then im sure we will see a much better improvement from them.

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  7. Greg

    Akpom gave a great performance against west brom, without a doubt! Definitely my motm! Coyg!

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  8. Manofsteel

    Did anyone see Olsson give the west brom keeper a very cheeky look when the team was celebrating Nacho’s goal? Haha anywho, can’t wait 4 the Swansea game.

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  9. permagooner

    I almost never agree with the ratings. In this case….

    I lost track of how many times Mert cleared the ball from danger. He was spectacular and played 2 hours after a game a few days ago. Clearly MOTM. Jenks also good.

    Eisfeld scored – Sort of important don’t you think.

    Bendtner also did 2 full hours after playing very little lately (several others also). That plus the assist and the PK. Not Bad. Better than I had expected certainly.

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  10. Obinna

    Think only the back four did well enough. The rest were kind of embarassing.
    And bendtner now looks like an actor

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  11. JustJoy

    I still believe in these youngstars Gnabry, Eisfield, Zalalem, Olsson, Miyachi, Hayden, Akpom, Sanogo, Bellerin, etc.

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  12. Chacha

    If all our injured players are back.We will have a good squad depth
    First Team(My opinion)

    Second Team

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