Arsenal players delighted about Ozil and Club’s Ambition!!

Players delighted at Ozil addition by Ash

It has almost been a week since we found out Arsenal would be signing Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid in a £42.4 million deal; however the fans are still as excited to see him play as they were at the start and it doesn’t look like things will calm down anytime soon.

Arsenal fans of course are understandably happy with the transfer and their prolonged excitement probably won’t surprise many because it’s not often the Gunners get to see world class additions come into their team. Not only that but the club record breaking deal of £42.4 million shows intent and ambition from the club and Arsenal must be serious about pushing further in the future, otherwise I struggle to see how Ozil was so convinced to come.

But it’s not only the fans that are excited for his imminent arrival because new teammates Per Mertesacker and Alex Oxlade=Chamberlain have also had their say on the Germany international and both can’t wait to link up with the playmaker.

Mertesacker who is currently on international duty with Ozil stated: “I know him quite well. We spent two years together at Werder Bremen so I think that Arsene Wenger will get the best out of him. I think he will fit in. He suits us and we’re really looking forward to playing with him and to be his team-mate.”

Mertesacker has also played with Ozil at Werder Bremen in Germany so he already knows the 24 year old well. Hopefully their relationship alongside Podolski as well can help the newcomer settle in quickly with the club. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also couldn’t help but show his excitement at the transfer deal.

He said, “I jumped in the air. But you don’t even have to be an Arsenal fan to jump in the air. When you find out that a world-class player like that is coming to England you’re going to jump for joy even if you’re a Tottenham fan. Well, maybe not a Tottenham fan, I won’t push it too far. In the end we and the fans have got what we want: a really good addition.”

There’s no doubt that I think the whole league cannot wait to see Ozil play in the Premier League however of course Arsenal are the keenest. The club has managed to bring in a real world class talent and although some clubs like Chelsea and Man City manage to do it every summer and winter in the transfer window, for Arsenal, it’s a statement of intent and I can’t wait to see what Ozil can do in the Premier League with Arsenal!

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal players delighted about Ozil and Club’s Ambition!!

  1. ithjggihdsdf

    Guys gervinhos words were apparently taken out of context he was actually praising arsene and said some other stuff but he WASN’T bashing arsenal or wenger

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  2. arsenal19

    Love it Ozil and a 1 or 2 other signings in January and we will be winning those trophies and not just the Carling cup, the big ones

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    1. arsenal19

      sorry everybody Capital One cup HUGE DIFFERENCE! Beer or banking I know my choice

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    2. Goonsquad8

      I know it is such a good feeling knowing that our club now has ambition and with 1 more world class signing this squad will win major trophies!

      i think we can dominate england for years and even europe. this team has something special about them i pray for no injuries cause its gonna be a great season. Saturday cant come soon enough.

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  3. Greg

    Its great that the team is motivated by the signing of mesut ozil, and his ambition to help the club win silverware! Its also a good moral boosting situation that would motivate the team on the field to be more determine and hungry to succeed with his positive presence as an inspiration!

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  4. RK1339

    DARN, I WANNA get an ozil 11 shirt but my dad wont get me one. so pissed i am.

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  5. chun

    Everyone’s so high on Ozil! It’s gonna show in our performances I tell you. We’ll thrash the next few teams by 3-4 goals!

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  6. Gooneristic Truth

    I remember when my friends and I were young & used to play football against boys from other neighborhoods, each team had their own guy, the star playmaker, or the Messi or, as Arsenal fans would now put it, the Özil… that guy who brought confidence to our performances because of his superior dribbling skills. Özil should have a similar effect on Arsenal players, and hopefully that’ll translate to victories and a trophy or two. .

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  7. Dynn14

    Whole people are getting excited about Ozil because he will play with Arsenal. All people knows that Arsenal have its own class. All people know how good is Arsenal play style. Now with Ozil add-on, there should be Tha Bomb.

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  8. T-shirt

    we won the last 4 games and the team is buzzing,then you bring a worldclass player and the self belief of the players is strengthened,confidence is no longer a problem to this team.
    they just have to focus on winning each game.

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  9. French

    Counting down the days till the Sunderland game… Hell, I’ll be excited when I see the first training ground pictures of the squad with him on Wednesday!!

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  10. ShadGunner

    Sometimes having a small close-knit happy team is better then having,a large but unSatisfied team with less playing time for some..People i think,we are about to witness an ARSENAL ERA!

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  11. permagooner

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    1. Big Gun

      I really do think Wenger wanted a striker before the window closed. Yes, he waited too long a fannied around for 3 months, but the fact that Jose blocked us from getting Ba on loan means Wenger knows we are a bit short there. That is why Nickerless Bentdner THE GREATEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD™ and Sanogo will have to suffice for know in the case Giroud gets injured. Giroud has been playing well lately, so at least we are not too poor in the striker department. Expect a top signing in Jan.

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    2. Gooneristic Truth

      In that case, Barcelona would be dry of trophies because they have been quite short on strikers too. I’m sure Arsenal will be just fine. At least, until December anyway!

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  12. odinaks

    Waiting for the sunderland game is not killing.waiting to see him train at arsenal for the 1st time is whats making me go high….@arsenal pics beta make him luk sublime in training or ……..

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  13. Neily

    See RM are showing their ‘class’ again.

    The fans revolt after they see Ozil leave and a chimp arrive.

    Perez (perhaps) starts rumours in the press about Ozil being some kind of gigolo so RM fans can feel that there were other reasons for his sale.

    You know why Bale is at RM?

    Because Perez got into a measuring contest with then Barca president Laporte after losing out on Neymar.

    He said to RM fans ”I would do something even bigger.”

    Spending 90m on a chimp who can shoot from distance, dribble a bit and…well…very little else is a pretty huge…mistake.

    Cheers for Ozil though!

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  14. ebemka

    Lol… I dnt think chamberlain was the only one to jump in the air… As for me i was awake all night on that transfwr deadline day waiting for ozil deal to be announced…. Great addition, now lets play well and except suarez to join us by january

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  15. 9ce

    Such a delight. If wenger hannesed Ozil into scorin plenty goals I think he could be our own messi, his game style is kinda similar to messi only that messi is the king of Goals

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  16. Gunner Akhil

    All I wanna see this saturday is how cazorla and ozil are gonna combine. One twos and through balls of high quality. Classiest midfield in the league. Luckiest footballer at the moment is oliver giroud!

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  17. ebemka

    I dnt think ozil wil start on saturday… Since he is a gamechanger, i expect him to comein t second half coyg

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    1. whateversid

      I think Rosicky will start as AM and Ozil will replace him for last 30 minutes.

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    I’m expecting nothing less than 5 goals against Sunderland. Their under 21 team smashed them we should thrash their living daylights in the Stadium of lights. COYG!!!

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  19. captinweestain

    We got 2 German youngsters as well Einsfield, Gnarby, who will learn alot, jeeze, everyone player will learn from this guy, he’s a magical. (He made Ronaldo look 50 times better)
    We are going to dominate the world!

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