Arsenal players fired up for the Spurs derby match

Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen, Wojciech Szczesny and Jack Wilshere have all been at Arsenal long enough to fully appreciate the significance of a game against Tottenham, whether they are rivals for league position or not. They are making sure that the rest of the Arsenal squad are ready for battle and know that the fans will not tolerate anything less than 100 percent tomorrow.

Szczesny should be back between the sticks after an injury lay-off, and he is hoping that tomorrow’s game can give Arsenal a similar boost that last season’s 5-2 victory gave us.

“It’s all about commitment in this one, and I’m confident we can go out there and get the job done.

“Hopefully it can have the same effect for us that it did in February, when it really kick-started our season.”

Sagna has also just made it back from injury in time for the derby, anyone might think they have been waiting for this game. It was the Frenchman who began the comeback from two down last season, and he cannot wait to get at Tottenham again.

“It’s just massive, you can feel the pressure around the stadium. You can feel the pressure on the pitch. We can’t lose that game.

Vermaelen is captain of Arsenal and will feel the responsibility for a good performance more than most, but he knows that it gives Arsenal a golden opportunity to lift everybody connected with the club.

“This isn’t a normal game, it’s a special one.

“Practically, we need to get three points on the board, but I think it would give both the fans and the team a massive boost if we won.”

Two players who will need no encouragement to be up for this match are Carl Jenkinson and Jack Wilshere. Jenkinson has been a Gooner all his life, while Jack has been at the club since he was nine. Wenger says that the local derby is `in his heart,` and he could be the key man tomorrow. Come On You Gunners! FOYS

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal players fired up for the Spurs derby match

  1. juhislihis

    I had a dream last night that we were leading 3-0 by the half time. We conceded once in the second but end up winning 3-1.

    1-0 Podolski
    2-0 Giroud
    3-0 Walcott

    Hope it wasn’t just a dream.

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  2. Chrisports

    @john what’s about 2nd.
    We are the ARSENAL n tomorrow won’t be different as we will gun down the spurs.

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  3. leo

    arsenal should do well cazorla & giroud were in training arteta look doubtful still we have a good squad coyg’s

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  4. leo

    it will be high scoring game but still i wish we had bought in astriker & a cdm,lb in summer could have made us a bit confident going in2 this match hope in jan we make those signings

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  5. James

    Would love to see giroud continue his goal streak. Also would love to see podolski drill in a free kick and szczesny keep a clean sheet

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  6. leo

    Q: What do you think of Tottenham? A: Shit! Q: What do you think of shit? A: Tottenham!

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  7. leo

    Brian Spencer (Taxi driver): Jack Wilshere was looking at my Spurs hat and there was real hate in his eyes. jack wilshere future arsenal captian

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  8. Laurentkboi

    Said it a lot of times anyone buying that wenger will change formation to 5 or 3 at the back tomorrow

    As long. As we earn three points I am happy a draw is a lose and we can’t lose so that means a win is the only way we must win tomorrow just hope we play with the attitude we had at the start

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  9. gazlar

    I’m never confident of beating any team these days. We look shakey at the back and generally clueless all over the pitch. Not nice to watch at all.

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  10. mohawk35

    Arsenal just need some confidence – One good performance.

    Everyone lately remarks how shakey and nervous Arsenal look, yet early in the season many high profile European players and coaches commented how Arsenal looked so solid – Same Team, Same Players.

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  11. k

    It’s 12:45 GMT (I don’t know if you use a different time zone so if you do just convert it)

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  12. Twig

    Giroud Walcott
    Cazorla Arshavin Arteta Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Vermalaen Koscielny Mertasacker Sagna

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  13. ms.smith

    Frankly I do not care how many more games we ve left 2 play dis season, if arsenal doesn’t win Spurs dis weekend I ll Fling my 6yrs of loyalty,patience and jerseys thru d window after all the likes of Fabregas, van persie who got paid 2 support and play 4 arsenal could do it how much more me who only receives life threatening heart attacks every weekend from d likes of Gervinho and co after they wld ve stimulated my blood pressure frm their dribblin only 2 end up wit outrageous misses which even a partially lame person wld ve coverted. Falcao ll determine wat jersey I ll wear in january,though I pray it not be man city’s.

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  14. Akeel

    We certainly have what it takes 2 win…….and at home spuds can’t beat us…..even in the worst times this game happens to come and we load our guns and shoot them down…..we aren’t gunneRs for nothing solid defense smooth quick passing and put our chances away easier said than done! But against Spuds! GunneRs are always loaded! COYG!!!!!!! Giroud and Poldi and Cazorla first derby taste and they will taste victory :) :)

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  15. gunparadise

    A must win game not a draw or lose from now on for Arsenal. We loss to many points already. Mentallity of winning needed.

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  16. Bouba

    Even a draw will be a failure.
    Nothing less or more than a WIN…

    As a matter of fact, even if we were at the bottom of the league, it is still the game WE CANNOT LOOSE…

    The spurs CANNOT PASS.

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  17. Justin Nicholson

    ms.smith, you’re a dickhead. This page is for true gooners and if they lose this match you’re going to wear Falcao’s jersey next year? Piss off mate. We are suppose to support Arsenal through these tough times cause we are good enough to be the best. We have the players and we have the best manager in the world to do so. C’mon Arsenal, I know you can do it.

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