Arsenal serious about buying Llorente?

There have been many Arsenal transfer rumours lately clearly stating that Arsene Wenger is very serious about buying a new striker in January to compete with Olivier Giroud for the centre-forward position at the Emirates.

There have been many names put forward as possible Wenger targets but most Arsenal fans (knowing that Wenger doesn’t like spending big money unless he gets some value) would agree that the contract rebel Fernando Llorente is the most likely target as he is certain to be available for a cheap exit from Athletico Bilbao this January.

Now Marca are reporting that they know that Arsenal are talking to Bilbao and have asked to be “kept informed” if any other clubs express an interest in the Spanish international, which would imply that Arsenal have made the Lion King his priority target for the coming transfer window.

Giroud scored again for France tonight but if Arsenal are serious about challenging for all honours this year then the Frenchman surely won’t be able to play in every single game, so it makes great sense for Wenger to get in another centre-forward in January, so why not Llorente?

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55 thoughts on “Arsenal serious about buying Llorente?

  1. true goon

    i agree would be a good addition for around 10m,would link up well with cazorla,arteta and others.

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  2. Jrod

    Good news if true. Get some deadwood wages off the books at the same time!!

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  3. Daymee

    Llorente is not a bad player, particularly if we can get him on a bargain. He will add experience and depth to the forward line. His physical frame will also add steel. Having said that, I would be looking at a striker in the mould of David Villa, someone who could bring in that magic and of course the spanish tiki-taka and goals. I’d love David Villa even if it meant spending just a bit more. Llorente isn’t bad at all but I’d prefer Villa who is rumoured to want to leave Barca

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  4. villa123

    i would prefer a striker who has got pace and is tricky infront of defenders. we have girourd so.. no llorente! if possible go for leandro damiao!

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  5. S.H


    Have you really thought about what you said? You want David Villa – a player who is already 30, just recently recovered from a major injury, and has less size than Mickey Mouse on a 15″ screen. So what happens to Villa when we don’t need him after 1-2 years? Would it not be smarter to invest in someone younger that we can keep longer and resell for a bigger price than what we originally paid for? Really think about it!

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  6. dan

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  7. koolio

    Brilliant professional scouts we have in the comment section in this site.

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  8. pab

    Leandro Damiao all the way!!! I would prefer him as he is better player then Llorente and he has a different style to Giroud (unlike Llorente). I wouldn’t want us to become predictable up front, us having 2 world class strikers but with different styles would make it very difficult for other teams to handle us.

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  9. northwestlondongooner

    We NEED another striker! after Grioud we only have Chamack! signing Llornete in jan would defo be a huge boost! he is one of the most underrated playeres in the world!… Oh and well done Grouid great goal for france!!! That was the real confident boost he needed!

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  10. ojikiti

    Players in there department need competition to keep them work harder, so Llorente will be a good addition to Arsenal squad with his pace and fine finish.

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  11. Top-GuNNer

    With his contract situation and the quality he has someone is going to get a bargain here, so why shouldn’t it be us? This is exactly the kind of deal Wenger would like, similar to how we got Carzola(which was a stroke of genius) I really hope this Happens for us and am quite optimistic about it.


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  12. AYJ

    If we can get him on the cheap, then hey why not! He is indeed tall, though he has a lot of mobility and skill.. Very similar to Adebayor.. In the way he plays that is; not mentality, thankfully.. Also, we had Bergkamp and Henry in the same team, and playing alongside each other.. Why not Llorente and Giroud?? Would suit AFC to a tee!

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  13. steve

    Llorente is too much similar to Giroud, and very slow…
    I think Loic Remy from Marseille would be the the perfect signing for january.younger(he is 25 years old), strong, fast, have a good finishing, can play as winger or as a centre forward, and all that for cheap(around 11m£. and he rejected spurs

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  14. Phillip

    Lewandowski? Huntelaar? Really like to see a signing with a proven record. Lewandoski may end up being too expensive, but huntelaar would be smart. As many goals as rvp last season.

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  15. abel

    @bob so ur point is if anybody is not in the spanish team,he’s not that good..what of ARTETA??? Very(x8) good player but has no caps for spain…of which llorente is a spanish international.

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  16. neel

    Huntelaar would be a nice addition to the squad, hes already proven himself in the bundesliga and he would be a cheap alternative for a strong but pacey player.. and hes quite the finisher

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  17. leo

    29 goals in la liga is not a piece of cake can’t believe there are some who still say he is a bad player arsenal must sign llorente he will be a hit the other targets are unrealistic jovetic is not even a striker valued at 30m/huntelaar will be 30 soon/loic remy valued at 20m is injury prone i think we have plenty of those my other option besides llorente would be lewandowski even barca & madrid wanted him last season surely llorente can’t be that bad

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  18. leo

    @villa123 leandro damiao is valued at 30m + he wants serie a move huuntellar will be 30 soon if we need that old player go for david villa loic remy is an injury prone player & at 23 not even a regular in french national team who could leave in jan llorente or lewandowski or soldado

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  19. leo

    BREAKING: Felix Baumgartner successfully lands a dive from 125,000 feet. Gareth Bale will try and break his record next weekend

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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    I dont know about anyone else on here but i haven’t seen nearly enough of Lorente that tells me i am sure i want us to get this lad, i would like to see more comments on here, describing what it was that they seen in him, that seems to make the majority so sure with..

    As for me, if we are to lose Walcott “wich now looks likely”?, i would’nt mind it at all if we where to “bring D Sturridge on board”, and with the striker that is set to arrive, i would like us to either purchase “Lewendowski or Hernandez” as in my opinion these are two footballers that know exactly where the goalposts are, who link play up competently, working off the last defender, and knowing their jobs habitually.

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  21. leo

    I love how Felix Baumgartner can stay on his feet after diving from 128,000ft. Suarez, Bale, Young, Welbeck, go F*ck yourselves..
    If Felix landed in Old Trafford, Ref would have given a penalty to Man Utd

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  22. KickuPtheArsene

    This will probably get a lot of thumbs down, but I really don’t think Wenger will buy another player this transfer window. Just can’t see it happening. I believe he will hang onto his kitty and look at spending next Summer. Llorente is on lots of radars, not just ours. And simply by the way we operate in the transfer window, Llorente has too much spotlight on him for us to go for him – even for a bargain, he will be overpriced because of other clubs in the hint for a quality forward. I think any reports we hear about us going for him are there to throw the sent off whatever we really have planned. The only exception to this is if we sell Walcott. If so, we would look for a replacement, but I don’t think it would be a CF/striker. It would need to be a RW who can play up front also – and who that player is, is a mystery to everyone but Wenger I suppose.

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  23. Simon Kinywa

    An emergency striker like Llorente will do thereafter we start shopping and grooming a young future striker.Please Wenger sign a defender like Mbia and a defensive midfielder like M’villa to assist Arteta during injuries or burnouts

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  24. landmind111

    Wouldn’t mind Llorente, I think he’s got better feet than Giroud, but I think having big strikers is handy for a team like ours, we have a lot of smaller tricky players already! We need a couple more beasts in there to bring diversity and balance to our play. Spanish players are a good choice too!

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  25. northlondonsfinest06

    Let’s be fair… Giroud is standing high and tall right now in Arsenal & that fantastic because quite frankly he is sure that even though we have wingers he is our only sure natural striker! So why not bring in a little competition. Regardless of the player. (But truly David Villa is way too old!) Just let us build our team in quality just like Wenger states every year! If we win a cup this year we would be prouder than most teams because we’ve truly earnt it! We didn’t buy our way in! Like most teams!

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  26. Henryesk

    @Bob you say Llorente isn’t good because he isn’t in the Spain ‘team’ then what are you saying about Arteta?

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  27. Ali

    With Senegal out of the African Cup of Nations, I wouldn’t be surprised if its Demba Ba who comes to Arsenal and not Llorente.

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  28. villa123

    @ dan.. yes for me girourd is way better den llorente! and didnt u read ma comment.. m talking about damiao as our second striker! he is fast and can be used in wing as wel so dey can inter change der place during game! i hope u got now what i meant!!!

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  29. villa123

    @leo.. its not like first time someone will be hired by a team of not his dream! Aguero wantd a move to real madrid but now he is happy happy playing for city!!!! wenger will have more den 35 million for winter signing! so many ain’t a problem!!!

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  30. rocky

    Its a no from me with regards to Llorente, he’s too similar to Giroud, both physically and his style of play.

    Yes it would be good for someone to challenge for his position, but chances are if either is being subbed its because they’re not scoring so the defence is coping with them, replacing them like for like wouldn’t cause much of an impact in my opinion.

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  31. Brandonbear

    I seriously think that Arsene is overlooking Walcott as this striker that we apparently so desperately need? Yes he is inconsistent but which Arsenal fans would actually be happy to see him play against us? I definitely wouldn’t! The boy is lightening quick, his movement is intelligent and his finishing is now top class. I’d be inclined to get llorente anyway if he’s as cheap as people say he might be. It would give us options to rotate up top with a couple of players from similar (ish) moulds, with giroud and llorente being of similar stature, and Walcott and gerv. Plus am I right in saying he wouldn’t be cup tied for th CL?! A big bonus!

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  32. oladimeji

    i would prefer lewandowski if we can break the bank to get him. but lloriente is not that bad the problem is just that his style of play is similar to that of olivier giroud.

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  33. taylor

    people doubting this transfer, how many times has arsene got it wrong? hardly ever. if he wants llorente, he will be a good signing and for 10m its a bargain. IN ARSENE WE TRUST. COYG

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  34. richietrice360

    i dont think we need another striker we have walcot who in my opinion will do very well playing in that position.all we need is a natural winger in the likes of ISCO fantastic player dribbles well with much confident too and scores too it wont be bad to have another spaniard in the team plus gervinho will do well if he works on his finishing.

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  35. richietrice360

    do u guys know how prolific podoski is when he is being played up front?

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  36. Dan

    Would be a good signing but if Theo goes then that just leaves Gervinho, Podolski and Chambo as the only wingers. I think we need to sign another especially if he wants to move Chambo in to the centre.

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  37. afchearted

    I had to chuckle at one of the comments above saying money isn’t a problem so we should get damiao. Talking about afc and money being no issue are two terms that should never be on the same page much less the same line. Every season we hear one of the fuddy duddies from upstairs saying there is money to spend whether it be 5, 10, 20 or 30 mill who knows but the media latch onto round it off to some ball park figure and every afc fan runs with it. I agree with @kickupthearsene and @rocky fully with regards to jan transfers and the need for llorente. I do however feel we need a box to box type midfielder with some physical presence in the diaby mould to balance our very shortish midfield simply cos there is no way we can rely on diaby, who? i will leave that to the experts.

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  38. Joe

    Llorete would be a great signing and though he’s so much similar to giroud, we have a second alternative in gervinho and walcott. I think he’s the best target out there if we were to sing someone in January but again I’m not convinced we’re looking to sign any high profile player

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  39. ArsenalsF

    I sort of feel we won’t sign another striker unless walcott leaves. We have Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, and Walcott. Would seem right out of the norm for Wenger to bring in another one – especially because he likes to have 4 main strikers in one squad alla henry, bergkamp, wiltord, edu

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  40. greg

    i want Leandro Damiao. His tall,fast,powerful and his only 23
    we should keep hold of walcott and convert him in a st or cf,which arsenal would have 3 good st to pick from.
    arsenal do need a right winger, although gervinho is a winger his only good on the left and podolski is left winger thats y arsenal need a rw. i would love navas to come but he gets homesick

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  41. dalinho

    Would love Diaby-arteta-cazorla or

    Walcott.or Poldi or
    Ox. Gervinho
    Llorente or

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  42. abrahim

    It is true that D. Villa is 30 yrs but he has the experience in front of goal mouth and the ability to retain the ball. this is the kind front man Arsenal needs now. It’s going to help us win trophies this season. We also need a good defensive midfielder who will replace Mikel Arteta just in case he’s injured. And offload other strikers who are not in form.

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