Arsenal to be saved by Jesus?

Arsene Wenger is praying that Theo Walcott agrees to sign a new deal that keeps him at the Emirates, but if he doesn’t then Arsenal may have to sell him before he walks away next summer on a free transfer. Salvation may be just around the corner for the Gunners, as Arsenal are preparing a bid for the Sevilla and Spain winger Jesus Navas.

Navas has been one of the best players in the history of the Spanish club, and has got a release clause of  £35 million, according to the Daily Star. There is no way that Wenger will pay this amount but the value of release clauses does not seem to mean much these days. Spanish newspaper AS seem to think that a bid of around £15 million should be enough to convince Sevilla to cash in.

Arsenal new boy Santi Cazorla is rumoured to be the main instigator of the move. He has apparently spoken to Wenger and urged him to pull out all the stops to sign Navas if Walcott is on his way out. Although Navas is a quality player, I personally hope that Theo decides to stay at Arsenal. I know that he can be frustrating, but he has got the potential to destroy opposition defences and has been showing signs that things are finally clicking for him.

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64 thoughts on “Arsenal to be saved by Jesus?

  1. david

    i love a good rumour but i really hope this happens jesus is quality written all over him, just look at his name

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  2. Ebilalas

    Am tired of dis so called rumours,wen wil it end 4 jesus christ sake,Asenal link 2 dis,link 2 dat…..

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  3. Smiley

    I’m pretty sure Walcott will sign a new contract, can’t see anyone else taking him apart from Liverpool and Spurs and god knows why he’d want to move to any of those. Also Jesus Navas has spent his whole life at Sevilla in fact he introduced he son to the crowd.
    I’m sorry to say but I can’t see this deal happening.

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  4. arsenal fan

    Walcott is our usain Bolt… He can destroy any defense on his day…. He was very good player last year… I hope he ll continue his form… Mr. Wenger do not sell our great player… he is getting maturity now..

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  5. Wasim gunner

    arshavin:-( squillaci
    Hoping 4 dis!!

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  6. TheDoctor

    this is the first time in my life, as an arsenal fan, i finally get that feeling when i was playing fifa manager; joy due to the signing of many top class players but also fear due to so many chop and change in a season.

    maybe wenger had been practising with fifa manager himself? :D

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  7. shayroz SR88

    when u read , a player like j.navas is linked with your club…u might read the headline twice or make sure wht u r reading is correct..’bcz fr me he is d mst underrated spanish plyr in d world…’100times bettr thn theo..’

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  8. AllRichC

    only one problem with this, Jesus suffers from bad home sickness. he is dealing with it now but before he has not travelled with the Spanish squad due to this problem. i do hope he has got over it though as he would be a great signing.

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  9. Tamkin

    But, if Arsenal do replcae Navas with Theo …. its gonna be AWESOME …. they are both young (i think so) and bot are fantastic! (Navas is more consistent though)

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  10. hgn

    just another rumour, like the 500 other ones that just have come to absoulotly nothing. having said that, what a great signing it would be.

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  11. DraGooner

    This would be my dream transfer market if we got Navas, I’ve wanted him and Podolski at Arsenal for the last 6 years.

    But the ultimate cherry on top would be to sign Keisuke Honda since he doesnt want to go to Lazio anymoreg

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  12. rocky

    Jesus Navas has severe “homesickness and debilitating anxiety attacks”, he was unable to travel until 2010 where he undertook hypnotherapy to ease the problem of travelling, good luck trying to get him to London, and even better luck getting him to stay for 4+ years.

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  13. canadiangunner

    RUMOUR: MESSI, RONALDO AND NEYMAR MOVING TO ARSENAL ON A BID OF £100,000,000 FOR EACH. like come on, we get the rumours…

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  14. young Alhaji

    TW14 will remain here (emirates) J.navas will arrive here (emirates) then competition will be constant…up gunners

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  15. Flame

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  16. Explosive

    Jesus Navas is an exceptional talent but I have heard before that he has got a depression problem and is severely home sick. He would be a great addition to the squad but we are certainly not looking forward for another Yuri Zhirkov. I hope that he had got over this issue and will be willing to move outside Spain.

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  17. Pat Rice

    Quite frankly I’m stick n tired of drama queens in Arsenal Walcott either should sign or we sell him.

    Its not like he is a world class player, he’s one dimensional, only relies on speed(no plan b) and inconsistent. He should be begging us that he stays at Arsenal not the other way around.

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  18. Ben Greenwood

    really don’t rate walcott but i’m willing to give him another chance this season and see what he can do. would be interesting to see what he could do in a striker position as i don’t think his dribbling ability is up to par on the wing.. he loses possession way too often.

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  19. ruelando

    There seems to be a lot of wide talent about the leagues
    and if we really search you can find some good ones for arsenal. However i believe that we should keep Theo because with Cazorla he will improve much more. Yes Navas would be a great signing, but Theo i think can have a even better season than last year

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  20. wez the gooner

    walcott may be to destroy defences on his day, jesus navas does it all the time, a better player than walcott in many ways and is very consistent, if walcott does leave and we cant get navas i say go for hatem ben arfa, woud be expensive but he is worth every penny

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  21. real gunner

    *BREAKING NEWS* arsenal are romoured to have tabled a bid of £50m for “Real Gunner”. Real Gunner of no current club can play striker, DMF CB and Full back on either age 35 he is in the prime of his life and is looking at a 7yr £200kp/w deal. Expect official confirmation in 48hrs. Great news I think. What do u think?

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  22. jk

    Dont think wenger is “praying” theo stays that might be a bit over the top. Lets be fair if theo was to leave i think we could easily replace him. adam johnson, mauricio isla, gaitan etc there are plenty of excellent right wingers out there who are better than walcott and who would command less than 100k a week he would be advised to sign with us as quickly as possible. The club cannot be held ransom by lets face it an average player!

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  23. Stanley

    Even if we sign Navas Walcott is not going anywhere for sure he will sign a new contract with arsenal.

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  24. jk

    Navas has reyes written all over him cant see wenger taken that risk, i think we could play cazorla right wing in a diamond formation when we get sahin and wilshere into the side he played very well there for malaga!

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  25. Dark Gunner

    If Theo is going to be a great player, then this is the season he has to prove it. Its now or never for the lad.

    He has so much potential but dnt forget OX is just around the corner and if theo dosent improve his decision making, crossing and finishing this season and at the same time dosent sign a new contract, then we all know what happens.

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  26. Dan

    Kind of sums us up really. We could potentially have a world class player like Navas and yet we’re ‘hoping’ a mediocre player like Walcott signs a new deal and a wage increase, absoloutly bloody ridiculous! I imagine Cazorla has suggested him to Wenger but we’ll never learn.

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  27. stephen187

    Navas is much better then walcott technically and very quick skillful but he won’t settle in england because of his homesickness. To bad

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  28. Toni Ton

    its funny when fans say things for certainty. how can any one be sure that walcott will sign? did you envisage song’s move a month ago? sure it looked impossible then. in the world of football of today, any thing is almost possible and things can change pretty quickly, lets keep fingers crossed until the window shuts, and lets pray to get our targets in before then.

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  29. gabriel

    Y is it that arsenal are so quick to sell a player but it takes forever to announce a player, just look at the trauma we(arsenal fans) went through before the announcement of carzola. now its sahin, same with mvilla, deafening silence only God know wat player will be the next

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    My instint tells me Walcott wants to go but to where and who will buy him, I have not been told that yet.On a serious not, please get Jesus. We need that name at Arsenal.

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  31. Apostolos

    Jesus Navas isn’t coming to Arsenal he has a contract still till 2015 and has had serious problems about being away from Sevilla, did Arsene Wenger forget about Jose Reyes allready(although Reyes was awesome when he first came over). I’m sure Wenger tried but doubt this happens because Navas seems happy at home at Sevilla. That’s also why Sahin,Mvilla/Biglia,and M Baye seem a lot more likely to me they all want to come to Arsenal and there teams(so far) haven’t received better offers then Wengers.

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  32. OM

    If Navas comes then TW is definitely being played in the Central attacker role – or support of.

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  33. Irish gooner

    doesnt navas have chronic homesickness and thats why he never left sevilla? he was supposed to move to chelski a few years ago but the transfer was stopped at the last minute because of it and thats why he hasnt played that many games for spain because fear of travelling. either way I cant see wenger buying him, he would be a great signing but the priority for the next week and a half has to be getting sahin and hopefully m’vila/biglia or capoue.

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  34. Gunner 4 life

    Definitly not going to happen. Theo will sign a new contract and i think i remember hearing that one of the reasons that jesus navas has spent his whole career in spain is because he gets seriously home sick.

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  35. Arsenal007

    Could you all read Rocky’s comments as the final say on this.

    Nice one Rocky…you spoke my mind

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  36. Jordan

    Player like Jesus Navas would be a great asset for us i really hope that this is not just a rumor and that the transfer will come true. i remmember few years back was watching jesus playing and i was hoping for him to sign for arsenal one day i hope this year will be the year !!!

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  37. mista jay

    there is no way arsenal will get this navas guy. but iv a funny feeling theo wont sign a new contract. hes taking to long, i dont know what he’s playing at..

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  38. Nigerian Gunner

    Jesus Navas is very much better than theo Walcott, the edge Walcott got over Navas is ONLY….and i repeat….ONLY his Speed

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  39. Uche

    I can only imagine the kind of headlines that newspapers will be turning out each week after Jesus must have ripped our opponents for the week a new one. Check this out:

    - Jesus Christ! Navas Throws in Another Divine Performance!
    - Jesus Saves Sloppy Arsenal Yet Again!
    - Halleluyah! Jesus Reigns Supreme!
    - Prayers for Tottenham as Jesus Descends on White Hart Lane.

    And so on and so forth. You get the drift. Journalists will have a field day with this one.

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  40. Big Gun

    I have always rated him highly. He is more of a polished player than Walcott, but I think Walcott is like our joker in the pack, our wildcard. His speed is a MAJOR asset and I think surpasses in importance his other developing skills like dribbling and final pass. If we could I would keep Walcott, his best is yet to come.

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  41. ayjay

    if walcott were to leave, (which wouldn’t be my assumption because I get the impression that he has love for the club) then my preferred replacement would be Victor Moses. With each passing game that kid looks more and more effective- think Walcott’s speed, plus Drogba’s physicality and killer ball control to match.

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  42. Jordan

    dont care where theo goes. cant get a better club than us. i’d love to see navas at arsenal. such a quality player.

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  43. goonner for real from augrabies

    I’ve mentioned jesus navas the other, and people didn’t agree. That boy have quality. Go for him even if walcott stay. Best move wenger. Best move

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  44. OM

    How many palmtrees do we need to plant at the Emirates to make him think he’s home? Or maybe he’ll get hooked on fish’n chips (let’s hope not!)

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  45. stephen187

    victor moses is decent but he is soo greedy and almost always chooses to shoot. dont know how he would fit in here and whether he is top 4 material that said hes going to chelsea. i honestly think nathan dyer or scott sinclair could fill walcott role on the cheap(if he leaves) quick and better dribblers than walcott and both play for a possesion team.

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  46. dan

    keep dreaming will never happen this lad gets homesick when he steps out his front door! Hate these stupid rumours wish you would come up with proper facts instead of total bull!!

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  47. Smash

    The Ox is Theo but tactically better. I don know what people saw in TE Sunderland game, but Theo was second rate to Gervinho. Theo was dribbling into double teams constantly and he added nothing to the game. Theo is either brilliant or non existent. With that said he has south potential and he started living up to it last season. His ability to create goals is coming to fruition and I think it would be foolish for him to walk or for AW to sell him. I think he’ll be a stand out this season if he can keep his head in the game. Jesus is top quality winger and it would be nothing short of a steal to land him. It just wouldn’t make sense to me to bring in Jesus but I’d love it.

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  48. D1GOON

    Hope Wenger says he does not know who’s Jesus Navas… then the next day he signed him.

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