Arsenal to lose Emirates cash if they fail to get Top 4.

I bet that Arsene Wenger regrets making his comment about Arsenal reaching the Champions league is like winning a trophy, because he will never hear the last of it until he does steer the Gunners to silverware. Journalists can be like a dog with a bone, and they will gnaw this one until there is nothing left.

It did reveal the philosophy of the club in recent years, but I hope that now the stadium debts are almost paid, we will start to compete more stongly again, as Gazidis has promised. The Mail today carries a report which underlines the importance of Wenger managing to reach the elite European competition every year.

The new sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines has a clause in it that means failure to qualify would cause Arsenal to receive less money. Not only would the club lose the revenue from Uefa, it would be compounded with less from Emirates, but the Airline insist it is more of a little incentive.

“The Champions league is part of the new contract. It’s just to keep them on their toes.

“It’s fair to us and it’s fair to them.”

You can see why the club wants to link player’s salaries to this as well. To be fair to Wenger, he hasn’t failed in many years and, with a bit of investment, he is not going to start now.

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31 thoughts on “Arsenal to lose Emirates cash if they fail to get Top 4.

  1. ButtFlaps

    We are Dark Nights Rising! When we get Debbie Ba or Llorrents in Janaury we slowing climb to top top then SURPRISE RVP you so sorry!!!

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    In some ways thats good because it means the Arsenal board have more pressure to spend money so they can get there greedy hands on the money

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  3. sollygunner

    @ARSENAL FTW,,, i agree atleast this should mean that the penny pinchers will want to spend as the thought of losing money will haunt them as they sleep ( in one of there many luxury pads ) !!! coyg lets mix it with the big boys next year

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  4. tom


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  5. kas

    oh relax everyone! we have this every season; reasonable start-> crisis-> remarkable comeback-> decent finish

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  6. Jack Poulton

    They are doing the right thing because why would you invest in failure but i think no we have apparently a £150 million transfer kitty and Wengers worst start to a season I think he realized the need to spend as some one said a manger should mange the team and a coach should coach only if Wenger allowed to sort out defense I think everyone would see a marked improvement but not to say we can’t rely on Diaby as i think Wenger has realized finally and that we still need a proven goal getter to be more clinical up top

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  7. KickuPtheArsene

    We can all forget Huntelaar – he’s resigned a 2 yr deal with Shalke. We need to get Ba, otherwise we’ll end up with a shortfall of strikers by the end of Jan. (I am assuming Walcott & Chamakh are off this window. Ok, so not too worried about Chamakh, but if we lose Walcott, were will the goals come from … Santi? He knows where goal is, but he’s not a striker). I think Giroud & Podolski, but we need a proper, eye for goal & world class touch, striker. I’m missing RVP more than ever. :(

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  8. artillery1

    It Wont Make Us Worry :P

    USMANOV telecom company also want to give Us Sponsorship :P

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  9. Dave Highbury

    You mean that we’ve been making money every time we’ve been in the Champion’s league… the last 14 years?

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  10. leo

    great deal this will push stan to spend some more money speaking of which heard barca willing to lower villa price to 5-6m if so hope wenger get’s him & another striker like llorente or ba both available for 5-7m

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  11. Eugene Danso

    We gonna lose bcos we have refused 2 buy a quality n strong defensive midfielder (Arteta is not fit 4 this job)2 shield Par plus a quality striker. Even Alan Pardew knows which position 2 reinforce but not Money Wenger.

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  12. George

    @artillery1 Is that true that Usmanov wants his company to sponsor us? If so that would be great! As he could pay a lot of money as he wants to bring sucess to Arsenal. It could be even bigger than Man City’s sponsorship deal.

    Hopefully Usmanov will give us atleast £50million through sponsorship each year. This could be his way of getting his voice heard :D

    @leo If Villa is quite cheap at that price, it is worth a shot, but I am still not sure. How doy ou hear of this news anyway?

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  13. Onenil


    “oh relax everyone! we have this every season; reasonable start-> crisis-> remarkable comeback-> decent finish”

    …and the win no trophies….

    just tired of CL and other cups where we get in but seemingly have no way of sealing the deal. Change gonna come.

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  14. lumia

    How easily huntelar sign a new deal.. While our ‘superstar’ take time to think n think.. Its easy if u love the club just sign it.. I can’t see walcot staying.. He gonna be rvp 2.0.. Ohh wait for new signing.. Wait till I play as cf.. Wait till this n that..

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  15. artillery1

    Forget about deal, i saw last night RMA vs MALAGA… WE are Much much better in defense than RMA! :P :D :)

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  16. shahin

    Did the contract also mentioned that if we don’t qualify for the CL mr.wenger would lose some of his 7.5 million salary as well?

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  17. Big Gun

    Guys we are not out of the woods yet. Two minor victories and people are even starting to hassle RvP? Ridiculous. If we win the next 3 – 4 games and sign big in Jan, then I’d say things are shaping up.

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  18. trafficonmybrain

    its mean they REALLY (emirates)love us.
    There’s no way beside this to push wenger make our team more better an better and BUY SOME BETTER!

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  19. D1G

    They should rise their expectations.. apparently top 4 is not good enough anymore, it is just playing back a tape every new season.

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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    Who the f**k do they think they are, coz they gave us a loan they think they own our club. The only one offering any incentives should be us in trying to hold on to our players, titles are incentives not bloody worrying wether or not we’ll get the extra few quid.

    Im sure we could call our stadium by its original name and still do fine, before this hole naming rights thing came along there were nothing to worry about, im sure the men upstairs would miss the extra money but football done fine without inflation.

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  21. Terry Norman

    Like you mate I initially thought NOT qualifying for the CL would force Stan to spend money. I was wrong and so are you.
    The “self sufficient model” that Kroenke bought into is exactly that, the club is self sufficient which means NO injections of cash from the shareholders, NO MATTER WHAT.

    This is why Usmanov stated this “self sufficient model” was for the benefit of shareholders and not the club. This is why we adopt this ridiculous wage structure and this is why Gazedis is promoting FIFA’s FFP rules with such vigour ie it means the shareholders DO NOT put money into the club.

    Kroenke never has put a single cent into AFC and never will

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  22. khaesar

    TROPHY = sponsor coming + star players want to arsenal + further adds to fans + big names awake + opponents feared = profit & prosperous. NO TROPHY = sponsor does not want to come + no star players are going to the arsenal + big name tarnished + no longer feared opponent = loss & embarrassing.

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  23. chris from Cambridge

    Well Wenger had best leave the coaching to Steve Bould and keep out of it. Listen to what senior players ave said … it’s the wrong training .. way behind the times .. we made real progress (early season) under Bould. Of couse Wenger won’t do so. He has to be in Absolute Control.

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