Arsenal to offload Bendtner and get Mexes in return

Morning Gooners. So today news has broke about our infamous striker being set to make a move to the Italian shores this week. There have been constant negotiations  over his departure from Arsenal but now it seems the Dane is on his way out.

The striker has made it clear he does not see his future with the club, whilst Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have confirmed he does not figure in their plans. The problem, as we all know, lies in Bendtner’s inflated ego. He obviously thinks he’s one of the best strikers the football world has yet to see and therefore is reluctant to move to just any club. The Dane stated,

“It is not an option to stay at Arsenal, that is something neither I nor Arsenal desire. I am expecting that the club issue will be resolved before the transfer window is closed. There are serious negotiations going on.”

The striker admitted that he already has rejected some offers adding:

“Yes, I have. From the start, I had three requirements. In case they are not fulfilled, I have rejected them since they are not interesting at this point.” Obviously not making life easier for himself or Arsenal!

Milan are expected to step up their efforts to land our misfit in a swap with centre-back Philippe Mexes. Frankly, the deal sounds just plush if it’s true! The Italians are ready to offload the French star this week, and reports suggest that his £80k per week salary will be settled with a pay off deal that Milan are prepared to offer. So there you go, Arsenal board, a quality signing for a want-away striker and by the looks of it, his weekly wages will be lowered. Win win.

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56 thoughts on “Arsenal to offload Bendtner and get Mexes in return

  1. RobBelgium

    We don’t need Mexes!
    Selling Bendtner would be a good case.

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  2. Soler Deus

    Yap mates…@all gooners.It seems that finally we can get rid of an ignorant dane…who sees himself an angel of London…if rumours are to believe then we can have a solid backup CB…nice move Mr. Arsene. Though am so sure of the source mates…cn anybody prove it with some facts…???COYG

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  3. Alex

    Get this done or go after sakho . After that seal sahin and look at another striker and possibly a holding midfielder like Mvilla. I woul look at ba as he is cheap and a quality forward with pl experience. There is also cavani or higuain but they are expensive.

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  4. mani_gooner

    I prefer Sakho on any day…

    he is a MONSTER.. young too… also sources have said v have made a bid for him… so lets take money n invest on him rather.
    #COYG…. :) :)

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  5. dal

    We do need a defensive minded player but what I have seen of mexes hasn’t been that impressive. He also looks over weight. Hopefully he can see it as a new challenge & knuckle down. If he comes.

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  6. henry gunners

    Brillant one + m’villa, sahin Ǻπϑ lorrente we αяє favourite of champions dis time! COYG

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  7. henry gunners

    Ba is 7m Ǻπϑ + EPL experience! Let’s go 4 him

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  8. gooner

    We don’t want a potential new Squillaci. We are pretty well covered at centre back. Give Miquel a chance.
    If it is a swap deal, then swap Bendtner with Cassano. He is a winner, he is awesome during the Euro, can also play across the front three. Read on that he is looking to leave Milan as well.

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  9. grateful deadhead gooner

    bendtner leaving and mexes coming in for defensive backup? This transfer window is just getting better and better!

    I also heard bendtner wanted a move to Barcelona as well as for Spain to grant him citizenship so he could be the national team’s starting striker

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  10. dan

    Please wenger sell bendtner but dont include swap for mexes he is crap i rather have djourou as 4th choice over him any day of the week with all wengers knowledge of football you would think he would know who are decent defenders by now just made so may bad defensive signings and if this goes through you can add that to the list as well!

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  11. Ryan

    Whoever is saying he’d be the new Squillaci obviously haven’t seen him play. He’s played at the top level, just need Mexes to get fully fit and he’d bolster our defense no end. COYG!

    Now to get Sahin sorted, hopefully bring in M’Villa and a versatile defender. Also could get a versatile Midfielder/Attacker just incase any of our attack get injured.

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  12. Kobi

    Noooooooooooo Mexes is worse than Djourou!
    No No No!!!

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  13. dan

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  14. Big Gun

    @dan WHAT? I thought AVB wanted a more attacking midfielder as Modric is going to Madrid.

    If we get Mexes and M’vila I’ll be in dream land. Sahin deal is pretty much in the bag. Come on Wenger, just get them to sign on the dotted line and we will be bringing the glory home this season!!

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  15. jim

    mexes is too poor to get an arsenal shirt. he is too old to to gamble on his improvement…

    the idea is bad bad bad

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  16. jk

    Terrible business if true, mexes is a liability hence why milan want him out. we should “sell” bendtner and buy a decent defender like mbiwa or sakho

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  17. SDR

    If Mexes is so bad, he wouldn’t be in Milan and France national squads.
    I don’t think he would like to stay as a fourth choice CB.

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  18. Ben

    Ahh no! Squillaci, MK II. Mexes is done at this level. He’s run his race. He looked awful at Euro, how he kept Kos out for a couple of games is a mystery. Defence as never been Wenger’s strong suit. Bring in Sahko, then it’s done and sorted for ten years.

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  19. realist

    Would rather have the cash for bendtner to spend on yanga-mbwia he can play all positions in the back 4 and is an excellent DM.

    mexes is ok but slow and very limited. i would say he is about as good as djourou but is 6 years older certainly as slow as mertesacker but doesnt read the game as well.

    sahin by the way is coming as a holding midfielder. wenger is doing away with an out an out DM.

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  20. Dan

    I don’t think Mexes is another Squillaci. Adding him to the squad means we’ll have 4 proper centre halfs which is essential if you want to challenge for the title. Kos, Verm, Mert and Mexes can all rotate in and out + he’s French so he’ll know half our team already.

    Talking of French, when is this M’vila packing his bags for North London.

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  21. Moses

    Since now I guess there is no other signings that board should be fired how can they sale our players to our rivals as they add strength to their squad I think we as fans need something and it’s trophy Usmanov is ready for the changes if things go the way they are we shall go the street

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  22. Michael Staley

    Moses, in my opinion the Board don’t need to be fired, but I’m interested in how you or anybody feeling the same way would go about it. I mean, they are in control of the club; you’re not.

    Yeah, go to the street, mate, and play with the traffic.

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  23. omoluabi

    Bringing a misfit for a misfit?bad business.if club hijack our best, we should hijack other clubs’ best as well.

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  24. coleen

    I wuld lyk sakho,sahin,m’villa that wuld bring stability.once a gooner always a gooner

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  25. Ddog

    i think mexes would be slightly better than squillachi (which may not be good enough). they come of a similiar age, similiar international experience. however not that it matters, but ive always thought mexes was kinda cool looking. he’d look good in an arsenal t shirt, no homo!!

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  26. matt

    Mexes= another Squillaci. No thanks. We already have 5 centre backs. Cash up front would be better so we can invest in M’vila/Biglia

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  27. Johney

    MEXES…no…no…….Dane,squillachi,chamak..should all go for free..bring in M.villa and tiote to replace song

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  28. AmericanGooner

    To those who say Mexes is crap:

    Isn’t he a first choice CB for France last I checked. You don’t suck and get picked over Bosscielny. I don’t understand why Milan would do this.

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  29. Vincent

    We already have doujoru. We have to sell him first. Then if mexes come, we have to sell him too.. !!! Double burden, ha ha.

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  30. Nick

    This would be an ideal swap for us to make. We lose a player who isn’t gonna cut it for Arsenal and doesn’t want to be here and gain a very experienced central defender who could also be used in other areas. If we can make this deal happen and get the Sahin loan secured early this week it will be a very good week.

    I would prefer Sakho to Mexes but Mexes is by no stretch of the imagination a bad signing.

    I’d also prefer a permanent solution to our DM vacancy. Anyone know if the Sahin loan is an “option to buy” at the end? If not certainly Wenger will be scouting like crazy and maybe a permanent signing in Jan? I will have to see M’Vila move to Spuds as the rumor on their offer seems to be legit. That could come back to haunt us.

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  31. Amadi kizito c

    I dnt tink mexes is gud afta i watched him being suspended in euro dt gave koscieny a playing oppourtunity against spain.. And too he is old.. Wat we nid now is llorente.. I will be so glad 2 c him in arsenal jersey.. IN WENGER I TRUST……..

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  32. ERG

    Mexses is so overated its untrue!
    Hes old slow and not as good as vermaelan or kosileny or mertsacker for that matter!
    Also Bendtner is worth more market wise so unless their paying Arsenal aswell no thanks.
    Terrible deal hope this doesnt happen!
    We need money from any sale of Bendtner or a much more suitable swap deal.

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  33. Anay

    Definately people writing here donot know about biglia….biglia is better than m’villa on any given day… for bendtner and mexes deal…..if it happens it will be good for us……mexes is way better than djoure and squid.

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  34. nicky

    I wish I could have a definitive report on Mexes and his assets. Some say he is no longer an efficienr defender and would be of little use to Arsenal.
    Others say we should snap him up as a valuable addition to our defence.
    Who is right?

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  35. Alex Quayle

    Yes thank god hope this happens cause we need as many defenders as possible cause of our injury prone defenders like vermalen,mertesaker and if they both get injured we are screwed only having koscielny

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  36. Jk

    Mexes hahahaha sam tyms i wonder y we dnt understand him he s slow,dnt strugle 2 blok shot,dnt read game.ask y milan r ofloadin him he cnt even make 1st lineup

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  37. mic

    People dont know what there on about, mexes is as good as kos, merte is awful, this would be good swap for us, if we get.m’vila or biglia we will do well but we wont challenge man u city chelsea come on be realistic.

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  38. dreday

    Another senseless move. The man is always looking to provide french players in distress outside France with a newer source of livelihood (squillaci). It’s a known fact that the weakest point in the French national team is mexes and right now AC minlan will do anything to offload as a bad buy. This is the same guy Wenger wants to exchange one of the most prolific strikers in euro 2012 (bendtner)for. You allbetter tell that guy to think again before he makes one of the worst decisions in his (no more enviable)career.

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