Arsenal transfer rumours-Essien and M’Vila

Reports are now suggesting that Arsenal are trying to broker a loan deal for Chelsea’s 29-year old midfielder Michael Essien, while Rennes now expect Yann M’Vila to still be at the club for the foreseeable future.

The Rennes chairman said last week that there were bids from two Premier league clubs and from Zenit St. Petersburg in Russia. Apparently, pny Zenit’s bid was acceptable to the French club, but the player rejected that move. Tottenham were thought to have bid around £12 million and refused to go higher, then stated that they were looking elsewhere.

The third club, originally thought to be Arsenal, is now reported to have been Everton. They will not match Renne’s valuation either so, barring a last minute move, the French international will be staying where he is. Rennes seem to have started a lot of the rumours surrounding this deal and have been trying to start a bidding war. If the purpose was to bring in more money for the club, then it has backfired. If the purpose was to hold on to their midfielder, then it seems to have worked.

Metro reports today that Arsenal have enquired about the possibility of taking Michael Essien on loan for a year, and Chelsea are apparently considering it. Essien has slipped down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge after missing the start of last season through injury. Everton are also thought to be keen on taking the 29-year old on loan.

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100 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumours-Essien and M’Vila

  1. g882

    and then what? Chelski arnt going to let us have him for more than that. need someone to step in who wants to do great things as a gunner. Maybe AW can get the best back out of him though

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  2. Ed

    What a terrific capture this would be, although Essiens injury history isn’t encouraging, no point spending 500k for a season on a player who’ll be injured. If he does come Arsenal must run a very thorough medical.

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  3. albanian gooner

    Yesssss squillaci back in training wenger has changed his mind pathetuc hus says i have signed giroud cazorla padolski ok fair enough wenger but u f**king sold song and rvo i thing wenger his digging his own grave with his hands good luck to our new boys anyway lets wait & see how far we will go before he starts scraching his head like he did against man utd and black burn last year

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  4. alex

    wow this is great still nothing new or something that makes us feel great and happy.. clock is ticking and we havent done anything

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  5. blue

    i think essien is a good choice than the French, he have an immidiate impact to the club rather than to adapt the league but if any deal rather than loan.

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  7. Picky

    Essien.are you f*,cking serious.enough of this short fix shit.last year benayoun now essien.what are we the poor charity case neighbours.where is the future of our club heading??????is it any wonder we can’t keep our best players.good luck to all who have left for being ambitious.

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  8. LeProf knows more than you

    I think Essien would be decent cover actually. He may not be the player he was but to have him on loan, therefore no great commitment, is good business.

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  9. alex


    Do you think that to break the bank and spend well during one season is gonna make us lose our “balance in the books”, i mean to spend just for one season doesnt hurt anyone, besides the wage structure WENGER is the BEST PAID MANAGER IN PL, wake up people just wake up and make yourself the same question!! and for the people that is going to say:

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  10. davie...

    i expect nothing more than poldoski, Giroud and Cazorla. wenger and board are economist they know how to make money.. I wish i could by shares from Arsenal i would be a millionaire bya now lolz.. shame in em

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  11. AyMayne

    Essien is not a “top top player”. Rather not buy anything today than getting random unwanted guys.

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  12. Arsenal4Life

    I think Wenger is waiting till the final hours.. I think that he has made a 2/3 signings but will wait till the deadwood left. Maybe Walcott will also be sold and he is looking for a replacement.

    MBiwa Cabaye Llorente in and if Theo and Arshavin will leave maybe another striker (Remy/Dentinho/Perisic)

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  13. alex



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  14. ubylex

    Aw may God judge u & ur board directors, how can u keep on selling our best players, yet u can get us a good buy. Who is ME? Y not sell urself & get us a better manager. Am ashamed of you…fuck off

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  15. malibu




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  16. Picky

    Alex I agree.look at the quality players that have changed clubs for peanuts in today’s market.adam Johnson,dembele,joe allen etc.m’vila wouldn’t cost the earth.all in my opinion would have made us a better team.

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  17. GunnerCPH

    Bendtner medical confirmed at Juves website! Not stating whether it’s a loan or a permanent move, just that it is in fact happening!

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  18. th14

    people are complaining about essein but essien is a class player but just has had injury woes abit like rvp but ofcourse other clubs aint as patient as arsenal. Any way ithink him on loan will be a great move as he has prem expirience and will make an instant impact. Also this will enable us to get mvilla on a free next year if AW wanted him as hes expressed a disire to come here before.

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  19. gooner

    The thing many of you dont understand is that we have A LOT OF MONEY we just dont spend… this is insane

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  20. Betty oh Betty

    I’m beginning to think that what AW meant by “top,top,top quality” is that we’re probably not signing anyone this season. No doubt if nobody comes in he always has his comment to fall back on, “well, ermmm, we…weee couldn’t find top, top quality….blah,blah,blah blah,blah”
    Well there must be a pattern as this happens practically every season.

    I hope I’m wrong!!!!

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  21. RT

    WE DON’T WANT A LOAN!! WE WANT A TEAM!! NOT WITH PLAYERS LEAVING THE NEXT SEASON HOW CAN WE PROGRESS WITH THAT ATTITUDE!! Sick of Wenger and these silly loan links does he not understand we NEED to improve our team since all of our rivals have managed to do so, but even more so because of the hole left buy selling our 2 undoubtably best players!!
    But no he wouldnt spend all on a proven, world-class striker replacement such as Falcao would he? So we have to make do with him making last minute attempts to secure money-saving loans from Chelsea’s bench! Sick of it, this transfer window we’ve had the best oppurtunity to return our beloved Arsenal back to greatness! With M’Vila, Isco, Afellay, Remy etc.. ALL PURCHASABLE WITH A BIT OF DETERMINATION and to be feared once more. But no.
    We must remain to work the proven failed way. Selling our best and not replacing them with equal quality.

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  22. Dom

    This is terrible, Essien is past it in my opinion. think our time would be better spent looking elsewhere. Essien is not going to make the difference between us winning a cup or not.

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  23. Nir

    Honestly i would take essien. It would mean arteta cn play ahead. He is the fulcrum in our midfield.

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  24. jk

    @ Leo
    You sure bendtner not a loan to juve? As for essien wenger must be joking the guy is injured as much as diaby

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  25. ramash

    another season without a trophy good luck with that. wish they had left the squad just the way it was last season maybe it would have done better. poor old wenger i don’t know how many bottle of water his going to throw this season.

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  26. Mr Arsenal

    Bollox, bollox and more bollox…. I’m with you Malibu, Wenger and the board out….. Usmanov, Dein and guardiola in…..fuck it guys, im gonna start a protest outside the emirates wanting all the jokers out of our club…. Who’s joining me?

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  27. Dino Abby

    It’s getting very difficult understanding Wenger’s transfer strategy without a tinge of disappointment and frustration but we still hope that ‘not only Wenger knows what’s best but ALSO Wenger’s willing to do the best (enough to seriously be a title contender)’ I feel the Board is a bit too tight with regard to spending to the extend that any demand by fans for Arsenal to spend is being rebutted with ‘we don’t wanna be like MCity or Chelsea’. However, we know there are a few potential additions that could provide that edge that could define being a title contender or just targeting to hang on to being one of the top four and qualify for CL.

    Wenger has said many times before that Arsenal is always searching for quality players and that does not necessarily mean expensive players. I agree but I’m just hoping that Wenger doesn’t mean it to be ‘ I’m looking for cheap players hoping that they would turn out to be quality buys’ Still hoping for the best though.. Btw, a drastic improvement in our defense and set pieces due to the BOULD influence. Go Gunners!!

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  28. sam

    this maybe just a rumour the boss said only special players will be signed and thnk we all agree essien isnt special

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  29. jk

    @ gooner
    I think your right, when wenger said yesterday we could look in december alarm bells went off, we will be out of title race by december!!

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  30. Ofir

    According to BBC no significant signings are expected for AFC.
    Normally I am not obsessed with new signings, as I would love our team to have a solid basis of players playing together for a long time. If, however, we claim to be striving for trophies – then bringing in 3 (promising indeed) players and selling our two best players is nothing but deception.

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  31. Gooner Cape Town

    WE spent approximately 35m on 3 signings and sales realised 39m +8m for Bendtner. Plus the normal amount of +-30m Wenger gets to spend. Something doesn’y add up here. Why have we not gone our and bought who we need?
    Another disastarous window at the end.

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  32. cu

    Looks like no last minute big name signing but would not worry too much.
    Thanks to our splendid Board, the squad this year is good enough to win the League…i mean the cup!

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  33. gooner

    I lost my faith in wenger… and i said in arsene we trust for the past 7 years thats enough dont you think?

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  34. Skeeza

    Expect at least 1 player sign a permanent contract before the window closes!

    Wenger would prob get best out of essien and could be ok until wilshere/ fri
    Pong return.

    Essien loan won’t seem half as bad as long as we sign another striker

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  35. Kobi

    Essien??? This aint 2006! Hes nowhere near Songs level and would be a bad choice. What the hell is going on???
    Why not Capoue or Mvila. Im soooo pissed off. No ambition.

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  36. AFCdrivingmenuts !

    Fulham accept bid from Villa for Dempsey

    Waste. Could have bought him.

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  37. jk

    @ Gooner Cape town
    Dont forget the 4 million for vela and the 1 million for landsbury and 1 million for bartley aswell this is a joke!!

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  38. globalsafeaus

    I think we will be out of teh title race well before december., especially if suddeny one of te hkey player will gets injured. There is no proper replacement. The secodn line does not give me ANY confidence at all. I honestly think if we make the top four we will be very lucky, but I would not bet on it. Not in a row, twice.

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  39. jk

    Ive backed wenger no matter what since he took over but if this window closes without investing in quality signings if had enough of him and the board!!

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  40. Picky

    Gooner, I said the same last night.when are people going to stop with this in arsen we trust shit.7 bloody years with no success.change the way we do things or get out.we reach the champions league year after year but deep down every arsenal fan knows we have jack shit chance of winning it.well next season we won’t have to worry because we will not qualify.

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  41. Gundam

    superlame… nothing more to say… just sign the mofo right now… ohwell could still happen… a dudes gotta dream, gotta hope

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  42. Sammmy

    I pity most of u…….listing 2 rumors , wenger ave nt list any player’s going 2 buy…..DIABY even beter pas ESSIEN i guess wenger want 2 buy remy or demsy,,,,cabaye or m.vila….mbiwa… let wait till 11:00 dot i trust wenger………

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  43. leo

    @jk it was announced by espn can’t confirm though they are reporting for around 8m @arsenal4life well there are no news can’t believe no club wants m’vila lots of rumors doing rounds bbc says we may not sign anyone,john cross says one loan deal possible if this is true stan kroenke out

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  44. Kam

    Please no more more temporary patch ups for leaky holes…c’mon Arsene lets go for it this season…Llorente and Cabaye or M’Vila!!!

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  45. khaliid

    lol lol lol …we started this transfer season with a 45 to 55 million to spend “Without selling” now we got some money over that from sellin rvp song vela lansbury & bendtner at last ..24+15+4+1+8 we are like having a 100 million to spend wtfff!!!! we couldve got 4 players with a 23 mill each!!! and the hell am saying we have 2 billionairs for god sake am done watching that awful play it’s a stupid show with stupid catch that some still didn;t get it….

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  46. khaliid

    & tell me hazard is not a special player wenger!! a 30 million is really an over rated price 4 him?! just wake me when this 12 hours pass

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  47. jk

    Could you imagine the deal you could get m’vila for today, the club have said he has played last game, he wants to leave and they have bought makoun as a replacement, its not that the players arent there its just we are not buying, and who is going to sell a top player in january? not to mention must top players will be cup tied for champions league by then!!

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  48. Mikey

    Europa league next year lads then see how many off are top players stay!!!
    We’re going in the same direction as Liverpool and that ain’t good so unless
    AW pulls a miracle couple of signings off get ready 4 another trophyless season!!! Gutted :(

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  49. TAIWO

    arsenal should be giving an award for the best at linking with one player and d orther. i wont b suprise if arsenal sells wallcot and will not buy any player as replacement for anyone. if you want hypertension come and support arsenal then am sure you surely have.

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  50. Ali

    With Wilshere and frimpong returning and artery, diaby, coquelin and Ramsey already in central midfield, I think a loan deal for Essien is a great idea to cover for Jack and Frimmy. I really don’t think we need M’Vila just as we didn’t need Song. He made some memorable assists last season but we also let a million goals in. He wasn’t a choice he as a compromise in the absence of Wilshere. Do you think if we had Wilshere last season Song would’ve played all those matches, especially since Arteta was a million times better than him. We do not need a midfielder for the whole season. We could use Essien until Jack and Frimmy get to top gear and then he will be a bench warmer. We could use a versatile defender and a good striker. Would personally love to see Dzeko join the ranks and create competition for Giroud.

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  51. leo

    @jk yeah you are right m’vila wants to play for afc can’t believe wenger isn’t going to sign him essien is not the answer

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  52. Sam

    I honestly don’t believe that you guys still think that Arsenal will sign more players this summer. Take it from me ‘ARSENAL NOT GOING TO SIGN ANY MORE PLAYERS’ whether on loan or otherwise!!!

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  53. AFCdrivingmenuts !

    Guys, y is our club doing this to us ! There’s plenty of cash in the bank, yet no investment ! We made good profits this year on trasnfers

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  54. matthew

    when will u fans stop complaining?plss allow wenger 2 do his job or better still join any other club of ur choice and stop moaning….

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  55. AFCdrivingmenuts !


    Spot on the man wants to join us but AW think Essein is the better option !

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  56. lilJ

    essien, benayoun, henry. Arsenal always after the cheap temporary fix. Why not a good young player like m’villa or good older ones (why didn’t we get dempsey).

    This essien news is so depressing. Even after further money coming in from Bendtner sale, we still are after bargains and if it is not an absolute bargain we walk away. Even well run company’s acknowledge that sometimes you just need to make an investment. This is so s”"!!#t and it has nothing to do with prudent financial models – it is bad business. We got away with it last year, but not this year.

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  57. AFCdrivingmenuts !

    @lil J

    Your right, this year will be harder to end top 4. Dempsey would have been a great addition but deal has been struck with Aston VIlla. I just dont get it, he is PL proven and a good deal !

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  58. josh09

    I don’t want Essien and people need to recognise if Essien was able to perform like he used to for Chelsea he wouldn’t be on his way out. We do need Yann M’Vila he is the perfect option and I’m glad he has an attitude because if he wants to follow Viera’s boots he need to follow suit with that aggression and passion for the game. As for strikers I would love to see Pato/ Higuain join Arsenal but I would also accept the more likely signing of Daniel Sturridge or Jovetic, somebody quick and tricky to complete our strike force. In defence I’m calling for M’Bwia or Sahko both have interested Arsenal so hopefully one will sign and if we sign an attacking midfielder I would want us to get Isco, Willian or Hamsik. Josh09

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  59. Arsenal1Again

    Enough of the rubbish being written Essien. He’s not a waste of space. This guy can make our stadium like a fortress. He’s had TWO injuries, but so what. Van Persie was out injured more than Essien, Wilshere has been out longer now, Ramsey was out longer, Arteta is more injury prone than Essien, Diaby has been out on and off for how long?

    The only thing more ridiculous about the comments about Essien’s worth is the slagging off of Benayoun!!!!!

    Are you insane? We would have finished 7th last season if it wasn’t for his goals last season. They were crucial. If he gad not scored them and we finished 7th, Podolski and Cazorla would not have signed for us because we lacked CL football, no other decent player would be signing for us because we would be lacking CL football. We finished 3rd because of goals by Benayoun the Chelsea loanee. So what’s wrong with another Chelsea Loanee? The irony is that Benayoun came to Arsenal with a bigger injury history than Essien. Arteta was very injury prone in his last seasons at Everton and he signed for Arsenal without even a medical.

    Essien is better than M’Vila and Cabaye combined, Essien is better than Song. Essien’s drop in form at Chelsea is not injury related, it’s more to do with the Gallas/Toure crap we had at Arsenal and the Adebayor/Bendtner crap. I have already wagered that Essien will sign a permanent contract at Arsenal after one season loan, and he’ll be 30 then. The over 30 Policy at Arsenal was scrapped 3 seasons ago.

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  60. Rich boy

    I think it wil take a long process 4 us 2 hav a trophy diz may come becoz of dis shit playerz,essien is not a gud player

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  61. lilJ

    Arsenal1Again – I think you are right about Benayoun – particularly at the end played some blinders and helped keep us in top 4. But he was hardly an investment in the future!!

    If Essien recovers his form, do you really think Chelsea will sell to us (or that they will sell to us at a price Arsenal will be willing to pay)?

    Don’t agree that Essien is better than Song – Song was a great player for us.

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  62. winston

    if that boy m’vila is so bloody good then why is it that no top club wants him. Playing fo france dsnt mean he’s gud…js look at squillaci. Even the spuds, who probably need him more than we do, arent prepared to meet e 15m valuation. So why the hell wld AW b the nutty manager who thinks all the other top managers hv gone bonkers by nt offering nthn abov 12m fo the guy. If he cumz then thts gret bt if nt lets nt act lyk its a bloody funeral.

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  63. Marko


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  64. Skeeza

    Please answer!

    Do you think arsenal will really let walcot fall into being able to leave for free after 11pm tonight?
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the last statement about walcot was just trying to take the sting out of the fans uproar!

    Thumbs up = he will be sold today
    Thumbs down = arsenal prepared to loose money

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  65. Enoch

    AW is most over confidence manager in d whole world but i bet u,he will never qualify us 4 top four this season.useless manager n greedy board.gudluck 2 RVP and SONG.

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  66. haydn

    On wikipedia says on profile club history shows newcastles tiote will be at arsenal! that would be mega!

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  67. adegold


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  68. alby

    guys the hypocracy of our democracy as a club is astonishing,you see in the abundance of water the fool is always thirsty.there’re better players out there and we’ve got the money so what re we waiting for.i absolutely agree with all n sundry blaming our board n lynching our manager,but also you see we should all be patient not to misfire our Gun when the real victim hasn’t been ushered yet.AW can be unpredictable,he can either add to our party tonight or spoil it as well.lets just wait for the day to end n not be carried away by rumours,as what ever we comment on here re not read even by a fly in the management team.its just like tickling oneself n laughing.what i’ll suggest is that we all come together as one,stage all the problems frustrating as fans, get a rep whose got the links
    to carry them to the management n board.

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  69. Ben

    Essien is a world class player, but I would have preferred M’Vila on a permanent. But Essien is a great player with an absolute rocket of a shot!

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  70. Tamil is King

    Arsenal dont need M’vila…..there Frimpong and Coquelin…and Anke in 2-3 years time…..a Temp loan of Essien….signing would a better option….

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  71. SYNC

    how can u keep on selling our best players, yet u can replacement THEM WITH TOP,TOP,TOP” PLAYERS SO YOU SIAD PLS WILL NEED mvilla, MBiwa, Cabaye, Llorente, if not f**k AW

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