Arsenal transfer target linked to Real Madrid and compared with Messi and Ronaldo-OTT maybe?

Arsenal have been linked incessantly with a move for the young Crystal Palce player, Wilfried Zaha, in recent weeks. Palace chairman is making all the right noises but I think they are resigned to losing the youngster, they just want to make sure that they get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The new manager of Palace, Ian Holloway, has been raving about Zaha, despite only being in charge of him for two minutes. If you are trying not to sell a player, you don’t go around telling everyone how good he is. Managers will often say that a player has still got alot to learn, or is a work in progress, but there are stories in the papers today comparing Zaha with Messi and Ronaldo. That is a sales pitch if ever I heard one.

Zaha is good, there is no doubt about it, but Arsene Wenger must feel like he has just walked into Dodgy `Arrys Car Showroom. To top it all, The Mirror reports today that Jose Mourinho is planning a bid to take Zaha to Real Madrid. I am not saying that Zaha is not good enough, he was brilliant the other day as he inspired Palace to turn the game around against Peterborough in the Championship. But it was against Peterborough, in the Championship! I wonder if the Palace owners have any contacts on the Mirror staff.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer target linked to Real Madrid and compared with Messi and Ronaldo-OTT maybe?

  1. ned

    If players are now choosing QPR over us what chance have we especially when we offer probally 2 million. we have become a laughing stock

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  2. imran

    oh my Dears…. what the hell Happened to U ppl….
    there will b no buy in JAN, Believe me….
    Wenger n Board will let WALCOT go… Wenger will say, I have (SHIT)GERV (GREAT) OX n GNABRY (UPCOMING) than PODOLSKI :D
    so we let WALCOT go as he Said we have many mid-fielders so we Let SONG go :P
    foooools, stop dreaming, no buys :P
    I Love Club but Untill Board n AW is here, no change at all :P
    So y should i keep my B.P high n burn Blood n take tension over these matters…. WE CAN JUST B PATIENT :(

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  3. Craig Taylor

    I wish Wenger would stop talking about the good players he can get and actually start bidding and winning. I would like Zaha, and to keep Walcott. I would also like a big midfielder and a winger.
    Wenger please spend money, and stop talking about the players you can get, TAKE ACTION.

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  4. SymoD

    He is a superb talent and one who was a very likely Theo replacement. However with the publicity Zaha has got as of late and now this England call up, we have ZERO chance in signing him.

    His price has likely doubled within the last week alone, so unless Mr Wenger & Gazidis decide to cough up more than a few shirt buttons for once, Zaha will never be an Arsenal player.

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  5. Matthew Gunner Mendoza

    he’s a great footballer no doubt but he’s not at messi or CR7 level just yet.

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  6. gunner

    he is a great footballer but he is not in the class of the OX, ox is a class above him. i don’t see us paying 20mil for him, i would love to him, coz he is talented and arsenal fan but 20 million for 20 years old championship player is madness. i do rather give 20k extra to walcott than pay 20 mil for him.

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  7. Mr Lean

    i would rather we spent money on a decent medical team,how long do we have to put up with players out for 3 weeks turning into months eg diarby

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  8. gunner

    to compute with chelsea, and manchesters, we need to change stan and his board and bring in red and white members and dein. if not lets all pray, may be we can search for oil in highbury, even if we find oil in higbury stan wil pocket it.¨

    so we have just 2 choice. we must choose from:

    out arsenal board or out arsenal board

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  9. bob

    It is sad to say but Arsenal football club is not the right place for him right now, if he wants to become a great player…I say ManU is the place to go. Like Ronaldo, if AW was not so cheap back in the day and paid a little extra to get him…he would have never become the player he is today ……he would have been played were he should not be by AW…always out injured etc. etc etc.

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  10. Mike_Gun

    zaha has said they he only looks up to ronaldo and messi, so the media have taken this and twisted it (there’s a change) palace will be loving it as it should push his perceived price up not that most clubs will pay attention to that.
    still out of our price range already.

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  11. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for Usmanov and Dein

    Thumbs DOWN for Kroenke and Gazidis

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  12. Me-Basil

    We could have had the team, but blew it!

    Sagna – Per – Vermalin – Gibbs
    Wilshere – Song
    Wolcott – RVP – Fabregas

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  13. Dan

    Palace claim that he’s worth £20 mil.

    Which means he’s worth £15 mil at most.

    Which means we could probably steal him for £12 mil.

    Which means Wenger will offer £5 mil and a packet of raisins.

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  14. john 3:16

    We could have had THIS team, but blew it…






    Van Persie

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  15. Amol

    Every ape…is now considering himself with messi n cristiano lol

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  16. andy

    We won’t be getting any top players because we aren’t willing to spend plus we are at a stage where we look like seasonal middle table finishers. Who’d want to play for that? There’s no ambition in the team and there’s a lack of depth and alot of holes to fill. Too much to ask. Arsenal in deep trouble you ask me.

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  17. madaboutthegoons

    never mind messi or ronaldo. he can’t even touch pedro or alexis sanchez or even di maria. not sayin he wont get to that level as he still young but ppl need to stop hypping players jus for the sake of it

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  18. DanO

    Comparing players to the best should be done when Dey finish der career not when Dey have just started,Zaha is good but comparisons with Ronaldo and messi is ridiculous,give the lad a chance!!!

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  19. Johnny wanna

    I remember people comparing Ryo Miyachi to Messi and Ronaldo. Please stop this, it usually places so much burden on them.

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  20. ran

    Zaha is nowhere near messi and ronaldo. Messi was already a proven goalscorer at 20. 14 goals in 26 games in the league. Ronaldo scored less when he was 20, scoring 7 goals in 33 games. But that’s already more than zaha. Zaha is good, but wait till he is 27-28 before comparing, and if he can compete with messi and ronaldo in terms of goals.

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