Arsenal transfer target Vermeer has bad night in Goal

Arsene Wenger may have changed his mind about trying to sign Ajax keeper Kenneth Vermeer for Arsenal after seeing the 26-year old ship four goals at home to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions league. Vermeer should have done much better with at least two of the goals, and his display could cost the Dutch champions as they now have no chance of qualifying for the next stages and are in danger of losing the Europa league place to Manchester City.

It was reported earlier in the week that Wenger was planning a £5 million raid for Vermeer, who made his full international debut in the recent friendly against Germany. His impressive display in that match brought him to the attention of the Arsenal boss, but the Frenchman may be having second thoughts now. Vermeer was beaten at his near post, palmed a shot into the path of an opposing player and failed to close down Lewandowski at the back post for Dortmund’s fourth.

Maybe it was an off night for Vermeer, but Arsenal do not need another keeper who is prone to making mistakes. Surely Wenger would be better off with an old and reliable pair of hands who can help with the progress of the young keepers at Arsenal, while being ready to step in and do a job without nerves. Either that, or a keeper that will really push Szczesny for his place, forcing the Polish international to up his game. Any thoughts Gooners?

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25 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer target Vermeer has bad night in Goal

  1. Sank

    It is a rumour.
    and i would love to have al habsi than him.

    but schesney our no.1 for many yrs.

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  2. NzGunner

    Mertesackers dribbling skills and that headed goal. Play him as a second striker hahaha

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  3. Joe

    I don’t understand why everyone is blaming szczesny. He’s back and looked good last night (was quick of his line to make an important save). He’s full of confidence. No mistakes against Spuds (Mertesaker at fault for both). Our defence it what’s conceding us goals, not Szczesny. I’d much rather a back up left back than keeps in Jan.

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  4. arsenal4eva

    Time to consider Poldi (besides Walcott) as CF role…jus tk a look at his finishing…IMO, he is better when play upfront..
    Rite now, we av 3 good CF…and Wenger cud rotate between them, by having flexibility in our gameplay..(other than 433, 422 perhaps)
    Dis jan transfer, IMO, Wenger shud go for creative midfielder/ Winger to restore attacking creativity and a top top DM!

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  5. JustJoy

    Al habsi is GOOD with EPL experience, But will AW sign him, OR go FOR Julio.. But Chezney, Vito, AND Fab is injury prone.. We need a back up.

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  6. Dave

    no reason we can’t have two quality keepers. spurs and utd have managed it. all we need is to manage them well and rotate. Sczeney is the future of the club and epic. but no reson we can’t have a brad friedel or lindguard to compete. why not tim krul? al habsi, ruddy, steklenburge or maybe given. hes a quality keeper to have on the bench

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  7. Dave

    Poldi is better where he is with our system. he just misses gibbs. when gibbs is fit he and sagna are like wing backs often being the furthest players up the pitch. this allows poldi and theo to drift inside and play off the striker making them the 2nd and 3rd striker. this is best for poldi as he loves his smart runs in from the left as he did loads last night. we just need our fit LB and maybe need to look at buying another LB to replace santos. ideally baines :D

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  8. Doc

    We need another keeper that will bring out the best of schezne as he has loads more in the bag. Prefer with premiership experience Al habsi or begovic from stoke if we could get.Then need to offload one i thinh fabianski wants to go.

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  9. gunparadise

    Vito as good as any other keeper or much better than most of them.Scezney is more to stoper and sometime he could do more but does not.

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  10. Goonertron

    I say we stick with Schezney, the guy is young and has some great reflexes, remember the double save he did for a penalty last year, had never seen anything like it.

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  11. arshavin

    Who says Sczczesny is injury prone?That’s ridiculous,it was only first time that he missed so many matches since last season.We don’t need a on earth is Gervinho better than Arshavin?

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  12. arshavin

    Mannone just doesn’t work despite for me,let Mannone go,Sell Fabianski too if he can’t stay fit,but if fit I will always pick Fabianski ahead of mannone.

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  13. imran

    ummmm, we need better thn SCZ…..
    In Simple Words,
    N sorry to say, We have upcoming SCZ, GOAL KEEPERS come great after EXPERIENCE….
    SCZ is so Young n Inexperienced!

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  14. Doc

    Let mannone go out on loan if we get another keeper in give him time to mature more. have had a lot worse cover keepers.

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  15. Man

    Szczesny is better than Vermeer, everyone saw his defencive in the match with Montpellier. Wenger should bid for Marco Reus or Lewandowski that would put Arsenal on the top of Premier League. Fernando Torres also should be observed he is a great player.

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