Arsenal v Man United Player Ratings – Koscielny was the star

Match review and player ratings. Arsenal vs Man Utd by Neil S

Arsenal entered the game knowing that a win was massive. A draw would leave most Gooners unhappy and a loss may cause a riot.

Arsenal started the game brilliantly. Walcott shocked everyone by scoring a goal before anyone noticed the game hasd started! Looking like the best side on the planet for half an hour. I was stunned by how good we actually were.

However, Sagna lost the plot and gifted United a goal. Firstly, his terrible pass to Judas and to add to that his amateur challenge on Judas.

It was so bad I never want to see him again in our colours. I feel that bad about this. His passing was shocking after this. He did recover for the last 20 mins…but Utd were happy with the draw.

Sagna wants to leave. Let him go after that.

I also thought Ramsey was excellent. He got tired and I agreed with his substitution. Simply due to the fact that he was exhausted. I was a big critic of Ramsey but he was excellent today. However, he needs to realise a game lasts 90 minutes and not sixty/seventy.

I am not happy with the draw. Especially seeing as Judas scored, but one player for Arsenal stood out today.

Koscielny. It was like watching Tony Adams at his best.


Player Ratings: (Starting XI)

Szczesny: Showed he has the bottle. Distribution improved. Well done. 7

Sagna: Whining for a move. Switched off at vital moments. Can’t cross to save his life. Game over for me. 4

Koscielny: Incredible performance. One from the heart. 9.5 (Man of the match)

Mert: Likes to work with Kos. He did quite well. 7

Gibbs: He played to negate the threat of Rafael. Had a good game: 7

Arteta: Not enough for me. He did ok, but in games like tis you need more. 6.5

Ramsey: Sensational first half, but after that he tired and his passing became loose. 7

Walcott: Always running, but went missing whem we needed him. He really needs to start proving himself, despite scoring and making Utd’s defenders busy. 6

Cazorla: Wasted out wide. He really is. I give up. He needs to play centrally. 6

Rosicky: Had a brilliant first 30 mins and faded. Very badly. Age may be the issue: 6

Podolski: We all wanted him to be given the chance. He failed badly. Worrying. 4

Who agrees with these, or do you disagree?

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128 thoughts on “Arsenal v Man United Player Ratings – Koscielny was the star

  1. selby

    Koscielny wasn’t joking when he said he thrives on making strikers look mediocre.
    For all it’s worth, I think Sagna should just leave at the end of the season since he is dragging his feet to sign a new contract anyway

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  2. Hademe P

    Sagna has lost the motivation and the zeal to play for AFC and should be sold before he cost us more vital points. Even Ramsey did not do better.Jekinson should be promoted at once.

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  3. femi

    I disagree…..Arteta had a good game…..ramsey was our best player in d middle running around winning tackles…he was d man of the match for me…if he had stayed on maybe he would have unlocked d defense…wenger sub rocisky….wrong. He was so in d game….

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  4. Sam

    Even though not fully fit after continuous injuries still much better option. WILSHERE is world class, just needs to play deeper (CM) for couple of years just like Fabregas did until he matured into a offensive AM

    Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky for the midfield.

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  5. paul

    RVP was proved right to leave. Until the board invest they are not going to match the likes of utd but the game proved we can match them 1:1. Its about consistency and you need the appropriate players to do this. RVP waited and he saw other quality players leaving around him and he knew at his age he needed to move on (plus the extra cash always helps lol). We need to move on and sign players together with aiming to existing very good players on long term contracts and learn from the past.

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  6. just gunning

    i hate sagna…even before he conceded the penalty he was really poor…kept losing possession, pathetic crosses and slowing down the pace of our counter attack….he played like his heart wasnt in it and we know how good he can be when he wants to

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  7. tiko

    we played a 4-3-3 false 9 formation yesterday with podolski which i think was better cause we dominated like hell

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  8. Goonner Brazil

    I think Wenger should try out TV5 as a defensive midfielder?

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  9. stenak

    Jenko shd start fo every game nw
    N i really feel bad fo vermaelen, koscielny is obe hell of competitor !!!

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  10. rhys

    I cannot believe the comments on here. Ramsey was by far the best midfielder, arteta was fantastic broke down every man united attack, rosicky was probing. Per wasn’t beaten once, kos was unreal. Podolski had a shocker. Santi had a touch of a rapist, moments of class aswell. Theo was good but after he scored he was double marked. Gibbs was excellent. Sagna was a real let down, no composure. Scezney had a real good game. Wilshere is lagging from match fitness. This team dominated man united and I’m gutted we couldn’t find a second goal. To be unbiased rio ferdinad and phil jones had stunning performances. Too many kids commenting on here, get behind the team and let’s finish the season off.

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  11. sollylancy

    Well done kos, but let me ask a question where does this leave arsenal at the end of the season? Do you thing we still have our destiny in our hands if tottenham defeats chelsea?

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  12. Robbo

    Did not want to comment until I woke up but still fuming about the pen. I loved Sagna and still sort of do but he needs to go get rid.

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  13. sammy boy

    sagna i am really disappointed in that boy. hez a sellout. Let him go. Rosicky what a fantastic player i enjoyed watching every move he does. Give him another contract extension. Age is just bt a number

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  14. Vazis ouse

    60 or 70 minutes of Ramsey at work is equal to 90 of Arteta he is the work horse of Arsenal if only he would score now and then he would be World class,sure he makes a bad pass now and then but he always races back Lets give the guy a break if he plays every game now to end we will get there.Don’t think Wiltshire is ready yet but Jenkinson has to come in for Sagna. CB

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  15. Aussie Jack

    One thing that came out of the game ,for me anyway, was the need for a striker. It becomes more and more evident that we don`t have the necessary quality in the middle. I must admit I thought Podolski could fit in there better than he has but he was nowhere to be seen. The mid field played well but the final ball let them down. If only Rosicky had a left foot but he`s magic to watch as he weaves his way through a defence. Walcott is learning to play football and I for one was impressed, he`s also enjoying himself. Ox is still tripping over his own feet and needs to slow down a little. Jack is for next season.
    Good to see Ramsey recovering his confidence and will be one to watch in the future. Carzola, need I say more.
    Szczesny has got the message, he will now grow into a fine keeper. Pity Arteta isn`t a defensive midfielder he`s a great asset to the side and has a captains cooling influence. The back four are doing quite well but need strengthening and supporting. That`s it from me.

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  16. john

    Yes i think it’s time for Sagna to leave.
    He is not as good as he was a couple of years ago.
    Since breaking his leg twice last season, he has defiantly lost some pace.
    He has done well as Arsenal player, but it’s time to move on.

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  17. Dennis. Kafuluma

    With Rosicky still on the ground Arsenal looked likely to score! I think he was taken off too early he should have stayed on a little longer, to me he is one player for now with those defence splitting passes. Wenger realised too late that he was wasting Koscielny on the bench he is a rock, a real fighter and I love the way he stoped both Vap Pee and Rooney from palying around our area. Sagna I hate the way he keeps on passing the ball backwards in all our games, I hate him for that and see what he did to us yesterday! Come of Jenkinson challange him the way Koscielny did to his captain unless you are telling us that you are not GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!

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  18. toumazis

    kos was at his best rosisky one of our best the man is something special quick good football braine never gives up he deserves a2 year contract, as 4 sagna ever since he broke his leg he change abit. ok one mistake we all make forgive him. arteta he was very good per also the only 2 let us down on the day sandi and podolsky, give kos 10 out of 10.

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  19. The Goon

    Sagna what a plum he opened the door for them to get back in the game it was brilliant to see arsenal start of with such speed n passion we normally take a whole to get going and I that surprised united . Podolski was another let down sitting to deep and just look as up for the challenge as the rest of the team after Walcott goal I would of dropped him in as striker with the confidence high other that that the whole team played as one solid unit per and kos throwing there bodies at every opertunity to stop united breaking throu but rosicky that guy ran his socks off 110% every game top boy

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  20. sinero

    nobody is talking about szczesny and how well he kept the goal post for us yesterday.he is the reason we did not loose yesterday. absolutely fantastic yesterday keep on doing the right things boy and you might have a staute just like tony and henry.

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  21. lanesra

    Nuff sed about Sagna – v poor. Pod was also poor. I didn’t really see passion anywhere yesterday except for Kol and occasionally TW/MA/AR but VERY occasionally. We need a leader, someone to chivvy and get angry when we float about. And compare our criss-cross passing going forward to their direct (Rooney at his best) runs towards our box. Every time, they parked their bus while we had neat passes to each other in midfield. Dump those bloody tactics. Watch Bayern and get a good example of direct play on the break. AO-C still too naïve, we asked too much too late of JW, TW still fades after 60 minutes. But we could have buried them – at our best we ARE the better all round side.

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  22. Art

    Looking at the whole game and Poldi and how he played, he reminded me of Torez playing at Chelski. He did not belong there with this formation. He is not an individual player, likes the give and go in the middle in front of the net. He needs someone like OG beside him not a CAM behind him. All game he pushed to the middle, midfielders were further up the pitch than he was. Something was off…..was it him or combination of factors??? Nonetheless he made a great feed to set up the play for the first goal…that is why he needs someone close playing with him or he is invisible.

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  23. saxbak

    I like Ramsey’s attitude. He really cares and works hard. However, he made some crucially bad passes when this game was for the taking. It was around minute 30 (3 on 1 break) and he passed it to Podolski on the left when Walcott was wide open on the right. He raised his and said he was sorry but that was a huge play. 2-0 would have been a lot more comfortable. Sagna would not have panicked, etc. etc.

    I can’t fault his dedication but these types of judgements should be handled on the training ground.

    This game is about pros making the right play at the right time.

    Rocisky made the first goal by letting the ball go through him and passing to space for Walcott to run into.
    He did his job.

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  24. Si

    Sagna is horrific!! I’ve watched him play at least 20 games this season and he is so indecisive on the ball. He’s always getting caught static on the ball, dragging the ball back,halting up attacks and giving away possession under little pressure.

    I mean if you can’t find a red and white shirt from RB you’re pretty poor!! It’s not as if we’re expecting him to play defence splitting passes aka Caz or Wilshire is it??

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  25. Si

    He’s (Sagna) that bad I’m considering becoming a professional footballer myself!! I can’t pass or tackle and I have no right foot whatsoever but judging by Sagnas input this year I might just get a contract!!!!

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  26. Mark420

    We just need to give Podolski a couple of more matches as a CF before he starts to show his clinical finishing! And if that doesn’t work we still have Walcott or the joker Gervinho…

    Buy a striker in the next transfer window and we’ll be fine goal wise but we really need a new goalkeeper, right back, center back and defensive midtfielder and all the deadwood on loan and in the reserves should be sold to balance the books!

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