Arsenal very Lucky that Wenger changed his mind on midfielder

Wenger had doubts over Flamini return! by Ash

When Arsenal had announced that we were re-signing Mathieu Flamini, many were sceptical over the signing for many different reasons. Firstly people were not sure if he was really a good player after all of the injuries he had sustained, as well as some concerns over his current fitness. Then there was also the issue over the fact that his signing meant that we wouldn’t be bringing in a true defensive midfielder, and after being linked with the likes of Luis Gustavo and Geoffrey Kondogbia, that wasn’t easy news to hear.

However a few weeks down the line and both Wenger and Flamini have proved us wrong, with the French midfield man proving to be well worth his price tag of £0. Of course the fact we got him on a free makes the deal even sweeter because although this was another thing that annoyed many Arsenal fans at the time the deal occurred, now a few weeks down the line, suddenly we find ourselves lapping it up that Wenger managed to secure such a quality player on a free transfer. But even Wenger himself had doubts over signing Flamini, as Le Prof revealed to

Wenger said, “First of all I believe that he realised what he had here. When you’re very young, it is difficult to understand what he had at Arsenal.

“I must say I was reluctant to sign him again but he was so honest in his statement that he wants to play the kind of football we play, that he wants to help us to win. He convinced me through his attitude and his desire in training that he will be the right signing for us. It was his attitude. He could have gone somewhere else. He had offers but he wanted to put it right with this club and I think he felt somewhere that he had something to bring to the piece here. He was determined to do that.

“(He is) absolutely crucial to the balance of the team. He has done very well. He had not played since May and when you see how well he came in, it shows you how well, how focused and how dedicated he was in his preparation. He’s got what is needed in every team. I wouldn’t say we lacked that as much as people say but he is of course important for the balance of the team that we have players with his qualities.”

Flamini’s efforts in both the Spurs and Sunderland games have proved he is still a very effective player and although he may not have the best technical ability, his passion and determination to win makes him very influential on the pitch and I honestly think this is what we value most in Flamini.

I truly value Flamaini’s efforts so far and think he will be far more important that many originally thought. He will prove to be vital for squad depth, but also like already mentioned, the fact that he is extremely passionate for the club and competitive for Arsenal to come away with nothing but all three points. We have missed a character like this both on the pitch and off it, especially ever since the glory days but now it seems like we may have found our man.

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31 thoughts on “Arsenal very Lucky that Wenger changed his mind on midfielder

    1. karansagar

      It’s good to see that we finally found Song’s replacement. I just hope that now one of our young CDMs, Coquelin or Frimpong, step up and keep improving to take Flamini’s and Arteta’s spot as they grow old.

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      1. jermaineBryan

        he is an older matured frimpong he could be the key to getting the bestout of frimpong as before he came back who is there for frimpong to model his game on?

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      2. Gunnersway

        I don’t think that we really ”replaced” Song by 1 player.
        The tactics have changed and that means we have a different style of play which does not necessarily require a pure CDM.
        I still think it would be a great addition having a pure CDM, hope Frimpong will evolve himself into this position.
        People also talk about Gundogan a lot. In my eyes he will be one of the best CDM’s in the world and the problem I see is what do we do if he signs for Arsenal?
        We got already Rambo, Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla.. None of these deserves it to be on the bench, neither does Gundogan.

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      3. Dadagbon

        I will go a step further to say that flamini is even better than Song.

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  1. sollygunner

    hes doing a good job in there no dought

    always organising the boys fighting to get the ball away

    i was gutted we didnt get gustavo / bender but i think flamini will prove his worth over the season

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    1. karansagar

      I think AW took the right decision. Now we should get a great young CDM, like Verratti or someone who can gradually grow into the midfield.

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    1. dom in oz

      I agree with you not liking how he left, but the job he is currently doing for the team is fantastic and therefore we should all be applauding and supporting him instead of living in the past. No one else in the squad can add the passion and commitment of Flamini.

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        1. Dadagbon

          Nothing wrong with a bit of sugar-coating especially when things are gelling. Flamini injects fire into the team and every team that play us feels the heat.

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    2. wavie

      maybe i a remembering how he left differently to you the way i remember it was his contract run out.. arsenal would not pay him any more than his meager pay he was on so he moved..

      He was professional in the way he left.. he fully fulfilled his contract with the club… the contract expired and he moved on.. iirc he was on around 25k and silva was on around 100k..

      Now im sure if you were on 25k per year at your job and had the opportunity to earn more elsewere.. 4 times! you would stay in your current job!!??? me thinks not

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      1. bashman

        the way i see it he let his contract run out and said something along the lines of the club didnt apreciate him and left

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        1. mike

          fa real, bashman? are you stupid? no offense, but cummon’, how do employers show their employees their appreciation for their players? by paying them. when the kid was getting considerably more in offers elsewhere, i think it’s a normal reaction that he would think he was under-appreciated. it is what it is. let’s be happy he’s back to help us now

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          1. bashman

            your argument is he left for more money, so what makes him any different from our beloved samir nasri? and if everyone would do what he did in a heart beat ask yourself why on earth is arsene wenger still at arsenal when he could earn considerably more at say psg or real madrid?

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  2. stefanthegooner1

    i really hope frimpong manages to one day break into the starting eleven. i absolutely love him, he is a true gooner through and through!!!

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  3. MightyGunners

    we dodged a bullet with Gustavo anyway. He’s been sent off twice in 3 games for Wolfsburg.

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    1. John Legend

      It doesn’t mean he would have had as many red card for Arsenal if…… Anyway, he is not here.

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  4. John Legend

    I think Coquelin is getting game time in Germany. He should improve a lot after this season and get ready to fight for a place in Arsenal midfield or perhaps, after two season-long loan.

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        1. Trudeau

          He is. I was meaning long term although it would have been gret for him to learn the trade from Flamini. Maybe next year.

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    1. Twig

      Where did it say Cazorla is okay? Isn’t he out for a month? Or has he been doing horse placenta? :|

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    2. RSH

      i heard the same thing, but I don’t think he traveled with the team to France. So maybe we’ll see him against Stoke.

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  5. jjkmiles

    Flamini for me is d best summer deal, ozil is world class but not our top priority wc was cdm or striker, dou he is d spring board for great players to come to emirates, Gustavo is good but i rate him poorly for not wanting to fight for his place in d team instead looking for automatic spot, Lars Bender is also good but wat we need dis season is not experiments, flamini came to emirates bc of his ambition, he wanted 3yrs bc of his age Ac Milan only wanted 2 so he left, flamini stats is also too good, he started 37 matches in 07/08 and we lost only 2 and one of dem was wen he out injured against Liverpool and d score was 1:1 wen he was substituted, remember we lost at sunderland wt song and wit flam we won , last season we had a beta defense dan wen song was playing, flaming is beta dan song even at old age, questions, bc pogba was free does not make cleverley beta Dan him, or NCAA tires is 25* more expensive dan michu does not make him beta currently, or bc penalties is 2* more expensive Dan giroud or higuain 3* tevez’s price does not make dem beta. Flamini effects will show during big 4 games, next summer we can buy Bender after wc, pray for injuries and we will win trophy and trophies will start coming, dat psychology is not there yet. Love dis club and support the boys. C u at 7.45 pm

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