Arsenal vs. Blackburn Confirmed team, Preview and Live Stream

Arsene Wenger will be more concerned with the performance of the Arsenal players today than their opponents. He has, however, made special mention of the Rovers and Scotland striker Jordan Rhodes. The 23-year old has got 20 goals from 30 games since signing from Huddersfield, and Wenger has warned his team that he is one of those players who just has the knck of scoring, so they must not allow him any freedom in the box.

Wenger has proved how seriously he is taking this match by starting with Koscielny and Vermaelen as the central defenders. He also keeps Arteta in the centre and Giroud as the centre forward, while bringing in a few others who have not played so much recently.

Coquelin, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal,
Arteta, Diaby, Rosicky
Gervinho, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain

Hopefully Gervinho and Chamberlain will be keen to impress, and their direct runs and skill at going past players will offer Giroud plenty of chances to keep his good scoring record going. The midfield should have plenty of energy and invention to dominate the game and create lots of chances while not being too gung-ho.

It’s good to see Coquelin back, and Wenger may be thinking about the Bayern game in giving him a chance at right back. If he does well, it gives Arsenal the option of switching Sagna to left back against the Germans. We have a very strong bench, with Wilshere, Walcott, Podolski and Cazorla on it, but Wenger will hope that the starters can get the job done.

Arsenal vs. Blackburn will be on

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140 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Blackburn Confirmed team, Preview and Live Stream

  1. Joe

    This is not wengers fault.

    The players just were not hungry enough, no urgency.

    When wenger got the 3 subs ready they all started playing because they did not want to come off.

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  2. PerryAmes

    If arsenal go out don’t just blame the 2nd string players who are clearly not good enough but blame the board for not spending enough money

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  3. juhislihis

    Oh stfu about being unluckt. How stupid are you? Fact that we get 15 corners and one shot means we are plain S*IT.

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  4. ks-gunner

    this is not not unluck….but incompetence…football rule if u dont score u will concede sooner or later

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  5. Th14

    @Uche Edochie Because we have bayern on tuesday and the team selected should have been more than capable of winning this tie

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  6. ams

    Dont blame the player…blame the one who bought the player..blame the one who didnt want to invest..AFC always AFC…

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  7. JADON


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  8. barney

    What a load of rubbish. I want wenger and the board out. They have ruined ARSENAL with there penny pinching. I for one hope we dont het 4th spot. I dont care if I get thumbs down. If we dont finish 4th maybe then we will buy quality or get usmanov and dein in.

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  9. jackie

    The club are getting what they deserve for how they have treated the team over the past few years. It’s been stripped bare and is now sufferring the consequences.

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  10. wibble

    How much more proof does Arsene need for him to see that Arsenal are in crisis?

    Even if we escape and some how win this tie, we are not going to win anything this season or the next.

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  11. ks-gunner

    watching Arsenal these days is a torture….ruined my weekend once again….oh brother i hope Bayern doesnt humilate us…

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  12. bob

    We lost this, their is no way back….all for what, the CL, that we have NO Chance of wining, when we could have won the FA Cup…..Wenger Out

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  13. Ofir

    How gives a f**k about Bayern?? We were always going to lose that tie.

    Losing to champions teams, however, is humiliating, even in the current state of our team.

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  14. Src3

    If this was Ferguson or Mourinho they would have been ferious. Wenger just does not give a fuk, the man has the safest job in the world. There is a pull on the Arsenal website 52% of the fans voted 4th place finish no title? Are these fans brainless? Is that what Arsenal has fallen down to?

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  15. Johnny

    This is NOT the way to start the weekend! THIS IS PATHETIC! I AM ASHAMED TO BE ARSENAL FAN AND SO SHOULD BE YOU!

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  16. WC

    Where’s the people who still think Arsene is the best thing since sliced bread? 7M a year to keep on losing? I can do that for half the price

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  17. Sam.c

    Ahhahahahaha arsenal football comedy!!! Bring on bayern, we’re gonna smash emmmm

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  18. aasda

    Why why why why why….i hate to say this but RVP was our KING !…7-1 we beat them last year. Arsenal board and Wenger need to buy STAR PLAYERS at whatever cost!!! CAVANI or GOTZE! We need to buy our team has been stripped bare of quality and finishing, this is what happens

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  19. Ymer

    I predicted this when Wenger failed to make an early substitute. Gervinho and Diaby was disaster today :( Will Wenger EVER learn :(

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  20. mohawk35


    I get the joke – and I laughed. But it will take a lot more than a few bad performances from Diaby to make Ramsey look world class.

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  21. ripple

    Last season it took Wenger until Feb 4th to realize that Rosicky was 100 times better than Ramsey.

    This season it took him at least 19 days longer (unless this is just a head fake).

    Wenger is deteriorating steadily. In 2 years time Walcott will be on the bench so Ramsey can play central striker.

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  22. mohawk35

    @Joe: You deflect blame from Wenger and cite your vague perception that the players are just unmotivated.

    OK, I will play your game.

    Arsenal have top international players from the big national teams in Europe (England, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain). Many are 1st team regulars for these nations.

    So have these players been unmotivated all of their careers, in all situations? Not a chance.

    If you can’t keep this team motivated with all these proven players and the great tradition of the Arsenal club, which is your assertion, it is certainly not the players who are the problem here.

    A coach who cannot motivate an otherwise-talented group of proven performers, well he is not a leader who is succeeding.

    No coach in the world could get away with blaming the multiple players for multiple disappointing games and seasons. Ridiculous.

    I believe Arsenal do have a morale problem. And it comes from watching the best players leave each year, and from watching the coach clinging to failed tactics, and from watching the coach overlook good football in favor of spiting and defying his critics, and from continually watching underperformers sloppily blasting the ball around the pitch while other proven performers rot on the bench or in the stands, and from a hundred other things like this.

    No matter how you slice it, this is Wenger’s fault.

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