Arsenal vs. Blackburn Preview, Prediction and Line Up

Arsenal vs Blackburn preview, line up and score line prediction by KJ

Just days before our most high profile game of the season so far (Bayern Munich at the Emirates) we must deal with Blackburn Rovers in the last 16 of the FA cup.

Generally, we can expect Arsenal to be the favourites for this match and shouldn’t really come out with anything less than a comfortable win at home. However, this Arsenal team is anything but predictable and there’s no telling what performance we might get. We are doing pretty decently in the league at the moment and hence you’d expect that form to translate into our cup form. But then again, we can expect wholesale changes by Wenger to keep the squad fresh for the game against Bayern.

Line up:
Yennaris – Mertesacker – Miquel – Monreal
Ramsey – Diaby
Chamberlain – Rosicky – Akpom

This is definitely quite an unorthodox line up.
Firstly, Jenkinson is suspended and Sagna will need to be rested for the game against Bayern. Naturally, Yennaris will most likely feature as our RB which I have no real qualms with. He’s a solid player with Arsenal at his heart.
Miquel will most likely have to come in for the injured Vermaelen and Koscielny. He’s a decent player but I don’t really feel he has a future at Arsenal.

Monreal is only cup tied in Europe, meaning he can play all of the FA cup games without any real repercussions.
Ramsey and Diaby will have to be the central midfield pivot. Ramsey has really come into his own over the last month and is slowly upping the consistency of his game which is impressive. Diaby is still having fluctuations in his current form which is understandable considering his injury record.

My surprise inclusion in the front three is Akpom. He’s been tearing it up for the U21s and this game is perfect to integrate him into the first team. He’s an extremely exciting talent personally.

This game will start off quite tight but Arsenal will comfortably win 3-0 in the end.

Arsenal vs. Blackburn will be on

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Blackburn Preview, Prediction and Line Up

  1. sohail_jiwanI

    wud rather prefer arshavin instead of akpom in your line-up

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  2. Always a gooner

    no Wenger wont choose this squad

    my squad is

    Sagna Mertesacker Miquel Monreal
    Diaby Ramsey
    Chamberlain Rosicky Gervinho

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  3. gouresh

    Yes, but you forget that the puck puck team have the best player in the EPL & goes by the name of Mike Dean.

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  4. Leoj

    first things first. the boys should forget about the bayern game and focus on getting this job done. the fa cup is our realistic chance of winning a silverware in a long time.
    as for the line up, lets see what le prof has up in his sleeve.
    i want a win and dont care about the scoreline. COYG :)

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  5. faithhhful

    I know it’s only blackburn but please please not gervinho! Give podolski and goroud half an hour each instead.

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  6. ram

    remember the last time when Arsenal met blackburn that 7-1 mauling..? expect the same.. COYGs:)

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  7. albanian-gunner

    With miquel & mertesacker pairing them 2 i wouldnt be suprised if we will be down 1-0 or 2-1 to black burn so again he might have to risk poor santi to come on & rescue our team

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  8. kingdave

    I like ur line up. We need most of our players fresh 4 bayern. Asharvin shld also play a huge part. If things ain’t goin our way, bring on podolski n giroud. I want a win, whether by hook or crook.

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  9. joe

    in your lineup it would be better for gervinho and akpom to swap positions….anyways i really think that mozart must play this game to get back in the groove of things…really keen to see the youngsters play this game and we need to give mertesacker a rest coz we need him fresh for bayern as we’re short at the back…wud love to see arshavin on as an impact player

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  10. tiko

    arshavin and esfield ill be happy Gnabry on the bench then to come on and akpom for ST in the 2nd half

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  11. Sank

    Line up-
    sagna mert verm monreal
    diaby arteta
    gervinho giroud podolski

    ox, walcott, rosicky, fabianski, coquilan, miquel and may be gnabry, eisfeld and bellarin on bench.

    whatever happens we should field strong squad for fa cup as this trophy is more realistic than champions league.

    7 days 3 games.

    anyone remember last year february where we were out of 2 competetions in a week by sunderland and ac milan. may this time it be different.

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  12. Tony

    Can’t be worse then he first team. Just put the first team out the best team cos we won’t win next week at all we all no it. This is our only chance of a day out

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  13. obatiku

    I don’t want to predict … All i want is a win today …. And 4- 3 with bayan and a draw at emirate

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  14. mo

    Fabianski,yennaris,miquel,mert,nacho, coq,diaby,rosicky, ox,giroud,gervinho.
    Bench, szcensy,sagna,verm,pod,Walcott,santi,arteta

    Wenger cannot risk, jack verm,santi, sagna, they are key for bayern game.

    The team should be enuf for blackburn but if not then the bench is really strong and should bail them out.

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  15. eugene

    fabianski miguel mert verm sagna ramsey arshavin rosicky ger vino ox podolski.coming off the bench giroud eisfeld and couglin

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  16. Shiva


    Mannone, Sagna, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski

    Szczesny, Coquelin, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud

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