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Arsenal VS Blackburn by AH

Arsenal welcome Blackburn to the Emirates this weekend in the next round of the FA Cup following our 3-2 win over Brighton and Hove Albion a few weeks back. Despite falling down the ranks in recent years and making the drop to the Championship last summer, Blackburn are still worthy opponents and will be no push overs. has released the latest team news ahead of the clash; Wenger on Thomas Vermealen – “He is looking quite good and is possibly back for Saturday. He should be in the squad.”

Good to hear our captain is back to fitness following the recent scare from Laurent Koscienly and lack of defensive depth.

On Jack Wilshere; “He is having tests today [Thursday] and tomorrow. He is looking better. He is still a doubt for Saturday. He’s got a kick on the thigh.”

On Laurent Koscienly; “That is a problem. He has a test today and tomorrow exactly like Wilshere.”

Wenger also points out players who are okay on fitness despite the high amount of games in the last few weeks. Diaby is set to return but Carl Jenkinson serves his ban from his red card last weekend against Sunderland. I think had he not been suspended, Jenkinson would be in the starting XI for this game.

I would expect the line-up to be
Sagna Mertesacker Miquel Monreal
Diaby Ramsey
Oxlade-Chamberlain Giroud Podolski

Arsenal VS Blackburn should be a tough game considering we must rest lots of key players as we have the Champions League tie vs Bayern Munich midweek. Although the team above still includes many key players Wenger will look to kill the game off early and then bring the stars off in the 2nd half giving both the players and the fans a slightly more comfortable rest than normal. Arsenal should play a weakened team but we should be able to come away with a place in the next round. At least we know Paul Robinson will be in goal for Blackburn. 69 goals conceded and counting in games vs Arsenal!

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Blackburn team news

  1. Jeff

    I feel your forward line is too strong but everything else looks spot on. Normally wenger starts with a weak squad and then brings on the starters around the 70th if the game is not going to plan. Similar to what he did with bringing on poldi and santi late against Brighton hove if I remember correctly.

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  2. Xavv

    We should thump Blackburn four or five nothing. Our second eleven is far far better than their first eleven. I hope we just step on their throats from the first whistle and put the game to bed before half time. The FA Cup is a good competition. It’d be great if we could win it.

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  3. Tobias


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  4. I like trains

    I hope rosiky plays he was so beast before he was injured. Its a shame that he doesnt play so much anymore.

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  5. Twig

    1st Leg: Arsenal 1 Bayern 0
    2nd Leg: Arsenal 1 Bayern 2
    Arsenal qualifies ;-)

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  6. k

    I would like to see Eisfield play alongside Rosicky. Also want Gnarby to get some game time.

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  7. Twig

    Walcott should be given a chance to play upfront in this game. It’s really been a while.

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  8. OhMyGunner

    I would love to see our young guns getting in the first eleven !(eisfield, gnabry, chamberlain, miquel)

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  9. tobi

    I have the feelings that Ramsey and Coq will play the central midfield,Rosicky will lead the midfield line but i also think Wenger will let Gervinho play but not sure sure where he’ll use him…Left or false 9..All i want is WIN WIN WIN AND WIN..I dont care who plays…I know Chambo will get a nod too

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    will not want to risk vermalean..let him rest for the bayern game…

    if Miquel can handle Reading in the league cup, pretty sure Miquel can handle Blackburn tooo….

    Tobias formation is pretty good…a mixture of experience and young blood…the youngsters would definitely want to prove themselves..

    Tobias says:


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  11. Somtee

    At this point I think Wenger will do everything possible to win both matches I trust him and please why did we suddenly stop using the word COYG!!!

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  12. calum777


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  13. SD

    Seeing how tired Giroud was in the last 20 minutes against Sunderland, I think he is going to start on the bench. Walcott or Gervinho will start in the middle. Unfortunately, I doubt Arsene will allow Podolski to start in the middle for the remainder of the year.

    I hope Wilshere and Kos aren’t risked for the game even if they are fit. We need them healthy for Bayern. Wilshere could use a rest anyway as he has once again played non-stop since he came back. Also, I would consider using one of the youth players at RB and having Sagna play in the middle or off the bench as the backup CB. This will allow us to keep Vermaelen and Kos out of the lineup entirely, which I hope we do.

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  14. Anders

    Sagna Mertesacker Miguel Monreal

    Ramsey Eisfeld

    OX Rosiscky Gervinho


    Subs: Fabiansky, Vermaelen, Squlaici, Arteta, Carzola, Podolski and Giroud.

    If Vermaelen is going to play leftback against Bayern (Robben) I would properbly play him there, but only if he is fully fit

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  15. Greg

    Lets make this game business as usual and destroy blackburn!coyg! Come on gunners lets lift the fa cup!we believe for we are arsenal!

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  16. Machavielli

    I would actually like to see gervinho play, i know he has made alot of blunders and many fans hate him but i think this should be a chance for him to show us that he can play for us the same way he did for his country in the African cup. If we are not leading with 2 goals or more after halvtime then we should replace him. I also think Mannone should be given a shot and scheszny should rest for the bayern game. I also would love to see podolski as a central striker that would be awesome. He has played that position before he came to arsenal. Would not mind seeing the as a central striker either to be honest. Blackburn are really no threat for arsenal this should be a walkover.

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  17. Machavielli

    Would not mind seeing THEO as a central striker either to be honest, i meant*

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  18. Top-GuNNer

    Great news to here that Vermaelen is looking good, pretty confident now the him Wilshire and Koscienly will make the Bayern game.


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  19. Richard

    Blackburn are in trouble. I see them taking the ball out of their net more than 5 times. I also think Bayern will be crushed by Arsenal.I doubt the high rating they get from the papers.Next week will prove me RIGHT!!!!!!
    Gunners FOREVER>>>>>>

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  20. Aussie Jack

    Just a thought nothing more…..Ramsey is looking to hold down a spot in the first eleven and he`s too valuable to the team to keep leaving him out, so! How about moving Sagna to partner Vermaelen in the centre and playing him at right full back? He has enough pace and experience and with Monreal on the left that seems a fair defence to me and gives us lots of options.

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  21. Gunners10

    I would start:

    But I expect Wenger to start:

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  22. Gunner

    Gunners right we want to win the FA cup but more I want that we win the CL.
    I know it’s a difficult thing but everything is possible in the CL and then we have no problems to sign some stars in the summer trust me.

    Very good line-up Bob just one position should be changes in my opinion..


    ********************* Szczseny *********************
    *** Sagna *** Mertesacker *** Miquel *** Monreal ***
    ******** Diaby *********** Ramsey/Coquelin *********
    ********************* Rosicky **********************
    ********* Gervinho ******************** OX *********
    ********************** Giroud **********************

    Now it’s time to success

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  23. AOB

    I will like to see experience and youth int his game while the stars are rested for the much talked about game with Bayern. so my line up will be

    Manone/ Fabianski

    Sagna Mert. Miguel Monreal

    Diaby Ransey

    Gnabry Genvinho Ox/Arshavin

    Subs: TV5, Walcot, Podi, Meade, Fabianski, Giruu

    Arsenal should dispatch this one easily. Score Asnl 3 : 0 Blk b

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  24. **** Set Gunner ****

    My line up would be:

    Jenk, Miquel, Mert, Monreal
    Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky
    AOC, Giroud, Gervinho

    Its imp to rest our key players before the match against Bayern.

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  25. Dubya

    Let Gervinho start on the wing whilst he’s got some confidence but I’d hate to see him ahead of Theo in a central role if both play.

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