Arsenal vs. Man Utd confirmed teams, preview and live stream

This is the big one for Arsenal. Forget all the hype and the talk of van Persie and the guard of honour, this is the most important game for the rest of the Gunners’ season. A win against the newly crowned Premier League champions will put us in a fantastic position with three games against struggling teams left.

A good performance and result will also give a huge confidence boost to the players and should help to ensure a top four finish. With Wenger being promised a decent transfer kitty this summer, as long as Arsenal are in the Champions League, it is more important than ever that we finish strongly.

QPR’s draw with Reading means they are relegated, and they are next up for Arsenal, followed by a struggling Wigan who will have just played the FA cup final at Wembley before the final game against Newcastle. Alan Pardew’s men are a shadow of the team that did so well last season, so if we can do well today then we are almost there.

Wenger is not expectging United to ease off after winning the title last week and we have to do without the suspended Olivier Giroud. Lukas Podolski gets the nod to play as the centre forward, with Cazorla on the left and Walcott on the right. Rosicky will be the attacking midfielder with Ramsey and Arteta in the double pivot positions, while Gibbs starts ahead of Monreal.

Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky
Walcott, Podolski, Cazorla

Ferguson has named a strong United team with van Persie, Rooney and Nani up front. Valencia, Carrick and Jones make up a strong midfield, which Rooney will drop back into, while Ferdinand and Evans are the centre backs. It will be tough, but if Arsenal approach it the right way and start well, there is no reason we can’t get a vital win.

Arsenal vs. Man United will be on

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215 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Man Utd confirmed teams, preview and live stream

  1. RSH

    Disappointed. Another game on the long list of em we could’ve won. Good performances all around, cept for Sagna. He really cost us the match and was terrible all around. We’re still in the best position for CL though. Just angry cause we could’ve won

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  2. Arsenal has to win or

    Useless set of players and a very stupid coach that put them together and will not listen to the truth that this guys do not have class

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  3. goonerretic

    Now its clear to everyone when Wenger wants to win a game..For those who believe he didnt play everton to draw..he did set up 4 a drw that day…by the way we need a creative midfielder..the midfield is boring and flat..thomas cannot do it all

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  4. dboy

    Wenger the nuturer vs Ferguson the winner. They should employ this man at the academy and get a proper coach. If he did his job all season ….

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  5. Bob2

    Haven’t beaten a top 6 team all season when we play against 11 men.
    70m to strengthen isn’t enough.
    No quality left in this team.
    Wenger buy some quality or f#ck off with the other thieving b’stards.
    Dont put us through the same shit next season.
    No f#cking quality!!!
    Sagna legs have gone time to go.

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  6. yehaa

    Man Utd was playing with 2nd gear. They let us do mistake and scored. Arsenal did not beat any team above them this season. Very frustrated with the result and all the miss chances. Arsenal are getting worse. From RvP face at the end of the game, to all you gooners out there this is why I left Arsenal.

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  7. Sun

    There may be problems with Arsenal and we may need to improve certain areas but you cannot slate our performance today.
    Give credit where credit is due.

    Today our team played well, most of the game we were on the front foot.
    And this is against Man Utd, the “runaway” champions.

    I am sure we will rectify any problems we have in the summer.
    This game like the Bayern game (where we won) shows us that we can compete with the best teams in the world.

    A positive at least.

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  8. Ihsan

    Why Wenger take out Rosicky? Rosicky is the one who driving the team forward! He has the vision to lead the attack, create chances, dictate the rhythm of play.. He is the PLAYMAKER. Why take out Rosicky when we needed a winning goal?

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  9. ian

    Two words decribe why we lost….. Bacary Sagna. Jenks in, Sagna out (for good).

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  10. Horliquegold=

    Wenger brought in wilshere to make the english press happy or may be the racist english fans, in a game like manu we dont need any player like wilshere, rosicky was doing a good job. Sagna just spoiled today’s game, i know it was a mistake but if we fail to qualify for champions league this will force the board to think otherwise and spend on quality players.

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  11. Sam.c

    A draws not the worst thing to happen. But still not beating a top four team this season isn’t good enough. Please god, lets bring in some real talent in the summer. Wenger hasn’t broke the bank yet for a top top player that he bangs on about. So now is the time…. No excuses. Lets finish these last few games getting all points possible.

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  12. CUT

    Wenger and kronke should be booted out of out club…we are not progressing forward!

    Same old crap every season for past 8 yrs!

    We are ARSENAL for God sake & not QPR SPUDS OR CHELSKI…we deserved to be a world class club being based in world class city!!!!!

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  13. NIKK

    With a good young modern manager we could be a contender.

    Wenger Kronke OUT!

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  14. Az Ahmed

    NIKK and CUT out! Shows what you know about football. What have you done in your life? Wenger is a world class manager with limited resources. Easy to chat shit but another to handle an entire club on your own, staying in contention for the CL, and keeping the owners happy. No one else in the world could do what Wenger has done for Arsenal, not even Fergie. Anyone can toss 30 million at a player. But that doesnt guarantee success. Look at Chelsea and City.

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