Arsenal vs. West Brom Preview, Prediction and Live Stream

Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion preview, predicted line up and score line by KJ

It’s been a very testing November as an Arsenal fan and December has looked the same. However, Wenger and the squad have an opportunity to make it right providing we get the all-important win against an in form WBA side.
The confidence at the moment is understandably (but inexcusably) low because of bad performances. We need a win to spur this team on at the moment. We lack the passing ability that Arsenal is renowned for under the Wenger era. It is surprising to say the least considering that this is technically Arsenal’s best midfield under Wenger. I hope the midfield of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla ticks. I’m not sure what is really missing, maybe it’s the lack of physical presence? Maybe Arteta isn’t as good as we first thought as a defensive midfielder?

The line-up:
Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
Arteta – Wilshere
Rosicky – Cazorla – Chamberlain

Our back four is pretty strong at the moment in terms of personnel. However, Sagna has been very important in my opinion when he has featured and his absence will affect us.
Still no Diaby meaning that we have to stick with the Arteta – Wilshere partnership. There’s something that isn’t quite right with them two playing together but I don’t really understand what.

Rosicky has finally returned after a long layoff and has proved against Olympiacos why he’s such a good player for Arsenal. He’s direct as well as brilliant on the ball. His passing will hopefully bring Cazorla into the game. He’s been a bit flat and could do with an accomplished partner to pass with.

Finally, Chamberlain will take the place of Podolski who according to Wenger is still injured. I still would’ve had Chamberlain over Podolski because the German has been frankly terrible in the league the last few games. Chamberlain hasn’t been much better but his pace can really help open the game up on the counter.
I think Arsenal will overpower WBA and will want to prove a point. 3-1 Arsenal.

Arsenal vs. West Brom will be on

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32 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. West Brom Preview, Prediction and Live Stream

  1. Mr Wenger

    why always predict that we will concede lol, why not 3-0 Arsenal.

    Nows the time to turn things around! lets see what unfolds in the next month!

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  2. LP

    We don’t just have to win we have to thrash WBA to tell the other teams that you don’t just walk into the emirates and walk away with points in the bag………

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  3. Twig

    Arshavin should play over Oxlade-Chamberlain ‘cos it doesn’t seem the OX is back to full fitness. But of course Arshavin wouldn’t play: Wenger has already made up his mind to sell him.

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  4. k

    1-1 I think.
    Realistic scoreline as, for now, West Brom are better than us

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  5. leo

    Zaha is a massive Gunners fan, and has told friends the Emirates is where he wants to go. [Express] + looks like diame for 5m along with huntelaar & henry looks likely for jan

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  6. sheggs

    Guys diame would be perfect in DM for arsenal; he’s big, strong and a powerful dribbler, excellent tackler, he’s got loads of premier league experience, he’s played in a team with a similar style to our own (wigan) and best of all he wouldn’t cost a fortune, apparently he has a release clause of 4/5 mil that can be triggered in January. It’s a no brainer!!

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  7. leo

    2-0 to arsenal looks like ox could start 2day
    Giroud: Man City became champions thanks to their chequebook. Montpellier took on PSG without using their chequebook
    Podolski: “Judge us after 38 games, and not 15, when the team sit five points off third place.”
    Podolski has made the squad for West Bromwich’s visit despite a hamstring niggle [Guardian]

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  8. leo

    @sheggs but for once i feel wenger must spend big on someone like fellaini diame is good but fellaini is better we need quality signings not bargains

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  9. No more excuses

    Lots of talkin from players this week . Leave it all on the pitch today and give us a good win . This is getting embarrassing !

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  10. NIKK

    I think the team will come out fired up and all guns blazing and we will win 1-0 !

    But than again as i m already infected with it, my loosing mentality tells me…..

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  11. palmer17

    Massive massive game today come on arsenal…. WE SUPPORT THE TEAM NOT THE BOARD

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  12. kas

    walcott down the right, rosicky down the left, let arshavin start for cazorla, he can come in at the break (looks jaded), rosicky and arshavin can swap from time to time! I know its unorthodox, but orthodox isn’t working! what say?

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  13. leo

    “It was disappointing to see Robin leave for Manchester United – but I signed for Arsenal. Not van Persie.” – Lukas Podolski”

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  14. palmer17

    @leo i would sign both fellani and diame i believe fellani is a must signing what do u think??

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  15. Edie putu kutagooner

    Arsenal 3-0 westbrom
    we ll win today !!!
    bring on isco, fellaini,zaha,diame !

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  16. Alex


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  17. No more excuses

    Palmer – fellaini is an awesome player – but he’d end up on the wing or sumfin and end up playin like a pussycat . If wenger spends big money in a player (like arshavin) then he always plays em outa position – likely so he can Slabber bout money not buying influential players …. Seems to work for other clubs right nuff – just not arsenal . I can’t get exited bout us signin any player whilst wenger is in charge .

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  18. gunner forever

    Although in CL we went to knockout,
    I still want Wenger out.
    He is greedy like hell,
    I am the one who dare it to tell.
    As soon as he sells Walcott,
    I will start a boycott!
    If he plays Ramsey again,
    he has really lost his brain.
    And if Gervinho plays a left wing,
    then can’t help us even the king!

    Did you like my song fellow Gooners?

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  19. palmer17

    @no more excuses yeh agree with u we sign players and never use them to there full potential would love us to sign fellani but will it ever happen answer is no and its so frustrating…. im always 50-50 when it comes to getting rid of wenger i believe he loves the club but it seems he always follows and agrees with the board selling our top players and how much longer do we have to wait??

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  20. No more excuses

    Palmer – ur right ! We’ve watched the same mistakes over and over . Doin the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is crazy . He was a legend – no doubt – and it’s a tragedy he has gotten away with dragging us down for so long . We actually have a good squad on paper – but he can’t get the best outa em and I’d doubt with his lack of tactical knowledge that they even respect him – he can’t change a game – he can’t influence a game – all he does is make excuses and make us a laughing stock now . Both him and afc have sufferd a major fall from grace . He needs the boot and the players need a coach who’ll shove his foot in their a*ses

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  21. palmer17

    @no more excuses yeh thats and same mistakes during games always costs us always has an excuse and blames injuries and tiredness always makes the same subs especially gervinho coming on who i dont rate playing ramsey on the wing i used to rate ramsey but no idea whats happend with him arsharvin never gets a chance to play and when he does its never his position that he flurrishes in for russia its so frustrating we just go backwards

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  22. Twig

    If we win all our games over Christmas, we’re not getting any signings in January.

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  23. DJ for Guns.

    Don’t wish #WengerOut my fellow Gunners. Let’s direct our criticism at the right channel. Do you think Wenger was willing to sell the likes of Fabrigas, Nasri and Vanpersie? The only player I will say he never tried to let him stay was Song may be coz of his late attitude in the camp. Wenger has always been reluctant to let go of the stars he built him self. Vanpersie was sold by Kronke and Gazidis. Wenger nva wanted him to go. Remember, he once said he lost 40goals and frustrated to see him leave. My fellow Gunners, let’s understand who to criticise and be careful of what we wish for our Dear Club. Wenger is the proper man for the job. Let’s back the team and wage war against the greedy Board. Thanks.

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  24. G.K.

    No RAMSEY or gervinho please….not even as substitutes.
    And yes, Arshavin over Ox could work…Arshavin needs to be given a start, considering OX hasn’t quite been able to reproduce his full form yet.

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  25. JJ

    We have quality and the need to prove ourselves. West brom also on back of couple of defeats so hoping for an open game we can really take advantage of. Hate it when lesser teams shut up shop and play for a point as a football fan and arsenal fan it’s frustrating and dull.

    My Prediction 5-1 Arsenal
    I’ve slapped a Tenner on it to :). COYG!!!!!

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  26. Fresh Phily

    What do you do?! What do you dooo?!! Ivan Gazidas, what the f#&k do you do?! Arsenal! Arsenal! Arsenal!

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