Arsenal will not go back for Villa this summer

Maybe Barcelona thought that Arsenal were just spinning them a line in order to get David Villa to transfer to the Emirates in January, but they will find that Arsene Wenger meant what he said when he told them it was a now or never deal. Even though the Spanish international wanted the move, Barca stubbornly refused to accept Arsenal’s bid, and they will not be getting another.

When the Catalan side faced Real Madrid on Wednesday, it was painfully clear to all concerned that Barcelona’s talk of Villa being a valued member of the team was just that, talk. In a crucial game against their bitterest rivals, which ended 1-1, Barca had lots of chances to score which they spurned. Messi had an off day, while Pedro has been struggling for goals all year. Villa had to remain on the bench while Barca brought on Alexis Sanchez, a striker so out of form that he has forgotten what to do if he ever does score a goal.

The 31-year old is not happy about the situation, playing second fiddle to a striker who has yet to find the net after 14 league games, and tried to force the move to Arsenal, but the club stubbornly refused. Wenger must be seething, and there is no way he will go back to Barca now. After Wenger did not try to block the transfer of Alex Song, which he could have done, the way Barcelona have behaved is frustrating and arrogant, and I hope we never do business with them again.

I feel sorry for Villa, he seems to be a completely innocent party in this and just wants to play football at the top level while he still can, but Arsenal will look elsewhere in the summer. Barcelona seem to have a very short memory, because after publicly courting Fabregas and breaking FIFa rules while they did it, lots of their players were in the papers talking about the potential move, trying to put pressure on the Gunners. The Barca captain, Carles Puyol, was quoted as saying,

“I do not feel a club should keep a footballer who wants to leave.”

Funny that, Puyol, because that is just what your club has done, and you don’t even use him. Pay us back the money you owe us Barca, and do one. They should have been investigated by Uefa for the Fabregas deal, but they seem to be untouchable with football’s hierarchy. I hope Real Madrid turn them over in the second leg.

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55 thoughts on “Arsenal will not go back for Villa this summer

  1. shah95

    typical. but im sure gioud would get better. but we still need more cover up front

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  2. ErkSon

    It’s hard not to hate barca.. Really bad behaviour, it hurts to see both Song and Fabregas in that team.

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  3. Vish

    first take our money back then invest in a 20-25 million striker IF AND ONLY IF required.
    buy a cdm for sure.

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  4. haqster

    personally i think a better route is give them some of their own medicine to bring villa here. embarass them, below the belt, whatever it takes. otherwise, those fcktards will forget within the month that we had even called.

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  5. artillery1

    VILLA, i dont think BARCA will sell him to Us… :(

    Well, i think Our POLDI GIROUD THEO trio upfront will become deadly as thy are understanding well game by game!

    I think Except WILSHERE our BRITISH players must learn from POLDI N GIROUD how to become Unselfish, Especially Wallcot.

    Giroud n Poldi never took shot untill thy are sure or have no other option But THEO always run in defenders ignoring other players on side or took wastefull shot at keeper that he can punch away!

    if Theo also start to look for players first than to take shot on goal, OUR TRIO WILL B MOST DEADLY! :)


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  6. mighty

    i personely like villa but the way things are going i think we need to look els where

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  7. Tom major

    After reading this article, it just goes to show how arrogant Barca are, they have no respect for either Arsenal or David Villa, he just wants to play and at his age time is not on his side, why do they insist on keeping him when they won’t play him. I sincerely hope we don’t go looking for him the summer, there are plenty of younger un-injured strikers out there who we could buy,
    We should definitely demand the money we are owed for Fabregas and Song and then have nothing more to do with the gobshites!

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  8. obi

    Now u see we sold them cesc and song so the couldnt sell villa who is gettin time they come to emirates we wil shoot them.

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  9. artillery1


    WE STARTED SEASON STRONG WID DIABY n now WID JACK N DIABY, it will b strongest :)

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  10. louis

    Forget villa, great player but would be happier with a 50m cavani even at that price!

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  11. neil moxon

    Arsenal must never sell another player to Barca it’s all take with them, Overmars,Petit,Van Bronckhurst,Hleb,Henry
    Cesc and Song,we are still paying the price for taking Cesc

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  12. Upthearsenal

    After all the players who we have sold to Barcelona over the years, them allowing just one of there established players to come back this way should be without hesitation…
    Henry, Hleb, Overmars, Van Bronckhorst, Petit, Song, Fabregas are all the players who I can remember and there is some real quality there!
    Secondly I don’t like the way they conduct themselves at all, purposely unsettling players to get them cheaper. That’s extremely disrespectful towards teams who they have to meet almost every year in the CL.
    Also they are so protected by UEFA and the referees, if they are tackled or lose the ball it has to be a foul! It’s a joke and I would love them to start to fail…

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  13. Big Gun

    The next two signings need to be world class. Jovetic will do, as he is relatively cheap and a good player. Wenger should also have a look at M.Suarez again.

    We need game changers and match winners. Fellaini comes to mind immediately. If Arsenal do not cut CL, it will be worse than most people imagine, because CL, ambition for trophies and market related salaries attract big names. If we do not cut CL, we cannot rely on our wage structure to attract big names. CL is a must, this is why signing in this recent window was crucial. I seriously still worry about our defense still.

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  14. snakeoil

    None of us know if Wenger was serious about “now or never” or not. Regardless it is a smart move on his part.

    Look for another striker and make Barca come begging with a lower price if they still want to sell to Arsenal.

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  15. eddy b

    Well we shouldnt go for villa come summer cause i think its best we get someone whos abit younger bt still quality lyk jovetic or something

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  16. caribgooner

    By summer he will be 32 right…I would be 100% against such a move…I really hate Barca and its players…From Xavi to Iniesta to Messi yes Messi the one that gets away with everything and is most likely on some kind of drug

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  17. Neil

    Stuff ‘em.

    I hope Wenger has learned his lesson with Barca. Wenger is pretty stubborn so I believe that Barca being ‘ungentlemanly’ in not selling us a player they don’t use will actually bite Barca in the backside.

    I imagine Wenger to be the sort of chap who, if he falls out with you…that’s it…you’re finished.

    If they come knocking at the end of the season for Jack or Theo…expect a pretty short answer. Possibly three words. The last one being ”Pedro” and the second word being ”off”.

    It is Barca’s choice not to sell anyone under contract, but goodwill is important is business, and we have let almost a full XI go to Barca over the years. If they had any sense, they would see this fact and see that they are probably not going to get anyone else again (unless on a Bosman).


    He’s 31. We needed him this season as a short term fix for big games in a top 4 push. We probably would’ve replaced him with a younger striker in May…SO STUFF ‘EM!


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  18. davidrusa

    I think the best score we can settle with Barca is to knock them out of Champions league the way Chelsea did. That is when they will realise they are not invincible. As we build our team I believe such a scenario is not inconceivable. The arrogance of Spanish clubs goes beyond the acceptable. They even forget they are from a small power whose economy is in shambles! They think they are an island in a troubled sea. I believe Wenger is right. Why should he spend so much money on someone who will be turning 32 and who has an injury record? Let Wenger look for a promising player the way he scooped Giroud and the others. We can’t be held to ransom by a team with inflated self importance. Most of the good players we have got have not come from Barcelona and therefore there is no reason for anyone to lose their heads over such a small issue? Was Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljumberg etc from Barcelona? Let us just forget about Villa and get another striker. Life goes on.

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  19. dan

    Hummels,jovetic and capou would b 3 fantastic signings still believe need a right back to replace sagna jenkinson is not going to be top class we need someone to fill the role now not in 3 or 4 years time.

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  20. Sank

    Just look at the squad

    defence -
    schesney mannone
    sagna jekinson
    vermalean koscielney mertesaker
    monreal gibbs

    midfield -
    arteta coquilan ramsey
    wilshere diaby rosicky

    wingers and strikers -
    walcott ox podolski gervinho giroud

    total 21 players.

    our young squad -
    frimpong miyachi campbell eisfeld gnbury miquel angha bellarin aneke afobe akpom toral olsson martinez

    currently 13 stars waiting for first team and many more emerging.

    offload -
    santos chamakh djhorou bendtner park denilson in coming summer.

    fabinski arshavin squillaci will go certainly as contract ends.


    MONREAL a great signing.

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  21. Pat Rice

    I hope we don’t buy that striker from Lorient, it just sounds like more dead wood to me,

    Hope we get a proper striker

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  22. stephen187

    Erm what did you guys expect…barca don’t want to stregthen there rivals…only wenger takes pride in making other teams better..they are probably scared as with a bit more experience and depth we would be contending for throphies

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  23. Aidan

    Giroud will be a great player next season for sure. Walcott will improve and podolski is class, standard. It would’ve been great to have Villa but Barca are arrogant and think they rule the world. Trust me without Messi,Xavi and iniesta they’re average at best. we will see in the near future how good this team really are when these three hang up their boots.

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  24. Gut Fernandes

    I started liking Real Madrid’s game in hate to barca. They’re just pieces of shit!

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  25. Thala

    Guys , I think Arsenal Will be challenging for Titles from next season. How ??
    1.We have Signed a Long Term Contract of All Brit Boys.[Core]
    2.We Have German and Spanish Contingent who r at their Peak and have long term contract .
    3. Our French Players Bosseliny , Giroud , Diaby are Loyal Gooners. they will not leave and reach peak in 1-2 years.
    4. Which leaves us to Sczeney, Verminator, Rosicky, Gervinho. they r Gooners too, so will not leave us.
    Players who might leave Arsenal r Fabby, Vito,Sagna,Squlacci,Santos,Arshavin,Le Coq. I personally Dont want Sagna and Le Coq to leave us.
    Players on loan who will leave ArsenaL ARE Djourou,Denilson,Bentner,Chamack,Park.
    As we have paid our Debt, we can actually Buy 3 Quality players in this summer . Which will definitely make us Title Contenders.

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  26. Pat Rice


    That’s exactly not the type of signing we need, we should stop gambling on unknown/ barely known french players in ligue1, the always turn out to be dead wood.

    We need tried n tested players, or players from spain or germany who are most likely gona fit in our system

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  27. Thala

    1 Experienced GK, 1 Quality CB, 1 Striker.
    We can promote Le Coq and Fringpong to CDM role. I really Doubt Wenger will Buy a CDM.
    Hope Sagna Doesn’t leave. he still has 2-3 yrs left in him . I feel his recent Bad Performance is just Dip in Form. Which will help Jenki to Develop.
    Gervinho and Ramsey has Potential will do wonders with Regular games and Confidence.[ Be Patient with them Gooners].But Santos should leave bcoz his Attitude and Body Language Sucks.
    We have lot of Potential Youngsters Coming Through like Eisfeld,Gnabry,Ryo, Willington Silva, Gilando,Afobe,Akpom,Conor Henderson[Pin point passing,deadball specialist, Best Crosser].
    Wenger should just Spend this summer to add Quality, No place for Mediocrity . Next Season is Ours.

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  28. Grimey

    Sign up Jovetic. Cavani and Falcao will only go to the richest teams(although it would be nice) . Jovetic is the right age, right price(£20mil?) and would complete and complement our forward line

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  29. Thala

    Best Way to Piss Barca is to Buy their Young Prodigy’s . Like we Plucked Miguel, Fab, Berllin, Torel. We should use the Contract Advantage [Players can sign contract at age of 16 in England and in Spain its 18]. Fu*k Barca !! Doing this Will hurt Them and Future of Barca will Go to Drain !!! #Evil Laugh.

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  30. Jon

    In Barcelonas defence, they didn’t actually make us sell LOADS of our best players to them (other than Fabregas).

    Arsenal are a selling club and sell to the highest bidder happily, if teams like Man City and Barca want to buy then our board are happy about it.

    Juat because the Arsenal board are a bunch of losers who only care about money and not about winning it doesn’t mean that the Barcelona board have to be the same in return.
    Maybe that’s partly why Barca are the best team in the world and Arsenal are …….. definitely NOT the best team in the world!!

    You can’t slag Arsenal off for selling all our players and then slag Barca off for not doing the same thing!!

    Besides, Barca know that Gazidis and Kroenke will come running back next time they take their wallets out anyway. :(

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  31. synsix

    do we remember when Baloteli was asked how would he feel if he gets an offer from barca/ he shot back sayin that he doesnt play balls with Ladies

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  32. Uche Edochie

    You guys are too sentimental to understand what is going on here. It is about a club’s value system. Barca value their players and hold on to all of them, including their bit part players. And when they sell, they typically include a buy back clause. Arsenal however is different. Everybody has their price. If mancity bids for carzola in the summer and offers us 25 mil, we will sell him and give them djourou as a thank you gift. So while i wanted david villa so badly myself, i respect barca for valuing their players including the unused ones because they understand you win tournaments with your bench and not just your first eleven. A serious injury to messi is all that is required to throw them into major chaos. But they have david villa as cover and that is why they will not sell villa at a time when they cannot afford to replace him. Very few players have been able to effectively integrate into the barca system of play because their system is the most complicated. Even fabregas still struggles to fit into the system and he is a product of their academy. So selling david villa would be really really stupid on their part. If we had david villa on our bench, would you want to sell him to another club in january or any other transfer window? I hate barca but i respect them for keeping villa.

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  33. Always a gooner

    Messi,Xavi,Iniesta=Barca ……Arsenal=class …trust me Arsenal Fc is the best …..Idiots Pay The remaining transfer fees for song And fabregas ….and dont ever think of signing Wilshere …Even Messi wilshere swap wont work out ……Get lost

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  34. John Legend

    They will only sell a player when they are through with him, they are not Arsenal. We should have tried to sign Dzeko from Man $hitty and see if they would sell to us(even if he wanted to come).
    Arsenal should learn to do that too, to keep their best players.

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  35. Andrew

    Don’t go back for him. Hopefully this will show other players that playing for Barcelona isn’t always that great. If this stops more players going there fantastic. Barcelona we now what all of our money that you owe us for Fabregas and Song.

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  36. David

    Just saying, we ARE going in for David Villa in the summer as he wants to come to Arsenal. Reported in the Sun that there will be a £14 million move but that does mean that Arsene Wnger will have to change his policy about giving players over 30 one-year contracts as he is going to offer a 3-4 year deal on £110,000 a week.

    Dislike all you want, but don’t shoot the messenger.


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  37. David

    Just saying, we ARE going in for David Villa in the summer as he wants to come to Arsenal. Reported in the Sun that there will be a £14 million move but that does mean that Arsene Wnger will have to change his policy about giving players over 30 one-year contracts as he is going to offer a 3-4 year deal on £110,000 a week.

    Dislike all you want, but don’t shoot the messenger.


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  38. jermaine

    dvilla wants to play for arsenal so why not summer is market value is 17.5m he has a year left so we could get him for 8.5m. if barce continue to be diks threat them to take more la masia prodogys or demand song/cesc money. idealy we should go for jovetic throw bendner in the deal lol. attackers leaving in summer;chamack,arshavin,bendner,park is there space for both??

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  39. Benji

    Just as barca go to buy neymar get them to pay us meaning they can’t afford him then we sign him :P

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  40. Peterkin

    Don’t sell our players to barca anymore the club management should look elsewhere for a striker who can perform wonders in d field of play,Barca knew that Arsenal managers are greedy that is why they always tempted to buy our good players to frustrate the club plans

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