Arsenal will soon have Jack back

Arsene Wenger gave a report a few weeks ago about the ongoing injury situations with Jack Wilshere, Bacary Sagna, Thomas Rosicky and Emmanuel Frimpong. Wenger stated then that he would like to have Wilshere back by Christmas, but that all the others would not be out for long.

Our French manager was being a little bit careful about what he said, apparently, as he did not want the talented midfielder to feel too much pressure and expectation. Arsenal fans do have the tendency to treat the 20-year old England international as our saviour.

Get ready to be saved Gooners, as the Dailymail reports that Wilshere is already running and undergoing fitness training with no adverse reactions. Jack is set to return to full-time training within the month, so he should be back playing for Arsenal sometime in October. Great news I am sure you will agree.

We should not expect him to pick up where he left off, after spending over a year on the sidelines he is bound to be a little rusty. The unexpectedly quick return of Wilshere may have been one of the factors which caused Wenger to allow Alex Song’s transfer to Barcelona to go ahead.

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal will soon have Jack back

  1. JW10

    Truely great news for Gooners, however, we must be weary not to burden the young lad with expectation similar to the situation of Ramsey (although I believe Wilshere is still a class above the talented Welshman)

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  2. woody

    Looking like we could have the best midfield in a long time! Now lets win some trophies, and get back where we belong! A team that controls matches with great passing the Arsenal we love to watch!, glad i put the 16/1 bet to win

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  3. Mehrzad

    wilshere back on october and reach his best after xmas with Sahin one year loan as backup cover this is a great strategy
    we need such plans for DM and the fullbacks to be fully covered

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  4. juhislihis

    I believe Jack shouldn’t play more than 15-25 games this year. We have dept in the midfield so we can freely bring him in step at a time.

    Hope to see Sagna soon back too.


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  5. Gooner Cape Town

    No rush for Jack we need him fully fit and firing, so get well JW10!!

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  6. ABK

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  7. Mohd.H

    I would still sign m’vila and sahin and give wilshere a rest for half a season, otherwise he’ll end up like Rosicky… -_-
    but yeah i’m not sure where does frimpong fit, he’s a real talent but then so is m’vila :\

    well African cup of nation is coming up… i’m sure they’ll all get a chance to play in arsenal while others are away

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  8. Fabb

    I’m so looking forward to his dribbling past man utd’s defense and kicking the ball into the net after getting the ball back from rvp.

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  9. DialSquare1886

    hope he does not lose confidence like ramsey. i wish both all the best & return to top form soon.

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  10. juhislihis

    Question for Gunners:

    Could Coquelin be turned into a fullback? Maybe mainly RB? If the rumours are true and we are signing M’Vila and Sahin, the midfield is going to be crowded. Arteta got only few top football years in him so we can count out in the future.

    I think Le Coq could make better RB than Jenkinson, or when Sagna is moving on they can both fight for the place. Just a thought because last year Coquelin looked quite solid on the flank.

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  11. Mfinanga

    Its great news to have Jack in near future but AW should learn how to stop selling our best players because retaining them would eventually bring trophies,

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  12. Sank

    Just get sahin to cover midfield.
    next yr we hav many options.
    Need buy Wilshere 10

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  13. Nick

    Great news(with caution)! I for one will be very happy to see JW#10 back in action but I’m not in any hurry. I don’t want him rushed back and I don’t want Arsenal/Fans to put too much pressure or too many expectations on him once he’s back. It’s gonna take him a while to re-discover his form.

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  14. teejay

    this is a great news. it feels good to have him back. welcome my midfield enforcer

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  15. Ryan

    FFs it’s to much! Just sign sahin, ‘m’villa and a deffender and let’s get a trophy under our belts!! COYG

    Ps. I think Dempsey would be a good signing like podolski can play through the middle or on the wing (could solve our striker crisis)

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  16. James N

    Can’t wait til jack’s back.
    Reading this page really cheered me up. This is partly due to the good news but mostly down to the fact that you said “the unexpectedly quick return of Wilshere” LOL. Half glass full mate i like it, considering he went off the pitch with what seemed like a knock a year ago.. A YEAR.

    It’s so weird to think that last time he played a full game we had nasri, song, fabregas, van persie and clichy..

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  17. LifeGUNNER

    Would be great to have Jack Wilshere back. But let’s get Sahin and M’vila so we don’t rush Jack. He’s a great kid a great asset. Am excited already. Our midfield is GUNNER be a killer squad

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  18. Robin Van Payslip

    Chim chimmny chim chim cheroo
    who needs a Rapist when we’ve got Giroud

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  19. Robin Van Payslip

    He plays up front, He plays upfront
    we’ve got Podolski, Van Persie’s a C**t!

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  20. LinhDT

    This is the very good news. For more than one year, Arsenal has invested so much on medical team and the medical infrastructure. I think that the quality of medics in Arsenal has improved. Hope that in the future there is no injuries in training and there are mot many injuries for Arsenal.
    Jack comes back does not mean he can get his form right away but this is a very strong dynamic for the team. Jack is vice captain and he is very energetic and positive.
    Jack !!! Please prove that you are the leader of all the leader. You are a great Gooner and please prove that you are born for Arsenal.

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  21. realist

    We have a complete midfield trio sitting it out at the moment frimpong-wilshire-rosicky whilst our current trio of arteta-diaby-cazorla is backed up by coquelin-ramsey-arshavin. you have to wonder that when everyone is fit can we keep them all happy? that is without the potential trio of mvila-sahin-dempsey which i think would be awesome and available for around 20m. lets not forget too we also have eastmond-henderson-lansbury plus yennaris-aneke-eisfeld.

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  22. emeka

    We’ve basically concentrated our energy this term in strengthening our midfield, what happen’s to our RB, there is absolutely no cover for sagna because in my thinking, coqueline is only a make shift RB. Frimpong would be a better replacement for Song but my sincere desire would be to see Mr Bould transform him into a world class defensive midfielder, brushing his rough ends (especially his tackles). Great news about JW, we wish him all the best.

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  23. andreigooner

    hmmm imagine a midfield of arteta, cazorla, mvila, sahin and wilshere. best midfield in the premier league. they will frustrate every other midfield in the premier league

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  24. gunner

    Jack coming back is good, not only good but is like signing new player. but i would like if he starts playing games around January, coz we need him to be fit for the end of the season, i do wish wenger play him in all games for 20min, for the whole january, coz thats what BVB are doing with gotze. after january he can get his place back.

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  25. diablo

    wenger shouldn’t play jack at DM, as its usually the most physically challenging position on the whole pitch. let him play as cm/am/winger for 2-3 months before switching him back to dm!

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