Arsenal win is perfect tribute to Rocky

Arsenal 4 – 1 Reading, an easy win for the Gunners by KJ

This was a routine win for the Gunners who punished Reading from the off and were unlucky to not score more.
We started the game off very strongly with our quick movement and passing. Wenger opted to go for Gervinho over Alex Oxlade Chamberlain on the wings and the first goal of the game vindicated his decision. The Ivorian peeled off Reading’s defence and managed to net Cazorla’s cross-come-shot. It’s two goals in two games for the maligned forward. 1 – 0.

We were rampant in the first half but were struggling to put away our chances. We had a ridiculous 15 shots at goal in the first half alone but there was definitely worries that it was going to be “one of those games”.
Fortunately, our Spanish magician Santi Cazorla put our worries to rest with a beautifully crafted goal. Gervinho passed it to Cazorla on the edge of the box and the Spaniard gently caressed it into the near post. 2 – 0.

From a Reading corner, we somehow managed to get Gervinho one on one with their defender but had to slow down play as there was no way he was going to get a chance at goal with his limited skill set. This allowed Giroud to sprint into the box. Gervinho subtly dribbled on the edge of the box that drew the remaining three defenders towards him before passing it Giroud who made sure the ball ended up in the net with a nice shot that skimmed the grass as it beat a diving Taylor. 3 – 0.

As you’d expect, we fell asleep and somehow managed to let Reading score a goal as some dodgy defending by Nacho Monreal saw Kanu (not the former Arsenal player!) head the ball into the net. It was a real bummer as it was a great performance by the team let down by a momentary lapse by Monreal. 3 – 1.

Fortunately, this didn’t faze us and a newly substituted on Chamberlain managed to win a penalty with his first touch of the ball. It was a brilliant dribble to be fair. Arteta coolly dispatched the spot kick. 4 – 1.

It was a great win that was the perfect tribute to late Arsenal legend, David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle.
We are now only 2 points behind Chelsea and 4 points behind Tottenham (with a game in hand). Up the Arsenal!

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal win is perfect tribute to Rocky

  1. No1Gunner

    I thought Giroud was great in this match.Played good passes and good linking of play and also put one in the back of the net.

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  2. manorhouse

    Gervinho silenced the haters. True class & true team play.

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  3. SA Gunner

    We had power outage due to heavy rain, couldn’t watch!!! Third spot looks like its definatly up for grabs, can’t see why we can’t do it, we are Arsenal, coyg!!

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    were interested in dortmund trio bender,gotze and lewndowski for 70 million according to sunday maail

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  5. Liam-Jenko

    Gervinho has the abilty, he was just lacking the composure and the football brain, but yesterday we saw a different Gervinho the pass he did to Giroud’s goal was perfect for me he drew the defenders to him and then unleashed Giroud and Giroud’s Finish was brilliant!

    He silenced the haters anyway, i’m not saying i never said a bad word because that would be a lie but i don’t truly understand why some Arsenal fans go out there way to slate our own players the same goes for Ramsey, they wear the Crest we pay money to go to see, so get behind them don’t knock them!

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  6. Ergs

    Difficult to really gage our performance as we were playing the worst team in the league!
    Next week will be a test against WBA.
    Still the boys did what was required.

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  7. A Goonersville Citizen

    Gervinho’s finish has really been his only major shortfall in games, otherwise he puts in a lot of great work – is good on the dribble, can accelerate past defenders with more ease than most, enabling him to create good chances for others. When in form, he can put in much better performances than some fans give him credit for. Yesterday, he did a fantastic job alongside Santi, who even on a bad day is better than most of his teammates.

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  8. rman

    What rocky would want is buy some top quality players.BUY stefan jovetic for 23 million euro.
    Tactics to make fiorentina to give up
    1>Wenger knows that he knows jove knows he wants us.
    2>Make players use the media as a screen to praise jovetic (“he is a good player we would love him to play at arsenal”)
    3>Understand this Wenger wanted 30 million euros for RVP but sir alex tipped of his agent i don’t know persuaded RVP to come to them for 24.

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    Over the past 10 games, Gervinho has a better record than Van pussy

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  10. GOONER

    jenkinon howodws kos monreal

    gotze wenyama wilshere santi

    giroud joveyic

    this team will be the best in Europe

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  11. permagooner

    arsenal employed sort of a variation on the barcelona tactic. no real wing play, few long balls. just a mass of attackers probing up the middle with little passes and flicks until something gives. cazorla and gervinho made little pretense of playing wide.

    it worked against the very weak reading play, but has been less effective against stronger clubs this season, so be wary. gunners will really need more wing play from poldi,ox, or even gervinho if he is on the left where he actually stays wide (and maybe walcott if he awakens from hibernation).

    remember, gervinho started twice as the “right-winger” prior to reading and it was terrible. he just roamed and jammed up the middle and arsenal could find the goal through the mass of bodies

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  12. ripple

    I almost did not recognize Ramsey vs. Reading. This was his best game of the season. Here are the reasons….

    1. He was composed and controlled instead of wild and chaotic. I remember only 1 wayward pass all game.

    2. Confidence: clearly more comfortable with himself.

    3. Position: It would be difficult to describe a precise position for his play but he played more as a central attacker and he performs much better there than elsewhere.

    4. Reading was a disaster – almost no pressure on the gunners all day – could just pass and create at will.

    Ramsey’s most important play was his jump to avoid the “tackle” from leigertwood. He was miliseconds from another bad injury – it took considerable skill to avoid it

    I have been very critical of Wenger for selecting Ramsey over far better/more productive players. And Ramsey still does not deserve 1st team regular status – he must actually produce some goals first. But I think he more than earned his way in that game – almost a different player.

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  13. permagooner


    as they say…..

    if ramsey continues to play well, it would almost be like a new signing.

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  14. lopez

    Gervinho was the man of the match….as always he has tremendous dribbling skills and NEVER pulls out of 50/50′s he always tries to get past players. We were playing against the weakest team of the league so do not scream victory so soon…for Gervinho is 2 matches 2 goals so far, he deserves another start,despite what other fans say; he is a very important player in the Arsenal squad, weather he starts or comes in from the bench, there is no doubt that he contributes a lot more than Chamberlain and Walcott.

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  15. mohawk35

    @GOONER: i am not judging your suggested/fantasy lineup but i think you have forgotten one important thing.

    wenger will NEVER go for a formation that does not include ramsey.

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  16. bananas for bale d ape

    i think people should stop saying its only reading, reading that vanpussy utd could only manage a diflected free kick to win @ old traford. Why cant you just be happy with the result than say its only reading.

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  17. michael tammy

    Am an arsenal fan to the core and dis I’d ma 1st tym of commenting I must the match was outstanding bt was against a weak opposition I hope we dismantle westbrom and move on 3rd place z up for grab

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  18. gunsmith

    everyone seems to be confusing giroud with rosiscky saying he was great in the match with nice one touch passing! THAT WAS ROSISCKY ROSISCCKY played great without him and cazorla we would not have the brilliant magic passing that match

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