Arsenal’s Giroud is better than Drogba and Henry?!?

If you were drinking a cup of tea when you saw this headline, I apologise. Wipe your screen down and read on, because Arsenal’s French international striker has suggested that he has been better that the Gunners scoring legend Thierry Henry and the `beast` Didier Drogba.

Now, I am one of Giroud’s fans. I supported him earlier in the season when the Arsenal fans were getting on his back and calling him every name under the sun in the comments section, but I think the big forward may have gone a bit too far with that statement.

To be fair to Giroud, he was probably responding to a leading question and defending his input for Arsenal in his debut season, and I would agree that it has been a decent start, but he needs to push on and do much better next season to start comparing himself with those two.

“I replaced van Persie and, when you arrive at a big club like that, they are very demanding towards you,” said Giroud.

“The criticism has not always been deserved, but they push you on. 17 goals and 11 assists; that is better than Henry and Drogba in their first seasons.

“This is the quality I have. I have got better with this team and this staff, it is another level. And I want to continue to improve.”

Actually, Giroud has got his facts a little wrong. His numbers are better than Drogba, who scored 16 with five assists in his first season, but King Henry bagged a fantastic 26 goals with 11 assists in his first season. What Giroud needs to do is keep working and getting better. He has got a lot to offer Arsenal and you can see why he attracted interest from Bayern Munich.

“My agent spoke to them and it was approved by people at Bayern,” Giroud revealed. “But they wanted to wait for the Euros, and Mandzukic had a great Euros. To be pursued by Bayern, it is good. PSG? They are clearly very attractive, but I am happy where I am.”

After a shaky and slow start, Giroud has improved a lot this season and has acclimatised to the Premier League. The last two games without him have also helped the Arsenal fans to appreciate what he does for the team. With another top class striker brought in this summer, I think that Arsenal will be a real threat next season. What do you think, Gooners?

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95 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Giroud is better than Drogba and Henry?!?

  1. Rambo16

    In terms of first seasons he has a point but in 20 years time we will still be talking about Henry and drogba.. Giroud is a good player but he’s needs to work on his shooting boots

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  2. Va Va Voom

    Less talking, more putting the ball into the back of the net. We’ve got a looonng way to go

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  3. god's a gunner

    at least he has gained confidence, now show it regularly on the pitch

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  4. gunner4life

    Typical Arsenal fans. 1st season and they criticize him. 17 goals in his first season is fantastic. Next year he’ll improve and bang in goals for fun you wait and see.

    These are the same Arsenal fans who criticized Jenkinson in his first season when he was struggling. In his 2nd season he shined and they all jump on the bandwagon. Bumlicking his ass.

    What i’m saying is that there are too many fake fans in our club. Support the team no matter what.

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  5. ks-gunner

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  6. Todd

    He’s not saying he’s better than them; he’s simply trying to get people off his back. Granted, he went the wrong way about it, but there’s really no way to escape the media criticism he and other players constantly face.

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  7. Jaymo

    Giroud does the getting in position and movement well but the one thing that he needs is the thing that doesn’t change from league to league and that’s simply put the ball between the posts!!!

    I don’t think Giroud is the answer…..But I’d love him to prove me wrong!!!

    Good luck next season hope you have a cracker son!!

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  8. Liam-Jenko

    Giroud has done good for his first season, better than Drogba did in his first season at Chelsea, Thierry Henry though is just different class, he’s going to need a big improvement in his game to reach the likes of Henry, but like i said he’s done good for his first season contributing to nearly 30 goals!

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  9. ks-gunner

    gunner4life….mate u have problems to differentiate between Class, mediocry,promesing talent and awfull players….

    there are not fake fans around…but to many fan boys….we are not struggeling for the 4 place without a reason…

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  10. Kwasi

    I think the article is misleading and the writer didn’t understand the statement Giroud had made. He wasn’t comparing himself to Henry or Drogba, he was stating that the people are undercutting his abilities and he can only get better from here. Also, he was stating that peoples criticism was misplaced.

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  11. PatLloyd

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  12. ks-gunner

    when henry joined the club he found a club who was a tittle contender…….he was class amongst class…he had quelety competition…

    same goes for Drogba….Chelsea was on the top when he arrived……

    and Giroud joined one of the weakes Arsenal side ….i ever have witnes amongst these last 13 years of supporting Arsenal…..his competition as a striker is almost in existant…..fact

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  13. moneytalks

    giroud has missed too many clear cut chances this season
    especially in big games like against chelsea, everton
    and man city. he also missed chances against sunderland,
    stoke and aston villa which were sitters. i hope he can improve next season but we desperately need a better striker than giroud next season.

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  14. Previgo

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  15. god's a gunner

    Previgo, why do you have to write like you’re rapping?

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  16. mr lean

    imo giroud has had a good season and will be usefull next season as a squad member,we still need a world class striker to replace the one we sold last august

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  17. Vlad

    Giroud will only get better, you just wait and see. I have always been a fan of his (with the exception of one game against Chelsea, when he could’ve scored an equalizer in stoppage time), and I see a great deal of potential in him. Just look at the last couple of games that we played without him in the lineup – no aerial threat, no physical presence up front. I’m convinced should he have played against ManU, we would’ve won the game. All he needs to do is to work on the finishing touch, and I would’ve loved to see Henry coaching/mentoring him on that, and other things. If he stays healthy, I’m predicting a 25-goal next season for him. BUT… we still need a replacement should he go down with an injury, or if he goes into a slump. So, in my opinion, we still need to sign a quality striker, a CDM, and another CB. And then we’ll be ready to compete for trophies again.

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  18. moneytalks

    i dont understand why wenger didnt replcae van persie with
    a world class striker at the start of the season. he instead went to france to land giroud with all due respect
    is not good enough to win trophies in epl. i wanted wenger to sign lewandwoski but wenger loves french bargains.

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  19. Tobias

    @ Previgo

    i thumbed you down and im not a rqcist i would just prefer to have lewendoski over benteke
    dont be such a knob all your life
    and by the way i think anyone who dosnt speak spastic will struggle to read anything you say

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  20. Felix

    Funny giroud…..concentrate on ur game and stop comparing urself 2 KING HENRY..u cant be lik him!!

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  21. MBB

    He could have been on 20+ this season if he scored some of the sitters he’s missed. Less talk and more goals lad then compare yourself to the King and the tank that is Drogba.

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  22. Sam

    GIROUD HAS SCORED 11 PREMIER LEAGUE GOALS AND HAS 3 ASSIST TO HIS NAME. Why put other competition stats when nothing was won not even close.
    The likes of Michu(17), Benteke(18), Lukaku(14 mostly at the reserves for chelsea last season), Lambert(14 Championship), Kone (11), Le Fondre(11 A SUB) all in their debut premier league season have scored more goals than that for smaller teams…So I do not see how is that good numbers???…His predecessor got 30 last season so how is everyone so happy about 11 PREMIER LEAGUE GOALS????

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  23. mr lean

    like to add its not the chances that giroud has missed that has costs us points a lot of other players have made individual mistakes.

    the main blame should be Stan for being a greedy yank who will not invest in world class players

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  24. Previgo

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  25. moneytalks

    arsenal please sign lewandowski. he is an die hard arsenal
    fan. his favourite player is henry.

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  26. Galen

    Annoying statement from aplayer with 17 goals in 46 games. He has never scored when we really need him. he has missed more sitters than score goals. let me just earn there. Another shit player from france who spends all the time in the media. Drogba and henry a top players who won big games and decided biog games. he is no where near RVP shoes , not to talk of henry and drogba.

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  27. k

    personally if we dont get lewandowski we shud go 4 yilmaz.offer dem gervinho nd 10 million.a forwardline of giroud jovetic nd yilmaz wud more dan compensate 4 RVP

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  28. tjtomekk

    i’m sorry, but he will be nowhere near the quality of rvp or henry

    just not fast and tecnical enough, and we cant just get in high balls, sorry olivier…

    we will invlude you, and you can stay as a squad player, but you won’t get near to beeing our next big striker, as much as i would love you to…

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  29. mr lean

    agree that lewandoski would be a great buy but in reality can anyone really see that happening,hope my negative vibes are wrong !

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  30. kingsley

    Giroud should make a statement in the team by scoring crucial goals and winning big games for us like those two idols did for their teams. Wonder what level our team has fallen to for him to think he his a superstar with such mediocre performance. In our team, players like adebayor can hit 30 goals per season!

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  31. Previgo

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  32. ash

    I’ve had a terrible revelation. everyone wants a world class striker and dm, and if we do we”ll challenge for trophies again, well we had both of those last season? I know the team is different these season but it’s widley considered to be different/worse, not different/better. Based on that I think we need much more then two positions. Giroud should of course stay and I find myself defending him in the same way I used to about van persie, so why can’t be as good as these guys one day, van persie arguably is. With support from someone like jovetic, playing much closer to him then the ‘comparable’ cazorla, he’ll be much better, but yeah, a new stiker and a cf (jovetic) will make Giroud even better, competition and someone more suited to playing along side, not behind

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  33. moneytalks

    lewandowski is an arsenal fan. why dont u check lewandwoski is arsenal fan or not in internet?

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  34. bobby

    henry is all time arsenal best player nothing like giroud,hateeeeee giroud so much

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  35. arsenal forever

    please giroud shut ur mouth and learn how to shoot and score the easiest chances then come and state what you have done in ur first season with arsenal. you should train for at least 4 hours daily how to shoot and position in the box and learn how to dribble.

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  36. Va Va Voom

    They should sign me up too then. I’m a die-hard Arsenal fan, favourite player, Jack Wilshere

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  37. Tobias

    @ Previgo

    dude shush i simply cant understand what you say because you write like a dyslexic five year old

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  38. mr lean

    need our players to learn to shut up and do all there talking on the pitch

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  39. zak man

    giroud is smoking some crack. Only if he could score goals like he talks.

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  40. moneytalks

    @va va voom
    u have already been signed by wenger. lol

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  41. madgoona

    Previgo I am with you on that one.At Bentekes age Lowandoski was struggling to find the back of the net…Bentake is doing so already at will..

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  42. moneytalks

    are u mad? lewandowski is 24. he has been outstanding for the last two seasons. benteke is 22.

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  43. moneytalks

    benteke earns only 20k per week at aston villa.
    bendtner 50k
    park 45k
    chamakh 50k
    squillaci 50k

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  44. Hardy

    Arsenal need a good striker but first thing first

    When attacking we need to find a balance

    Sometimes in the final third of our opposition we keep changing random passes to each other without any motive and after sometime we just give the ball away

    After theo goal v/s chelsea
    i dont think we have scored a goal in which a defense splitting pass has been made to our attackers

    Problem is During the build up
    NONE of our attackers(wingers/striker) try to make a clever run
    which ultimately leads to us passing the ball over the pitch randomly

    We need a striker who is a goal poacher but at the same time who could make those clever runs and make chances for himself and give us a diff type of attacking strength as we seriously miss nowdays

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  45. leo

    he has done well we only have the likes of our winger’s & full backs to blame for not getting in proper crosses we need to play to his strength

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  46. madgoona

    you must be the on hallucinating not age 22 lewandoski scored 8 goals in 33 appearances for BVB…DO YOUR RESEARCH

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  47. Michael Staley

    The headline to this thread is disingenuous. Giroud has not claimed that he is better than Drogba or Henry, just that he’s had a better first season.

    Never happier than when you’re slagging someone off, are you?

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  48. moneytalks

    lewandowski started very few games out of 33.
    lucas barrios was the first choice striker at that time.

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  49. Pete

    @Previgo is joke.

    I reckon he’s a white guy pretending he’s a black guy so he can all other people
    Racist for arguments sake.

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  50. Nexvigo



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    let him concerntrate on his trade, that is putting goals at the back of the net,or search his scoring ability so that he will shine next season if by GOD’S grace.

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  52. Popeye

    Relax guys, Giroud must have had too much of French wine last night with Le Professor. Just laugh & forget. The shit would go down the toilet in the morning.

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  53. Josh09

    I’d take Benteke because he is raw talent and will be cheaper and there’s more chance of him staying loyal to us.

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  54. Promise Festac

    Lewandoski is Over-rated, Giroud always hiding behind the Defender, Giroud better wisen up and learn how to position yourself not comparing yourself with another. Make a landmark of your own.

    Evil spirit (Messi) had never compared himself with player, rather his potentials speak for himself. You too talk jaw! Robin Van pire no be striker like you…

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  55. Gigi

    What he said is right regarding Drogba, and Drogba stayed in and gave Chelsea the UCL. (I love Henry but the day we needed him to score he did not).

    Who knows, maybe Giroud will deliver THAT trophy.

    Also, check the KING HENRY second year stats, I think he fell a Little bit.

    Now before everyone starts naming me, I was a fan of Henry before he came here, back when he was at Monaco.

    He went to Juve and did NOT make it there.

    I wonder if back when I stood by his signing lot of fans were saying he was rubbish and that we had bought a not good player.

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  56. aliii

    People said that thierry henry was terrible at his start, then look what happened later on in the next seasons. giroud will most probably improve but the only bad thing about him is his speed. #justsaying. HENRY LEGEND!

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  57. Uche Edochie

    Unbelievable. Giroud has scored 17 goals out of the gazzilion chances created for him and he believes he has earned the right to brag. Great. If spurs beats chelsea tomorrow like they beat man city and man u, i am sure giroud’s 17 goals wouldnt be that comforting as we will most likely be playing europa league next season. The issue is not the number of goals giroud has scored but his conversion rate and the number of chances that have been created for him. Any decent striker will score a ton of goals in arsenal because of the kind of chances the team creates for him. Look at van persie and adebayor. They scored a lot of goals for us but will never score that many in other clubs. Giroud’s wastefulness in front of goal has cost us games. The everton result comes to mind. So whoever thinks giroud has done well with his 17 goals, just pray that spurs doesnt beat chelsea otherwise you will spend months afterwards defending your position on giroud.

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  58. Jim A

    Lay off Giroud the team has not crossed onto his head for most of the year. They din’t really look for him at all till the midway part of the season. He is a target, not a striker that gets behind defenses. If he turns and shoots there will always be someone right on him because he plays with his back towards goal. Scream all you want for a speedy forward, but with Theo who plays right off Giroud that is what you have and hopefully Ox can play on the left.

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  59. Philthompsonsnose

    If giroud had put away half of those early chances we would have been comfortably 2nd..
    But history will prove he is a worthless piece of sh@t!! And when we finish 5th him and AW can fu@k back off to the pi@@ poor French league where they deserve t be!!!

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  60. londongunner

    im sorry guys he has done well but lets remeber its 11 goals in premier football not 17!

    fact is his a good second choice but your absolutely deluded if you think we can win the title/cl with his abilities!

    he deffo has a place on the squad but his a shadow of thierry henry and even van persie!

    to be brutally honest if you fans want us to win trophies again we are going to need a better striker for 1st choice hopefully pacey with clinical finishing ability

    fact is his 26…his not going to get that much better!

    love the guy though he will make a good second choice and a player we can rotate in next season!

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  61. londongunner

    i feel like im a moderate when it comes to giroud

    you have

    giroud haters… who go his utter shit!

    you have giroud lovers… who are more deluded and think his world class in the making a 3o goal a season striker

    then you have me who thinks his decent but can only see him as second choice!

    guys benteke is a far better version of giroud 18 goals for a piss poor aston villa saide, a incredible shot goal ratio his stronger than giroud faster and is actually got a better head on him statistically he wins more aerial duels than giroud…in every statistic…. giroud is worse then benteke so its interesting people can consider making giroud are permant first choice striker for the next few years when benteke who plays for aston villa inst world class by a long shot is better!

    deluded people realise giroud is a brilliant sub! but our first choice striker when city have tevez aguero dzeko

    and man united have van persie

    chelsea are getting falco


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  62. londongunner

    look people keep making excuses for the dude

    likr he doesnt score much because his target man its not his job to score THATS BULLSHIT!

    lewondski is a target man… his scored 23 in the league alone…

    just guys dont just hate on him hear me out

    city have tevez and aguero

    man united have rvp hernandez wrooney

    chelsea have ba and soon falco!

    bayern has muller

    bvb have lewandowski

    barcelona have messi

    real madrid have higuan benzema ronaldo

    psg have ibrahimovich and lazzerati

    is giroud as good or better than any of them?? look im not hating him but to be a top football club to be in that top elite that wins silverware you gotta have that exceptional talent on another level!

    giroud may even be brilliant in a slower league like seria a

    but in epl in a pacey league even if your big target man you have to have some pace if just enough to beat slow defenders

    giroud is as slow and slower than some defenders! he cant keep up!

    great sub though!

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  63. Alex

    @sam absolutely love that comment, everyone is getting sucked in when they see 17 goals and they don’t realise that he has only scored 11 in the wok with well over 30 games played. As you said many forwards this season have scored more than him with tes that don’t have the same quality. He simply is not good enough and instead if speaking himself up all the time he should concentrate on his game

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  64. Moses

    Drogba and Henry both had their time where they were the best striker in the world. If Giroud ever touches that level then I will happily eat my words, but he doesn’t show an ounce of the quality that those dudes had.

    Confidence is a good thing to have, but maybe he should set the bar a little lower, because this is treading the line between confident and deluded.

    You could probably make the argument that either one of them right now could still give Giroud a run for his money, so maybe he should focus on becoming the best striker on this team before he compares himself to all time prem greats.

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  65. Ian Matthews

    Giroud is not good enough or fit to lick Henry’s boots.

    He is not in the same class as Drogber either.

    Worst center forward we have ever had.

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  66. Previgo


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  67. Matty

    He is truly one of the shittest players I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. He offers f*ck all to the team.

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  68. AFCEdwards

    @Matty Maybe you haven’t seen the last two games where we’ve been soooooooooo much worse without Giroud.

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  69. jermaine


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  70. Aussie Jack

    Yes my monitor did blurr a little when I read your article but it`s cleared now. Language mis interpretation nothing more. Being able to speak English is one thing being able to interpret it is another.

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  71. Ihsan

    Statistically Giroud was decent, but considering how many clear cut chances that he missed, it is a big doubt.. Arsenal style of play creating so many goal chances for striker..

    The likes of Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, Chamberlain, Podolski, and even Walcott, are quality player who provide & create tons of chances for the main striker.. Considering what Giroud shows on the field, I have a big big doubt with Giroud quality as clinical striker.

    I just hope that I’m wrong, and Giroud can develop into world class quality striker, for the sakes of Arsenal.

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  72. Shah95

    He did a good job, but not good enuff to be called better than drogba and especially king henry

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  73. Gilberto

    @gunner4life i understand where ur coming frpm but i don’t think there are any bandwagonists here. ppl are just frustrated cause we are the most inconsistent team in the bpl. ( no insult intended). We just don’t have time for inconsistency + anyone supporting The Arsenal in their current situation/dictatorship of Kronke’s shouldn’t be called a bandwagonist

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  74. SoftJunk

    Stats is not everything. If you really been watching games, you’ll see that his presence allowing our team to get inside the box and attack. When he is up there, there will be always 2 defender marking him which allows our midfielders to sneak in.

    Yes he should be sorry that he is not clinical and fast as most of you guys played him on Fifa. But he is been involved in many key passes that leads to goal this season.

    He is adapting BPL. You know at the start of season, he hardly push any defenders when receiving aerial ball or while holding ball, now he is learning the physical aspect of game.

    Leave the dreams to sign big players, support what we do have. Not always skills and name gets you top, it is when you have confidence and enthusiasm to win. Our team is gelling up nicely now.

    For me, I only see we need one additional striker/winger to buy. Benteke will do great as he is from PL.

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  75. Odong charles

    GIROUD will never be compared to HENRY coz henry’s class is just much higher, not even V.Persie can reach his class. Giroud pliz stop comparing ur self to a legend who broght 2 much glory to this club. maybe compare u & chamark.

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  76. Antique Gunmen

    You can call me fool but I’m questioning his basic skill to wear that Arsenal jersey. Yeah, you can make a quick jugdement on one player skill simply by look his touch on the ball. RVP on his first highbury debut, I still remember, was amazing only by dribbling the ball. Henry? I don’t have to answer that do I? Drogba? are you been smoke crack Giroud? Brought back our memory a minute on Everton’s match. Did you think Benteke can miss that big chance from that range? Only when he drunk I think.

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  77. kufre

    Every time I see Giroud play, I am convinced he has a low IQ, and when he talks to the press, I am sure he has a low IQ. 1st he says he he(aged 25) had a better 1st season than RVP(aged 19). Then he said he had a better 1st season than henry(I don’t care about Drogba). Did he check the stats? In case Giroud has no idea, his goals has only brought 2 points to the table(against fulham and liverpool). He is just an average striker with a low IQ

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  78. Ochai

    It is said dat u don’t know someones importance till u looz dat person he was in our team a lot said dey prefer Podolski now he is suspended we are missing him, to be honest he has done well in his 1st season all he nids is d support of d fans it is jus dat he came wen arsenal was under pressure RVP jus left so we needed som1 to replace him.gunners till devil repents

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  79. ken

    giroud is certainly an effective player, whether it with the head, one holding up the ball, a good eye for his team mates position(Gibb’s poldolski)even a few poacher goals’ I know I miss him, and can certainly see why wenger play’s poldolski on the flank, when his up front, he never seems to grab any one persons’ attention

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  80. Anon.

    But think Henry was 21 YEARS OLD when he had his first season at Arsenal. Giroud is at his peak at 27 but can only produce 17 goals and 11 assists. It doesn’t matter that the English league is different, Wenger should have known if he was perfect for the EPL before he bought him. We need a Cavani or Falcao but who knows Giroud could be great next season.

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  81. nickw

    Not in the same league I’m afraid just isn’t as talented. You can see that from his touch and dribbling skills which rarely improve at his age. His finishing may improve but to be honest I would class him as a pretty average striker, shane long is more talented.

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  82. saras


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  83. FG

    In terms of goals per minute played this season Giroud is on the same as Tevez and Berbatov, and above Defoe. For a striker that plays with a quite supporting role, in his first season in the prem. Thats not bad at all. I still have faith in the boy.

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  84. Charlie


    Some valid points regarding Benteke. But for goodness sake turn off caps lock and use “th” not “d”.

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  85. T.j

    Giroud is a good striker but not good enough dis season, though he tried cox dis is his first season at arsenal even in EPL. Who knws may b he wil do much beta next season bt not withstanding we need anoda striker to support him. Goonerz til infinity.

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  86. Hibs

    How many goals did Drogba score for over 8 years? How many assists? Giroud will do better if Arsenal brings in good players upfront. His presence is dissuasive, he is not selfish and he will help our next CF a lot. Keep my words.

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  87. carlosdavy

    Okay. But Giroud is so much slower than henry and drogba. Its a fact if you seen arsenal games. Sometimes he looks lazy under a defensive pression

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