Arsenal’s midfield targets – A statistical comparison of M’Vila, Tiote and Capoue

Potential Arsenal Targets by AH

As we are on the lookout for a new midfielder since the departure of Alex Song to Barcelona, I thought I would take a look at the statistics of three of our defensive midfield transfer targets.

The three players I will be comparing are;

Yann M’Vila, a French international, who currently plays for Stade Rennes in the French first division. The defensive midfielder, has been linked with a move to Arsenal all summer and the departure of Song, has made it ever more likely. Rennes reportedly want £12 million for M’Vila.

Étienne Capoue, a French player, who has made one appearance for the senior national team. The tall midfielder (standing at 6 foot 2 inches/ 189cms), plays for Ligue 1 side Toulouse. Capoue is rated at around £7 million.

Cheick Tioté, a defensive midfielder for Barclays Premier League side Newcastle United. The Ivorian is well known for his tough tackling and fierce shot at goal. Aged 26, he is more experienced than the others and after playing in England for two years now, he is more than capable of playing at the top level. Newcastle would only consider offers in the £20m+ region, making the deal the least likely of all of them.

Now to take a look at their statistics from last season;

Tackles per game:
M’Vila 3.1 / Tiote 2.8 / Capoue 2.8

Interceptions per game:
Capoue 3.5 / M’Vila 2.5 / Tiote 2.5

Clearances per game:
Capoue 3 / M’Vila 1.7 / Tiote 1.4

Key passes per game:
M’Vila 1.1 / Capoue 0.9 / Tiote 0.5

Passes per game:
M’Vila 71.8 / Capoue 60.5 / Tiote 58.4

Pass success percentage:
M’Vila 83.2% / Tiote 83.2% / Capoue 76.5%

So after some simple maths, the stats show that M’Vila has a total of 163.4, Tioté has 148.8 and Capoue has 147.2.

So, M’Vila has the most impressive stats and although stats don’t mean everything, M’Vila certainly suits our style the best. He’s a quick passer, good defensively and is happy to sit back and defend whilst others around him attack (something Song seemed incapable of). So let’s hope that Wenger gets out his cheque book and sign M’Vila up before the transfer window closes.

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50 thoughts on “Arsenal’s midfield targets – A statistical comparison of M’Vila, Tiote and Capoue

  1. OX15

    Anyone got a working link / will have a working link to watch Arsenal vs Stoke online?

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  2. Syed

    I love arsenal more than anything else in this world..!
    Arsenal the 1st and last love of my life.
    Like if u agree. Coyg !

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  3. maddy

    download soapcast go to and open any soapcast link for livestreaming..

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  4. robgunner

    Would love Mvila to be a registered arsenal player by the time we play liverpool next week, I hope he shows the liverpool fans that arsenal have made the better choice in thier signings this summer with Mvila fustrating the hell out of Sahin ! COYG

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  5. OX15

    @Maddy thanks for the help, seems a little complex, so i download soapcast and go to that link you posted and just click on anything?

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  6. shadgunner

    Yeah Mvilla will be good,but if ur talkin about A proper CDM,i rate Tiote equally,though he likes to make runs forward,he is fast and agile…hence covers a lot of ground,whereas if anyone has really seen MVILLA play 90 mins,u wud see he is really slow…though he makes up for that,with his clean tackling ability…i Wud take any1 of them!!…Coyg

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  7. mo

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  8. colz

    I dont see any sense in selling song and then we go for someone who is going to be expensive than song but less skilled compared to song, called lazy by the board f@#K u board

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  9. Maxx

    Yesterday i watched mvilla play ful 90mins. Da pasing was excelent, superb tacklin, shielded defence wel, n to top t ol, he managed an assist…cant wait..

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  10. Stefhan elia

    Go for dembele…he is more suited for arsenal…and i think if we launch a 10 million bid, we could snatch him easily from other clubs…

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  11. S.H

    LOL, everyone is calling for M’vila like he’s the only solution to our problems. Mbiwa the Montpellier captain and defender has one season left on his contract and could go as cheap as 7-8M. Wenger could easily use him to play DM. To me this seems like a typical Arsenal purchase, as after the Song fiasco, I can’t see the Board wanting to reinvest the whole 15M from Barca and buying M’vila. Just food for thought. Sometimes reading trends can help us dictate following outcomes.

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  12. Invincibles2013

    @colz – are you dillUsional? We let in 49goals last term, clearly there is something not working with our defence or dm! Song was awesome from an attacking view but the fact he wasn’t protecting the back four shows he wasn’t doing his number 1 job. Mvilla just sits, he is exactly the kind I player we need on the field it’s just a shame he does not show the same discipline off the field too which is why wenger will think twice before bidding – massive shame in my eyes.

    Don’t get me wrong i love song and wish he stayed but from a business view he had to go :(

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  13. Mohd.H

    M’vila is more like a Wenger style signing and just what Arsenal need… the player himself is interested and it is highly unlikely that an a-hole club steals the deal…

    but the thing is… Wenger is not interested :\

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  14. gunners(bd)

    hope you r not bluffing us with this statistics…..any way we need a DM badly we cant force our cm to perform as a DM evry game…

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  15. Mohd.H

    and btw signing M’Vila doesn’t mean we don’t M’biwa…if we don’t sign M’biwa then we can expect a history repeat of last season -_-

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  16. JEL

    We should go for M’Vila AND Dembele!!! Dembele is absolutely world class from what I have seen of him. Him joining a top 4 EPL side would be a major blow to Arsenal..

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  17. SteveQ

    enough chat on M’vila, if he does come after all this media frenzy and he doesn’t perform i will not be pleased as will most of you

    LLorente and Martinez both play positions we need
    both want to leave
    both have been left out the Bilbao squad
    We could COMFORTABLY buy them with the Song and rvp money 40 million?

    plus selling the deadwood to balance the books
    so another 10-15million

    at this rate and this close to the end of the window and no offers
    I think bilbao will accept whatever someone offers and 40+ million would be a song
    Open your eyes Wenger

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  18. Carter

    Your stats are all good and great except for one thing. Tiote played last season in the EPL and is therefore a proven EPL player. M’vila, despite how good he seems on paper, is more of a gamble.

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  19. gooner1982

    I can’t help thinking of M’villa as another Hazard…We really want him and are linked to him(for several seasons) just like hazard..then some rich EPL team snatches him up…and he is an excellent buy for them…I REALLY HOPE thats not the case with M’villa…Oh God i pray

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  20. Charlie Broger

    As much as i’d like to have M’vila I doubt that Wenger will buy him. Although he clearly seems to have his heart set on Arsenal. Fingers crossed.

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  21. KobiSH

    We should buy mvilla immediatly otherwise
    some team will steal him !
    Wenger wake up…

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  22. Erik

    Arsenal should sign both Mbiwa and mvilla because been them we spend £19mil if the fees are as said. Both players are the last pieces of the puzzle in the arsenal team.

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  23. Thosi Roy

    I’m reading this blog and thinking, Does Wenger even bother about all this talk? Probably not!

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  24. S.H

    @ Ox 15

    Well one of my personal favorites is
    You’ll find a few good streams not requiring sopcast. Alternatively you can go to koratv or rojadirecta. There are heaps of good ones but these are the best 3 in my opinion.

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  25. true goon

    bullsh*t stats,unverifiable,plus you cant compare stats comparing 2 players who play in different leagues,tiote plays in a superior league so that gives him the edge even if u want 2 go with these silly stats

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  26. kabiano

    i don’t blame any player that leave arsenal bcos every player want to make record and arsenal fc are not ready to make history again with this their current signing or squad. The board should change the wages structure and look for world class play that can play like Henry, viera, lan wright, denis beckamp etc with this precent squad we should not be expecting anything. Up gunnnnnnner

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  27. lumia

    At the end of transfer window Wenger will say.. Diaby just like a new signing.. No need to buy anyone.. Typicall Wenger..

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  28. Charlie

    I’m totally lost. If I was judging those stats i’d say that Capoue is easily the best player of the three, not M’Vila. Are you just adjusting the results to give the answer that you think everyone wants ? As for who’d suit Arsenal best i’d say an interception is better than a tackle because the player maintains possession of the ball and can mount a counter-attack which Arsenal are excellent at. Yes i’d be a bit worried by Capoues’ pass accuracy but he would only need to play simple passes in the Arsenal team. To be honest after two 0-0 draws without a DM I don’t think a defensive midfielder is a priority.

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  29. azlan

    Mr wenger.. after i saw the match with stoke. Definitely we’re in trouble. Our player somehow lack of creativity. gibbs and jekinson play well but they dont support when attacking. Bring Mbiwa to cover sagna position. diaby can’t suit as a defensive midfielder bcause he too slow and oftenly make mistake. Bring M’villa into the squad so he can make our defensive solid. I can see Giroud and cazorla try very hard but he does get any chance and support from the midfielder. Try to use 4-4-2 formation (attacking)
    Mbiwa Mertesacker Vermaelan Santos
    Cazorla Arteta Mvilla Gervinho
    Giroud Podolski

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  30. Gooner Cape Town

    Looks like M Vila is going to spuds with his comment that hey are team of the future. F*ck we need him and Yanga Mbiwa and 1 strong out and out striker.
    COYG COYWenger

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  31. Ifeoluwa

    Felany, M’vila, and Lorente. Then Arsenal will be the team to beat come this season

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  32. JONNO


    My thoughts exactly, ditch the 433 formation&
    go bk to what we know best and how we had all
    of our recent success, the gd old 442.

    Wenger only introduces the 433 for cesc&wot he cld bring
    to the party. Note to Wenger – cesc has left the building.
    Bring back 442 !


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  33. biodun

    After today’s game, i can see a lot of potentials in this team. The attack will gel soon and the goals will start coming. Arteta did brilliantly well as a DM today, the weak link for me was Diaby. Tiote definitely not worth 20m, anything between 10 – 15m will be okay.M’VILLA, Capoue are neither here nor there, they could end up as duds or as stars no one can tell for sure. Nyanga Mbiwa since he can also play as CB, may be the best option and a premiership tested striker in the mold of Defoe, Grant Holt, Berbatov etc will do the squad a whole lot of good.

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  34. isah masarey

    m’vila is the man for arsenal,please wenger beg the club to give you the money to buy m’vila please wenger. and a good goalkeeper like M,Vorm from swansey

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  35. Stuart

    If Yann M’Vila is that good, why haven’t Man City or someone else signed him already?

    Oh and ps, your stats above are not really indicative of anything other than play being in the part of the fiel where that particular player is. In order to show how effective a player is, you need to show percentage success rates of tackled, passes, interceptions etc… otherwise you might compare Sczcesny with RVP on goals scored and establish that Sczcesny is rubbish.

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  36. NickTheYank

    Like anyone who’s watched Hazard playing at Chelsea, I don’t want to see M’Vila playing for any team other than Arsenal. We hesitated on Hazard for years and now people are seeing why we shouldve made a move sooner. We have to get M’Vila before someone else does. If we don’t it will severely come back and haunt us. We need a solid experienced DM and M’Vila has the size, strength and eye for a great pass when needed. He’s French and that usually puts Wenger in the drivers seat. At this point why wouldn’t we sign him?

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  37. Israel Wakili

    May be wenger should stop briginnig these french players to Arsenal. They are making things worst than good. So i strongly suggest that he forget about Mvilla and bring in Tiote, because Tiote knows English League and he is adaptable to it. Or he (wenger) should look elsewhere but not French any more cause they are not making any impact for us e.g are Chamackh, Squillachy, Djoroud, even Giroud which i believe will make little impact.

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  38. richard

    we need m’vila and Étienne Capoue who can also play as a defender and we need a left back because i knw podolski and giroud be on form to score more next match with liverpool.

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  39. leonard

    @Israel Wakili
    First: Chamakh and Djourou ain’t French.
    Second you forget Koscielny might be our best defender.
    Third: Arsene knows what he is doing.
    Fourth: M’vila and even more Capoue are great football players who would fit perfectly in Arsenal’s squad as they have both strength and technical skills.
    Fifth: Tioté is not defensive enough.
    Sixth: Thierry Henry

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