Arsenal’s Ox has his say on RvP

The Ox speaks out about van Persie by TS

With endless amounts of talent its not surprising that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain  has become an instant fan favorite. Only signing last season, he’s already being dubbed as the next big thing for Arsenal and England.

During an interview with Talksport The Ox  had this to say about the departure of Robin van Persie,

“There was a lot of speculation around Robin. He was a massive player for us last year there is no hiding that. But we have definitely got the squad to cope with that. Olivier Giroud was top goalscorer in the French league last year. Lukas Podolski has been prolific for a number of years and has 100 caps for Germany which isn’t bad. We’ve definitely got the squad to deal with it. These things happen in football all the time. You’ve just got to get on with it and move forward and I think the team is strong enough to deal with these situations.”

A fresh and positive outlook on the season to come, combined with a modest outlook on the world, its no wonder that he’s risen to become one of the stars in the team. Recently uncovered as one of the faces for Fifa 2013 just shows that his abilities are being noticed outside the club as well.

The Ox is currently injured and missed the opening match of the season for Arsenal.
The winger picked up an ankle injury in a pre season match against Cologne but is expected to make a full recovery within the week and hopefully before our match against Stoke.

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44 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Ox has his say on RvP

  1. mutihaha

    you need to update the picture on the right with Gallas,VP and Fabregas. and Get over Van Persie, it’s played out!

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  2. gunners(bd)

    hope u gonna be loyal and gonna an arsenal and england legend

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  3. light

    now i dont like to say this person or that persons coming

    however i cant help but think (bear in mind he could be lying about the confirmed striker)

    nevvertheless i wanna guess at who it is!

    matiez suarez w/e his name is..

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  4. French Fries

    De rossi stays with as roma ,rvp look look you you i dont what to call you …..

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  5. neil moxon


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  6. R2BEES

    fuck you RVP IDIOT…. Such a fool…, there are consequencies when u leave arsenal as an arsenal player….FuCK U

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  7. AmericanGooner

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  8. henry gunners

    Time shall tell ℓ̊Ƒ he is truly loyal or not. Haven’t said that I see legendary qualities in him

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  9. Al Bundy Weed

    Dear fans what I think,Mr Arsene wenger should go and sign Alex Chembarlen and RYO Miyachi contract for year 2022:D

    in mr wenger i trust

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  10. True Gunner

    Alot of fake ass arsenal fans on this site you must be tottenham fans in disguise because I refuse to believe arsenal fans talking about the club in that way what do you expect from fake ass American supporters or people named after a cider IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT F OFF TO MAN UTD LIKE ROB YOUR VAN PURSE

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  11. AmericanGooner

    OX said before he signed he is a Chelsea fan. At some point Roman Abromavich is going to make a ridiculous offer to bring him to the Bridge. I hope that AW and the Board tell him to go to hell. But I don’t know anymore. I also hope AOC is loyal. But loyalty is dead in football and money talks. I just hope the whole Van Persie thing has made the board grow a pair.

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  12. mr gunners

    arsenal are the biggest feeder club in history we produce the best talent worldwide but i hate the board if we dont win a trophy this year expect walcott to go and cazorla if we not careful

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  13. matthew

    Indeed OX will be a great player and even go on to become one of the club legend that’s if other club allowo him to stay.

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  14. Glen

    Once we have the ox and jack fully fit again, we will be all gunns blazing to the top of the league. COYG

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  15. Apostolos

    That’s why I as well as I think most are so high On Ox- Chamberlain he doesn’t care about Rvp,he’s happy to play for the Arsenal,besides with Chamberlain,Cazorla,Arteta,Wilshire,Diaby, Sahin?,MVila? I think Ox is right the strikers will score(Even Chamakh would score with these players getting you clear shots(Giroud,<we don't need Llorente Giroud can play)
    I'm more disappointed we sold Tom Cruise(Torquay,Free Transfer)then that grey haired guy.

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  16. Joe

    Sahin deals stalled at the moment. We WILL definitely get him on a season long loan but Wenger’s determined to have a buy clause at the end of the loan spell. Hopefully wenger pulls it off either way he’ll most likely be in the squad for our trip to stoke.

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  17. upthearse

    don’t know about any other gooners I’m f***ing sick to death of hearing about rvp nasri fabregas going. it’s about time the press and arsenal fans alike move on get behind the boys that we have got which I might add with got some wicked talent just a few tweaks here and there and with got some silverware. I strongly believe it. up the arse

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  18. Leemo

    Aww don’t knock us American fans…=( if I could I’d love to live in London and watch every game I could at the Emirates. I still wake up on Saturday 7:30am after a night of getting obliterated to watch! And trust us we don’t like Kroenke either. He’s ruined sports teams here too.

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  19. Flame

    Jex op the OX stays loyal cos he z nw gettn recogntn being on the fifa13, IN wenger i trust…

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  20. Barry

    Van Persie looked 2 his right no Walcott,2 his left no Gervinho,2 his back no song,Den da little boy in him screamed “You re finished!!!!

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  21. Wayne

    We should put a buy out clause on our players. Barcelona have put an €80 million buy out clause on Song. Put the same on our players that will stop most nicking our players. Wilshire and Ox should have £50 million buy out clause on them or higher. Even TV and Kos. But must mean something for top teams to want our players once we have made them who they are and got them to the top of there game. Let’s hope Corzola has a €100 million buy out clause and if we get Sahin permanently and mVila then do same with them. It will stop clubs taking our players then.

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  22. Gooner Cape Town

    Those who have left, goodbye and let it be. Let’s all get behind the loyal, talented, quality players who don the red and white (or blue and purple) week in and week out. They need our support and postive vibes.No more Robin this and Song or Cashri that.
    What’s gone is done. We are now building a superb squad who WILL challenge and win trophies…..just watch.

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  23. Big Gun

    Song was the last of Darren Dein’s minions, which means we should have less of a negative influence on our star players from here on. If these latest signings come true, my hope will be slightly renewed in the board. All we wanted was for them to splash out a bit more on a few quality players and it looks like our dreams are coming true.

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  24. emmanuel

    dis is definitely a new generation so expect enough loyalty from dis players becos they will win a lot in their careers

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  25. sgwegwgjgwgj2390j

    I can’t wait for the next world cup he’d going to be great.

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  26. 1971pjay

    Has with all actors who walk the boards at the theatre of dreams
    May I be the 1st to say to robin van persie
    “break a leg mate”

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  27. Timzola

    Watching the Everton v Man U match last night, I was very interested to see how RVP would fit in but if what I saw last night doesn’t change, then he will be having sleepless nights in 2012. Remember RVP was asked by the Dutch media why he performs superbly for the Gunners but fails to perform for his national team and he responded by saying that it’s because of the way they play at Arsenal. RVP gets lost in any other type of formation or style of play. Watch this space…

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  28. Gunn 'em Down

    any reports on when the OX might be back? i wish he had that “SUPER HEALING ABILITY” of Bale, if you know what i mean xD

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  29. TheArsenal

    We should be happy the fact that we’ve bought in so many players, not to mention the quality of the players..

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