Arsene Wenger : We are still in the market (but not for a DM)… So no M’Vila?

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Arsenal are still “in the market” to try and add “quality players” to the squad, but he made it quite clear (unless he was being economical with the truth) that he is NOT looking for any defensive midfielders, which would seem to rule out any bid for Yann M’Vila.

“I’m pleased with what I have but yes, I anticipate doing something still, we’re still in the market,” Wenger told Sky Sports. “Defensive midfielders we have. I don’t know yet, it depends on the quality of players that are available, it’s not necessity. If we find someone who can strengthen our squad with the quality that we want we’ll do it in any position.”

Half the Twitterati are alive with rumours that Arsenal are just about to sign the Rennes DM Yann M’Vila, while the other half are saying that our rivals Tottenham are the only bidders and have simply been holding off until the deal for Luka Modric had been completed.

This smacks of the same situation as Suri Nahin and many reports are saying that Wenger has been trying to get the price reduced for M’Vila, while Tottenham are now willing to outbid the Gunners as they now have the cash for Modric. But, if Wenger is to be believed, then he is definitely not interested…..

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98 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger : We are still in the market (but not for a DM)… So no M’Vila?

  1. LeProf knows more than you

    As posted on the last article!!… This is getting boring now…

    Can we not have some sensible debate about Arsenal rather than copying and pasting everything that’s in the rags? I’d rather discuss how we’ve started the season (solid) and how positive the season ahead looks.

    Stop getting carried away with the garbage that’s in The Sun… We all know how much b******s the ‘journalists’ write.

    (ADMIN COMMENT – So you are not interested in a direct quote from Wenger???)

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  2. Tony

    @Paul you keep saying that and only 4 days to be proven right

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  3. jonjiric

    no interest there, knowing wenger dont expect him to buy any player unless it’s a loan deal. I bet he may bring in afellay or cabaye bt M’Villa No No No!! forget

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  4. AA23 IS BACK

    The player I would love to see at AFC is Jovetic, we need a small agile intelligent striker, he is great with his quick feet also.

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  5. Philip


    If he wasn’t quick with his feet would a footballer still be agile :-)

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  6. Arsenal19

    Alright fine y me if we get some additions elsewhere but if hes lying also would be very plaesed

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  7. Yankee Gunner

    We don’t need M’Vila. Diaby and Arteta do great things…AOC is hungry for Song’s old position…and Coquelin and Frimpong are on the horizon as well. M’Vila is great and has potential but that is not a position where we need reinforcement. If we are going to invest it needs to be in a player like Eboue (or maybe even Eboue)…someone who can play Left/Right defense and the occasional Left/Right defensive winger. Also…I think Podolski & Giroud are geat forward options…but if we are going to make a “dream move” for any BIG players then I would ask for a goal scorer. Our defense looks better than ever…for once…now it is our offense that needs some help. However, even if we don’t buy another forward I really think this team will start generating goals once they become more familiar with one another.

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  8. Irish gooner

    cabaye, and a good striker and a good right back and we will be sorted! :)

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  9. Craig

    Wenger is too obsessed with Diaby. He’s ignoring M’villa hoping that Diaby will come good. Wenger is again gambling on this DM position and it might turn out to haunt him in the end. It is one position that Wenger has not been successful recruiting since the depature of Gilberto.

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  10. gunnerssss

    like I said the books are now balanced any further signings will be made once deadwood are sold.

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  11. PAUL

    Spurs can’t sign Him, they need a back up keeper Lloris, they want Mountiho and Willian.. Not a DM. They are just pokers

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  12. Ankeet Sinha

    I hope M’Vila is in sooner rather than later. Don’t see Cabaye or any other transfer working in.

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  13. Ben

    Wenger has form denying his interest in players (Podolski, Cazorla) only for them to happen. Why would the Rennes chairman mention Arsenal if it were absolutely no chance of happening?

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  14. Michael Senior

    At what point in his quote does Wenger say he won’t buy a DM? never!! He says “defensive midfielders we have” He could say we have players in any position,it doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna sign any more.

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  15. Joe

    Wenger needs to act, we have to fill this DM position. As much as I like Diaby, he is too injury prone. Strength in depth is what’s needed and M’Vila could give us that drive that Viera once used to. Act now please Arsene.

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  16. john 3:16

    Capoue, M’Vila or Tiote? Who would be the best signing for Arsenal?

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  17. Kobi

    Im tired of reading we don’t need M’Vila because we have Diaby. This has to be a joke. Diaby was useless against Stoke to put it nicely. If you don’t believe me check the match again. Poor passing, too slow and giving up so many balls in midfield. If people say get Cabaye, Tiote or whoever instead of M’Vila fine. But don’t buy a DM because we got Diaby???
    Freakin’ rubbish.

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  18. LeProf knows more than you

    @ Admin

    Of course I’m interested in quotes from Arsene but this is yesterday’s news and it’s nothing new. Arsene has never said any different so this just serves as an excuse for the bandwagonists to pipe up and dish out as much negativety as possible.

    Unfortunately the majority of our fans haven’t got the capability of understanding how negotiation works so they will moan and scream from the rooftops as they believe everything they read. Arsene said weeks ago that he’s not interested in M’Vila so why is he even being mentioned?

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  19. jp. donue

    See here’s the thing.. diaby mvilla in dm then that alows us to put arteta in a more advanced role, if you don’t get mvilla arsenal will regret it in couple of years when he’s one of the best dm’s in the world playing for real madrid or barca it always turns out wengers missed out on a gem

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  20. notaspursfan

    I reckon that M’Villa’s off field activities put a lid on his interest, and not what he brings to the table.

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  21. TH14

    If he is saying he is NOT looking for a DM, then he IS looking for a DM

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  22. Another season

    Wait till we play a decent attacking team and we will be desperate for a DM, plus a right back.

    Our Inability to score against 2 poor teams is just as much of a worry.

    We need a goalscorer, a creative MF player, a DM and a RB.

    Sagna and Wilshire will be bacj soon, but the league title will be out of our reach by then.

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  23. Apostolos

    Wenger just says this S**T so other teams owners don’t have any leverage (like Rennes Sporting director a week ago who came out and basically said “well they sold Song so they’ll need to find a replacement). Sorry but Wenger doesn’t fall for that s**t,either Wenger is driving down the price because he knows M Vila wants to come and play for Arsenal(CL) or he doesn’t want him at all anymore(probably the latter). Wenger also came out and said will look at getting a midfielder that thinks defense first TWO DAYS AGO so this is probably just a negotiating tactic.

    I trust Wenger to figure this out also about Ettiene Capoue(who I think is more likely) if Wenger was asking about the left back at Toulouse I’m pretty sure It’s because he was calling about Capoue at first. Also Wenger was calling about Dembele three months ago be4 we signed Giroud so I have a feeling there’s something in that as well(and Dembele like most was a huge Henry fan) so who knows. Come on Wenger you could spend 8-10mil on Ettiene Capoue,12-15mil on Mousa Dembele,and bring Afellay over on loan Get it done.

    I really hope we don’t have to hear again how Wilshire and Diaby are like new signings.

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  24. Emery

    OH MY





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  25. john 3:16

    We’ve got to do whatever it takes to get M’Vila because he is an international quality genuine defensive midfielder, something which we haven’t got in our squad. Either pay the £17m in full, or pay a bit less and offer them a player + cash deal and give them a choice of Squillaci, Diaby, Chamakh and Park, all who have experience playing in the French League.

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  26. gunner

    guys when arsene wenger says “special talent” do you know what he means ….. let me say it again “SPECIAL TALENT”. he means young, promising players who show a lot of potential.
    you can tell he’s talking about this because if he really wanted an established proven player then why would he be so calm and collective about it and why would he leave it to last few days when other rich clubs join in the race. Also he says “If we find someone who can strengthen our squad with the quality that we want we’ll do it in any position.” read this carefully and just think, do you guys really think we could go for someone like cabye or jovetic who are outstanding players or any other player who plays in other positions just to have them on the bench, call me negative but since 2006 wenger has not bought a proven, established player to strengthen the squad, he only buys them to replace the players who are sold from the first team. he might buy 17 or 18 year old who show potential but it will only be for the future.

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  27. sa

    personally, i think Coquelin and Frimpong are competent DMs.. Seems like we need a proven striker right now rather than a DM..

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  28. jk

    M’vila has almost made cult status at this stage!! How many of you have watched more than highlights of this guy? If you were to see just highlights of chamack he could look world class! Ask yourself this why havnt city, united, chelsea , psg , madrid or barcelona bid for him? im not saying he isnt better than diaby but hes not our savior either!!

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  29. matthew

    I trust prof and what he dose, I know that the main things are going on underground, we all should not mine the press and their speculation wenger will take everybody by surprise.

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  30. true goon

    you dont seem to be listening 2 wat AW is sayin he said
    “if we find someone who can strengthen our squad with the quality that we want we’ll do it in any position.”
    take not that he said any position,i believe this means that he has finally admitted 2 himself that we need at another striker

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  31. robinho hood

    Diaby has done great so far – 2 clean sheets show the defensive side is ok, plus Coquelin and Frimpong to come in. Don’t live in the past where the Makalele system was the answer for everyone, lets see what happens with a few games for new players to fit in, maybe we’ve finally got efenive strength to go with a nice style of play.

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  32. ‚Bruce TongaBull

    Hey u all Gunaz! Do u thnk Gazidis wl sanction anymo trans-ins. Th books are balanced and hz got hs bonuses… So it appears we wl continue wallowng in Mediocrity tl Usmanov and Dein are in control. PRETTY DISGUSTING STAFF

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  33. dan

    Paul speaks the same crap as leo according to paul the m’vila deal was done before the euros and here we are with 4 days to go and he still has not signed just another attention seeker that knows jack shit!!

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  34. KickuPtheArsene

    Fellow Gooners,

    A couple of months ago it was @paul who was the “insider” who knew what was going on in the transfer market when it came to Arsenal. Due to his inability to convert prediction to fact (meaning he was talking sh!t), most readers on this site realised that he know bugger all about who is coming in and out – M’VILA was meant to be a done deal right after the Euros … Still waiting buddy.
    Now @Leo seems to be peoples glimmer of hope. Guess what. He know stuff all also.

    Less than a week to go. We all hope we get a couple more signings for depth, we get rid of our remaining deadwood players. In reality, I don’t think all our dreams will come true. We’ll probably end up signing another player, and getting rid of one or two players we have been trying to offload, but I doubt we will succeed in achieving all our goals. Why? Because the trance market isn’t that easy to dal with. You have other parties who all have their own agenda – other teams, players, managers, agents, etc. Dealing with transfers must be hard enought before you introduce the complexity of various parties wanting a slice of the pie. We just need to all hope AW knows what he is doing, and that things work out. We all can see where we are lacking. Either Wenger believes our players will come good, or I’m sure he is trying to get the players we need. Till the window closes, I’m choosing to have hope. (After it closes, we’ll see).

    Gunner for Life.

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  35. john 3:16

    Coquelin and Frimpong are young players with potential who should be loaned out to other Premier League clubs to get experience. M’Vila is already an international class genuine defensive midfielder, something which we haven’t got in our squad. Just like Cazorla is an international class attacking midfielder. Imagine a midfield three of M’Vila, Wilshere (when he’s fit and back to his best) and Cazorla and try to name me a better midfield three in the Premier League.

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  36. Gooner Cape Town

    @Paul: You f*cker!!!lol, you said this months ago. Wenger is playing poker again!!!!!!! Like it!

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  37. Nathan girdles

    M’Villa is not a priority guys, look at our midfield. yes Yann would be a very nice signing indeed but Arteta is more than qualified to take the job on. If you look at last season he and Song took turns being the more advancing CM (more because Song went missing and Mikel is experienced than anything) but he is quick to read the game. It’s a tricky one because Giroud may well come good and if you saw our defence yesterday we were more than resolute. We need something that’s for sure, but it’s difficult to really be able to highlight what it is until the season starts, give Olivier and Lukas time. Maybe January reevaluate whether we should sign a proven out and out CF.

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  38. Adibs

    @ LeProf knows more than you. I align with ur suggestion that we shld focus on the realities rather than the speculations, which are abound in d media.

    D season has finally commenced. With 2 games in & 2 barren draws, we hv a lot to reflect on. In both games, there was adequate evidence that improvements have been made in defence with the Team defending more like a unit. Our attacking midfield showed flashes of its capabilities with Monsieur Santiago Cazorla living-up to much of the hype attached to his acquisition. As for the strikers, the quality is definitely nt in doubt, however, it may appear that they new signings in this area, were somewhat unprepared for the game of rugby Sunderland and Stoke offered. It is hoped that they adjust in gd time and put-in decent outings in subsequent games, hence, meeting AW’s as well as our expectations of them.

    Long Live Gunners!

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  39. ceezee

    Diaby is not just it ! Mayb he’s lost it all 2 injury. It baffles me when ever he kips d ball unecessay inviting opponent 2 mark him. Instead d other way round. Diaby is just a joke. He’s lost the ability 2 “skillfully” tackle attakers without fouling them…he destort ð free flow of attack expecialy in 1st half…he’s surely a talent but needs “recovery & rehab playing time but not in arsenal.. I suggest he sud b loaned 2 rennes 2 mak way 4 m’vila!

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  40. realist

    I think paul and leo are the same person.

    the big problem we are going to have this week is that man city and now spurs have money to burn and it appears they are after the same players as us.

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  41. Omar

    I say we forget about finance for a year and splash they cash! Just this once, sign:
    Falcao £30 million
    Schweinsteiger £20 million
    Muller £20 million
    M’Biwa £10 million
    Julio Cesar free
    We’d have the most killer team in the league/world and only realistically be one year behind our stadium repayments. That can be regained with the prize money from winning successive Champions League and Premier League titles. All Arsenal fans would surely wish this to happen?

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  42. gabriel

    i wonder if we dont get to offload players like bendtner before the window slams shot what will wenger do wif him?

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  43. Nick

    there are 2 absolute certainties right now:
    1. Wenger will never publicly talk about a player we are bidding for. Usually the opposite.

    2. No suggestions I make on the internet will have any effect whatsoever on Le Prof and his team of minions responsible for scouting and signing players.

    I’d love M’Vila, I’d love Dempsey, I’d love Dembele, I’d love Llorente. Hell, while we’re at it I’d love Messi! I do think we will add 1 more player before Friday but I’m sure Wenger won’t give any hints at all as to who it could be. All I know is we’ve got an over-abundance of players we need to sell by Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    for all those cryin out for m’vila cos the media have made him seem like a perfect fit for our team have to reason he cant b that special 15 mill and his not already been bought and there isn’t exactly a tussle for him is there much to the annoyance of rennes c/man, secondly and much more importantly he is DEFINETLY without a doubt one these modern disloyal money grabbin mercenary fballer types and if he was to improve massively at arsenal as alot do he wud use any big team big money interest down the line to bump up his wages or demand a move to his “boy hood team”.I think its about time arsenal distance themselves from users and went for players that have some humility and loyalty in their dna.

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  45. realist

    @nathan girdles

    not sure where you have been but the season has started!

    everything is hinging on the sales or loans of bendtner park chamakh arshavin and squillaci plus walcott signing a new contract. i think wenger might do a song on walcott and let him go. at the end of the day when everyone is fit walcott is only a sub. 15m for a player in his last year will be too good to turn down. who know he might well follow song cesc and all the others to barca with affellay coming the other way.

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  47. Stuart

    His job isn’t at risk ha and already been told no M’Vila. It’s some of you fans who keep bringing him up. Give it a rest, Wenger will get who he wants.

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  48. AmericanGooner

    Get Cabaye. I would be salivating over our midfield with him. He was in my opinion a steal last year by Newcastle.

    Alan Pardew has a bright future. Getting Cabaye, Ba, Cisse all dirt cheap was pure genious.

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  49. GUN

    @AA23 IS BACK
    Completely agree with you on Jovetic. He would have been the perfect replacement for RVP.

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  50. lifeasagooner

    Yan M’vila is real quality and would certainly add strength to our team to compliment the creativity of Cazorla.
    However if we were to lose out to the Spuds then it will be the final straw of another depressing transfer window.
    I have grown to hate them. Every window that comes around I watch my beloved team get weaker and weaker. Our best players leave and we replace with whatever we can get cheapest.
    7 trophyless years is bad enough but at least we had the pride of coming CLOSE to silverwere but I just cant see us competing with the best anymore.
    We are becoming an unsettled stepping stone for players who are injured. They get treated, get paid, get fit, get good and then leave.

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  51. Prime14

    U know what…….. Let’s forget all this website transfer crap!!! There is only 4 days left!! We will know soon enough!! In arsene we trust! COYG!!!!!

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  52. lifeasagooner

    … having said that though Yan Mvila would give me hope again.
    He’s a brilliant player.

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  53. Apostolos

    I find it incredibly ammusing that people think Wenger would buy Cabaye or Tiote when Wenger talks about buying only a star player at this point neither player’s anywhere close to a star player and definetely no better then Arteta,Wilshire,Cazorla,or even Diaby and Ramsey.
    So to me that basically mean M Vila/Ettiene Capoue or no one(DM)

    If he was going to ask for anyone from Newcastle it would only be for Ben Arfa or Cisse but I’m sure Newcastle would want plenty of money for either player which I just can’t see Wenger paying to a Premier League club who now works just like Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. I have to say though the whole Walcott situation is baffling is he staying or going? and is this why where calling Barca about Affelay and Sevilla about Jesus Navas and maybe even Newcastle for Ben Arfa.

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  54. Jay

    Quick update guys until Further notice Arteta is our DM.. not that he is playing as a Deep lying playmaker or Anchorman.. he is just filling the role and occupying that position.. when he moves on or retires someone will get that position..

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  55. Skeeza

    We have never needed m’vila until song went as we had frimpong and le coq who are more than capable of doing a DM job!

    I’d prefer tested premiership players rather than anymore imports.

    Dembele For me is a player who I think
    Has a massive future as is victor Moses and Fellini

    I think you’ll find the truth of the matter will be for a RW as walcott is about to be player no 3 to leave as I’m sure he’d of signed by now if the offer was good enough.( watch this space )

    Affelay, Adam Johnson maybe?

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  56. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    Мy guess is that Wenger will not strenghten, we will struggle till January and he would have juƨτ one choice (buy good players) τo savage our season.

    He can’t tell us he does not know what he needs, he cannot tell us he did not know RvP would leave, he cannot explain D departure of Song e.t.c.

    Overall, we have made profit from transfer this summer, that is unacceptable føя a club gunning føя silverware(s).

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  57. leo

    @realist no we are not paul & i are different people besides he is more of a transfer expert than i am

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  58. Gunnerineverylife

    Admin u should ban Paul forever if M’vila is not signed by us.

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  59. Gooner Cape Town

    M Vila rejected spuds and only wants Arsenal move or he will stay at Rennes, so he must be at Colney.

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  60. PAUL

    Is PAUL or Paul that should be banned? cos we’re two different personalities.. I believe wenger will sign M’villa

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  61. yusuf

    what is wrong with him.i am wondering who might that “special player”. he lost his touch completely

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  62. retto

    Best signing that WENGER can make…..Klaas Hunterlaar he had 29 goals in 32games, Fernando Reges( u will remember where you heard this name) the new Gilberto but with Gattuso gens n lastly Neven Subotic…….we need to go for world class cover n not average players that will fill the team, we already have enough of those…

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  63. gunthemdown12

    @Omar how can arsene wenger spend that kind of money, 30mil in a player and 80 mil in these players you listed, come on and be realistic, we don’t need to spend like mad, but i do wish we buy a player or two in fair price around 15 or lower.

    why didn’t we offload players like arshain, park….

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  64. ojay

    PAUL and Leo, dont know.but i kinda believe u guys mvila will sign.lets just hope wenger gets us a striker along.llorente anyone?keeping my fingers crossed till friday

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  65. Hademe P

    Wake up, wake up gunners, don’t tell me you have all forgotten so fast last sseason transfer debacles. When Arsene brought Podo, Caz and Giroud, there was no noise on quality unlike last season when he was searching for quality that abounds every where. The language has started again,so do not expect any deal becaause he will search and search until the midnight of 31st.Infact the typical Arsenal deal is done with the book balanced. Three players were bought at 39m and two were sold for 40m so the book is balanced. The collapse of Sahin’s deal as painful as it is convinced me that Wenger is already done with the season hence the excuse of unending search for quality which we know are every where. Yanga Mbiwe, Mvilla, Capoune, Biglia,Tiote, Dambele,Cabaye,Ganso,Damaio and several others are not quality. Lets wait forever till the qualities arrive.

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  66. peter

    Don’t get me wrong,I’m all for new signings but a midfield of Thomas Santi and Arteta could easily be the best in the world. Put Wilshere in that equation and you have the best midfield in the world. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with our strikers,there’s just not enough creativity in the centre,Santi needs a partner.

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  67. Dadista

    Mvila is marginally good. Transform vermalen into a DM and we have a world class player backed up by coquelin.

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  68. Sundram

    Wenger will not reveal his plans or signing…the moment he doest….City and chelsea will be there making 50m bid and offering 300k per week wages….

    so deals are usually done the earliest or the latest most of the time….

    why sign a player when Coquelin and frimpong ( next season) can play in that position????

    NOt to mention Anke in 2-3 season time….

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  69. Gervinho's forehead

    We need dembele. He’s like diaby, just faster stronger and more skilled.

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  70. Sundram

    a major injury and he will be just like diaby now… confidence…slow and petrified of running at players

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  71. Stefhan elia

    Im just damn fed up with AW now, he always state if there is any players that can strengthen our squad then we will look at it…Im sorry there millions players out there who could turn our squad into a elite football team…half of arsenal players are not good enough to wear the shirt let alone play for Arsenal, this may seem negative but Arsenal will not win trophy in a long long time, Why? Because we become a selling club, you can argue all day long but the truth is simple…#wengerout

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  72. Le Goon

    Call me Naive, but I rate Coquelin higher than M’Vila. Coquelin has got pace, his work rate is excellent and above all he has premiership experience. He will be great player one day. Frimpong is good also.

    I would rather see AFC sign a new creative midfielder in case Cazorla gets injured as Ramsey is too inconsistent. Tomáš Rosický is brilliant, but he does not score many goals and is injury prone.

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  73. Angry gooner

    Every body says Diaby have u seen the stock game? the worst arsenal player is Diaby……. pls forget Diaby and Ramsay they are not the type of player that suit AFC

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  74. N21 gooner

    if reports are true and Frimpong is back in 3-4 weeks then maybe AW is holding out on spending for a DM coz he will have a very good one available shortly. I still dont understand why we sold Bartley, but still have Squillaci and Arshavin on the books. Chamakh could be dangerous but perhaps lacks confidence. Bendtner has surplus confidence but a cr*p attitude. I trust in AW. He has the clubs best interest at heart – believe that.

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