Barcelona confirm David Villa won’t join Arsenal or anyone else!

There has been much speculation in the Spanish media that the Barcelona striker David Villa has had enough of being left on the sidelines at the Nou Camp and is looking for a loan move to the Premiership this summer with Arsenal being mooted as a possible destination.

But today the Barcelona director of football Andoni Zubizarreta has said the prolific hitman will not be going anywhere in this coming transfer window. He said: “In January we will keep Villa and it is important to remember that Barcelona is a club that habitually does not accept offers for star players in January,”

“David is a player that brings goals and intensity to the team.

“Now he has recovered from a serious injury I believe that he is offering a good level on the field.

“It is normal that big players desire to play and this is perfect for the competition in the squad.”

So it doesn’t matter how much Villa desires to be released from the club, Barcelona simply won’t let him go!

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21 thoughts on “Barcelona confirm David Villa won’t join Arsenal or anyone else!

  1. leo

    yeah they said same about ibrahimovic until he threatened to stick sandro rosell to the streetlight post lol comeon villa do something we know he wants to join us

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  2. JONNO

    Id take him on loan but we cant be paying
    actual money, at least 10mil, for this guy.
    Not now there are mich better options out there.

    Nice to be linked with quality players tho. Altho this
    happens every year, we get linked with amazing players
    (hazard,goetze) and end up with gervihno!


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  3. NzGunner

    Have you guys seen the video of van persie singing glory to man united!!!! Mother f$:&:&er!!! I want to smash that guys face in! What a kunt! Pissed off as hell!

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  4. Raghav

    I would prefer Llorente anyways.
    A spanish influx would be great. Bring in Isco and Llorente, push Carzola to the left wing and play with:

    Cazorla Isco Chamberlain
    Wilshere Arteta
    Gibbs Vermaelen Mertesacker Sagna

    Also bring in Luke Shaw/Jetro Willems as a long term replacement for Gibbs.
    Sell the usual candidates.

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  5. Raghav

    Isco has a release clause of 17 mil anyways. UTILIZE THAT. He is worth much more.

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  6. Cesc

    Malaga are in financial trouble still, and so have been banned from European competition for the next time they qualify for 1 year, as long as it is within the next 4 years. So basically some players may want to play champions league or not want to work so hard to qualify and then be disallowed to play in it. So they may be targeted by Wenger again.. ISCO?

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  7. Cesc

    @Leo, I would also like Cavani, and the deal sounds good but I can’t see Wenger splashing 20M + Djourou..maybe 10-15M + Djourou…BUT we definitely need an in form striker rather than one we need to gain experience etc.. This Jan we need somebody who has got their experience elsewhere, rather than somebody who is coming to get it with us..

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  8. Zery

    Cavani or Neymar or Jovetic. It is possible to get one of them for a fee of 30-40m. Arsenal deserves only players at this stature.

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  9. caribbean

    Actually i agree with the people there that have mentioned names like Cavani.jovotic,neymar etc…now neymar i must say is a bit much i agree but we can go for cavani and jovotic….what i am saying is that if we have lets say we have 50 M to spend i wldnt mine spenting 35 of that on a clinical stiker…that would have 2 effects…possiby winning something and very importantly we would be makinga strong statement….we would show guys like AVB that we are not of Spurs class…that we are a TOP TOP club

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  10. sinero

    has anyone notice that isco plays just like nasri NO sorry, i meant cashri. But isco is more skillful and is built just like sergio augerro. more wins to come

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    Yeah but ISCO is not a striker, he is an attacking midfielder the same position as santi

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  12. scottro

    I am a Barca fan but hope Villa goes to Arsenal. He is not being given fair treatment despite performing very well since his return. Villa has produced 8 goals on only 888 minutes played this season. Compared to 1 for Pedro (1680 minutes played), and 1 for Sanchez (with 1080 minutes played). When in comes to scoring percentages Villa is finishing over 30% of shots taken which is one of the highest finishing percentages in LaLiga. When you look at goals per minute played Villa is only bettered by Messi and Falco and when you consider that Villa is playing on a team that is built around Messi it is all the more impressive. Imagine if Wenger were benching a guyIf Villa goes to Arsenal my alligence to Barca will go with him.

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