Barcelona to let David Villa join Swansea rather than Arsenal

It is a more than open secret that Arsenal are looking for a striker in January, even if its only to cover for Gervinho as he will miss the first six weeks of the New Year at the African Cup of Nations.

One top, top, top, top striker who looks set to go out on loan in January is Barcelona’s David Villa, as he has not had much chance to find his feet again after recovering from lat season’s broken leg, and Arsenal have been mooted as a possible destination.

But suddenly, Michael Laudrup’s Swansea side have been cut by Skybet from 40/1 down to an incredible 8/11 hot favourites to get David Villa on loan in January. The bookie thinks there is surely no smoke without fire. Sky Bet’s Chris Spicer said: “It is certainly a surprising development but, judging from the size of the stakes, it appears somebody knows something we don’t.

“The suggestion is that Barcelona could allow the Spain striker to leave on a loan deal in the intention that he can regain form following the leg break, having looked some way off his best since returning at the start of the season.

“The Swans appear good suitors given their current Spanish contingent and preference to playing attractive football.”

You would think that with the favours that Arsenal have done Barcelona in recent times, like the cheap deals for Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song, that they would give Arsenal first refusal on such a deal wouldn’t they?

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43 thoughts on “Barcelona to let David Villa join Swansea rather than Arsenal

  1. jose

    I wouldn’t be suprised at all.Barca definetely knows Villas potential and CANNOT allow him to go to a direct rival as this would haunt them.
    Thats how clubs must guard their talent and refuse to build the opponents armoury.Its only the stupid arsenal board and Wenger who thinks otherwise and expects the same stupid “favours”

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  2. Gunner4life

    Just get Demba Ba he is already a proven goal scorer and in the PREMIER LEAGUE so he has the experience needed why buy some foreign from another league and wait another 4 games cz he is adapting. and if walcott signs as well. than we have podolski – ba – walcott which is great. and if walcott leaves get ben arfa to replace him.

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  3. Goon-Tah

    “You would think that with the favours that Arsenal have done Barcelona in recent times…” Ummm… Why should they do us favors? Barça doesn’t have Wenger’s thinking. There are no friends in football, certainly not potential rivals.

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  4. AFCF

    OMG guys i dont know why but i got a gut feeling that tonight draw will be ARSENAL VS BARCELONA yet again.Its like they are destined to play each other every time.2most exciting teams in the world face off but i have to admit arsenal are second best to barcelona in terms of passing.

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  5. LOL

    Look at the post at the top of this page. Everyone below commenting as if this is a credible piece of information must be on drugs or really dense. Especially the guy that said Arsenal is a direct rival of Barcelona, I forgot Arsenal played in La Liga.

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  6. leo

    never gunner happen because barcelona will never loan him out to swasnea with laudrup in charge he left barca & joined madrid fell out with johan cruyff, cryuff still has a big say barca’s most decison’s he also is an alleged admirer of wenger if arsenal want villa they will get him then villa has fallen out with barca manager & messi they have had several bust up’s in that last 2 years villa no longer wanted to stay should he leave it’s no brainer he will choose arsenal over swansea on any given day he even said in an interview in 2010 if i were to play in pl it would be for arsenal question is will wenger go 4 him

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  7. leo

    don’t need demba ba i mean he is injury prone has knee problems & with arsenal medical staff it would be a poor choice get soldado or llorente they will fit in weger’s style with ease giroud is different from llorente the style of montepiller never matched arsenal’s while bilbao is very simialr to arsenal marcel bielsa their coach trained guradiola for coaching in ealier years llorente is more suited for arsenal than giroud or soldado if wenger wanted ba he would have got him in summer

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  8. leo

    the move for villa depends on arsenal & the player clubs will have little say they can’t have their way the agents these days are damn smarter than the ones early if villa wants afc & arsenal wants him they will get him even cheap barca can’t do a sh*t about it else they will have to contend with an unhappy player in the dressing room

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  9. leo

    Arsenal closer to a new contract deal for Bacary Sagna, he’ll get a possible 2yrs & improved wages

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  10. leo

    David Villa is confirmed to be a Winter transfer target for Arsenal, player may however take a wage cut to arrive if interested there’s contact with Sunzu but words that talks did not progressed based on transfer fee

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  11. Big Gun

    It annoys me that Arsenal have to keep settling for players that are either a)end of contract b)on loan from a ‘bigger, better’ club, and c)on the cheap.

    I wish we could just go out and buy the type of striker we need. I’m not talking about spending 50m on a Torres. (Although he is playing well now.) I’m talking about spending money on a player we know for damn sure will have an immediate impact. Arsenal apparently have 60m. Falcao and Fellaini. Thank you very much.

    And sell 5 or 6 of our deadwood players.

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  12. mala

    Barca are just like Cesc & Song, bunch of ungrateful idiots, Cesc & Song hope they can play Arsenal in the next round of champions league? They know the current Arsenal doesn’t stand a chance against them, they want Arsenal to crash out in the first round of the knock-out?
    Don’t they have any sense? or is it they think Arsenal is an easy walk-over comparing to the other teams? And they got the cheek to even try to brand it as a ” reunion”. If they truly love Arsenal so much, they won’t leave in the first place, what “reunion”!!!

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  13. Alex

    I hope we draw barca in the champions as it is a chance for us to prove ourselves against the best once we had our new signings

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  14. the gun show

    I don’t think it’s to do with us being a CL rival because I’m pretty sure he would be cup tied, and even then, if its a loan deal he won’t be able to play against them. I really don’t see him going to swansea or us

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  15. van lev

    i want a big signing 20 -25 mil……some one to excite fans….fellaini would b nice….come on wenger get a big name……striker ,def mid,versatile def and maye wide left midfielder.if we can bring in 4 really good players we could turn our season round…

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  16. budgie

    Think he should sign for Aston Villa, the thought of the commentator saying ” Its Villa for Villa” amuses me somewhat!

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  17. Gunner18

    Ba, Remy, Huntelaar or Villa in January will do if we sell walcott and a winger. As well as a LB and maybe a CDM mid but where will he fit in?

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  18. artillery1

    Man, CL is on its way to EMIRATES!

    Believe Me…. If Diaby Came Back n Gervinho n Ramsey ramain out of TEAM!

    No Buys in Jan, I just want Walcot to stay at CLUB at every Cost!

    Give me thumb down, But Offesnively we are heading toward Previous Arsenal, n Defensively we were always poor, But nw BOULD is here ;)

    Just Wenger need to keep Walcot in Team, GERVINHO NR AMSEY out of Team!

    CL, Confirm!
    Wid Diaby Jack Cazorla….. Forget about bad days!

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  19. danccm

    its only a 3 months loan to swansea from the rumours i heard and is a training camp for villa to get full fitness back and regain his form…

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  20. waih

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  21. Richie

    It makes sense not to let a rival have a good player. I mean that would be like selling our top striker to another BPL team…AS IF !!!

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  22. Joe

    We got bayern in the champions league draw. Very tough game probably the second best team in the competition behind barca.

    United got Madrid hahahaha.

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  23. lumia

    Damm why easy team got to meet each other..?? This all thing have been set up.. Malaga vs porto..??

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  24. Joe

    Apparently they did a trial run yesterday and the draw came out exactly the same as it did today, what are the chances of that haha.

    The draws not fixed but thats a massive coincidence

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  25. Gundam

    Since when does a player need to be a proven goalscorer in the prem leaugue… look at henry etc… then look at torres… proven scorer became a nothing scorer… proven scorer in prem leaugue means nothing, who says some random from one of the other leagues wont come in next season with a small record and go and take the golden boot… look at michu

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  26. uyguyguyguyguyg

    barca are not our rivals!!!!!!!!!!! they stand a chance of wining the CL

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  27. jibber

    i think the most likely signing out of all the strikers is either lorente or demba ba. both not in the champions league and will get some if they sign. schalke’s still in and with the current draw and looks more possible to advance than us, so Huntelaar’s very much not gonna move. Same goes for Villa.

    Unless Villa is really out of favour,i don’t even see the possibility of him moving to Arsenal even in the summer.

    Wenger’s likely gonna sign Demba ba, as he’s got the physique and pace that not many of our players do. Lorente is very much like Giroud’s style(not saying who’s better here) and Giroud isn’t going to be replace anytime soon, he is scoring, just not as much as VP would.

    Then there’s the possibility of Walcott signs and he plays striker and we don’t sign any new striker.

    But at the very least, we need a experienced Strong DM and a LB rotation to complete the squads.

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  28. josh

    Only Arsenal is stupid enough to sell its top player to a rival Club and in the SAME EPL, with van Persie to ManUnited at that!

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  29. josh09

    Gibbs, Mertesckr, Vermealen, Sagna
    David Villa, Wilshere, M’Vila, Cazorla, Podolski

    Chamberlain, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Zaha, Giroud, Henry,
    Jenkinson, Jetro Willems

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