Bendtner so desperate he’d even move to Spurs!

The Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is currently on being used very sparingly on loan at Juventus right now, but he is still trying hard to organize a permanent move away from the Gunners. Bendtner has even admitted that he would be willing to join Arsenal’s hated rivals Tottenham if they were willing to take him on.

The Danish international said: “History is filled with examples of players moving between rival clubs and I can’t rule out clubs due to where I might have been in the past,”

“It might not be the best idea but if the project matches my ambitions I would have to be interested.”

He added: “I still have a great relationship with London, which is a city that I adore.

“I have a lot of friends in London and there are a lot of great clubs in London, so I wouldn’t rule out a return.”

I’m not too sure if that last sentence refers to Football Clubs or night clubs as Bendtner is a well-known party-goer at some of the more expensive establishments in the London area…….

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22 thoughts on “Bendtner so desperate he’d even move to Spurs!

  1. artillery

    i vl agree wid AVB, he is right… if Thy Had 11 men, it vl b really difficult For us!
    But who Care :P

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  2. Gunners

    Lol I want him to go to Tottenham as he would be helping us. He would make their squad weaker.

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  3. imran

    Well, i vl Talk here about the defense!

    I think, Diaby is the Answer!

    Diaby is our real powerfull holding midfielder, Who took the Ball, control it, Beat other players, His strenght has a great Impact on game, look against STOKE, even thy Dont Break us in Set-piece, DIABY strength Is what we need in Game.

    He is Like YAYA TOURE, Defensive plus Offensive too!

    Since he is Injured, we are conceeding goals on Set-piece, n every where, We cant hold the Ball, Opposition put us Under pressure n our Players some times cant handle it! thy try to pass n give away possesion!


    Yes i wont ignore his mistakes, but i thnk when he vl return he vl correct thm, e.g Will not hold ball in his own box :)

    I LOVE HIM, He is some 1 who Arsenal need desprately, STRONG N POWERFULL HOLDING MID FIELDER … :)

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  4. leo

    just sell him & chmmakh & get cavani/fellaini & a lb like luke shaw already a regular at southhampton dubbed the next bale

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  5. imran

    Hey, When BENDTNER will return, we will Sell Him, n we have 1 player salary reduced! :P
    theo theo theo, He loves ARSENAL :)

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  6. Onyeka

    who still thinks about bendtner? cant even remember who he is. oooooooohhhhhhhhhh i remember, the BEST advertiser and self-proclaimed individual in the world! lol who cares?

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  7. Bob Dylan

    Bendner the only london club that will take u is leyton orient, ur not even good enough for palace murray is 10 times better than bendtner

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  8. Coyg

    **********Breaking news!!!!!!!***********


    Thank theo I tried my best to convince people you were the answers to all our questions. But the minority of MUGS just didn’t believe. The bet of luck at your new club I hope you make the arsenal board suck their own tears!!!

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    What i expect from you capital B is this continue play a good in where you are send to is to enable you improve to you on your game no that is punishment as case may be into your thinking but could you believe that we still need you in your favorite team that is Arsenal so why are you try create some problem within anything you see Prof do know that he don`t what is doing he one you to come up one of the best striker. therefore you are still committed to Gunner and i need you to stay in North London to see those friends you have in London to interact.

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  10. Always a gooner

    you want clubs that match ur ambition ………..then go and play in league 3 ….you are not fit to play for both arsenal and juve ….so get out ……..greatest striker in the world ….sick of ur irritating comments … team will pay more than 1m for u …

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  11. bashman

    he thinks hes the best but everyone knows hes rubbish, sp*ds think thyre the best but everyone knows theyre shit, a good match no?

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    If he wants to go to Tottenham,Wenger should tell him to take Chamakh,Squillaci and Denilson along with him.

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  13. Espide

    I Want you all arsenal fans to realize something…when united was getting beat last weekend by Aston villa and they came back and win 3-2 you wasn’t hearing that united nearly lost…so why if arsenal win 5-2 against tottenham who had 10 men so what???At the end of the day believe it or not we won the damn match.

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  14. PetePaff

    So if you like London you can still play for Charlton. The club fits your level.

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  15. synsix

    @imran but did u realize that he is more trouble then help/ 80 games in 7 yrs/u got to b kiddin mate/he is a brittle boned glass house/u pee on him and there are chances that h would break some bones somewher/Disgrace/we need footbal player not ballet dancers

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  16. green gunner

    As long as he gets enough money for his ski-ing all will be well on planet Nicolas.

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  17. jose

    Can Wenger get this idiot off our books and add theo the salary.He has no place and future at Arsenal yet we keep paying part of his salary.SELL HIM

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  18. Johnno

    QPR and West Ham are based in London. Though Zomora and Cisse are better than him. As are Carrol, Nolan and Charlton Cole. But there’s fourteen professional clubs in London. Maybe he’d fit in well at Leyton Orient, Millwall or Brentford. But I think Dagenham & Redbridge F.C. is perfect for him.

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