Bradford vs. Arsenal Prediction, Live Stream and Live chat during the game!

Arsenal have a fantastic chance to go one step closer to that long awaited trophy tonight. It will be freezing cold and the pitch will be like concrete, but that is all the more reason for the Gunners to work hard and keep warm. The key to this game should be not to allow Bradford to out work us. They will press and harry and Arsenal need to match them and earn the right to show the skill we have.

Arsene Wenger is showing clear intent by starting Jack Wilshere, alongside Ramsey and Coquelin. Cazorla, Podolski and the brilliant Gervinho all start and the back four is the full strength line up of Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen and Gibbs.

Wenger is really taking this seriously and not taking any chances. I feel a bit sorry for some of the young players, they have not even made the bench, but for Arsenal fans it is great news, and will come as a surprise to Bradford as well. Wenger does not want extra time, and if we don’t win in normal time with that team, there is something amiss.

Bradford vs. Arsenal will be on, but if you want to join in the banter on Twitter click on the link below……

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383 thoughts on “Bradford vs. Arsenal Prediction, Live Stream and Live chat during the game!

  1. reddb10

    lets see who was watching the game.
    who do you pick for the penalties and please dont say AOC

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  2. villa123

    lol have you ever seen ramsey dribble passing any opponent. opponent player just walk upto him and takes away the ball.
    i’m still laughing.. how can you compare dos two players. c’mon.. do you even watch football.

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  3. RWRW


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  4. palmer17

    @hafiz rahman its still wengers choice then just upto someone else to sort the deals out

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  5. OhToBeAGooner

    @villa123 lol see you’re the one comparing the two , i never mentioned Ramsey’s skills or dribble attempts or anything . I never even wanted to talk about how poor Ramsey is . I’m just stating the fact that Ox has been poor lately . NOT COMPARING THE TWO . Do you understand what I’m saying ? wtf

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  6. Terry norman

    Whatever happens here now, the arsenal can take nothing positive from tonight’s game.

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  7. Th14

    @dee yeah your right on that mate. And sorry about the cursing is due to the frustration caused by watching what my arsenal has become.

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  8. Sam_1066

    I’m sorry, but the crossing from arsenal tonight was grade A awful….. FairPlay Bradford ran there socks off, all that talent from arsenal and we couldn’t finish the game off in normal time……. What next

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  9. reddb10

    well done wenger pick chamakh to take a penalty what with all the confidence he has.
    you fool

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  10. Terry Norman

    It’s not often I say this but I saw Wenger on the TV after chamak’s miss and he looked a totally forelorn figure.
    That’s not what I want to see from our once great manager.

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  11. fa3c3s


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  12. Hafiz Rahman

    Real embarressment…..losing with first team….

    if Arsenal lost with Gnabry, Eifeld, Meade and etc…well its still understandable…

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  13. gooner


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  14. ks-gunner

    they totttallyy kicked our asses…..well deserved bradfort…and damn u arsenal for what have u become these days….ruining my mood once again

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  15. edward owen

    Shit,we lost on penalties,this manager has to go or we will be out of everything,we cant even beat a normal league 2 side,we want our arsenal back and quick.

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  16. Sid

    well…that’s it then….when’s the next London to Paris flight? I’ll gladly buy wenger a ticket!

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  17. Caribbean

    tell me what you want….Bad team..bad manager whatever…that team is also VERY unlucky…if u dont believe in luck then how do you explain Man u an Chelsea CL victories last year

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  18. NIKK



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  19. villa123

    just like i said earlier.. arsenal manager and players should commit suicide. are they proud of being beaten by second division side. they have no right to play dis kinda football while wearing arsenal jersey. they need to leave.

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  20. datunlu

    stop going to the games and stop any support to the club that brought us all pain and disgrace. Stop even mention them anywhere we go, tear down the stickers on your car, let go of the jerseys. Stop anything arsenal, I know I must be crazy, but this is beyond agony or madness, the club is crippling and now it is falling apart. I do not feel humiliated, I do not feel infuriated, I do not feel regretted, all that is left is just numb, completely no feeling at all.

    You cannot replace Henry, Fabregas and Van Persie with what we have now. People chant their names for a reason. If the club believes a mid or lower-table team is what they want, so be it, just do not ask us for support. They do not deserve a penny from our pocket. We made ourselves the biggest joke.

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  21. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Carribean

    nice one on the LUCK…Chelsea last season in champ league was quite LUCKY….

    Man utd this year tooo..poor defence no midfield play….just keep shooting

    but the game tonight was still real embarressment….

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  22. Uche Edochie

    And that is how our first team got humiliated by a league two side. You couldn’t make this up. But cheer up guys. It is not all about winning. We are financially healthy. It is about money at the end of the day, isn’t it wenger? Don’t just stop there. Sell walcot and sagna immediately. You see you can actually make this money from player sales all at once. Call barcelona and find out if they are still interested in Koscielny and vermalen. You can sell those two as well and replace them with seventeen year olds from the academy. And then you will have even more money. Well done you bastards. You have no shame.

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  23. datunlu

    I felt sorry for the jersey, they were worn by the wrong people. That gunner badge is our glory, not a decoration for some inferior no ambition weak-minded bastards.

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  24. palmer17

    Wow new depths of s**t we have fallen too no doubt we were tired from something…. enjoy your new ranch kroenke could’ve signed fellani and falcao for same price something worth having you c**t

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    Even a world number 1 forward may not even save Arsenal from this game…

    the whole team was bad….football is a team game…

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  26. Mo

    News for the pple who loves winger as i know arsenal are a shiit team and not good enaaff but am sure that the players we had was better then thier players so is it not up to the maneger to beat this kinda team for me to get our old arsenal back is guardilo in winger out usmanov in gazidis out

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  27. fredy

    2004……we win the league unbeaten,go on 49 game unbeaten run.
    2005……we win the f.a. Cup against the great manchester united
    2006……lose champions league final(against barcelona)
    2007……lose the great henry
    2008……lose the league to man u after leading for soooo long
    2011…..lose fabregas
    2012…..lose 8:2 to man u
    there are other many suicidal events that have happened but how silly can it get,our first team losing to bradford,we need to do something,the board is not the one suffering but us.protesting is what will get their attention

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  28. Mo

    If i was Henry i would put a middle finger to winger and say wen u leave mate then ox played soo shiit his crosses lol gervinio is wow if i see him il slap him i dont care if i get arrested resicky should have taken one penalty not chamak

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  29. NIKK

    As a team we are genuinly sh:t especially upfront….Wenger fu@ked up the team and the fans minds badly this time!

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  30. Bob2

    Abandon this shit until Wenger and the board walk. We are being taken the piss out of. Worse Arsenal team in 33 years of support.
    Only good player was Jack. How long before he gets fed up and leaves too.
    Money grabbing bastards from players to board. Chamakh! Ramsey! Gervinho! Absolute shit. Couldnt get a shot on target for 69 minutes.
    How many of you were actually confident we would win that penalty shoot out. Thats how bad its got! 3 shots on target on saturday and two were penalties!
    Apart from a sending off against spurs and a dodgy penalty vs West Brom it would be even worse. Stop backing this money making piss take!!!

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  31. Uche Edochie

    Do you guys now realise why this team can never win anything again under wenger? Do you now realise that wenger is full of sh!t when he talks about doing his best for the club to win a trophy? What manager who wants to win a game, fields ramsey instead of rosicky and gervinho as striker instead of podolski? Can you guys feel podolski gradually fading away just like arshavin faded away and has been unable to revive his career?

    It is okay guys. It is okay to admit that wenger is a sell out and a has been who still thinks he is the bomb because he has a job. Dont worry. Admitting the truth will not make you a fickle fan. It just makes you an honest fan and we need more of those in this sad and deteriorating club.

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  32. fredy

    we are just pussies, all we do is just complain every time and say we need to take action every time but all we do is wait until maybe someone will press the rewind button and alas!viera,henry,pires,ljunberg,berkamg will all suddenly be arsenal players again with the 02 label on the jersey and press play and before you know it we will be going 49 games unbeaten again,forget it look at manu and man city and you can see we are fading slowly into a mid table club.fuuuuuuuuuuuck all of you,if you love the club we should take action.i want my arsenal back

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  33. atid

    well i have backed him, i have supported all the players, i have even tried to empathise with the board over the financial situation and building towards FFP.

    But this for me is the final nail in the coffin. paper over it however you like, but the 18 on duty tonight were ALL first team squad players. 8 of the x1 were our best x1 with only arteta, walcott and giroud missing. So the crux of it is, our first team squad is so poor it cannot beat a division two side.

    I am afraid that at 63 years of age, time has caught up with Wenger, i would offer him a dual role at the club as director of football and chairman in place of hill-wood.

    Time has come for Usmanov to put his huge amounts of cash where his fat mouth is and pay the £18k per share that ugly stan would find too much to resist.

    Pep Guardiola could take us back to where we belong or perhaps, henry, bergkamp, bould & adams?

    All i know is that the time to act is now. there are just 3 weeks till the transfer window opens and there are plenty of players that would jump at the chance of salvaging our season, although i believe, we should just write this off and give the new man all of this season to get it right with a view to next season.

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  34. sammykit

    Why do the commentators keep saying “AND IT GOES OUT WIDE”who the s**t is playing out wide

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  35. datunlu

    The best protest is a no show for the next several games to come before Jan. Whoever we are talking about, pressure is what they need.

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