Can Arsenal avoid a repeat of Eduardo situation?

The last time Arsenal were in with a realistic chance of winning the Premier League title was in 2008-09 season. Just as now, the Gunners were in the lead going into the new year, despite having sold Thierry Henry to Barcelona, as well as Freddie Ljungberg and Reyes.

One of the main reasons for this was the signing of Brazilian striker Eduardo Da Silva from Dinamo Zagreb. Eduardo may only have scored four league goals in his first 17 appearances, but he was playing brilliantly and stopping us from suffering from the absence of the injured van Persie.

Eduardo and Adebayor scored on New Year’s day and by February, Arsenal were five points clear of Manchester United, when a trip to Birmingham City saw it all fall apart after a horror tackle put Eduardo out for the season and Arsenal never recovered. We drew that game as well as the next three against Aston Villa, Wigan and Middlesborough and then lost to Chelsea and United took advantage.

It was as much a mental thing as it was missing the contribution of Eduardo, but have the Gunners now got the mental strength, not to mention the players, to avoid the same thing happening after the Theo Walcott injury? I think so, for a number of reasons.

Gallas, who was the captain, lost the plot and instead of digging in, crumbled. The new Arsenal are a tough bunch who have already battled through many adversities this season. They will want to prove that nothing can stop them rather than feeling sorry for themselves.

Another big factor, for me, is that Walcott’s injury has happened while there is still time for Arsene Wenger to bring in players in the transfer window. He may not be able to get a direct replacement for Theo, but he can spend some of the millions the club has to buy a couple of top quality players who can really help with the title push.

Finally, Wenger and many of the players have been through the same situation with Eduardo and so will be on alert not to let the same thing happen again. We can’t let history repeat itself can we?

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62 thoughts on “Can Arsenal avoid a repeat of Eduardo situation?

  1. leo

    we have unlucky with injuries Vermaelen’s knee injury is going to keep him out for 2 wks. He should be back for Fulham on Jan 18th

    ox is going to feature in AFC’s U21 game on Thursday.

    + we are looking at di maria & moratta to fill in void left by theo

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    1. SHOWEN

      Great news…but in that season we lost Eduardo,it was not eduardo’s injury that ended our was the negative spirit we showed(our captain sitting on the field) indeed showed we lacked the team spirit to win the league…you just take a look at the positive spirit in our team and everybody putting in a shift for each other,and needless to say the discipline(mertesacker vs ozil an example unlike Gallas sitting on the turf)

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    2. 0xay0

      but i hate barca more. They took away our chance to win the lonely champion league trophy, then dismantled us by snatching so many of our top players like hleb, henry, song, fabregas none of whom arsenal wanted too let go.

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    3. 0xay0

      along these 10 yrs we had fine form twice but both season we were demoralized by horrible horrible tackle on eudardi n ramsay, both of whom were endanger of ending football career. But these incidents have given us lot of lessons, n we r going to make sure not such outcome happens again. We have balanced team. They r determined to go head to head n toe to toe despite all challanges. We ve strength to cope with the physicality of the system n do tit for tat. Moreover walcot ve suffered self injury while making tackle. no way our team is going to break down. But despite this we still need some luck to go all the way n we all wish for it.

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      1. TJBgooner

        Firstly, the original poster is talking abut the 2007-08 season and not 2008-09 and secondly, whilst what happened in the Birmingham game was significant, lets not forget that perhaps an even bigger loss to the team was Rosicky’s injury sustained at Newcastle. At the time alongside Cesc and Hleb, he was an integral part of our midfield, playing well and a significant loss to the team oce injured.

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  2. leo

    hopefully we will complete draxler deal in summer + bayern are aslo looking at him willing 2 offer schalke 30m + he has 45m buyout clause they are in touch with his agent but we are favorites 2 sign him hope he joins us coyg’s

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      What do Bayern really want? My goodness! I hope some of these rumors are true. All I can say is, Arsene, keep looking! I’m sure there is someone out there he can sign that can take us all by sweet surprise.

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        1. leo

          agreed they see as replacement for robben 4 fufture & they will pay crazy money like jave martinez despite bayern CEO coming out & saying javi martinez isn’t worth 32m

          but we are still fav to win this one

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  3. Never Give Up

    I admire what Moyes has done with Januzaj and I believe Wenger should do the same with Gnabry especially now with a relatively easy fixture list.

    Experience is all he really needs, he has pretty much everything else and has the potential to be the next big thing.

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    1. Gooner Life

      Moyes is forced into playing a young player like Januzaj because the rest of his players are shit.

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  4. ceezee

    My take!

    Although i aint a big fan of TW14, i’ve to admit its a big loss (speedy recovery to a speedy demon) but all is not doom & gloom even “the world best striker” is quite a big loss at this fragile stage.

    Wenger should be more friendly with his PEN!


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      1. juhislihis

        Januzaj is Belgian and of Albanian-Kosovar descent. There’s even a possibility for him to represent Turkey. But Croatian? Where do you get your ‘facts’?

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  5. Archangel

    It wasn’t just the injury that did us with was f00ckin referee giving birmingham penalty 2 minutes before the end, while denying us bunch of them..Had we win that game, we’d go on, chin up, but it went from bad to worse and we couldn’t handle it

    so, keep winning and it will show everyone and keep the team together

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  6. gooner91

    two big injuries from theo and bendtner and i am sure wenger will be forced to spend in january either loan or permanent. this is our great chance to win the league.

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  7. aga@gunners

    I pray for all the injured Gunners for a speedy recovery and a safer season for the rest of them.
    I wish for A Very Good luck to Arsenal.
    Keep it up Gunners.

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  8. Denzil

    We gonna make it Gooners,..Arsene needs to really get us a new class striker no matter how difficult it is,nothing’s impossible if you have the will and passion. Just that,.a striker please Wenger and all is well guys. Up Arsenal!

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  9. baraka

    I dont think loosing walcot would be a crisis. With all due respect to theo, OX and Gnabry are more technically gifted than Walcot, what they lack is a little bit of pace and fear factor that theo presents to opposition. What we need is a quality striker and no one will notice Theo’s absence. This is the time for OX and Gnabry to Serge. quick recovery though walcot, just hope that his situation wont be like Diaby’s, he gets injured quite too often.

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  10. Trudeau

    Arsenal have already shown great resiliency this year — not only top of the league but we are ruining away with the injury league table, something like 40 games ahead of the next placed team. At some point it would be nice for Wenger to get some credit for building a deeper team than most expected.

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  11. muffdiver

    bayern want draxler aswell!!!

    fair enough, they are runnin low on mi….wtfffffffff

    how about not taking every player in existence that we need.

    robben goetze ribery schweinsteiger kroos greedy mofos

    they are starting to get on my ti*s

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  12. kings27

    Come back soon TW14. Wia is jovetic of man city. Is he injured or benchured? Can’t wenger try signing him frm city. But if we can get di maria then we can just start celebrating d epl title now even without strker addition.

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    1. Leroy

      He has been injured and ill all season, and was bought for £25m and they wont sell him on the cheap as they only bought him and he is no way worth £25m+

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  13. haqster

    the arsenal team this year seems to have shown that no one is completely indispensible, not even ozil. they have played and won with the absence of atleast one seemingly crucial player since the beginning of this season. some signings are imperative, but this team is vastly different from the one that capitulated in the 07/08 season.

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  14. mark

    Gutted that Walcott is out, but I’m not keen on drawing negative parallels for the sake of a story either..!

    One major difference is that Man U are not the force they were, and the league is arguably more competitive.

    It will be difficult to maintain our lead, but bearing in mind Walcott has already missed much of the season it doesn’t need to affect us too much mentally.

    We have Ramsey and Ox to come back, and perhaps one or two signings to help us push on.

    Let’s hope our major injuries are now over for the season..!!

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    1. haqster

      wouldnt it be something if diaby came back and played out of his mind and led us to the title.
      lol that would just abt be an adequate reward for all the loyalty afc has shown him.

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  15. nyc

    di maria was booed off by the real madrid fans yesterday and this time he had enough of it. he replied to them by a gesture which is not appropriate to discuss here lol. then ancelloti had to defend him in the press conference too. similarly last month too when di maria was substituted, he was very angry and took of his shirt and smashed it on the seats. his future is in real doubt. we can try to lure him. walcott is out so di maria can get regular playing time plus we have the cash available and wanted him with ozil in the summer too. we are top of the league which will also be an incentive for him plus his own team is behind barca and atletico and i cant see them lifting la liga.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Great news we should go for him ASAP only competition would be Chelsea and Man U who need to offload mata and nani before being able to go for him

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  16. sino301

    on a side note, eduardo is still a pretty good player, and pretty cheap too

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Would really like to see him come back. He’s got unfinished business with us…
      To me, he would be the best buy at the moment.

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  17. PatLloyd

    Di Maria and Costa, £25 and £30million. A lot of money but then we wont really need any summer signings unless someone leaves.
    Apparently Wenger is willing to activate Costa’s release clause if Costa agrees

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    1. haqster

      oh boy, hope wenger isnt betting his whole pot on the whim n fancy of costa, just like suarez.
      we keep talking abt how we missed our shot with him, it is worth saying that he too has missed an almighty shot of being an arsenal player.

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  18. Alex.Aus

    If there is one striker I would want to see wearing the famous arsenal jersey it’s Wayne rooney. Finishes chances creates chances and we all like giroud for his work rate well Rooney is on a whole new level. Absolute workhorse and would almost guarantee us lifting the Epl trophy by seasons end

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  19. PatLloyd

    Ronaldo’s best mates at Madrid are/were Ozil, Ramos and Di Maria. Di Maria and Ramos look like possible departures, we get them…

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    1. alonsogunner

      So if we sign them Ronaldo will sign for us:)I wish that we’re true

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  20. leo

    with diego costa i am only concerned about his agent Mendes screwed us with the Ronaldo deal. Wenger hates the guy.Jorge Mendes, Costa’s agent, doesn’t have the best relationship with Wenger

    the best option would be sign di maria + moratta (if costa isn’t avalable)

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    1. PatLloyd

      Clearly forgetting what agents want most…transfers! We buy him the agent gets a lot of money, hell be trying to persuade Costa

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    2. jermaineBryan

      Di Maria and Diego Costa have the same agents ;) one things for sure they won’t be joining Man U nani and Anderson are also from the same agent so they won’t advise their people to go Man U .

      The agent has a long list of Portugese talents including Ronaldo so I think if anything they would deal with mourinho.. I can see a mata di Maria swap happening

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    What everyone seems to forget is this is football we are talking about at the highest level, It is very bad news about Theo but lets all look at the facts, Fact is Theo as speed coming out is ass but when it comes to being a gifted footballer he is very slow off the mark !!! if it was not for his speed he would never be at Arsenal as he as nothing else to offer !!!! I dont mean to be disrespectful to him at all but these are true facts, If Arsenal are to become a force in the premier league again it is player like Theo & Giroud that will have to make way for more gifted players. So I hope in this transfer window we can at least get in a new forward, Someone that will improve the team and some the players and fans will get to see for many years to come, NOT A OLD AS BEEN !!!!

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    1. Trudeau

      “If Arsenal are to become a force in the Premier league again”

      Seriously? Check out the table. We are a force in the Premier League.

      And while your at it, check out video from Theo’s last five games and then tell us again that he has nothing to offer but speed…

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      1. jermaineBryan

        Theo has been producing on a rate that Freddie ljungburg use to he has allot of goals and assist in his last 2 1/2seasons he is very productive

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  22. yiznezrk

    Id be happy if Wenger got one of the following: Rooney, di Maria, Costa, Benzema

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  23. gamer

    We have a 7 day break, wenger needs to stop over thinking and go out get a striker get remy or berbatov they might not be glamorous for some of you fans but thy are proven in the premiership just get thm wenger no time to waste we have a great chance to win the league lets no blow it. New faces will boost the team

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  24. Archangel

    Leo or anybody, think it’s possible we bid now round 30m for reus?

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    1. PatLloyd

      i would bet my entire house that he will not be sold by Dortmund. Guaranteed 1000000%. He will not be sold especially given the recent departures and the fact that the club is on the brink of turmoil. He will not leave until his buy-out clause is activated- which it cant be until the summer of 2015

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  25. mehmoud


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    1. arsenalfan1

      Agreed, AW needs to stop f*cking around like he has done for the last 8 years and go and offer release price for Costa and do it now.

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  26. CraigZWE

    yes we have them, but Gnabry can’t play most games he is too young. Yes he needs experience but should be limited or he could end up injury prone like Owen and Jack due the demands of the league.
    Ox is still on his way back and it will take time for him to be sharp, so i think we will need another wide Man.
    Draxler transfer and Mortars loan

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