Can these 3 young Gunners’ loan spells get them in Arsenal team?

Arsenal let Young Guns out on loan! by Ash

We may only be a few days into the month of January but there have already been some moves in the transfer market regarding Arsenal. Although sadly it’s not quite the good news that you may have been expecting and it fact, its players on the way out that is the main topical focus.

Arsenal have announced on their official club website,, that Hector Bellerin will extend his loan with Watford FC until the end of the season. Bellerin, who has been at Watford for a few months already this season, is highly regarded as one of Arsenal’s current top emerging talents amongst the Young Guns and so his performances for Watford will surely be closely watched. The right sided defender has impressed amongst the Youth ranks at Arsenal, and progressed to Under 21 level despite being just 18.

I’m sure a few will remember the young Spaniard from the Arsenal first team, having signed professional terms and he made his first team debut for the club in the Capital One Cup tie against West Bromwich Albion. Having not seen Bellerin play too much, it’s difficult to review his particular talent but from what I’ve heard he seems to be a strong minded attacking full-back, who, with the right influences should progress well towards greatness.

Also moving on the books is Chuba Akpom, who could soon link up with fellow Londoners Brentford FC. The young English forward has been very impressive for the Gunners in his appearances amongst the youth ranks and he carried on the spectacular form when he was part of Arsenal’s pre-season tour of Asia. However evidently he hasn’t managed to feature for the first team on a regular basis and so in order to aid his development it seems as if he too will soon be shipped out on loan from Arsene Wenger’s side.

The third Arsenal youngster in question is the keeper Damian Martinez, whose loan spell with Sheffield Wednesday is going well and has been extended until the end of the season. The 21-year old has become a regular in the Championship side and so Arsenal are happy for him to continue to gain valuable competitive experience.

I think all of these moves are very positive movements towards progression for the youngsters, because in order to aid their development and take them to the next level, they need to strengthen themselves under a more competitive level than the reserve leagues. It would be great if all three of these had great Arsenal futures ahead of them, but which of them do you think has the best chance?

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29 thoughts on “Can these 3 young Gunners’ loan spells get them in Arsenal team?

  1. PatLloyd

    Martinez doesnt have a future with Arsenal, the only potential successful keeper from our youth is Macey.
    In my opinion Bellerin is on a par with Crowley, Zelalem and Gnabry in terms of talent, definite first team player in a couple of years.
    Akpom could swing either way

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    1. th14

      Dont forget about jon toral his progress slowed abit due to injuries but hes come back with a bang and was rated more highly than bellerin when he joined.

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      1. sir_chimdi

        u know what; I dont think Walcott injury is that serious…
        We even pulled one player out to give spurs a lifeline(chance) but u know shit will always remain shit

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        1. karansagar

          We should also look to loan out Sanogo, Frimpong and Ryo for the remaining season as soon as they are fit because they are just being wasted while lying on the sidelines.

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    2. Leroy

      Im a massive fan of Akpom, i believe he will have a great future at Arsenal!

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    1. Leroy

      they are 18 year olds who need experience and game time, going out on loan, that is not going to effect our League chances one iota and has nothing to do with us winning the league, you probably said the same thing when we had Fabregas at a young age, you need to remember these young potentially world class players could be Arsenals future!

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    2. Leroy

      @Hazim Rahman

      So because we cant field all our young players with fantastic potential you want us to get rid of them? so we would have no youth system, there would be no future at Arsenal!

      These young players go out on loan to get experience and playing time and are the future of Arsenal FC, if you want to support a team who will focus just on the present then support Chelski, but when Abramovic is gone so will Chelsea!

      Wenger is doing the right thing with his youth system, just look at all the potential players we have, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Ramsey, Szeseney, Walcott, Gnabry, Zalalem, Bellerlin, Eisfeld etc, atleast we will still be up there competing unlike some team *cough* Man City *cough* Chelsea!

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      1. jermaineBryan

        Maybe man city but definitely not Chelsea.
        they have a plater of quality young players arguably the best in England so I don’t think your come net is a good one.

        Gk courtois is as good as or better than szezney
        RB azpilcuta is allot better than jenks
        Cb omurou,ake and soon to be zouma we only have Miquel of any calibre
        Lb they don’t have anyone near Gibbs levels coming up
        Dm chalobah,romeu vs Firmpong ,coqulan considering wenger wanted chalobah shows how highly rated he is
        Cm Wiltshire Ramsey no contest their were miles ahead
        Cam eisfield toral Olsen vs Oscar de bruyne chelseas are streets above us
        ATt Walcott willian are of similar levels, Atsu is better than our young wimgers hazard is streets above our wingersô

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  2. EnT1ITy

    I think it’s time we either sell Ryo or let him go. He is 21 and not better than Gnabry or Ox… It will take a very long while before he even gets to the level of Gnabry and there won’t be a room for him in the starting 11. Their is no point in loaning someone if you won’t have a future in the club.

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    1. Leroy

      he is only 21, he just needs more experience and game time before we can judge and if he hasn’t progressed after a couple of seasons then its time to make a decision, he has heaps of potential, no need to make a rash decision now when he’s young, not every 18-21 year old is going to be progressing as fast as Gnabry, thats why Gnabry is really highly rated!

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    2. Darwin

      I dont know what’s up with German players, but Gnabry is just out of this world for me. he doesnt play like an 18 yr old. his control on the ball, passes, shooting, movement with the ball is just superb. That’s VERY VERY rare for such a young player. so lets not put pressure on other young players to reach his level. sometimes players mature/become good players after 21-23 yrs etc. lets wait and see for a few seasons and then decide upon them. remember all 26 old players are not Messi etc. so lets not hope all 18 year olds to be like Ox and Gnabry..

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  3. Greg

    Will certainly like to see both bellerin and akpom in the first team in the near future, but for now let them gain good experience on their loan spell! Best of luck guys!

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  4. junweiseah

    I think bellerin is closer to the first team than martinez and akpom currently. Let’s hope our young guns do well, we really have some impressive talents like zelalem, crowley, bellerin and gnabry coming through the ranks.

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    1. Leroy

      Bellerlin is still very young and needs more game time same with Akpom and Martinez, but i think it will be a good 3 or more seasons until he will break into the first team, Akpom and Bellerlin are great prospects but they need more experience, a loan shall help them get more game time!

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    1. Leroy

      Each article you manage to write something even more stupid each time!

      Bellerlin i can see getting into the first team in 3+ years he has so much potential you clearly haven’t seen him play or you would agree, and Akpom i personally think he is a brilliant player strong skillfull and has great movement he as well as Bellerlin just need more game time and experience which they will get with loan moves!

      I’m not to sure with Damien Martinez, he isn’t a bad little Goalkeeper, he has stated he wants more opportunities but i cant see him nipping ahead of Fabianski atm never mind Szsesney and Szsesney is young, so unless he wants to be a 2nd/3rd choice goalkeeper i can’t see him having a future at Arsenal!

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      1. Jeffproxy

        I really love. Akpom he plays no less like kelechi the young Nigerian cos his a Nigerian too….. I can also see that Wenger has eye’s for Nigeria talents

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  5. Twig

    The competition between Serge Gnabry, Theo Walcott and Oxlade-chamberlain in the next 2 years is going to be fierce.

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    1. Leroy

      I honestly believe (not just because of todays performance) that Walcott will gradually go into that striker role, and because of the diversity of Serge and the Ox they could play on either wing or even centrally!

      What a bright future Arsenal have with all these potential World Beaters!

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  6. davidnz

    Akpom and Bellerin will be very good players and loan spells at their age is wise. If players are not good enough by 21 then they should be released.

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  7. lucia

    The players I think that will have a future with arsenal bellerin,gnabry,akpoms,jc,zellalem,isaac hayden,yenaris,olsson, but for some reasons I fear for frimpong and coquelin but thins could turn around and I for one is a big fan of coquelin cos he can play anywhere(utility player) but myiachi,elsfield,martinez,afobe I dnt think wenger has that much intrest and I dnt undastnd d situation with eisfield why is he overlook and zellalem is ahead of the lad I thought at one point he was gonna brk into d first team dis season but dat hasn’t player I think wnt make it is myiachi not criticizn him but wen u see d likes of walcot,ox,gnabry and u think where is his future with us…but hey u never know what d future will bring so fingers crossed WE ARE THE GUNNERS aNd LONDON IS RED

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    1. jermaineBryan

      In time he will be utilize podolski and santi are both approaching thirty in the next couple of season leaving space on the left

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  8. Trudeau

    I’m drooling at the thought of defenders bouncing off Akpom, Gnarby and oxlade-chamberlain in a couple of years.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      I’ve been really impress by Vito mannone good luck to the lad don’t forget Joel Campbell and Yaya sanogoo they are both also full of potential

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  9. SD

    I have like what I have seen from Akpom and Bellerin. Martinez looked average to me, but some goalkeepers don’t mature til well into their 20′s. I honestly wanted to see Akpom start to get some 1st team action this year, but I guess Arsene didn’t feel he was ready.

    Think of the possible lineups in a few years featuring Akpom, Gnabry, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, with veteran guys like Walcott and Ozil either in the lineup or coming off the bench.

    One concern is that I have yet to see a young CB that I like from our current youth crops.

    In any case, I wish these guys well on their loan moves. Hopefully they progress well and will start to get looks in the first team next year.

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