Can Wenger convince Madrid to loan Morata to Arsenal? It could mean the title!

I don’t envy Arsene Wenger right now, even though his Arsenal team are flying high at the top of the Premier League. And the Gunners are having their best season for a long time. There are lots of positives around, with young players like Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs and Gnabry offering great hope for the future and the smashing of the club’s transfer record to bring in the brilliance of Mesut Ozil.

But Wenger has a really tough few weeks ahead of him, not just in keeping Arsenal at the top. The injury to Theo Walcott seems to have brought everything into sharp focus and it is beginning to feel like our season could come down to what the manager is able to do before the end if the transfer window.

Arsenal need another striker, but Wenger seems reluctant to goa and splash the cash on a player when there are strikers he has in mind for the summer who are simply not available now. So, according to a report in the Daily Mail, the Frenchman thinks that a loan deal for the young Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata is the ideal scenario.

Morata is highly regarded at Madrid, especially by the fans, but is not getting much game time. Wenger is trying to convince Madrid that it would be better for Morata and Madrid in the long term to have half a season with Arsenal, where he is much more likely to play given our striker situation.

The report claims that talks are ongoing despite Madrid’s general reluctance. Wenger is hugely respected in the football world, so if we get Morata it will be because if him and it could make all the difference as to whether Arsenal end the trophy drought or not. What do you think Gooners?

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55 thoughts on “Can Wenger convince Madrid to loan Morata to Arsenal? It could mean the title!

  1. Mowember

    just watched the most recent docomentary of keane vs vieara. my god times have changed so much since the last time we won the title. but the biggest difference from then and now is we just dont have that top top top striker up frony anymore. henry. i dont think morata can take such a heavy weight on his shoulders and march us to those tough fixtures. plus weve all seen what the impact of a big name player has on the team.

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    1. Antono

      As Morata is UCL cup-tied, this means that we target Morata for our domestic games only. That’s fina for me. But, if Morata deal is impossible, we may rethinking about Pato.

      Pato is not UCL cup-tied. If we get him now and IF with him we have a bigger chance to beat Bayern for getting into UCL quarter final, it means a possible additional Arsenal earning of about €3.9 million from UCL QF prize (2012-13 figure). Well, perhaps enough to increase our re-bid on Pato or on a loan scheme?
      Not to mention yet about his definite contribution in our FA dan EPL games.

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    2. Vicente

      I watch the Spanish and Portuguese leagues on a regular basis and Morata is not the striker we need. He is not as highly rated by Real Madrid fans as everyone’s led to believe. He’s inexperienced and, honestly, he’s not considerably better than Akpom when it comes to his technical ability or decision-making skills. We need Jackson Martinez. Strong, quick, intelligent, and immensely talented. He’s a rare case of a top class player who’s gone unnoticed by major teams until now. He wouldn’t need to much time to adapt and there are few defenders who are stronger than him in the EPL. He’s a total beast. He can do both hold-up plays and create his own opportunities to score. Since we can’t get Costa at the moment, our best option is Martinez.

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  2. awesome gunners

    I dont think we will sign anyone major this transfer window. At the end of the season YES YES YES.

    Why does everyone think that Martinez (The guy from Porto) will be a revelation at Arsenal. He has no premier league experience and might just take two or three months to get use to the physical premier league. Buying him to some people seems like it guarentees us the BPL title.

    My concern is that bringing in someone that needs to get to grips with the amount of games and physical nature of the PL is not good in January. It could have a more negative affect on the team than a good if he does not fire away right from the start.

    My bet would be a loan deal. Another bet would be to believe in Wenger as he is in training every day with the guys and he knows where we need t strengthen and what is needed for the team to win the premier league.

    At the start of the season most of us was saying that a CD is a must. Now we have the best defensive record in the league and that debate has just died. Let Wenger do is Job and lets all just keep on supporting him and the team.

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    1. Vicente

      Since we can’t get Costa this month, Martinez is absolutely the striker we need. He’s got a great footballing brain, is fast, has great technique with both feet, is incredibly strong, AND CAN CREATE HIS OWN GOALS. I’ve been following him since he played in the Mexican league and he’s the real deal. He’s one of those rare cases where he’s gone unnoticed by bigger leagues despite his immense talent. He wouldn’t take too much time to adapt to the EPL and he’s so strong and fast(both physically and mentally) he’d be a nightmare for defenders. He’s worth the 32 million pounds/40 million euros.

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  3. g00ner4lyf

    Getting Morata on loan isn’t exactly going to be deal of the century, but there aren’t exactly a ton of options out there either. Go for it Wenger

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  4. Adam

    Arsene is in a tough position. He knows more than anyone that we are short up front but to attract the best strikers in the world during the January transfer window is extremely hard to do because the clubs do not want to sell their best players even if the player wants to leave. If Arsene has his targets in mine but cannot get them this month he should wait and spend the money in the summer to get them when he has a chance. He should look closer to home and sign Remy for £12 – £15m if possible who has been scoring goals in the last two seasons. He would help us out immediately and would be an excellent squad member. We can then look to add another world class striker in the summer.

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  5. Laurentkboi

    To think had we beaten city Chelsea and Everton we would be 10 points clear

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    1. bulletLoading....

      And in all those games our CF went on to miss absolute sitters that would have given us at-least half of the 10 points cushion.

      Somebody’s telling me we should not be worried about our striker situation? Let us get real.

      We are only 1 point ahead of a very good Man City side, and that is great! However they seem to be picking up real form. We can’t afford to LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANCE.

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  6. funkyrith

    We need either upgrades on existing players/options or a loan deal. No need to buy as good as Giroud/Walcott etc. If we buy, it has to be a first team player. We have many players to rotate the squad, but spending money on transfer means it has to be on improvements, else find loan deals and be ready to spend in Summer. Looks like Sanga has to be replaced then.

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  7. Manofsteel

    Wenger has been really keen on the Real Madrid market lately and he’s been keen on building a relationship with Madrid. I suspect he sees a financial collapse about to happen and he wants 1st dibs on Real Madrid players. After all he does hold a Masters degree in Economics so there’s something he sees in the spanish market

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    1. graham

      Remy is not available until end of the season. His loan to nufc is for a season

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  8. PatLloyd

    Hes decent but really not that good, if im honest Bentdner is better than him. Morata will not make a difference to our title ambitions, Di Maria is the man we need from Madrid

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    1. bulletLoading....

      If he is that good at the moment, Madrid would be playing him ahead of Jese. He is a potential. That is what he is -A potential.

      On the other hand, if Di Maria would come with a fair share of goals and a good attitude, then why not?!

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  9. Bpaix

    NO to Morata. No to Pato. No gamble buys. We need a ready to lift the weight striker. Just get Berbatov. He is proven and fits perfectly on our play. It would be his last chance to play for a big team. I don;t think his ego would be a problem.

    Big moves don;t happen on january so wait on summer for better options. For now we need someone who can walk straight away in team.

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    1. bulletLoading....

      I agree with you man! Both Morata and Pato seems like gamble buys at the moment. However, while I would not reject a Berbatov, I really do not see him as an upgrade.

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      1. Bpaix

        he is so much better finisher, better positioning, stronger better skills, more insight than giroud. I don;t say he is the best in the world. Just better than giroud. HE is just lazy with that below par fuhlam team. I think in arsenal he wll be magnificent

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  10. NIKK

    Any loan deal is a step down for the us…the club should take a chance and just get Martinez!

    One thing for sure he is more agile,has more pace,can run with the ball and scores on regular basis compared to Giroud. Also at 27, he is experienced enough to help us win the league.

    Stop being cautious Wenger!!!

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    1. RK1339

      I know I was against signing Martinez but I’ve reversed my thoughts.
      I think Martinez will sort our problems out except for the UCL.
      This is confusing and I wander who Wenger will sign.
      There are no boss strikers that are not cup-tied.

      I’ll wait and see what Wenger has in mind.

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      1. juhislihis

        Honestly mate I think we should forget a striker who can also help us in the CL. Our current lads can handle CL but ie. Martinez could fire us to the Premier title and FA Cup and they are more than enough for me!

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  11. No10

    Madrid won’t send Morata on loan, they are short of strikers themselves.

    Tap them for a winger, they have lots.

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  12. elcid

    People saying Martinez or Costa will not have an impact are imo DELUDED. Surely they will do better than what Giroud has been doing? Dont get me wrong, i like Giroud, but both these players are Giroud ability wise, only faster, more deadly, can actually create some of their own chances and shoot way better.

    Im confident that Di Maria + Costa/Martinez would bring us the title. Unfortunately I dont see any of these players coming to the Emirates this January

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  13. davidnz

    Wenger said “if a special player the same age as Gnabry came along I would be interested”
    So is he only looking for an 18 year old or what?

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      Try posting the full quote.

      He said it’s easier to sign players no one has heard of in Jan. He didn’t say his policy was to sign only teenagers.

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  14. No10

    Do we need another 18 y.o.? The ones we already have are pretty amazing…Dan Crowley appears to have a bright future.

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  15. GunnerSpence

    If we are looking for a big signing but have to wait until the summer for them to come available as suggested why not loan Morata and buy Solaman Kalou at his unbelievably low release of £2.5m that will mean having 2 pretty damn good strikers for under £3m with fees for Morata included, this will leaves the transfer kitty intact for some Marquee signings in the summer.

    In the summer sell Bendtner, Keep Kalou, Giroud and who ever our new Striker will be, Hopefully Costa.


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  16. GunnerSpence

    Theres a lot of talk about Draxler at the moment, a number of reports all over the net suggest he is in negotiations with Arsenal and has even had a tour of the colony, but sadly they are also stating that he would not be coming until the summer and at a whopping 45m euros!

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  17. mike norris

    A Scottish surgeon claims he can save Theo Walcott’s World Cup with a pioneering piece of equipment and says he can get the England forward back playing in four months. Your opinion?

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  18. Simon_m89

    Morata is a great talent, from what I’ve seen, but I really can’t see him getting any more game time at Arsenal than he does at Madrid. So why would he move?

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  19. leo

    wenger wants morata on permanent deal willing to offer 10m+ his contract ends in 2015 the player too keen on move

    jese is prefered to morata by ancelotti, madrid too keen to loan him out but ancelotti is the against it

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  20. LDockers

    Media outlets reckon if the loan deal for morata falls through we will go for Martinez. I cant believe this as its not a typical Wenger signing, even if we are panicking and are desperate i cant see us spening big on a striker this month. Really hope a loan deal can be pulled through for Morata but at the same time i feel we need another attacking signing to add to the goals after the loss of Theo. Gnabry and Chamberalin have a real chance to push on and show us what they can do and Podolski needs to step it up and score some goals as well

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  21. DanielC1989

    watch Arsenal v Peterborough youth, Akpom is class for someone who’s just 18. we don’t need Morata just promote him. if we’re going to sign a striker then it better be a world class one

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    1. ergs

      I scored against Peterborough u19 11 years ago.
      And we won easily then to I now play non league football.
      Just because Akpom scored a hatrick playing for a far superior Arsenal youth team doesn’t mean he’s ready for the premier league!!
      He needs to be loaned out to championship or lower prem sides 1st for me.
      We need to buy a superstar or bring in experience this transfer window.

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      1. DanielC1989

        I’m not saying it’s not hard but if you look at the way he can finish and also get in to positions, then why would we need Morata? I agree we need a superstar just not Morata when we have great talent within our ranks already

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      2. Dr Dvc

        Seriously getting morata doesn’t cut it for me whether permanent or loan deal.He isn’t really better than Akpom……I all rather Akpon is promoted and some grade A striker bought………
        I really can’t picture any name that’s likely this window……….

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  22. ergs

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  23. jkutuh

    Off topic. Just read that a Scottish surgeon, Prof. Gordon Mackay is in talks with Arsenal today to get Theo Walcott back on his feet in four months. The professor is said to have applied his internal brace technique very successfully on other athletes and I hope our speedster will recover in time to put the icing on our cake in may when we make the last dash for the PL title. Like to also see him in Brazil.

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    1. ergs

      I was surprised to hear he was going to miss the World Cup.
      He can’t see him being back for this season but could make the World Cup.

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    2. NIKK

      And this is how he does it…not for squeamish though!

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    1. No10

      God I’d rather have Berba on 40 smokes a day than Kalou!

      I hope AW closes his transfers this week.

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  24. Ted Drake

    Sidney Sam has joined Schalke probably as a replacement for draxler.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Why would he join schalke when Leverkusen is a way better team right now?

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  25. Edu85

    dear fellow arsenal fans,

    if wenger doesn’t sign an available stop-gap striker this january,coming at the back of our recent injuries to our most offensive strikers and man city’s terrific form arsenal will not lift the premier league..

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