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Can Arsenal defenders lead Gunners to BPL title?

I think it is safe to say that for Arsenal to win the Premier League title this season, we need the sort of defensive performance that Earned all three points against Tottenham week in, week out. Goals win games, of course, but when you only need to score one it is so much easier.

With players like Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott unavailable, Arsenal have lost a great deal of their attacking prowess, so I think that we could be seeing quite a few more 1-0 to the Arsenals before the end of the season. Mertesacker and Koscielny were simply immense today, and with Flamini marshalling the troops in front of them we are very hard to break down. Szczesny had a moment yesterday, but in general he has cut those out and has become very reliable.

Should Arsenal go with Arteta or the Ox against Everton?

Arsene Wenger has a few selection issues for his Arsenal team facing what could be one of the most important games of the season. Surely the biggest headache the Frenchman has is what to do now Jack Wilshere became the latest Gunner to be sidelined through injury.

I may be wrong, but I am assuming that neither Kim Kallstrom or Aaron Ramsey will be ready. That means that unless Wenger changes his tried and trusted system, Arsenal will play a more defensive midfielder alongside a more forward thinking or box-to-box player. I am making another assumption here, that Mathieu Flamini will be the defensive one. If he isn’t, I want to know why.

The tactics and system Arsenal need to beat Everton

How should Arsenal approach the game against Everton? by KJ

Arsenal have another massive game coming up on Saturday and this is arguably the biggest of the season considering what it means. We are in the midst of a dip at the moment and that has seen us drop to 3rd in the Premier League. Usually, we’d go out to Everton here, lose to Bayern before fighting for our lives to stay in the top 4. But, I’m still optimistic this season can be different and that starts with a good win against Everton on Saturday.

The 4 reasons Arsenal and Wenger have missed trophies!!

Mistakes Wenger has been making by George Gooner

As an Arsenal fan from Nigeria, I am by far not the longest serving Arsenal fan but I came during the good times and I have been surfing and hoping during these long fruitless and bad times. So as every other Gooner I have stopped to think of the things that could have gone wrong and I came up with these debatable reasons.

How Wenger got his Arsenal team all wrong for Stoke

Why Wenger has to take some of the blame for the result against Stoke by KJ

This weekend has been terrible if you’re an Arsenal fan. All of our rivals won their Premier league matches and we have now slipped down to 3rd (effectively 4th as Man City will most likely win their games in hand). The loss at Stoke has probably sealed our fate in the Premier league and the best we can hope for now is to beat Liverpool to third (which is inherently more difficult with their easier fixtures and lack of other competitions to play in) and try and win the FA cup.

Time for Arsenal to put some youth into the attack force

Time to give a chance to others? by Gunnerjack

Well I woke up hoping I would feel better but no luck – the performance against Stoke was truly abysmal. So after my first article stating that Chambo should start every match I’m writing this second one as a kind of therapy in the hopes of getting the despair out of my system.

Arsenal must take a tip from Barcelona says Wilshere

Arsenal have often been compared to Barcelona, although many of the Gunners’ fans are not too keen on the comparison. There are some similarities, that is for sure, but there are plenty of differences as well. But the Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere would like us to take at least one more leaf out of their book.

Arsenal have blueprint for Munich says proud Gunner

First of all Arsenal fans, don’t jump on me for being blindly optimistic. I know that going to the Allianz Arena to overturn a 2-0 defeat is an order about as tall as Per Mertesacker, but am feeling a whole lot more positive about it than this time last year.

Why? Because not only did we win that game by the margin we need this time, but Arsenal showed in the first 35 minutes last night that we can stand up to the German giants and outplay them. So Arsene Wenger’s tactics for the return leg should be fairly straightforward, namely to do the same again except score and don’t get yourself a red card. Flamini said as much in an report.

Arsenal boss has BIG decision to make on the Ox

Oxlade Chamberlain is the star of the show! by Ash

Arsenal normally has at least one young Gun to light up the league with their performances over the course of the season and this year it is no different. Originally we thought it was Aaron Ramsey, almost a reborn player coming back from a long injury lay off and it’s after effect. But after Ramsey was injured again this season, it paved the way for another long term returnee, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, to make his way back into the team and start grabbing the headlines. But there is talk in the papers that Arsene Wenger is thinking of replacing him with Rosicky for the Bayern game.

Wenger tactics gave Arsenal their vital FA cup win

Hi Gooners. Great result for Arsenal over the weekend. It was so good to see Arsene Wenger change his tactics and play Liverpool against their weaknesses. Even with half of our side being reserves, we had enough pace, direction and stability to overcome a team that thrashed us not too long ago.

Fabianski is no longer known as flappy-handski. What a stellar performance and I believe he deserves MOTM. Some excellent saves prevented Sturridge from causing damage early on in the game. If it wasn’t for the Pole, I don’t think we would have won the match. In order for a keeper to get such recognition though, it means he must have been thoroughly tested over the full 90 minutess – which is a bit concerning for our defence.

Arsenal set for tactical change against Liverpool?

Tomorrow’s FA cup clash between Arsenal and Liverpool is a massive one for various reasons. The recent trip to Anfield is just one of them, but it has got all the media talking about the game even more than usual. Liverpool have definitely been in good form recently, but then they struggled against Fulham so it is a hard one to call.

Then there are the problems facing Arsenal, like the long wait for a trophy, pressure on Wenger and players like Giroud and Ozil because of their form and the usual list of injuries. Heaven knows what is going on with Vermaelen but he is still out. And another of our best players, Santi Cazorla, has joined Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey on the sidelines, although not for long.

How Wenger tactics are wasting Arsenal’s midfield talent

Why our midfielders are not performing by Big Gun

Hi Gooners. Arsenal has been extremely lacklustre in the last couple of games. Our strikers and most especially our midfielders are under fire, particularly Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil. We have, without a doubt, the best midfield in the BPL, so then why are they struggling? The answer is simple. I’ve read many comments from fans slating different players, saying they are not good enough, going through a bad patch, still getting used to the physicality of the BPL etc. That really is not the case and I’ll explain why.